expired Ozito Power X Change 18V Drill Driver - Skin Only $29.89 (Was $39.98) | Angle Grinder $39.89 @ Bunnings


Another deal from Bunnings to price match with Aldi. Both the drill driver and angle grinder are skin only.

Ozito Power X Change 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery.
Ozito Power X Change 18V Standard Charger.

The PXDDS-201 Cordless Drill Driver from Ozito's Power X Change range allows you to drill, drive and remove screws with ease.

With 18 torque settings and 40Nm torque, you can drive screws to a predetermined depth and remove them with ease using the variable speed feature.

Compact and lightweight with a soft grip handle ensure maximum user comfort for your DIY needs.

13mm single sleeve chuck
2 speed gearbox
18 torque settings
Variable speed trigger
Battery and charger sold separately

Ozito Power X Change 18V Angle Grinder - Skin Only - $39.89 (was $59.90)

Suited to general purpose grinding of metal, including resharpening mower blades, removing rust and cleaning up welds, this compact and portable angle grinder is ideal for working in tight areas or when remote from power.

With an adjustable safety guard, spindle lock and a screw-in three position side handle, it is quick and simple to adjust. Sure grip coverings and a lock on switch ensure user comfort and control.

Cordless operation
Easy spindle lock
Safety soft start
115mm grinding disc

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    Battery and Charger sold separately - Is this normal ?


    Great price in combination with 4ah battery

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    So how does this Ozito compare with the Aldi offer in terms of quality and reliability?
    Can we compare it to the Bosch green line and similar drills?
    I'm used to Metabo and Bosch blue line so looking for something very cheap for little jobs.

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      Ozito has 5yr warranty on skins & 3yrs on batteries.

      I dunno what the Aldi ones have, but if an Ozito ever breaks then you're guaranteed an available replacement at your nearest Bunnings. Can't say the same if your Aldi grinder dies in 3 month's time, you won't get anything but a refund - which isn't helpful if you're halfway through a job and can't match tools to your batteries.

      I've picked up every single Ozito tool I own - bar the brushless hammer drill being the first tool - on special thanks to Aldi; saving about 30% on each item. 4x 4Ah batteries, the 5 pack set & a jigsaw cost me less than $500. That's unbelievable value for money.

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      Ozito are now owned by Einhell (a pretty good brand but not well known in Australia) and have a 5 year warranty. I'd say quality is probably better than Metabo or Bosch at this stage, but even if it's not, the warranty is.

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        I'd say quality is probably better than Metabo or Bosch

        Oh I see you know what you're talking about.

        • +3 votes

          Oh thanks for the neg, I see you read my comment sufficiently…

          I did say that Einhell is probably better than the others, but even if they've aren't, the warranty more than makes up for it. Metabo are hardly as good as they once were, Bosch blue is a different story.

          If you knew what you were talking about you'd know that both the Ozito and Aldi Workzone are both Einhell…

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            If you knew what you were talking about

            Comparing a hobby drill against a professional one, you really know it.

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              @dealhunt: Bosch are not all pro tools . The average or even rabbid handyman will find Ozito far better value for money 99% of the time .
              I own a few Matabo tools . Some lasted not very long , others like my jigsaw are still with me 20years later . I don't think any cordless is destined to last anywhere near that .


            @Singu1arity: Thanks for the insight. Given they have the same manufacturer, are the Aldi and Ozito batteries interchangeable?


              @Molloch: no they aren’t interchange able ….also ozito is 18v and aldi is 20v ……might be made by same company but 2 very different products …..


            @Singu1arity: Metabo is one of the biggest angle grinder suppliers world wide Id rate it way above Ozito.

            As for warranty my Hitachi and Makita gear don't even offer a 5 year warranty i think i got one year on my Hitachi angle grinder.

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              @aussieprepper: Good discussions, but the negatives to dealhunt are a not very nice as he/she raises good points about comparing consumer with prosumer.

              I can see people getting a bit upset with Singu1arity comments, and I personally don't 100% agree with Singu1arity.

              If we go on warranty, Bosch Blue wins, 6 years (assume DIY).
              If we go on quality/grinders, Metabo, proper grinders still made in Germany. Bosch Blue is also good.
              If we go on quality/drills, no f**ken idea, Bosch Blue maybe out of the brands listed.
              If we go on el-cheap-o, Ozito.

              Basically what we have here is people getting upset by comparing entry level, with prosumer and looking at it from a value for money perspective. If a cheap tool doesn't do what you want, well you're never going to use it. It comes down to requirements people!

              Ozito are for home gamers, not tradies/professional. There is no 5yr warranty for trade, only DIY. There is a reason why many people in trade use Makita drills, Metabo or Bosch grinders. Call you're plumber, carpenter, landscaper or sparky, do they show up with Ozito?

              And to say 99% of of DIY will be happy with Ozito because it's cheap. Well, I must be the 1%. I've used the Ozito BL Hammer drill 18V (their most expensive) and I think it's OK for the money (probably the best one of the Ozito range), but it's still crap (terrible regulation, hate the chuck, and no torque) and I wouldn't hand over my money for it. But it's cheap and if you're only driving short screws, then I guess it's OK.

              I think everyone has their own definition of what is a better tool, no-one is really right or wrong and these days it's pretty hard to get a bad deal. You kinda get what you pay for.

              IMO (In no order) here are the Prosumer brands which are pretty good.
              Drills: Bosch Blue, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee (I would say 80% of the tradies I see are using Makita)
              Grinders: Bosch Blue, Hitachi, Metabo, Makita (Things get more equal, here, Makita, Bosch Blue, Metabo)

              If you were considering brands like Festool, Fein, Hilti, e.g; then you know what you want ;-)

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        I think the kids drill space is better than Bosch and Ozito and much cheaper. Love the Orange colour.



      Aldi drill has only 28Nm Torque, Ozito 40Nm

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    Recipro saw skin is $39.89 too. Not sure if this is normal price but seems pretty cheap.



    Thanks OP I've considered this one for quite a while and now may be the time.


    Does anyone actually use the angle grinder to sharpen lawnmower blades?

    • +4 votes

      I hope not. Balancing blades can be tricky and ensuring they're not too damaged to use if they're bad enough to need sharpening also tricky.

      The risk vs reward doesn't stack up when new blades are so cheap.

      • +1 vote

        I've been sharpening swivel mount mower blades with a grinder for 20+ years - never had an issue with balance, or breaking blades. I maintain 4 large suburban blocks in Tropical Brisvegus. That's why I keep using my old Rover 2 strokes. Tilt the mower on it's side and sharpen the 4 swivel mount blades, still bolted on - only takes a couple of minutes. 4 strokes may be more environmentally friendly than 2 strokes, but, unfortunately don't like to be tilted for blade sharpening.


        Sorry but your advise is IMHO somewhat incorrect. Bar blades are the only blades that should be balanced - as this wasn't specified it's perfectly fine to use grinding disc to sharpen blades attached to a disc carrier etc - though IMHO it's likely to take off too much metal &/or overheat the edge and thus lose the temper on the steel.

        Thats why I generally use a mill bastard file - pretty quick to do and maximum control retained.


    It's a shame there aren't battery adaptors so you can use different varieties with different brands. The best of both worlds.

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    come on, Aldi! I need a brushless hammer drill =) Ozito's $160 is pushing it towards DeWalts $186 special with a 6Ah battery (I think) that I was thinking of getting. Need something cheaper

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      all my makita stuff is brushless ( non hammer drill, driver, rotary hammer) and i’ve added some ozito brushless, but yeah ….ozito brushless isn’t all that cheap or attractive when dewalt or bosch have a special bundle.

      went ozito for brushless hammer drill just because the 4a batteries are regularly on special, no other reason.

      would be good if aldi had some brushless to drive bunnings into price matching.


    “Drill driver”?


    i just want a decent price on the buffer and i'll be sweet. already have the drill, 2x 3ah batteries, 1x 4ah battery, drill, random orbital sander, hand vacuum.

    ozito products are great, buy them if you are a hobbyist like myself. i'd also like the impact wrench to be on sale. please read this bunnings


    Replaced my Bosch blue drill with the Ozito X range. The Bosch blue has been expensive rubbish, chuck slipping within 9 months of light home use!. Not happy, and Bunnings told me the warranty on the chucks was 6 months, and they had other instances of the same problem.
    As for all of my X series tools, still working great, ONLY issue, the drills are rather noisy, but at least they work unlike the Bosch Blue!.


      hasselbladsnapper, Thanks for the heads-up on Bosch blue. If you've still got your Bosch drill, replacing the chuck with a better one isn't a biggie. - plenty of Youtube tutorials.

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    Anyone know if bunnings usually match the Aldi pole trimmer/pruner thats coming up next week for $99:

    https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/44499/62834/aldi1.jpg (bottom right).

    Ozito sell a pruner and a trimmer kit seperatly, with interchangable heads, but dont sell them together in one pack:

    With the pole:
    $179: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-pole-pr...
    $159: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-pole-he...

    Just the attachments:
    $59 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-pole-he...
    $49 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-pruner-...

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    Thanks Op. Went to Bunnings, exchanged my 3.0Ah battery I bought last week for 4.0Ah with no problems, box was opened but not used and had receipt.
    Staff was confused why bigger battery was cheaper :) Well done Aldi and Ozbargain :)

    She told me interesting thing though - apparently, when you buy Ozito tools don't scan your PowerPass card, because it makes the warranty void…. reason being is that warranty is for home use, and PowerPass implies commercial. To me it sounded like bs#!t but now I got worried, all these tools I bought and always scanned my PowerPass card - no discount on power tools but at least docket is stored in case I loose my receipt.
    What do you guys think, anybody experienced warranty hassles with PowerPass?


      Re the powerpass thing: I was told the same when buying a Ryobi One+ drill a couple years ago :-/


      Ozito will not give you a warranty with a Powerpass card so don't use it. Written on the box is a disclaimer that the tool is only for DIY use. If you scan your Powerpass card, Ozito will assume that you are going to use it for trade and will not honour any warranty.

      As for Ryobi One+ they have changed their policy and the warranty will still stand.


    Drill, battery and battery charger sold separately. I wish there were a (cheaper) bundle..

  • +1 vote

    wanted to buy 4 batteries.
    was told 4 is consider commercial quantity.
    asked for 3 and was told sir! i can only sell you 2x

  • +1 vote

    So just wanted to confirm that this a great deal at $74.67 for a driver, battery and charger?

  • +2 votes

    Don't know why I'm getting involved in this discussion, I'll probably get attacked by someone who does all their fighting behind a keyboard.. Anyway here's my two cents.

    I actually work in the power /hand tool industry and when it comes to the difference between a DIY designed powertool (Ozito) versus a trade quality tool (Makita, DeWalt etc. is it's intended use divided by number of hours used. An example - Let's say the Ozito is designed to last 50hrs of use. DIY user is a few holes every now and then and each hole takes 20 seconds to something over the top of 2mins. So 50hrs divided by 2 minutes is…. I can't be bothered doing the math after a few beers but it's a long time as long as its not abused or dropped. Tradie drills lots of holes every day so those 50hrs are getting used up very quickly.

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    No batteries left at Seven Hills store. Was told Rydalmere had 13 this morning. Grabed a angle grinder. Thanks OP. It seems very fast and powerful. Don't know what I'm going to do with it. Only use that I can think of is to cut my old broom handle so it fits in the bin. Any advice on a reasonably priced diamond cutting blade? After going through several budget impact driver bits, I learnt the hardway that cheaper isn't always better when it come to tools.


    I bought my first drill, thanks to this deal. Found one st Bunnings mill park. Quite happy with the purchase!

    Now to start looking out for drill bits and learning how to make holes in various surfaces…

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