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5% off Everything (exc. Baby Formula) @ Woolworths Online


This deal has been paused due to a programming / website bug that allowed the code to be applied for products outside it's intended categories. Once this promotion resumes, it will then only apply for Health / Beauty / Baby products.

Get 5% off on Household, Beauty, & Baby products (excluding baby formula).

I have tested this coupon and it appears to work on everything from fresh meat, fruit & vegetables, pantry, cleaning, even mobile phones, but it does exclude baby formula. The discount will not apply if baby formula is added to the cart.

Not the best saving ever, however there is no minimum spend requirement to apply the coupon, just the usual $30 for online shops.

Stock up on ½ Price Connoisseur Ice Cream Varieties 1L Tubs thanks to nocure, only $4.75 after the discount.

Pay for your shop with discounted WISH Gift Cards purchased from Cashrewards for a further 5% saving.

Coupon 5HBBSEP is listed on Cashrewards so click through for 2% cashback :)

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    oh ffs literally just did my first online shop an hour ago.

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      Probably not too late to cancel?

  • Can you use this code with Cashrewards or Shopback?
    Never mind, missed the above text saying you can with Cashrewards - probably not Shopback.

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      Listed on Shopback too. They also have 2.5% cashback.

  • cant stack with ebay e-vouchers, but they are still available if you have a bigger shop to make. (12-16% off) https://www.ebay.com.au/rpp/woolworths?

    • Yup just waiting for the next eBay 15% off

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      They're not available anymore. It was for redemption up to 26 Aug.

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    So… 2% cashrewards, 5% e-gift card discound and 5% voucher stacked to roughly 12% (I can't be bothered doing the maths properly!)? That's pretty good!

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      You buy $100 worth of groceries, but get 5% discount, which means you are really paying $95.
      Then you get $95 WISH eGift card with a 5% discount, which means a discount of $4.75
      Then a cashback of 2% from $95 is $1.9

      $95 - $4.75 - $1.9 = $88.35

      So it is a total of 11.65% discount!

    • i dont think cashrewards work when you are making payment with e-card!

      General Cashback Guidelines
      Helpful tips for ensuring cashback works for you
      We're all about giving back, so here are some tips to help make Cashrewards work for you. And don't forget about our Cashback Guarantee, read more here.
      Cashback may not be payable if a gift card is purchased or used for payment.

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        On cashrewards under Woolworths
        “Woolworths WISH Gift Cards are a valid form of payment.”

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    Thanks OP.

    There’s a targeted offer that came via email Monday morning to 2 of our accounts. Spend X each week for two weeks for $X voucher.
    Ours $110pw for $20 / $185pw for $35. Not great by themselves.
    Should hopefully work with this.

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      Be sure to check the terms. The targeted spend X for X weeks offers usually only apply to in store purchases.

      Some of the other offers like 5x points or 500 bonus points on selected products are also available online and will therefore stack with this promo.

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    Thanks op, just did my weekly shop with my egift card with cash rewards. Winning

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    code doesnt seem to be working now, error code expired

  • Hi guys, the code is working. But it provides 5% off only on Health, Beauty and Baby categories (excluding formula). Can be used only once. Expiry date 30.09

    • That will need to be posted as a new deal, as the votes on this deal were for "5% off Everything (exc. Baby Formula)" which differs greatly from the altered offer. This deal will remain expired.


    • It still doesn’t work for me. I’m getting ‘Coupon code "5HBBSEP" has been successfully applied’ but there’s no actual discount and I have tested on various items in those categories.

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        I did try myself. The code was applied successfully. It did show that promo code = $0, however, the saving amount increased and prices of the products became red as discounted.

        • You're correct, the discount is auto-applying on the items themselves. Thank you for the clarification.

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