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9.9 Cashback Day: rebel 10%, Groupon 20% (Shopback App), Woolworths 7%, Cotton On 49% (Max $50) + More @ Shopback AU


48 Hours of Epic cashbacks from Shopback. Special promotions for 9/9 from Shopback.

According to this article there will be up to 49% cashback deals over 2 days.

Groupon up to 20% Cashback (can be stacked with 10% off Local, Goods & Travel deals code TRY10 for new customers)

Rebel 10% Cashback

Princess Polly up to 15% Cashback

Chemist Warehouse up to 5% Cashback (New Customer 5%, Existing Customer 3%)

Woolworths 7% Cashback Expired

Cotton-On 49% Cashback (Capped at $50) Expired

The Iconic 19% Cashback Expired

Referral Links

Referral: random (3747)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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    AliExpress please thank you very much

  • -5

    I offer 100% cashback on all deals listed here.

  • +1

    Groupon cashback looks great. TRY10 only available for "new customers" though.

    • Yeah, I'll be waiting till tomorrow morning if any new discounts pop up before I decide if I should splash

      • +1

        Normally evevery Sunday evening there is 10% sitewide.

        • +2

          Only use codes provided by Shopback.

    • Thanks, updated OP.

    • Is Groupon in trouble? They have been doing 10-15% off plus stack with increased cashback almost weekly for a few months now. So 20% is the minimal I'd consider now.
      I am so glad they got rid off the one item only qualify for discount code. That was so stupid and irritating, I stop buying from them for a few years.

      • Groupon take about 33% of the price. Even with the 10% they are giving now and then the 20% cashback, they still make a little money. The shopback 20% might be on the pre-gst amount though but i cant confirm. For scoopon, it was the pre-gst price.

  • is there a maximum cashback amount for groupon?

    • Hi gladbear,

      There's no cap for Groupon cashback.

      • "Cashback on Hoyts Tickets 7.00%", not 20% even in App?

    • Always.

  • Merged from Woolworths Online 7% Cashback (up from 2.5%) at Shopback
    Go to Deal

    I think this is the highest cashback we have seen with Woolworths online!

    Combine with code 5HBBSEP for an other 5% off Household, beauty and baby products!

    As of 1 September 2018, orders paid for in full or partially with gift cards will void your eligibility for cashback

    Please note: Cashback is not qualified for

    Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

    Rewards are not payable when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Woolworths vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers unless otherwise stated

    • Amazing cashback offer - so tempted to do this even though I have to spend $160 at Woolies today (4th Week = 16000 bonus points) lol

      • Are u paying with egift card?

        If so it will not get the cash back , not so amazing after all

    • +1

      Mods: feel free to remove the post. This matches normal CR cashback rates with the usage of 5% e gift cards.

      • wouldnt it be even less?
        CR you still get 2% plus 5% egift
        SB you dont get any cashback and only 5% egift

        • Why not use SB and not use the egift cards, so you get 7% off?

    • +7

      W/o gift card condition just killed the deal.

    • +2

      Negging because the ability to receive an instant saving of 5% by paying with discounted gift cards makes shopping through Cashrewards (@ 2% cashback) a superior alternative.

      • Can’t you buy the gift card then shop through ShopBack?

        Nevermind, when paid with gift card, you don’t get any cashback.

        • +2

          As of 1 September 2018, orders paid for in full or partially with gift cards will void your eligibility for cashback

    • Is this still useable with the Woolworths evouchers from eBay? They're entered as a coupon code and not a gift card.

      Just in case I'm missing something, why do ppl seem to prefer using the 5% gift cards instead of the eBay vouchers (12-16% off)? Guessing it's due to not requiring a minimum spend and ability to stack with other codes? Also availability I guess.. I tend to buy a fair few vouchers to last till next time.

      • Hey lithius,

        You could still give it a shot with using vouchers from eBay, but it's not guaranteed that you will be eligible for cashback.

        Cashback is not qualified for

        • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
        • Rewards are not payable when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Woolworths vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers unless otherwise stated
    • -7

      Hey guys,

      We've been told to display this new cashback condition by Woolworths themselves, and the change was made on 1st September. This should affect all other cashback sites in Australia. If you've made any purchases through other Cashback sites from 1st September, you might want to check if your orders paid in full or partially with WISH gift cards are still eligible for cashback.

  • +1

    Email says woolies has 7% CB (up from 2.5%), code for the 5% off is listed too.

  • Damn it's hard to find anything worth buying on Groupon, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

  • Merged from Cotton On 49% Cashback (up from 12.5%) @ Shopback
    Go to Deal

    As part of 9.9 Cashback Day

    Might be worth combining with this other deal as well.

    Capped at $50
    Ends at 9/9/2018 2pm
    *Exclusions apply

    • +4

      Wow this is massive

    • Does this include sale items?

      • +1


        Doesn't include the purchase of gift cards however.

      • If I read correctly yeah, just that the additional promo codes cannot stack with the cashback. They are only for regular-priced items.

        • Hey UnderWaterLlama,

          You can indeed use the codes that are already listed on our site (they do stack with cashback), however the codes only work on full priced items.

          Codes: S5L65933XH94 (15% off, no min spend), SpendnSave20 (20% off, $100 min spend)

    • +1

      can you use gift cards to buy things to be eligible ?

      • Hey Calmerancer,

        Don't think there's an option to use Cotton On gift cards online?

    • This is a game changer. WTH

      I imagine the free shipping with shipster still applies too. Can't see why not.

    • Wow nice thanks shopping now

    • Don’t forget to get a free $10 off code too before you shop with Perks sign-up., code emailed pretty quickly.

      • +1

        Hey pifts,

        Just a heads up that this may void your eligibility for cashback.

        Cashback is not qualified for

        • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
        • Thanks for the reply. Is this a merchant decision? Used credit previously and got cashback!

        • @pifts: Yes indeed it's a merchant decision, if they pay us for the transaction then we'll pay you the cashback.

        • @pifts: thanks for the heads up

        • @gotyourback:

          So could 2 for $25 or buy 1 get 1 50% off offers invalidate cashback?

        • @kwijybo: If those offers don't require a coupon code, then it would not invalidate cashback.

        • @gotyourback: when does it end?

        • @TarquinOliverNimrod: This Cotton On 49% cashback offer will end at 2pm AEST (in less than an hour).

    • Hi Rep,

      Can we add items to cart then use "Shopback" before checking out?

      I know some cashback's wont apply if items are added thru cart first.

      • +1

        Hi Rakddon,

        Yes this is fine.

        • Thanks for confirmation.

    • Hey Rep,

      I've completed the purchase through the app as I couldn't use the browser, but I just read the section where cashback isn't qualified for "Store app purchases".

      Would this refer to using the app, or something else?

      • +1

        Hey xbluedogx,

        This would be a standard term referring to the respective store's app - so using the Cotton On app.

        Making your purchase through the ShopBack app would be fine.

        • Great, thanks for the quick reply.

    • what is minimum cashback balance for payout . thanks.

      • Hey freakitude, it's $10.

    • +2

      Why did this get merged but not the woolies deal?

    • Has it changed? Shopback website says 20.00% Cashback Was 12.50% Cashback

      • Hey whodidthat,

        The 49% cashback offer has indeed ended (it was a 10am to 2pm AEST flash sale offer).

  • For The Iconic, I'm seeing two different cashback rates (

    Standard Cashback 19.00%
    With Coupon Usage 2.00%

    Could using coupons listed on Shopback's website disqualify you from the 19% cashback promo, and cause you to get only 2% cashback?

    Can OP or someone else confirm?

    • +1

      Hey ihavok,

      Using the codes SAVE20 (20% off spring styles) or 20NEWBIEAFF ($20 off $79+ Spend for new customers) will qualify you for 19% cashback. Other coupons not listed on ShopBack will only get you 2%.

      • +1

        Thank you for confirming :-)

  • Hi Rep, how long does it take for the cashback activity to be recorded on the ShopBack website under my account?

    • Hey solierre,

      It should take up to 2 days in most instances, however some stores may take a little longer.

      • +1

        Thank you for the quick response, appreciate it!

  • Is Cotton On Body items included? (seems like it, just wanted to double check)

    • +1

      Hey zero23, yes it's fine (as long as it's on

  • Hi Rep,
    If items need to be exchanged in store, will that void the cashback transaction?

    • +1

      Hi GoldenSnitch,

      We're not going to be super sure with this as it will be up to Cotton On's discretion to whether cashback is voided or not. If the exchange process in store doesn't involve employees having to modify the order/transaction information, then it'll probably be fine.

  • Bought a Groupon 10 mins ago and now I got email saying super Sunday extra 10% off Groupon …….
    Will the code stacks with shopback 20%?

    • Yes it will!

      • Then Today Is the unlucky day for me….

  • Will the groupon cashback apply of you use the 10% site wide code?

    • Yes!

      • Hi rep, I bought something from Groupon through the Shopback app today, and my pending cashback for the transaction is less than 20% (a touch over 15% by my calculations). Why would that be?

        • Hey sTon3r,

          We are aware a few are getting the 15% rate instead of 20% (due to some configurations in our system), however we've fixed this up. Please do check your cashback activity as the amounts should be based on the 20% rate now.

        • How long did it take to get the shopback tracking email after you purchased the groupon?

        • +1

          @8azinga: about 2.5 hours

        • +1

          @gotyourback: Just checked and it has indeed updated. Thank you kindly!

  • I'm referring to the funday10 code

    • Should be possible to stack. The code is listed on Shopback site.

  • hmm weird got tracking email confirmation from shopback for my groupon puchase but the cashback is only 15% not 20% ?
    i bought massage deal, through shopback app on mobile phone, no ad blocking app on mobile (not rooted).
    $49 paid, email says cashback $7.35

    oh well will try to ask shopback directly

    • +1

      happened to me last time there was 7% instead of 5%, but they only tracked 5%. I PM'ed @gotyourback and he fixed it up for me!

    • Got 7.5% for one purchase and 15% for another. Thanks for the tip.

    • +1

      Hey guys, not sure what happened but we'll have the missing amounts credited to your accounts.

      • Thanks rep. Prompt reply.

    • We've rolled out a fix and you should be seeing cashback at the 20% rate now.

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