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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 $39.95, Mi Band 2 $27.95 (Melbourne Stock) Delivered @ Shopro


Shopro is doing another great flash sale on the Xiaomi Mi Fit bands by running the same deal again..

Xiaomi MI Band 3 - $39.95. Note this is the international version.

Xiaomi MI Band 2 - $27.95.

Many of us have shopped with Shopro and know that they are Australian based which means these products won't take weeks to reach us. If you bought the Mijia pen recently, it was dispatched on the same day!

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  • Miband 3 is showing $43.95

  • Does Shoppro issue a tax invoice for purchases?

  • I want a Mi Band 3 but i'm waiting for it to be closer to $35 delivered.

    • It is not worth even under $30. I recommend you look at the Huawei Honor band 4. It beats Mi band 3 on every aspect, but not much more expensive.

      • Cool, thanks for the recommendation. I will do some research :)

      • Where can I buy an Honor band 4 for not much more than $40?

        • Just went on sale last week in China. It’ll be a little while for prices to fall to your aim price. They are about US$40 on aliexpress, before you add GST, closer to AUD$60.

          Closer to $50 on Banggood, befor GST (?)

  • How good are the Heart Rate monitors on these things?

    • I would also like to know this

    • I can confirm that Mi Band 2 in ideal conditions monitors heart rate really well (I had an opportunity to compare the results to hospital-grade machines on a number of occasions). Having said that, in real life (i.e. after a run or whatever) it is often useless as it is affected by many factors.
      Even on a treadmill sometimes (but rarely) it is spot on, but most of the times fails even detect a pulse and I am not a zombie!

    • This is a reasonable review. No comment about the accuracy of the heart rate monitor.
      Generally seen as good value, but the software/system has limitation, like not tracking sleeps during the day!


      Another review:https://www.wareable.com/xiaomi/xiaomi-mi-band-3-review-6305
      "It's accuracy, though, that appears to let everything down, with resting heart rate and maximum heart rate averages tending to score around 5-6 bpm higher than the Polar H10 chest strap and Forerunner 935, which I regard as two of the most accurate in the business. "

      It was always going to be a compromise based on the price.

      • But this IS only under $40, not $140 so cant expect it to be 100% accurate for the price.

        • It feels more like a random number generator than a heart rate monitor. It is a fun toy and I enjoy having a nice random number generator on my wrist.

      • As I said, it works well in ideal conditions only - i.e. you lay down in bed, don't move, you get your pulse measured by a hospital grade machine and you also measure it by Band 2. Running - just forget about it.

    • Mi Band 2 - the heart rate monitor is a toy. It can be quite inaccurate. Just did a test, it is showing 57, 82 in two successive measures. I let my colleague tried it (he has a Garmin watch), we both agree Mi Band 2 is [email protected]#[email protected]# when it comes to heart rate monitoring.

      Have realistic expectation. It's good value for money, but if you are after a sports tracker, get something else.

  • Bought the MI Band 3 for 32.50 in a recent AliExpress deal. Pretty pleased so far as it's ok for the price. The sleep tracking seems like the most inaccurate function so far. Much worse than an entry level Fitbit that I used previous. Heart rate seems ok looking at day to day averages and the step tracking is good enough. As others have said, when you look at other products in the market, if you want high level accuracy, you need to outlay more cash.

    • I have a Mi Band 2 and the sleep tracking seems to be very decent. Have you ever had a Mi Band 2 and how does it compare?

  • would those fit on kids arms or they do have a specific model for kids?

  • Is this the nfc model?

  • Is this still available? I'm seeing price as $69. I need to by one, please help.