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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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      • I have plenty of transaction in my cash back accounts using giftcards. It does say pending. So there is a chance that I will not get those?

        • It will be rejected..

          Dont get your hopes up

        • @Turd: i think he means he purchased things using the gift cards, and is waiting for cash back. will those purchases be eligible?

  • Thanks OP, got 5.

  • Thanks, got my 5.

  • 1500 sold

  • +3

    As always forgot to use cashback ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • No need, u wont get any

    • +2

      You can't use cashback on this

      • +4

        \ (•◡•) /

  • Thanks OP, bought 5 which I found is the limit.

    • +1

      It says in the title.

      But glad you found out

      • Was in a rush, didn't read.

  • 2000 sold

  • Is there any limit on this to be sold out?

  • Purcased 5 X there has to be something good later in the day to stack this wtih.

  • Anyone received their egift card?

    • they have sold 2900, it will take hours

      • So it is not automatic send?

  • 2,001 sold in 8 mins, wow

  • I am getting this error…even when paypal is selected as payment…

    This code can't be applied to your order.

  • Multiple Ebay accounts come to the rescue again!

  • My paypal isn't let me login…it keeps saying "something went wrong"

  • "Your order is confirmed and will be delivered in a separate email, typically within a few hours of purchase"

    A few hours?

    I'm hoping for much quicker than that.

    • Got mine just now

    • +1

      got min in 5 mins.

    • +1

      already 1 hour and half still haven't received

      • Check junk mail?

        • not in junk mail

  • Huh, first time I've received this message from Paypal

    • shouldn't it say $450…

      • No, total value paypal gets is $500, $50 is ebay's voucher

      • From Paypal's perspective the transaction is $500 (with "Other discounts" aka eBay contributing $50)

    • Got the same thing.

    • I got this too. I didn't reply cos I wasn't sure if it was legit

  • When selecting PP to pay for this:
    Sorry, this payment option isn't available. Here are your options:
    Contact PayPal Customer Support to resolve this issue.
    it keeps saying "something went wrong"

    o well

    • do you have sufficient money in there? I found that happens to me if I do not have sufficient funds in my bank account.

      • I think it was because i changed the quantity and its not letting me use the code now. Ordered with another acct so all good :)
        confirmed, as soon as I take off PGIFT10 my original Paypal works

        So it thinks I've used the code tho I hadn't

  • Almost 3000 sold in 15 mins 😲

    Thanks OP, bought 5 - almost forgot the promo code in my haste lol!

    • PayPal just raised 3 million interest free in 15 minutes.

  • Got all 5 gift card links within 8 minutes.

  • I bought 2, I was going to buy more but off the top of my head I have no idea what I want/need. I should start adding items to cart and leaving them for deals. This + 10% is better than you usually see, lucky if eBay do 15% off

    • Good thing is it is valid for 3 years

      • and bad luck you cant buy more now because "You already applied this code to an order."

    • Put 2 on more cart then added 3 more. Cuz OzBargain.

  • +1

    Quickest OZB turnaround for me, 11:57 saw this post and by 12:11 $1800 spent.

    Ta Ta!

    • Hi Broden.

      • I'm sure heaps virtual stock still left for you ;)

    • How? Max is 5 cards right? Or you bought something else as well?

      • +1

        I have multiple eBay accounts and I need about this much for upcoming kitchen reno :P

        • Ah.. That's clever. Anyway, Kitchen renovation for $1800? I can't even renovate my kitchen sink for that price.

        • @Bavan:

          I know the feeling lol Should have said it's a minor upgrade for me only this time :)

          Im waiting TGG coming discounts to buy a dishwasher and an oven cooktop set, left eBay gc stash for Xmas gifts :)

          Old cupboards and cabinets are still in decent condition, to upgrade those I need to win lottery :D

        • is it possible to buy them on other accounts with the same PayPal account?

        • @daffo:

          Yes :)

  • So there isn't going to be a 19% site-wide this year?

    • No

      • +5

        Wait for the next 10% off sitewide and use these gift cards.

        You will essentially be buying at 19% off.

  • 3000 sold

  • Will use this gc to pay ebay plus membership

    • can you do that?

      • Not sure, haven't try it yet

    • I dont think that is possible

  • +6

    FWIW people might just want to be aware that depending on how these transactions are run through on Paypals end it MIGHT register as a cash advance on your credit card and as such incur interest IMMEDIATELY.

    I've had this before when purchasing gift cards via Paypal - as such I've just transferred the same value in cash to my credit card account to offset this IF it occurs.

    Just something to be aware of as it MIGHT occur.

    • +2

      No it wont. These are normal purcahases, they are not CASH advances.

      • +3

        I think nikko above may be right. Some credit card providers treat differently

        • Depend… If your credit card / bank says gift card purchases are cash then you should fight it.

          It's clearly not.

        • @Turd: "Depend"???? So you've basically conceded you were essentially guessing by saying,"No it won't." As that seems pretty definite to me.

          What were you basing your judgement on? Specifics please.

          As like I said I was charged when I bought credit cards through this EXACT seller via Ebay. Card provider was Citibank.

          Thats my specifics, so what are yours?

          As I'd hate to think you were shooting down my advice with no actual basis for doing so.

        • +1

          @Turd: i only just found out that buying lottery tickets on my credit card is treated as a cash advance. so yeah, there's a chance this will be treated in a similar manner.
          edit and i was charged as such

        • @lyle88: I think it is just online lottery (Tatts, lotterywest, etc). If you buy your Powerball ticket from a newsagent it will be charged as a normal transaction.

      • +3

        I said MIGHT and it does apparently depend on the category of purchase that it's run through on by Paypal - I only say this as I purchased in this same manner before and incured interest.

        Only saying on the slight chance it assists - so if you're 100% certain of this - please advise - otherwise I maintain it's something to be aware of. :-)

        • +1

          If your bank tells you or charges you this, ask a please explain.. and get your money back.

        • @Turd: You seem to have a lot of advice but very little basis for it - IF you do this you'll be told that it was run through as a cash advance due to the category the product was classified in when sold and it's up to you to remedy with the vendor.

          Essentially they're saying it's legit to do this on certain products as you can understand why they'd say a gift card is kind of a cash advance….

          Anyway again this EXACT thing happened to me - I'm giving people heads up as 20% interest on these will add up fast - you seem to be shooting it down just as it's your opinion, sorry that means marginally more than nothing. :-)

        • @Turd: FYI this is how they MIGHT be processed by Paypal (only they will know):

          So I am not making this stuff up or just spouting baseless opinion like some others cough cough.

        • @Nikko: Interesting info. Which citibank product do you have? Will read the product disclosure statment.

        • @Turd:
          You are making stuff up. My Bankwest CC specifically states they will regard the following as a cash advance:
          "transactions where the funds are used to purchase or load value on a stored value card or facility;"

        • @Dontreadthis: They must have updated their T&C's recentrly. seems all banks will follow suit nowdays

        • @Turd: Thanks but after your "No it won't" -> "Depends" -> "If they do your should argue" backdown I'll leave admin matters to myself.

          Maybe you should go and read T&C docs instead of saying people are wrong - only to be shown by multiple others that you're actually the one thats definitely incorrect.

          Your incorrect comments had the potential to cost members money - you should ensure you do not make baseless comments in the future as it reflects poorly upon you.

          My comments were as stated purely to assist and avoid possible interest charges, only you know why you made yours.

        • @Nikko: Yea good job, now i'll be reading all the PDS's.

          OP should really be the one doing this. No one reads comments anyways.

        • +1


          Yep I was about to pay using my debit account, but I pulled the trigger and used my AMEX Qantas Discovery card via PayPal after reading Turd's comment.

          Turd, where do I send the invoice to if I cop the cash advance fee?

          Turd, you're a Turd!

          In all serious though, I hope AMEX Qantas Discovery don't charge this fee

        • @AnDyStYLe: send to Gerry Harvey care of Harvey normans

    • +1

      Nikko does have merit here, as financial institutions may charge as cash advance or cash equivalence advance fee (incl Gift Cards which are treated like cash, depending on the specific credit card product's terms and conditions).

      I've been charged the fee and interests before, the very first time I bought gift cards online (using a Citi Credit card), but the recent gift cards purchased from PayPal Digital Gift Cards have not been incurring fees, using Amex. It is likely dependent on what category PayPal charges the purchase as. The most recent eBay UK deal, the category listed in the transaction description was Retail and Grocery (lolwut?! but nice that I don't have to pay fee), and no fee & interests charged.

      • -1

        Citibank is a female body part.

        Which product?

        They must have recently changed t&cs?

        • ok so the important part, how do we know if our CC will see as cash advance, or not?

        • @dragonindespair: Read your credit card's product statement agreement. PDS

        • It was the Citi Platinum Rewards Card, which actually I think it might not have a transaction fee?! (can't remember this part), but definitely charged interests (lol I got a call from Citi Credit Card to check that it wasn't a fraud transaction, and then notified of the interests charge).

          I believe they are still in the T&Cs, and also in Amex's (Essential) T&C, but from memory Amex didn't have a fee but just interests… let me try dig…

          Citi Credit Card T&C:
          It used to be clearer in terms of definitions (which I can't find), but in "cash advance", the keywords are "or its equivalent".

          "…or any other types of Charges which we notify you will be treated as equivalent to cash…"

        • @Turd: so to be safe just pay off the whole balance today?

        • @dragonindespair: Depends, i'd ready the PDS fully, and/or contact the bank and/or record the convo if they say no fee/interest.

        • @dragonindespair: For me, with Citibank, I just had to ensure that the value of any gift cards bought was paid - so I bought 2 x 5 cards - so immediately transferred $900 onto my account via Bpay.

          As stated before I have queried Citibank over the phone about this and was advised this is normal practice for them on some gift card purchases - and putting cash into your account immediately is only way to ensure you're not charged.

          I've done this a number of times since and never again incurred interest. Again might be different with other card providers etc but I am only saying so others don't get $20-50+ interest charges.

        • @Nikko: thanks. i paid using paypal link to amex

        • @Nikko: Thanks Nikko,

          I transferred immediately too just in case as I also used the same citibank card

    • Just used my 28degrees card and it came up as a purchase.

      • I thought you must pay by paypal to get discount?

        • Yep, 28degrees card using paypal

    • Checked my Westpac Amex charges and it states
      So all good.

  • +2

    One transaction only :( bought 4 then decided I gone this far might as well get the max but it won't let me get a 5th.

    • same like me! we must be brothers

  • I went to buy another one and it said I've already used the discount code.

    God dam it

  • 3600 sold wow

  • Paypal has gained ~$350k out of no where.

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