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US $5 off Purchases over US $5 (e.g. USB Type C Cable $0.01, Xiaomi Mijia Pen $0.06) @ eBay US


Just found this deal on ebay US. I've tried purchasing something and can testify that it works. You will need a US ebay account for this to work.

I've tried this on gift cards and it does not work. Can only be used once per account.

You need to find something that is over US$5. I found a usb c cable from an Australian seller for US$5.01 (A$6.94). I added it to the cart, applied the coupon code and paid US$0.01 for the cable.

The same cable is selling for $4.49 through ebay Australia.

Another good deal is the Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Metal Sign Pen - GOLDEN for $0.06. This is selling for $6.99 through ebay Oz (thanks doweyy).

Oh, for the 1c cost, I didn't bother about cashback. But if you're really keen, there is 1% cashback through Cashrewards.

Instructions (thanks Blue Cat)

Open Private Browsing Window
Go to ebay.com (not .com.au)
Register using fake United States address
If asked for phone number, press "Remind Later"
Add pen to cart
Press checkout
Now you will be forced to add a phone number, just change your number format from US to AU
Confirm with AU number
Apply coupon

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  • How does one filter by Australian sellers on the ebay US website?

    Is there a way to see items whose locations are in Australia?

    Also can't seem to see the other items listed by the seller of the Xiaomi pen (gearbite), think there are some bargains to be had there.

    • +2

      Your best bet is to grab the URL of the seller's store on the Australian site and remove the .au from it.

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip :)

  • +4

    Deal of the century. someone tell me to stop please, i can do this till the code expires.

    • +1

      Stop please?

      • i cant

        • +1

          Stahp it!

    • Can only open 10 new accounts a day I think.

      • but I already have 5-6 unused account….

      • +1

        I've created way more than 10

        • What are you buying? Need ideas

          • @follow: Naughty things, lots of small kitchen utensils, chargers, cables, small working tools like pliers and gloves

            I'm running out of ideas too!

        • Interesting ….

  • Does anyone have a good deal for microusb cables with this promo code?

    • How many are you after?

    • I grabbed some of these recently - you want to select the ones for 'BlackBerry Priv P9983' and in colour 'white' to get the good price.

  • $10 Woolies GCs for $5 with the code if anyone is interested.

    $10 WW GCs for $5

    • Could these be used to buy eBay gift cards at Woolworths?

      • No.
        Woolies have stopped e-gift to gift card purchases by an update to checkout systems

  • Had three us account but one of them said I could only buy an item which has an immediate payment which doesn't make sense. Created two more accounts for some more stuff. Great find!

  • +1

    stupied me forgot to chnage the US address. Order went through. What are my options. I sent the seller a massage but no response as of yet

    • +1

      So the White House is going to receive your…?

      • ahah na put my workplace office address in the US

    • +3

      Will you give them a happy ending?

  • +1

    trying to buy the pen, I get "This code can't be applied to your order."

  • Used twice. Wish I can up-vote this twice :)

  • i relize I dont even need to make the email account in google!!…
    you can just register an email that you do not own

    • +1

      ye i just type in a random email and random password I'll never have to remember either

        • I tried that before but ebay cancel my account becasue of this….

        • I'll never need to login to these addresses so as I said, I just type in random numbers/letters, same with the passwords.

          There's no point using legit ones lol

          • @Mike444: I guess with legit ones you would know if your order/account went through of was cancelled.

    • I used a hotmail account. but did the "[email protected]"

      adding the "+" and any number still send an email to "[email protected]"

      so I can still use the same email address to receive emails.

      I suggest using this method as I just received a free US$5 voucher from ebay US. if I had used a random email then wouldn't have gotten the email.

  • +1

    the item i keep buying is running out of stock!! 😂😂

  • Made two accounts and used the coupon but both accounts were suspended.

    • Did you use PayPal as the payment method? Generally the PayPal side of the transaction raises the flags, instead of eBay, I have made 3 transactions using the Gmail hack and haven't had an issue at all using only 1 cards.

      • yep. and payments went through.

        • Yeah that would have been the issue then, PayPal would have flagged it as suspicious under their fraud prevention techniques as you are making small payments on different accounts in a short amount of time..

          • @doweyy: Ah ok. So don't pay with paypal. got it!

          • @doweyy: I'm curious though, if the payments go through and the ebay account is suspended, will it be refunded or will the item continue to be shipped? Yet you wont be able to make any other purchases on said account (wont matter since it's a burn account)

            • @Mike444: I'm curious too. Haven't had any refunds thus far.

            • @Mike444: Really not too sure on that one, I'd imagine the money would get refunded and the order cancelled, ive had accounts cancelled before yet still got the gift cards I ordered, it's weird

      • Do u mind explain the gmail hack??

        • +2

          Just by putting +1, +2 etc after the prefix of your email:

          EG: [email protected], [email protected] etc… would send any email to the originating email ([email protected]) if that makes sense?

          It's great for these sort of things, because Gmail doesn't allow you to make an email like +1, the email reroutes and it's considered to be different for the company youre signing up with :)

          • @doweyy: But what's this to do with the payment method?

            • @LoCure: Do you mean the paypal email address as ***[email protected]??

            • -1

              @LoCure: Using that hack increases the chance of getting banned, but its an easier way of keeping track of the orders.

              • @doweyy: It takes away the bit to create new email but paypal still likely to ban the transaction right? Anyway workAround ?

                • @LoCure: Yeah if you're using PayPal they might ban depending on the situation, to reduce the risk it's worth using a disposable card or even just a normal debit card to avoid PayPal.

                  • @doweyy: I used paypal and single gmail account through ebay account and only few are suspended. using paypal makes it faster :)

                    • @cwy5847: I tried 6 times 2 went through 4 suspended, probably not worth the time.

      • ah crud shoulda seen this before i paid using paypal! payment was taken so lets hope for the best

    • Did the exactly same thing and both accounts are still there, and used the same PayPal account as well.

  • +1

    Tried the code for the Golden pen in the description (link below) and I keep getting this message "This code can't be applied to your order." Anyone else getting this?


    • I'm getting it too.

      My account has never made any purchases if that matters.

    • That listing says postage to Oz only. So check address and make sure that it has been changed to your Oz address once you have completed the signup process. Then have another crack.

  • Perfect! ordered 2 batteries for my new JJRC HR6 drone I ordered for $1.60 from the $20.00 SMS promo!!!

  • It is not working. Says code will be send to mobile number, which is obviously some random fake number :(

    • +2

      use fake number that can receive SMS

      • thanks :)

        But I just got this

        After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account:
        - Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely.
        - Item listings have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.

        You won't be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts that you haven't previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file.

        We've taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn't cause harm — however unintentionally — to the eBay community.

        We appreciate your understanding.

      • that link does not work, been waiting for an SMS since last 20 minutes. Do you have any other link mate?

        • Doesn't work for me either. just use your au number to get text. put us number in shipping addrress page. you can change to au number

  • +1

    Cheers, Chi!

    I missed out on the 10% discount (didn't convert posted times to WST), but this actually worked out better, as the discount was more :)

    Bought a pet enclosure to block off some of the backyard, as my (gorgeous but often clueless) dog likes to eat things that he shouldn't.

  • Worked for me. I made sure not to use Paypal.

  • Still have to pay GST for low value imports right. so minimum 50 cents.

    • Only if buying from a seller not situated in aus.

      • Yep that makes sense, Thanks.

    • Also, the GST does not count towards minimum 5$ USD spend.
      So if you buy something for $4.55 + $0.46 GST = $5.01 but it will say that coupon can't be applied until you reach minimum spend sum.
      You will have to spend $5.01 on item + GST of $0.50, so the cheapest thing you can get from overseas is at least minimum $0.50 USD spend.

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered some stuff (32GB USB stick, USB 3.0 enclosure) + wireless mice:


    Used Paypal for each and (fingers crossed) won't have sales suspended.

  • Made an account through ebay.com. After registering I added a fake US address, then at checkout I made it my AU address, the coupon worked but i'm paying 60c extra for GST is this how it is supposed to be done…?

    • +1

      Sounds about right. You can try multiple accounts now using the gmail trick e.g. username+alias@gmail.com

    • +1

      look on ebay.com.au for the item you want (Australian Seller) and then remove .au that way you wont be paying gst. Otherwise you will see sellers outside Aus and will be charged GST.

      • no worries, i actually wanted something specifically from USA an NTSC game

  • when I put in a phone number, it is asking me to verify my number via a text or call. How are people bypassing this?

    • +1

      If it gives you an option to change the country, choose Australia and enter your real number.

  • +1

    Expired now. Awesome deal while it lasted

    • +1

      Still working.

      • Thx. Yes it is

  • What i am doing is, going to filter then set price from 6.91 to 7.50 or lower and search through item i want that are on these price range like say s9 screen protector or case and only looking item from au location on the ebay au then changing to us ebay. Also been using the gmail hack. This is making it so easy that i was just up to pee and bought 5 items 1 hour later for less than 20 cents total..ok gudnite

    • Exactly what I have been doing lol.

  • Nice. Couldn't bypass the phone number though.

    • Download textnow and you can get a us number

      • +3

        can just change to aus and use your own.

        • Nice thanks

  • Thanks! Still working. Just bought, although I still had to pay 10% GST for the overseas item.

    • Gst only apply to oversea stuff?
      I was like shipping my stuff other country to avoid the tax..

      • Find item in ebay.com.au and remove .au in url

  • Woo hoo, BARGAIN.
    -AU $6.91

  • +3

    Found the T&Cs. So looks like another five and a half hours left.

    Who's eligible for the Coupon?
    eBay users who have not purchased on eBay in the past twelve (12) months are eligible to redeem the Coupon. Sorry, no forwarding—Coupon is not transferable.

    How to redeem your Coupon:
    1. Sign in or register for your eBay account.
    2. Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions).
    3. Pay for your item by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on September 29, 2018
    4. Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PERKMEUP

    Terms & Conditions:
    This Coupon is a $5 discount off a minimum purchase of $5.01 valid from 8:00 AM PT on September 28, 2018 until 11:59 PM PT on September 29, 2018. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items on eBay.​com. Eligible buyers include users who receive the coupon and have not purchased on eBay in the past twelve (12) months, either through their registered account or as guest users. eBay reserves the right to cancel non-qualified transactions, including those made by ineligible buyers.

    Eligible items exclude warranties and protection plans, as well as items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories. Coupon must be used within a single transaction (and can include multiple eligible items), while supplies last. Max one-time use. Limited quantities available.

    Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States are eligible for the Coupon. Any unused difference between the discount amount, as shown on the Coupon, and the purchase price of an item(s) in a single transaction (or cart) will be forfeited.

    Coupon is subject to U.S. laws, void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, has no face value, and cannot be combined with any other Coupon, or when paying with PayPal Credit Easy Payments or Gift Cards. eBay may cancel, amend, or revoke the Coupon at any time.

  • +1

    Btw cheers OP great find :)

  • How do you guys locate AU items from US Ebay site? Thanks

    • +1

      remove .au in url

  • -2

    The list of my purchase between 5.01 - 5.1 USD
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-WiFi-Wireless-N-Adapter-Wi-Fi-D... wifi dongle
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-USB-2-0-Bluetooth-V4-0-Dongle-... Bluetooth dongle
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Laptop-Computer-PC-Gaming-Mouse-Pad... Mouse pad
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wireless-Bluetooth-4-1-Headset-Earp... Bluetooth earphone
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wireless-Mini-Bluetooth-Headset-Ste... Bluetooth earphone
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/8GB-Thin-Key-USB-Flash-Pen-Drive-Me... 8g usb
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4X-Universal-Motorcycle-Rubber-Sh... Motorcycle parts
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-Motor-Cover-Waterproof-S... Motorcycle cover
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Safe-Protect-Motorcycle-Anti-Thief-... Motorcycle lock
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Travel-5V-2A-Dual-USB-AC-... Charger
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-x-HERSHEYS-COOKIES-N-CREME-COOKIE... Chocolate
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hot-Car-Motorcycle-Bike-Waterproof-... Motorcycle charger
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fashion-Sports-Running-Jogging-Gym-... Phone armband
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-10-100-Wired-USB-Network-C... Lancard
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/REMOVE-BEFORE-FLIGHT-Key-Tag-Ring-C... Motorcycle keychain with cable
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Digit-Combination-Resettable-Trav... Lock
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Type-C-USB-C-3-1-Male-Data-Snyc-FAS... USB cable 2m best
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-3in1-USB-Data-Cable-Charger-fo... USB cable
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2M-USB-3-1-Type-C-Premium-Braided-U... USB cable 2m
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-in-1-Lightning-Cable-Micro-USB-C-... USB cable 3in1
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/8GB-Thin-Key-USB-Flash-Pen-Drive-Me... USB memory

    I purchased about 50 items btw :)

    • Wow!! did u use the same account/credit card? how did u verify the mobile number.

      • +1

        Just choose Oz from the drop down box and then use your own number. Also don't forget to change the address to your Oz address after sign up if you are having the item/s posted out to you.

    • Looks like all your accounts got shut down by eBay - I've never seen so many "Not a registered user" notices in one place before!

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