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[eBay Plus] Galax nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 EX 8GB $431.80 Delivered @ PCMeal eBay


Good deal for a 1070 if you need a GPU and don't wait to wait.

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    I just can't do it when the 2070 will be released in 3 days, and the 1070 where cheaper than this price years ago just after launch from the us… (Heck the 1080s where almost this price in USD and the aid was way up there)

    I know it's no good reminiscing… But it just goes against my inner bargain hunter…

    Also with the 20 series being released, you know:
    1 price will most likely drop further.
    2 price of second hand cards will dump.

    Still a decent price at this time though.

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      The 10 series price drop amount is going to be hampered somewhat by the over inflated prices of the 20 series.
      I would also advise waiting but if you have to get a gpu in this price range right now and you get this, you're not likely to completely regret it in a couple months time.
      Also the 2070 doesn't have a release date yet, only the 2080 and 2080ti are releasing this month.

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        I agree… I doubt there will be masses of 2080/2080ti available for sale on the 20th, and if pricing turns out to be out of the question for most people which it's shaping up to be, these card won't drop.

    • I just can't do it when the 2070 will be released in 3 days

      The equivalent cards are 2 months away, though FE preorders might be available then.

      price will most likely drop further.

      Probably not, especially in AU where the hasn't been a massive sale in nearly 2 months.

      You definitely should wait, but keep an eye on what the next GPU is after this one, as it will likely be similar to the 2070, just with a couple of cores disabled (might be called a 2060ti).

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        I'd say prices will drop, just a matter of when.

        If you MUST have a card TODAY (eg current one just died) and CANNOT buy 2nd hand (I would recommend buying 2nd hand today) then this is a reasonable price. Reselling this in 12m time will be quite possible for a moderate drop in price.

        Otherwise of course waiting for 6-12m for the hype to go away will be your best bet.

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          I've watched the price drops happen already. The sales have been and gone here and in the US.

          You'll be fighting for scraps from the 1070 down, and the 1070ti and up will not drop in price now unless someone has made a huge error with their inventory.

          In Australia, MSY drove the stock rundown in June:


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      umm doubt it.. I bought my GTX 1060 soon after launch in Australia and I paid about $430 for it back then… so no way the 1070 was around this same price on launch.

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    must resist…will try to hold on to my 1060 a bit longer

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      Ha I've been looking for years and still have a 5870!

      I did pick up a second one for about 30 bux so so I could xfire it…

      Personally I'm just going to wait for the 1080s to bottom out… I think for at least the next year, not to many games will be optimised for the 2080, so you won't get much better performance over the 1080 ti…
      And if you turn off the Ray tracing functions, you'll probably get slightly less frame rate and it wasn't look as good… But still quite good…

      Unless I can get a decent price 2080 - IE the Aussie dollar really powers up..

      At the current release price it's much cheaper to just grab a console… (And a next generation console in a couple of years)

      • I'm still using my 7850, and it was a second hand item from 4 years ago… still working well and still can play most of the 2017's games.

        But I don't think 1080 will come down much - maybe 1070 will. Look into the history, Nvidia prefer to stop supplying top GPUs rather than lower down the price.

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    Yes the big discounts are happening, got a rx570 for $200 to tide me over until "the deal of the century" for a 1070/ti + comes around.

    • agreed

  • since crypto is down, these cards are affordable again.

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    Still on my 970 from years back. Not sure whether to get a used 1080ti or just suck it up and get a 2080ti and 4k monitor.

    • -1

      High refresh > higher res.

      • +2

        Depends on your use. On an FPS or on e-sports sure high refresh is king, but on single players or not so fast games gimme more res.

      • +3

        Yeah I don't buy into the general rule. Entirely use-case. I'm a 4x gamer, and the higher res just makes stuff look that much cooler. 75hz at 4k is my sweet spot.

        If you're a csgo player or similar, then sure go for 2.5k at 144hz.

        I simply don't/won't have a gpu that can push out that high a frame rate. I'll always bump up the visuals =p (call me superficial, I know!)

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    If looking in the past, 1080 was a bit over $500+ at the lowest price. I would suggest holding off at the moment.

  • Good price imo. I have this card and paired with a i5 8400 it hasn't struggled with anything at 1080p.

  • Got one! Thanks OP!

  • ….and they are all gone now. Not sure how to mark the deal as "expired"

    • Well that what not hard! Pressed the Expire Button!

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