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[Pre-Order] 40% off New Samsung Galaxy Watch for Enhanced Partnership Program Customers $299 - $389.40 (Work Email Required)


Samsung may pull this offer tomorrow since this is going to get Ozbargained to hell, so be quick.
[Update 2 - 4G models BACK IN STOCK! about 450units left as of 4:30pm. Probably from cancelled orders. Get in quick!
Bluetooth versions of both sizes and all 3 colours are still available]
Also, make sure you are checking your order history via the EPP samsung store url, not the regular public one or you might not see it show up
And dont forget cashrewards for this. I already got $10 back TA has confirmed cashrewards is ineligible for EPP deals. My $10 is still pending and will be declined by samsung after review

[Update 3 - samsung seems to have applied a quota of 2 wearables per account (you can see your limit under the "My Quota" menu under your personal detail menu icon). This will limit scalpers, but also people offering to help others.
Stock looks like there's 300 4G 46mm models left]

Update 4 - 85 4G 46mm units left as of 29/09

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is 40% off via the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programs website. This is a preorder to be delivered on/after the 3rd like everywhere else, i.e. if your company has a corporate benefit relationship with Samsung, you can register your existing Samsung account by activating it using your company email address. I can confirm working for Westpac and Telstra.

To test, check with your company’s corporate benefits. I simply modified the URL below accordingly with "Telstra" or "Westpac" to see if the companies have a relationship. But you still need a work email to receive the activation link.


list of corporate partners thanks to RichardL

  • ANZ(shop.samsung.com)
  • Coles(shop.samsung.com) (now Expired)
  • NAB(shop.samsung.com)
  • Optus(shop.samsung.com)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)(shop.samsung.com)
  • Telstra(shop.samsung.com)
  • Vodafone(shop.samsung.com)
  • Westpac(shop.samsung.com)
  • Woolworths(shop.samsung.com)
    More being updated by RichardL as they are identified

Once activated you will see a huge banner saying 40% off RRP for all models from the 42mm BT model up to the 46mm 4G model
4G model was out of stock over the weekend but restocked this morning so be quick.

Inventory appears to be shared with retail offers from the Samsung Pay App deal, which is the next best thing if you can’t get this deal:

You also get free express delivery and if you really wanted the dual charger, its $20 off via the corporate site as well.
And no you cannot stack the Samsung Pay deal with this 40% offer (I already tried :P)

This is a killer deal as you save $260 with free shipping on the 4G 46mm model. For comparison, the Gear S3 Classic/Frontier were previously being offered for $350 more than a year after launch and previous deals were still around $300.

So $300-389 for a preorder with 7 days battery life and optional 4G is unbeatable.

@Samsung - please dont kill me for sharing this deal to 7000+ of my friends

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    • Woooooo hell yeah! Legend mate!!

    • cheers. got one. that's a friggin bargain.

    • Got one. Upvoted. You're a legend!

    • How do u use this method??

    • woolworth order ban ~ just waiting for it :)

      i ordered one…

      • Reckon they'll still be fulfilled? Hope they don't cancel..

    • You sir have made my day/night.

    • real map

    • your my hero mate. Whatever it is, I had my account debited already. They took the money, they have to answer for that tomorrow morning. But still I'm waiting for the confirmation email!?
      Also I put the 4G version into basket and it could be done but with some note like…only availbe…telstra…I'm not sure to understand the meaning so I just go for the bluetooth verion to be sure to get 1

      • It means the SIM card will only work with Telstra

    • Thanks! Worked for me. Got my confirmation email too!

    • no order confirmation yet !!:(

    • Ok on hotmail, but not gmail for some reason.

      • Not working anymore, they've killed it.

    • I work for woolies but they didn't give me an email, did the gmail thing last night (I assumed it was linked and worked), got debited and got a recipt in the email. However there is no order on the samsung page… so who knows if this is going to get fulfilled.

    • I have carefully read every comment in this thread. Regarding the gmail/woolworth issue, from I see, only one person received the call so far right? Given that woolworth employees do not have their own work email, I don't see how they can check this.

      Anyone else got the call?

  • +3

    Just ordered with the 40% off.

    Tried my gov ID and was only getting 20%.

    Tried my westpac credit card offers and was getting 20%.

    Used my optusnet email address for my home internet 40% off and order confirmed.

    Was only able to order the bluetooth model. It appears the 4g isn't available to optus "staff".

    • Good tip, thanks Ryforge. See if these get fulfilled!

    • There is a way to get the 4G with optusnet email.

      Click open details of the bluetooth version watch, then on the url, delete from Bluetooth/.. and replace with 4G/p/SM-R805FZSAXSA.

      Now you can put in order for 4G version

      • God dammit! Wish I knew!! Wouldnt use the LTE but who knows the extra ram for $30 may have been awesome!

  • Cheers bought one :)

  • +1

    Bought one! Thanks everyone for their input. Bought the 4G one just so I can show off my mate who bought the $800 apple watch with same features… :P

    • I didn't see an option for 4G vs Bluetooth\Wifi only.

      • The second line item is LTE version

        • 4g isn't available to optus "staff" - All good

  • +1

    Thanks for posting something I didn't even know I wanted and parting me with a lot of my hard earned OP!

    • +1

      welcome to ozbargain.

  • If anyone is in Sydney and willing to help, would be greatly appreciated!

  • If anyone can pm me there email address and help out then that will be great thanks

  • Would like to get one too lol I'm in Victoria

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for myself n Happy to help as I've access to this offer. I live in Melbourne (Southmorang) in case someone needs to order and come up with a safest way for both.

  • +5

    Follow the Woolworths link and enter a gmail email account and it will work (40% off).


    • Thanks

    • Cool beans. ordered the bluetooth version only.

  • Hi what's the refund policy

  • +2

    Already have and love the Samsung S3 Frontier and don't really need to upgrade.

    ** Sees $380 sitting in Paypal account **

    Well Christmas is coming up and I guess this could be my present for myself… I think I need to upgrade as the 4G might come in handy…

    ** Paypal balance - $21 **

    Damn you OzBargain!

  • 4g or not. ?????

  • I have access to this. PM me for more details.

  • loses mind
    Does anyone know if this is available with a trade in of a previous Samsung device? I've got the Gear S2 in rose gold (which I still love D wear every day) and a Note 5 just sitting there.

  • Wanting to get a 4G version and have a Telstra postpaid account. How do I know if it’s a compatible plan and can get the appropriate esim for the watch? I used Telstra live chat but they were hopeless. Thanks in advance

    • I'm in the same boat. Ordered the non 4g but thinking of cancelling and getting the 4g.

    • +1

      You can activate Telstra One Number from your Telstra 24/7 App for $5 per month (currently Apple Watch only).

      Just note the 4G versions don't have Band 28 LTE, so they are no good in regional areas.

    • sell it to me

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got 1.
    46 mm $329.40, free express delivery.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - popped my smartwatch cherry.

    • i hope i was gentle for your first time

  • Thanks! Wasn't going to get one as my Gear S3 46mm is going strong, but who can resist 40% off.
    46mm Bluetooth in Silver ordered.
    Damn you Ozbargain! Making me spend money to save money. Anyone interested in a Gear S3?

  • Probably improved, but my experience with the S3 watch wasn't great. Also, not sure why they insist on round watch when everything looks better on a rectangular display.

    Still this is a great deal, would definitely get one if I use a Samsung phone.

    • Also, not sure why they insist on round watch when everything looks better on a rectangular display.

      Kind of agree with this in the sense that a rectangular display is more practical, but I think a round display is more aesthetically pleasing and also looks more like a "real" watch.

    • Most likely because the analog-imitation look is more aesthetically pleasing, if not as functional. Using the dial in the same manner as the apple watch dial kinda resolves the functionality part, but there wont be any video watching on the round screen really.

  • Can anyone confirm it works with the '@stores.bigw.com.au' email?

  • 46mm has 472 mAh while 42mm has 270mAh.. that's a massive difference! 75% more

  • how is everyone getting the 46mm for $329.40? Its showing $359.40 for me.

    • That's the 42mm 4G Pricing.

      • That's the 42mm 4G Pricing.

        Actually.. on a closer look, the 46mm with no 4G is $329.40.

        Same size as the current Frontier - I wonder how much that can sell for second hand.. mmm

        • 2-250$ last i saw

  • +1

    No google assistant is a deal breaker for me, so high hopes remain for a pixel watch (bonus to use Google pay instead of Samsung's as I try to avoid getting neck-deep in Samsung's ecosystem)

    I've got too much invested in Google Home devices and personally think it's important to be able to use the watch for voice control if I'm in a room without home or my phone…

    Price here is so tempting but I know those points will eat at me…

    Good find op

    • +1

      Google have already come out to confirm no Pixel Watxh this year.

    • Might get a Falster 2 for the wife - looks pretty nice… the battery life kinda kills it though…

  • +2

    thanks so much for this, I just bought 4

    Edit: I work at woolies, if anyone is genuinely wanting to purchase this and willing to trust a stranger on ther interwebs feel free to send me a message
    If it's easier you can PM me on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/110071/

    • I would love to take you up on this offer. Can you please get in touch if you still have any available? Thankyou

    • I'd be keen also, what version? I'm happy for either.

    • Sorry guys i didn't realise that the purchase page only lasts 30mins from the time you recieve the email, I can no longer get back in and order more. I know it sucks

  • Created acc, but could someone pls enlighten me what's your best use of smart watch in daily life? I just couldn't justify for my own daily use. For e.g.,I meant you wanna charge it during sleep, so how do you even track sleep

    • this one lasts several days so you dont need to charge it every night

  • +3

    I figured out something. I can order more than 10 as well. But I don't need any as I have the Apple watch 3. I signed up with my optus email (optus webmail) address and it comes up with 40% discount as well. If you have optus service at home you can use your optus webmail address to sign up and get the benefit. Hope it helps.

    • Lucky I just signed up to optus NBN yesterday, worked for me!

    • Thanks worked for me. Just ordered 1. But Optus account cant order the LTE one only Bluetooth version.

    • Didn't work for me.

      did you use your nbn account's @optusnet.com.au email address?

      also which link did you use?


  • I know this question has been asked quite a few times, but would anyone consider letting me use their email address so I could preorder one, please?

  • I wonder how many of these we'll see on Gumtree in the coming month lol

  • Hi, I'm after the watch live in Adelaide is there anyone that can help me out be very greatful if you could please email me the Kris

  • Hi, I have access to the 40% off. I can order up to 10 watches so if anyone would like me to place an order for them too, just shoot me a message with the following information - Full name, address, phone number, email address, and which model you'd like. First come first serve. Cheers

    • PM'd. Thanks!

    • Sorry all! It appears my link has expired and I can't seem to get back into that deal! spewing.. Sorry to all those I had told I could purchase for. :(

      • You can get the link resend to you as many time as you want.

        • I've tried to, but they've seemed to have disabled the woolworths link. Which is a shame for us actual woolworths employees..

          • @carva848: Cause apparently they screwed the pooch and let gmail/hotmail emails register/verify as employees, so anyone could create an account haha.

  • EDIT: solved!

  • Just realised silver isn’t available in 42mm, looks like I ended up with 46mm.
    Hope this plays nice with iOS.

  • 42mm or 46mm, really confused? Used s3 frontier and i founded it a bit heavy and a bit bigger. Whats your opinion guys? 42mm looks more for ladies. Please help me in deciding.

    • +3

      Get bigger one, bigger battery and screen

    • +1

      Well apple watches come in 38 and 42mm, so the smaller option here is the same size as the bigger apple watch. I went the smaller one as I hate giant watches.

      From a battery perspective its 270mAh vs 472, so fairly significant step up if the size fits you.

      For screen size, the 38mm has a 30mm screen while the 46mm has a 33mm screen.

      • +2

        I got the 42mm too, I’m a guy and my wrist is too small for 46mm

        • Have you seen people with small wrist wearing G-Shock before? I've seen shit loads of Asian with tiny wrist wearing G-Shock all the time. I got small girly wrist and I am currently wearing a Seiko Turtle I bought a few weeks ago. Looks big on me if I just put it on without clothes but it kinda blend in when wearing a shirt. It's like those people wearing over size gold necklaces.

      • Something to note, full case height-size (more than even lug to lug) is 49mm, which is actually quite small compared to many 46mm diameter watches.

  • I’d like to get a S9+ 256gb for $970 staff price

  • I need help, can someone in victoria help me order one please??

  • If anyone wants to buy one pm me. I'm based in Melbourne.

    • Hey mate where abouts you live?

      • I am also in Melbourne, if anyone need help in ordering let me know please

        • I would love some help please

          But i think they are all sold out :(

          • @Teisha: +1 here in Melbourne too if anyone can order one please.

  • Is it still working for anyone? Only seeing 20% off for me :(

    • Did for me 15 mins ago

  • +1

    In melbourne and happy to buy for anyone interested.

    • Are you still interesting in helping someone?

  • +1

    I'm glad Samsung didn't make the 46mm version in all black… I don't need to be spending money right now and don't like the black/silver combo (I want the larger size with bigger battery).

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