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[Amazon Prime] Free Ad-Free Listening (up to 40 Hours/Month) on Amazon Music


Introducing Prime Music - Listen to over 2 million songs included with an Amazon Prime subscription at no additional cost.

Amazon Music included with Prime

  • Ad-free listening
  • Offline listening
  • Unlimited skips
  • Voice control with Alexa on your devices
  • Up to 40 hours per month

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  • I heard a rumour this was coming.
    It’s becuasee they are removing the music service from the American version of prime (which includes it)

    • +1

      I have Apple Music anyway, but it’s weak it’s a seperate service.

      • Hardly “Free” if you must buy Amazon prime to get it,
        ie, assuming you don’t already pay for it

        Want Free music?

        (OK with the occasional service-ad,
        -inviting- you to join (ie, pay)
        to make it 100% ad-free)

        Perhaps more useful / interesting for
        Music Teachers, as it splits its collec-
        toon / catalog into genres…

        • Canadian “Calm Radio”

        It’s also avail. via most Internet radios.

        (Can other music services make that claim?
        Are there many -physical- Internet radios out
        there, ie, now that we have so many IR apps?)

        If they’d kept their Life Membership
        offer (once as low at $200), I’d have
        signed up… even tho I’m older than
        most of you, I’d guess…)

        If you’re listening, Calm Radio, why
        not offer a Seniors Membership?

        Remember when Swedish Rail was
        losing $$, long ago? Instead of again
        Raising prices, they took a chance &
        Lowered prices…. & made much more
        $$ (read: “profited”) from the pivot.

        Why turn away any would-be buyer’s $$…?

  • +12

    I searched a few artists. They were either mislabelled as to their contents or had a single song and anything else you had to sign up to Unlimited. I'll stick with my current streaming service.

  • +11

    2 million songs is actually not that much.

    • +4

      It is enough for me. Yeah!!!!! Cheap music!

      • +9

        means unless you are into Pop or Marketable Sub-genres, this is a pretty useless service…I dont consider myself into very unique music, but even i had to upload certain albums to the Google Play Music Cloud…and they boast about 40million+ songs.

        • +16

          I have Prime for the fast delivery and the video streaming service. Even if its a limited selection of music, ad-free is a bonus to me.

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          There are two different Amazon Music products.

          Amazon Music is this 40 hr/month of 2 million songs included ad-free with Prime membership.

          Amazon Music Unlimited on the other hand is "tens of millions" of songs at A$11.99/month (30-day free trial for new users), roughly equivalent to Google Play Music.

          • @Morven: I am on a music unlimited trial now and tbh there are heaps of sings that appear in thr list but cant be played, its annoying as all hell. I can see myself ever paying for the service. I had Play music previous and it was significantly better. And if you cant play the song why list it?

            • +1

              @Jackson: Sorry to hear it. That sounds bad… I wonder if they have fewer rights in Australia than elsewhere? I have a Play music subscription at the moment, so I haven't tried Unlimited yet.

          • @Morven: @andrgram

            So far, you appear to have been the only poster to have recognised that their are indeed two (2) separate Amazon Music Services.

            Yes I know it is confusing, alway has been.

            However if you have an Amazon (AU) Prime membership, this is a BONUS. Whilst the total selection of song titles on Amazonj Prime/Amazon Prime Music do not match what is available on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc this is no biggie as the built in algorithm keeps builing on your music tastes that you have previouslyu selected or thumbs upp'ed.

            I have music stream most hours of the day to eithe my phone & tablet devices (downloadedable), Windows Amazon Music app on my pc, Bose SiundTouch 30 system or my my Amazon Echo Dot.

            Also, this is a great replacement for those who are missing Pandora since their demise from the Australian/NZ market last year(still streamable from the USA via VPN or SmartDNS).

            My only negative is the constant nagging for signing up up to Amazon Music Unlimited, but that's the price you pay for the free option and is no different to Spotify et al in that regard. That said, watch out for decent offers from time-to-time including annual Prime Day and the Black Friday (Late November) which are always tempting imho.
            I have both Amazon US and Amazon AU Prime memberships running at the moment and Amazon Prime Music, Audible & Kindle Books (cheaper from the US vs AU)are the last benefits I am receiving from the Amazon Prime US membership so I will be able to allow it to lapse when the AU sit has caught up with the benefits.

            Anyway, for me this is a great benefit for anyone who doesn;t need/want a billion/zillion song titles to choose from… let's face it… there's only 24 hours in a day and there are more titles on offer here than most people will indulge in during a lifetime.

  • How to know how many hours have been listened already? Couldn’t find any info in the App.

  • How much $ is this?

    • Free

      to Prime subscribers

      • 40hour litmit

        • +8

          which is fine to me. Makes my prime membership better value.

  • +1

    Missing so many songs, no Xbox One app, no Windows 10 app, I'll stick with Spotify, thanks :)

  • +1

    Now if only they will add the lyrics feature to the amazon show

  • Not supported in my PlayFi device. Only USA region being supported.

  • 40 hours is okay for the occasional song or album I guess. Will stick with my Google sub but a nice addition to have with Prime.

  • The two artists I looked up didn't even have their whole discography on there and I couldn't listen to what they had without updating. I'll continue using Spotify for music discovery and Deezloader for FLAC files of my favourite albums.

  • any idea of the bitrate of the music ?

  • +2

    So what happens after 40 hours?

    • +2

      The service stops until the month period ends, it’s a benefit of prime membership.

  • +1

    No thanks. I want to pick my music player and I don't want to be a on a timer. I want to relax listening to music, not clock on for a shift.

    • +6

      If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription and you dont already have another music subscription service, why not? Its a free add on to Amazon Prime. Having said that, I already have Apple Music so will stick with that.

      • -4

        I've already explained why not above. If you enjoy it, or you have it "for free" because you already have prime, go for it. I will stick to what I like.

  • +1

    Why not, I'll give it a shot.
    Although wondering if I'll ever use this much, already have other streaming services.

    • +1

      I used the US version a few years ago when I had US prime.
      I found it was really good at finding similar music, much better then Spotify or Pandora was at the time, although it had less artists/songs.

      I imagine these kind of services will be lose leaders, not only to get you to subscribe to Prime, but also they can tell by your music requests, what kind of mood you're in and then what kind of ads to serve and how to serve them. i.e. if you're asking for party music, they'll serve up snacks, uber eats, etc ads if you've put sad/soulful songs, they'll serve up choccie, ice cream and booze (and uber eats) ads….

      • Marketing strategies where both Amazon and Advertiser (eg Uber Eats) wins, what could possibly go wrong…

      • +2


        I have be been using mine for 3+ years now… works fine. No 40 hour maximum streaming limitation either. I could also download albums/tracks to my smartphone or tablet too (but not PC) to listen to when I had no internet streaming connection.

        It was also great when I made Audio CD purchases frpom the US site as my purchases included AutoRip (Digital Download) in the price which could be added to my Amazon Prime Music Library and listen to my purchases immediately while my CDs were in transit.

        I hope this function gets added to the Amazon AU site.

        Anyway, glad to see the benefits being added, abeit slowly, to our Amazon AU Prime memberships.

        • included AutoRip

          wow that's awesome!

  • Are there any audiobooks on it?

    • There's Audible? You get one free book to listen to. If you go to cancel early, you get a link for another one.

      • Where do you get the free monthly book on Prime?

        • Sorry, this is part of the 30 day trial with Audible. It is part of Amazon but a separate sign up.

  • +2

    How much for extra hours?

  • Can Amazon music be casted to Google chrome audio (ie directly from the app)?

    • +1

      Yes, music can be casted unlike their video app frustratingly.

    • You can cast from Chrome PC/Mac or Android Amazon Music App

  • +7

    Free music, free movies and free delivery for $5/month? Not complaining and I'm enjoying too but looks like predetory pricing will drive competitors out of the market.

    • And if paying with Amex card you get some cashback (need to register Amex)

  • No complain, well done amazon!

  • While not a bad deal for the casual music listener, of course with only 2 million songs available the selection of you favorite genre isn't going to be great. However, with all the benefits you get with $5.99 (soon to be $6.99) a month Prime membership is still very good. I ordered 5 products from Amazon on Tuesday morning and they arrived the next day, I was expecting them today
    , thursday. Not bad.

  • Can it be setup as source for Alexa?

    • +1

      yeah, been playing on dot. no issue

  • This will do me nicely.

    Commutes are usually podcasts but good to have some music for when in the car with the GF.

    • You can d/load music to your smartpone or tablet for use when you cannot stream or have internet access. You could transmit via blue-tooth to your home or car music system. You can't move music off device and onto another though due to DRM.

  • +5

    The value of Amazon prime membership is increasing more and more, loving it

    • +14

      …so hard to complain.

      Yet you found a way.

      • +1

        you know what they say, if there is a will there is a way

      • LOL… 24 hours in a day, 7 day in a week… and yet for some 2million somes will never be enough…
        Meanwhile, in the real world…

      • To be fair he did upvote the deal.

        • Trash-talking an upvoted deal is a sure sign of a conflicted soul - may he or she find peace in their heart soon.

  • Chinese Japanese songs title in English XDD

  • Love it

  • +1

    FYI this is similar to the kindle collection, in that you get access to 4% of the music offered by Amazon Music Unlimited for free with Prime.

  • What happens after 40 hours?

  • I'm on Prime. Will check it out. Thanks.

    BTW in Hi-res or crappy mp3?

    • Defininetly not Hi-Res. If you want that you need to pay for that benefit from sources likw Tidal or Apple Music.

      I tried Tidal for Hi-Def but was not impressed by their limited titles and genres on offer.

    • Most of the "hi-res" companies are as crooked as a corkscrew. They have been proven many times to be sourcing from a CD (at best) and upscaling. Even then, most studios that produce the music almost always intentionally downgrade the final master that gets put onto the CD (and in turn, "hi res" downloads), usually due to fear of pirates getting something resembling the studio master.

  • +1

    Whats Spotifys Australian library size?

  • Does anyone know if pre-orders would be upgraded to free express shipping if I purchase a prime membership?

    • Best to contact Amazon AU direct, however they may only accept the contract already in place. Best to ask direct, they might yield as an act of goodwill. If you don't ask, you may never know.

  • +2

    Great timing as my Amazon Music Unlimited (99c for 3 months) ends in few weeks lols

  • +5

    I've got an Echo - Amazon Prime Music has the Wiggles - It's a match made in heaven

    • Hot potato hot potato…

  • +1

    I have been using it today, and I am actually pretty surprised at the selection. They have music from a lot of the artists i listen to…They have Deadmau5 and that's pretty much 40% of what I listen to.

    • Currently (on the US site) the selection of Australian artists is somewhat limited, however we hope that this will expand via the Australian site.

      • Australian artists are good and everything, but why are you not listening to Dutch DJs? :P. And Deadmau5 is from Canada. Knife Party repping Australia. EDM all day every working day

        • My inbox gets clogged up with EDM all the time…agh, so annoying!

  • thanks for this info, I know the songs are limited but I have a Google Music account and sometimes I just want to stream some background music on my echos.
    So this will work great for me, and it is already included in my Prime subscription!

    • Will your echo play songs when you ask? I have an echo dot, but it always asks me to sign up amazon music when I ask it to play a song, I have Prime subscription

  • Subpar selection for Trance & electronic, if it's there, only available for Amazon Music Unlimited..

    Thanks anyway OP

  • +1

    Not super intuitive and again no soundtrack genre, but free is free and nice to have it included. Now free photos storage would be nice next please. :-)

    • …but free is free and nice to have it included.


  • +1

    Some songs, for example 'May you never be alone' by SuBoyle isnt available with just Prime subscription, you still need to upgrade to Amazon Music to access. So is it only limited number of songs Prime subscribers an access for up to 40hrs per month?

  • No software EQ on the app either, similar as GPM. Tough for users like me on iOS with headphones that don't have a software EQ app feature either.

  • I have prime music now for few days and I tell you the choice of song selection is very limited.

  • I have amazon music unlimited and amazon prime membership, is it easy to cancel / move from the unlimited subscription to the prime music subscription?

    • Prime music is included with the Prime membership. I assume once you cancel Amazon Music your default with be the Prime Music.