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[Pre-Order] 40% off New Samsung Galaxy Watch for Enhanced Partnership Program Customers $299 - $389.40 (Work Email Required)


Samsung may pull this offer tomorrow since this is going to get Ozbargained to hell, so be quick.
[Update 2 - 4G models BACK IN STOCK! about 450units left as of 4:30pm. Probably from cancelled orders. Get in quick!
Bluetooth versions of both sizes and all 3 colours are still available]
Also, make sure you are checking your order history via the EPP samsung store url, not the regular public one or you might not see it show up
And dont forget cashrewards for this. I already got $10 back TA has confirmed cashrewards is ineligible for EPP deals. My $10 is still pending and will be declined by samsung after review

[Update 3 - samsung seems to have applied a quota of 2 wearables per account (you can see your limit under the "My Quota" menu under your personal detail menu icon). This will limit scalpers, but also people offering to help others.
Stock looks like there's 300 4G 46mm models left]

Update 4 - 85 4G 46mm units left as of 29/09

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is 40% off via the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programs website. This is a preorder to be delivered on/after the 3rd like everywhere else, i.e. if your company has a corporate benefit relationship with Samsung, you can register your existing Samsung account by activating it using your company email address. I can confirm working for Westpac and Telstra.

To test, check with your company’s corporate benefits. I simply modified the URL below accordingly with "Telstra" or "Westpac" to see if the companies have a relationship. But you still need a work email to receive the activation link.


list of corporate partners thanks to RichardL

  • ANZ(shop.samsung.com)
  • Coles(shop.samsung.com) (now Expired)
  • NAB(shop.samsung.com)
  • Optus(shop.samsung.com)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)(shop.samsung.com)
  • Telstra(shop.samsung.com)
  • Vodafone(shop.samsung.com)
  • Westpac(shop.samsung.com)
  • Woolworths(shop.samsung.com)
    More being updated by RichardL as they are identified

Once activated you will see a huge banner saying 40% off RRP for all models from the 42mm BT model up to the 46mm 4G model
4G model was out of stock over the weekend but restocked this morning so be quick.

Inventory appears to be shared with retail offers from the Samsung Pay App deal, which is the next best thing if you can’t get this deal:

You also get free express delivery and if you really wanted the dual charger, its $20 off via the corporate site as well.
And no you cannot stack the Samsung Pay deal with this 40% offer (I already tried :P)

This is a killer deal as you save $260 with free shipping on the 4G 46mm model. For comparison, the Gear S3 Classic/Frontier were previously being offered for $350 more than a year after launch and previous deals were still around $300.

So $300-389 for a preorder with 7 days battery life and optional 4G is unbeatable.

@Samsung - please dont kill me for sharing this deal to 7000+ of my friends

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    • is tehre an official list?

      • +2

        Not that I can find. Just manually testing companies.

    • +25

      No Apple?

      • haha

    • +2
      • @Rashed is AusPos 40% off?

    • +1

      cba ?

      • Can anyone confirm Accenture is definitely 40% off as i know a couple of people there

        • Definitely 40% off pre-order on watches and looks like 20% off other products (phones, charging stand).
          I just bought two watches and a dual charging stand.

    • any universities? say UNSW?

    • +1

      I can confirm Downer Group, which should also include Spotless.


      EDIT: And that's a birthday present sorted for my wife.

    • +1

      Confirming Microsoft as a corporate partner


    • What about Harvey Norman Employee??

    • If you have optusnet email, there is a way to get the 4G watch

      Click open details of the bluetooth version watch, then on the url, replace from Bluetooth/.. with 4G/p/SM-R805FZSAXSA

      Now you can put in order for 4G version.

      • How did you get the optusnet email to work? It doesn't seem to accept the email as a valid one when you go through the Optus link - can you guide me here please?

        • Does your email end with optusnet.com.au? I still can access Optus offer website but not sure about new sign up though

          • @kaitovan: Yes, my email does end with optusnet.com.au, but when I click on the Optus link, it requires me to verify the Optus employee account by entering the email and that's where it doesn't recognise the optusnet email. Any suggestions on how to get around this?

            • @viveks: I think they have blocked optusnet email after realised Optus customers can also use the webmail service, some said they got called from Samsung and asked for proof that they're working at Optus.

  • If someone has an account and would not mind letting me use theirs would really appreciate it ! :)

    • Same! Been waiting for this watch for awhile now. Would really appreciate it.

    • +2

      I have access to this and can help

      • I would like that too if you are willing to help.

        • Me too. Thanks.

      • I would love this as well, would be greatly appreciated.

      • Please pm me if you choose me

      • Would really appreciate your support if you were able to chose me..!

      • Please pm me if you would like to help me. Thanks!

      • ME PLEASE!!

      • ditto! can I get some help too?

      • +1

        Hi All,

        As per the website quota page, I can order 10 wearables and I am willing to order to help as many as I can but not sure of a reliable way to ensure we do this safely. Please msg me if you know a safe way to do this.

        • I am interested and can meet up in Sydney :)

        • Just sent you a pm.

        • cam meet or paypal in sydney

        • +1

          How would you do this safely without getting screwed on change of mind / or shipping?
          I'd recommend direct deposit before the order and local drop off only

          I have access to this deal as well - Work in Melbourne CBD so willing to help too
          PM me if you're in Melbourne

          -Direct Deposit or cash before
          -Meet Melbourne CBD or Highpoint Shopping center

          If you're not comfortable with this all G
          Either way let me know

          • @Lostoutback: he could just buy all 10 and meeting up with ppl later who dont want to pay upfront

            hed be able to easily flog them off on ebay if he has extras given he has a 40% buffer

            • @furythree: Yeah true - but theres quite a few companies on this deal
              You'd think quite a few people would be doing the same?

              Either way whatever people are comfortable with - I just see it as a hassle to flog later

              • @Lostoutback: @Peannut - any chance you could grab a 46mm 4G version for me? Happy to meet you in Melbourne CBD, but let me know how the warranty side of things will work if you're going to be ordering for others as well.

                • +1

                  @viveks: Hey Viveks
                  PM me, I have 3 orders already

                  I would lodge the warranty on your behalf, I work in the Tech industry so know my way around it quite well


                  • @Lostoutback: Hi Tim

                    Can't PM for some reason - any chance you could put this through as a separate order so I can claim GST via TRS? Heading overseas end of Oct. And let me know how you'd like to go about the payment. Perhaps you can PM me your email and we can chat that way.

                    Thanks again - you're a legend!

        • Im interested but live in Adelaide

      • Me three please

        • I'm in Melbourne if you need someone to meet in cbd or highpoint.

          • @Lostoutback: Hi there, could you please help me with the purchase. I live near highpoint. Would be nice if you could get me this deal

            • +1

              @DisabledUser249845: Hi ndeo,
              Sorry the limit was changed from 10 to 2 watches and I'm at my limit
              Love to help but can't sorry

      • -1

        Id really love one in gold if anyone out there can help. Ive got the duo wireless charger for free just need the watch can anyone help im in Adelaide please id be so greatful. I asked my dad state manager woolies in Adelaide but that was a no go so anyone out there please

  • +2

    This is a great deal! And I’m not even a fan of Samsung.

  • telstra employees, what type of email address do you guys have?

    • +1

      would normally be @team.telstra.com i believe?

      • +8

        damn, was hoping for @bigpond.com or @telstra.com and I could be an "employee" too :(

        • Already tried that late 'll ast night

      • This is correct, source, am telstra

    • It looks like Telstra licensed store emails work too, not just Telstra corporate (at least my one worked)

  • Any other good deals from Samsung for corporate customers or only the watch?

    • usually not, which is why i was so surprised to see such a huge discount. the dual charging pad is almost 20% off. but still a tad expensive for a wireless charger imo

      the Galaxy note 9 is around mid $1150~ mark

    • get 20% off phones, including s9/s9+

  • When you entering Employee email, do you need to login from woolworth email to activate the account?

    • I believe so.

    • they send an activation url to your work email. u click on it to activate your regular samsung account (can be the same email or an existing one you already have, like a gmail account)

      • what if you dont have access to your woolies email? lol
        i have access to everything else @ woolies

        • +2

          Stores email?

          • @Jk22222: Woolworths doesnt have an inbox attached to our email addresses - i spoke to them this morning about it

            • @Teisha: do you guys have an employee benefits portal/intranet page or something

  • Anyone know what tv and phone prices are like?

  • +8

    "Government" works as well and accepted a defence email address.

    • +1

      Worked for me with .gov email

    • Thanks, added to the list.

    • can only get 20% off though??

      • +1

        yeah im finding the same. Did you previously have a student email attached to it to get the 20% off?

      • Also only seeing 20% with gov email. Anyone ordered at the 40%

      • i used random email for gov store and it worked but only 20%

    • Will need to wait until I get to work to check to see if my government email worked.

  • +4

    Give me some reasons to want a galaxy 4g watch?

    • +1

      you can get the standard bluetooth only model if you dont need 4G esim. That was the major selling point
      They also released a 42mm model for men/women with smaller wrists

      this new model also lasts up to 7 days battery (my Gear S3 only lasts a day)
      The screen is the top end Samoled display
      and some minor hardware bump as well

      this is ontop of all the features the Gear S3 already had like samsung pay on your wrist, a nice rotating dial to navigate the OS.
      You can connect via wifi, bluetooth, 4G
      play music and answer calls directly off your watch (incl pair BT headphones to your watch)
      run watch apps like remote camera shutter, get stock/weather/fitness tracking and alerts etc etc etc

      • How compatible is it with Iphone and strava?
        Ps. sorry my knowledge in this area is bare minimum

        • i wouldnt get this as an iphone user. the applewatch is overpriced but at least it works well with the iphone

          • @furythree: It does have compatibility with iPhone's, you would have to look around at the discrepancies between TizenOS paired with Android or iOS.

      • Will the watch work with Google Pay? (I don't have a samsung phone)

        • Unlikely, as the Galaxy Watch has the Tizen OS installed, and not Wear OS.

        • -1

          I don't think you need a samsung for the payments. But samsung pay is so unreliable as to be useless. I have reacted my cards countless times to my gear s3 and ph9ne samsung pay. They both drop cards amex and cba. The battery life is with AOD off so false advertising I think.

          • @Prozac3350: I've been using Samsung Pay for more than a year. No issues whatsoever! It's as reliable as a real credit card!

        • @RichardL:
          In that case, can I use samsung pay without having a Samsung phone? After a quick google, seems it works for Gear S3 do you think its safe to assume it would work for the Galaxy Watch? This is pretty much the only thing holding me back atm, I need to be able to make mobile payments but don't want to be tied to having a samsung phone!

          • @portard: You can use Samsung pay without a Samsung phone as long as you download the Samsung pay app onto your phone to register cards. It works on android but not sure for ios devices.

            • @ra2er: Do you mean the Galaxy Wearable app? Because I am able to get that on my phone but not Samsung Pay, which I believe is Samsung phone only. Sorry just want to make 100% sure on this matter

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