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TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receivers - TT-BA07 $26.99, TT-BA08 $27.99, TT-BA09 $38.99 +Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ Amazon


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PLEASE NOTE: aptX Low Latency technology requires both the transmitter and receiver (eg. headphones) to have aptX capabilities.

TaoTronics TT-BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver was $52.99 Now $38.99 with Code NWR8EJQ9

Cable Free Roaming: You can pair with two headphones or speakers at once.
Both Optical & 3.5mm: Both input and output are supported.
Low Delay aptX: Low Latency technology eliminate Bluetooth audio delay,
Internal battery: provides up to 15 hours of use, supports charging and streaming at the same time.
Automatically re-pairs: with existing paired devices.
What You Get: Bluetooth 4.1 2-in-1 Adapter, Optical TOSLINK Cable, 3.5mm to 2 RCA Cable 3.5mm Cable & Micro USB Cable
Youtube review by Big G Gadgets
Also, Check out 1800+ Reviews on Amazon US & nearly 400 Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-BA07 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver was $35.99 Now $26.99 with Code JGQHUUDH

AptX Low Latency: for High-fidelity Stereo Sound, lag-free streaming in transmitter mode.
Upgraded 2-in-1 Bluetooth 4.1: Pair with two headphones or speakers simultaneously.
Always On: Continuously streams even while charging. Built-in battery for up to 10 hours use
Transmitter mode (TX): Add Bluetooth to any TV, PC, Stereo etc with a 3.5mm plug
Receiver mode (RX): Ideal for home or vehicle music streaming sound system.
Pure Sound:: aptX audio codec for a richer and deeper sound experience.
What you get: BT 4.1 2-in-1 Adapter, 3.5mm Cable, 3.5mm to 2 RCA Cable & Micro USB Charging Cable
Youtube Review by Movies And Technology with Simon,
Also, Check out 600+ Reviews on Amazon US & 1200+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-BA08 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver was $36.99 Now $26.99 with Code N7XMQMLW

Transmitter: Transforms 3.5mm audio-out media devices into a Bluetooth device capable of streaming Bluetooth audio
Receiver: Can connect to traditional device like wired headphones or speakers to receive Bluetooth music direct from phones tablets.
aptX Low Latency technology: end-to-end lag time is now 40 milliseconds so high-definition video is transmitted without problems
2 For 1 Connection: Two Bluetooth headphones or speakers can pair at once so children can watch in silence and give parents a break.
Full Control: In RX mode you can fully control the music including play / pausing, track selection, volume up or down.
Already Ready: With 20 hours of continuous audio, battery protection, charging during operation, and pairing memory functionality.
Youtube Reviews by AwkwardHamster & Big J Reviews
Also, Check out 1200+ Reviews on Amazon US & nearly 400 on Amazon UK

SunValley introduced TaoTronics in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics. Since then they have grown to be a leading consumer electronics brand with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. They are now officially entering the Australian market and will be adding more and more products to their Amazon AU store. To find out more about TaoTronics and their products or register to get your Free Extended Warranty visit www.TaoTronics.com

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    Excellent detail OP.

  • +2

    Just to confirm, none of these can transmit dual-limk aptx-LL? (That is, aptx Low Latency to TWO headphones at the same time, link the Avantree Oasis Plus can)

    • Hey mate. You can only use aptX when connecting to one headphone, when connecting to two simultaneously it is standard Bluetooth.

      • +3

        Cool, thanks, that's what I thought.

        Can you make your next product a transmitter/receiver (or just transmitter) that can transmit aptx-LL to two headphones at the same time? :)

        (for those that want lag-free TV listening with a partner)

        • +5

          I will pass that on to the rep. I will have a look through their other products to see if they have one I can recommend they introduce into Australia sooner rather than later.

  • How is this product different from the one by Friencity?


    Seems like its similar but more expensive. Anybody have any experience with these? Want to hook up my PS4 to my new Bose Soundwear via Bluetooth

    • +2

      I can't comment on that one as I don't have one here to compare but the TaoTronics BA09 has an excellent build quality, great reviews and comes with a total 30-month warranty. I have been using it for the last few months, mainly with my Xbox and have had no issues whatsoever.

  • The one you linked to may be superior. It seems to claim low latency on both connections. "Share the low latency crystal audio with your love"

  • +1

    Can any of these be plugged into my cars AUX, allowing my phone to connect to it via bluetooth so that I can stream music from my phone?

    • Yes, all three will do that for you.

      • Will any turn on when they receive power through USB?

        • They only turn on when you turn them on. You can leave them turned on continuously if powered via the micro USB cable.

          Though, a light will turn on to show that it is receiving a charge and the light will turn off once the device is fully charged.

          • @xev: Ok thanks. Wish there was one that turned on when the car (USB) turned on.

            • @scotteth: If you want one to use in the car I would recommend the Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

              I have used it and it works very well, It turns on and connects to your phone when you turn your car on.

              • +1

                @xev: Hi Xev - any promo codes for the Car Kit by any chance?

                • +1

                  @theMoebius: Hey Mate, Unfortunately, it may be a little while until we see a new deal on those as we just had one last week.

                  • +1

                    @xev: Thanks anyway - I'll have to keep an eye out!

      • +1

        Thanks. Ordered the BA08, lets see how it goes.

  • +2

    I grabbed the TT-BA07 $26.99 for my old man to use with the TV (he thinks cordless phones are complicated) and after a month, hasn't had one issue with connecting the Bluetooth headphones with.

    The aptx-ll works a treat if you've got a pair of supported headphones.

    • Thanks Mate for sharing your experience, I really like hearing back from members on how they are enjoying their products.

      I agreed to post deals for them as I was really impressed with their products and feel they have a lot to offer OzBaragainers.

      • Hey, I have an issue where my headphones are paired to my BA09 however anything that happens requires me to push the button on the transmitter to get audio via my headphones again…start movie, have to push the button…pause movie, have to push the button. Etc. Once I push the button everything works again until the next time I need to push it.

        Any suggestions? It's very frustrating to have to keep getting up to push the button.


        • Hey Mate, once they are connected to your headphones they should stay connected until you turn your headphones off.

          I am not sure why pausing the movie should affect the connection to your headphones at all.

          Perhaps email TaoTronics directly and ask them [email protected]

          I am really sorry I can't help you further, I use mine quite frequently and haven't experienced a similar problem.

    • +1

      i need something like this, where a Bluetooth transmitter will be connected to TV,
      and then bluetooth headphones will be for the elderly people watching TV.

      because of large LED TVs…people got to sit 4-metres away,
      and if they are old or 'deaf', then watching TV on very high volumes just creates a lot of noise in the household

      • +2

        All three of these will work well for that purpose.

        • …but all 3 transmitters, have a limit of 2 x concurrent headphones, right ?

          • @whyisave: Right. There are analog systems available that you could probably connect to as many headsets as you want. On my tv I've got an optical cable into a dac with both RCA and headphone outputs. With adapters, you could use two of these bluetooth transmitters, so four connections in total. .

            • @AlbyDuck: that's what i figured too, i.e. to get 2 x transmitters, for a total of 4 x simultaneous paired headphones

              otherwise, do you know of any analog systems, which can manage multiple wireless headphones ?

              • +1

                @whyisave: No direct experience, sorry. Maybe something like https://en-us.sennheiser.com/audio-headphones-stereo-wireles... from Sennheiser. It says it supports the use of 'multiple headsets'.

                • @AlbyDuck: @AlbyDuck
                  thanks for that.
                  so, the first transmitter & headset [Model: RS135] is US$ 129
                  then, each headseat [Model: HDR 120] is US$ 79.95

                  i don't need the Sennheiser-quality for sound, but i guess this is pretty much what i was after,
                  if the cost of 2 x Taotronics units give me 4 x headphones at most.

                  • @whyisave: You could possibly do better than 4 headphones eg optical splitter could double it to eight. Just conjecture on my part. It then turns into a bit of a nightmare trying to work out what headset is paired with what transmitter.

                    I had a Wintal Wireless headset system years ago. Sound quality was ok if not stunning. I did a quick Google and they still have products that may suit. Should be a lot cheaper than Sennheiser, but I haven't checked prices.


              • +1

                @whyisave: Hi mate, yes they will only connect to two headphones at the same time.

                If you need four headphones, then you would need to buy two Transmitters and a 3.5mm 2-way splitter.

    • Speaking of supported headphones, I have got an old Samsung Full HD TV and Bose QC 35 headphones, so do these support those headphones?

      • Yes mate, they will. They will connect to your QC35s by Bluetooth. And you can connect them to your TV by the 3.5mm plug, RCA plugs and the BA09 has an Optical connection as well, if your TV supports that.

  • +1

    What are some decent (and bargain :) ) aptX headphones that people have been using with these?

    • Send me a private message and I will let you know when we have deals for aptX headphones available.

    • +1

      I have been using the bh0004 and they are great .

  • +1

    Do any of these come with, or work well with a 12V Car Power adapter? I just want a quality bluetooth receiver for my car that has 3.5mm output and a 12V plug… but they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth.

    • +1

      They are powered via a Micro USB cable and will work fine plugged into a USB Car Charger.

  • +1

    Hi OP, are there gonna be any deals on TT-BH22 Bluetooth Headphones anytime soon?

    • +2

      It will be a little while yet, the last sale did so well that they sold the entire amount of stock they had allocated to Australia for the year.

      They need to wait until the next manufacturing round to get enough stock to support another sale.

      If you want me to let you know as soon as I get notified of a new deal send me a private message so I remember to tell you.

      • +1

        Wow. Amazon and OzBargain treating you well.
        I’ve purchased a couple of your products. Thanks for the discounts.

    • Hi Mate, I was notified this afternoon that the BH22s is back in stock at long last!


      I managed to get a deal for the same price as last time, $59.74. The code is valid for 24 hours unless they sell out first :)

      If you use CashRewards they currently have 10% Cashback which will bring the final price down to around $54

      (Apologies if you get this message twice, I am notifying everyone who sent a message and asked in the comment section's as well)

  • +2

    Sometimes I wished I used Android…

  • +1

    I wish I'd got one with a battery so that it was more convenient on the plane.

    • All three of these will work great on airplanes but you may need an adapter like this

      Even the largest, the BA09, will fit comfortably in your pants pocket.

      • I think you're probably wrong there and that's why I referred to the battery versions. With the TT-BA07 you need to plug it to a usb plug to draw power. A lot of planes don't have those, particularly domestic ones. However I just flew back to the UK and of the 4 flights only one airline had usb out of 3 Airlines. So a battery is definitely needed.

        • +3

          Hi, all three have built in batteries. The BA07s battery should last around 10 hours.

        • +2

          TT-BA07 has inbuilt battery. No need to plug in. I have one and use in the gym with Bose soundsport free.

          • @CX9: Wow! I didn't know that and it was even clear in any of the product descriptions. Good to know.

  • What is the best option to use in a car?

    I'm trying to work out the differences between the models.

    Can I connect my phone via bluetooth but plugin a good quality 3.5mm microphone for calls?

    • The best option for something like that would be a Bluetooth Car Kit like this

      • +1

        Thanks. Will consider. A 'MIC-IN' jack would be helpful just in case the built-in microphone is not very good.

  • +1

    These look very similar to the Blitzwolf ones, although Blitzwolf normally lists apt-x whether it supports it or not (the manufacturer has to pay a fee per device and then flash specific firmware for it to work).

    @xev - these are great, you should get your rep to have a look at competing with https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Nobsound-F900-Mini-Bluetooth... (note USB and Bluetooth support), although the previous model had a much less silly… knob.

    • Hey mate, All three above support aptX. I will look into their range and see if they have anything similar, thank you for the recommendation!

  • Was it as cheap as before?

    • Yes Mate, the BA07 & BA09 were the same prices last time I got a deal for them. The BA08 is new.

  • Is it the physical connection ports that make these models different from each other? Having difficulty deciphering what the pros/cons of each model are?

    • +1

      The BA07 & BA08 both have a 3.5mm connection and the BA09 has both 3.5mm & Optical connections. All three also have a 3.5mm to RCA plugs adapter.

  • Hey Xev maybe you can help me out.
    I have amazon prime and I live in remote WA, postcode 6770.
    Never had an issue with amazon prime ticked items before but the store is refusing to ship the item to my location.
    Any work around for this?

    • I am really not sure so I will pass that on to the Rep and see if he knows anything.

      Maybe contact Amazon as well, maybe it's just a glitch?

  • Would the amount of lag be acceptable for DJing?
    Also which unit would be the best and how would I get this to work where the DJ Mixer or Amplifier does not have Bluetooth capabilities?

    • Do you mean for headphones for DJ'ing?

      Lag is very minor, its mainly when watching TV and voices are slightly out of Sync.

      If what you want to plug it into has Optical, go for the BA09.

      Between the other two, the BA07s battery will last for 10 hours while the BA08 will last for 20.

      Or pick which one you think looks best

      • It’s not for the headphones. Its from the mixer console (controller), so you want minimal or zero lag. For example if you were playing an instrument you don’t want to hear the note you just played with a delay. If the product is not suitable will you issue a refund and what would be the costs if any?

        • The items are fulfilled by Amazon, they hold all the stock in their warehouse and also handle returns so you would need to ask them.

          If you have Prime that definitely helps with returns.

          • @xev: Ok, thanks mate

            • @Cruisen: If I can be any further help, send me a private message and I can speak directly to the Rep for you :)

        • It’s not for the headphones. Its from the mixer console (controller)

          Are you wanting to send audio from the mixer console to an amplifier?

    • I would suggest that any lag for DJing would be unacceptable - when setting up my gear I'm aiming for a <20ms delay. Even with aptx that seems pretty optimistic

      • Thanks I would love to find a wireless solution. Just the way my setup is at the moment, it would save alot of cables being right in the way.

  • What's the difference between the least expensive to the most expensive unit? More supported devices?

    • The BA09 has optical connections as well as 3.5mm which the other have as well.

      Between the BA08 & BA07 is Battery size and how they look.

  • Hi, Really interested in these to listen on my LG OLED 55 inch tv. The tv has hdmi, USB and optical connections but the optical is already used with a sound bar. Is there anyway of using the device with USB or hdmi?. Thanks.

    • Hey Mate, if you can't use Optical, it has a 3.5mm connection & 3.5mm to RCA adapter.

      Does your soundbar have Audio out ports? TV > Soundbar > BT Transmitter/Receiver

    • I think most newer model TV has a 3.5mm audio jack, so I think that should work just fine.

  • What's the difference between the 07 and the 08 apart from the look?

    • +1

      Battery size. Out of the two I would go for the BA08

      It also has buttons so you can skip tracks & turn volume up/down & play/pause.

  • Any options with aptx hd?

    • All these have aptX-LL.

      I will have a look at their full range and see if there are any options with aptX-HD that they can bring into Australia in the future.

  • I want to buy a T-BA08 to plug into my TV and a T-BA07 to plug into my headphones. Would there be much latency?

    I have read in the below review that the T-BA08 has bad latency for receiving, does the T-BA07 have the same issue?


    • I got it on my PS4 headset, works a treat sounds good too..

      • I got a reply from their support.
        Apparently, none of them have aptX for receiving only for transmitting.

  • +1

    I had recently bought the TT-BA09 from the last deal but had issues with pairing it to my Bluedio Victory headset. Informed them about the problem and they were happy to help me out. They sent information on how to reset and clear the pairing list and from there tried to pair my headset again but still wouldn't work. Alita from Sunvalley Brands Customer Service is very helpful. I haven't experienced this amount of dedication from aftersales service from memory. I highly recommend them (Sunvalley Brands) as a seller.

  • I got a TaoTronics TT-BA07 from the previous deal to stream piano playing into bluetooth speakers. So I'll be using it in the Tx mode. However it is super laggy for that purpose and totally unusable! Is it normal? Anyone having a similar experience?

    (Works fine for music streaming tho)

    • Lag is normal for Bluetooth. The device does have aptX, so if you use it with aptX Speakers or headphones that should remove lag.

      • thanks for the reply. I just checked my speakers - Edifier r1700bt - doesn't have aptX support. So it makes sense.

        One more question. Why does the lag only affect piano playing and not music streaming?

        • +1

          It does affect both - you just don't notice it on the music streaming, because there is nothing to measure the lag against.

          (If you are able to plug headphones in to your source at the same time as streaming, you will hear that the streaming is off time with the headphones.)

        • +1

          If you are, say, streaming music from your phone to a speaker you wouldn't notice it.

          But if you were using it to watch TV with headphones on, you would notice that when someone is speaking that the sound is slightly out of sync.

          So when you are playing the piano, the sound coming from the speakers is slightly out of sync with the movements of your hands.

  • Any Bluetooth receivers with a Coax S/PDIF output?

    • Google search tells me:

      S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is a type of digital audio interconnect used in consumer audio equipment to output audio over reasonably short distances. The signal is transmitted over either a coaxial cable with RCA connectors or a fibre optic cable with TOSLINK connectors.

      The BA09 has both Optical/TOSLINK and a 3.5mm to RCA adapter.

  • Hi Xev,

    I have a question about these bluetooth devices. I would like to get 1 for my computer so I can connect my Sony XM3 to it.

    With my current USB Bluetooth - Avantree leaf - I need to put the Avantree into "talking" mode (instead of "music" mode), otherwise the mic doesnt work. Is that the same for these taotronics too? Or can you listen to music + use the mic in the same mode without toggling?

    Also, what's the difference between TaoTronics TT-BA08 and TaoTronics TT-BA07?

  • Promo code has expired. Was just going to buy two. Any chance we can get a new code OP?

    • Yes, please get us another code.

  • +1

    fast delivery thanks!

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