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[XB1] Xbox One X 1TB Bundle: Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 for $569 @ Big W


Just spotted this deal on Press-Start.

Pick up some Wish gift cards for an extra 5% off (comes to $540.55). (thanks jaswolf)

Xbox One S 1TB bundle: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon 4 - $339.

Starting this Friday, Big W will have a pretty decent Xbox One X + Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle for those looking to play the game in 4K.

For $569, you can get an Xbox One X + Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon 4 and a copy of Forza Motorsport 7.

For those looking to get just a standard Xbox One S, you can pay $339 and get a 1TB Xbox One S as well as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon 4.

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    Been waiting for the deal to kick off again.

    If we get FH4 in this deal, is there anyway we can upgrade it to the Gold Edition? If so, how much?

    • Can always buy the content separately.

    • Just get game pass to be honest $10 a month for 100+ games new ones added each day + every single Microsoft exclusive added on day one of release onto game pass.

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        Why negged?

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          No real reason, some ppl here just love negging :D

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      You can buy the 'Ultimate Add-on pack' which contains all the DLC and bonuses that come with the Ultimate Edition.

      • You didn't say how much..

        • About $60, depends if you have game pass or gold.

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    Would EB price match ?

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      Was told they dont pricematch console bundles

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        They do if they are the exact same bundle.

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          Yes they price match if they're selling the same bundle.
          They won't make a bundle up for you and price match it.

        • Not in my experience, I believe they changed their policy in the last couple of years to say they don't match hardware.

          But EB is so variable.

    • Thanks guys :)

  • Anyone know if Forza Horizon 4 will be a code or physical copy?

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      In the last bundles, FH4 and Forza 7 were codes.

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      Physical copies are yuk, I dont want to waste my energy standing up to switch discs. 🙂

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        You can resell them when the games eventually become free on PS+ or MS Games.

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          Horizon 4 is already free on games pass.

        • +2

          A + for having it digital is, you can play it on 2 different consoles at once if needed (ie. if you have kids or a kid and want to play it together)

      • +1

        i kinda agree but depends on the game. if i get a game with the intention of playing it through once, i'll get physical. if it's something i want to keep (gta5 or halo collection) - i'll go digital.

        i bought one of forza's in digital and regret it as it was boring and never play it. wish i could've sold it

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        New generations.

      • +1

        Plus you get a PC version.

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        For XBox One/S/X, physical copies actually are worthwhile, especially for Microsoft first party exclusives. Reasons are:

        • If those exclusives are on GamePass, you don't need to use the disc if you have an active GamePass membership. For PS4, digital copy is considered a different version, thus a re-install is needed - not so for Xbox One.
        • Physical version still helps with your initial install. Dunno about you, but when I download an XB1 or PS4 game in full, the whole family can feel the Internet is slower for them.
        • You can resell the game.

        Since the console comes with 1 month GamePass trial, try it and play FH4. If you really like that game so much, keep it, otherwise sell the digital code. I have FH3 digital version, but I hardly ever play it now. Can't sell it.

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        I completely understand but some poor souls like me are stuck on ADSL2+ shared between the whole family so physical disks are much better.

      • It is actually a bit complicated for Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motosport 7. It depends on what you intend to do with them as well.

        The digital versions could be for both XBox One and Windows 10. If so, currently, you can get decent values selling them right now. If you intend to keep them, since you can play on both Xbox One and Windows 10, technically they are better for now. However, as an owner of FH2, FH3, F MS 7, I currently only play FH4 (and as much as I enjoy it, I already started to get a bit tired of it). I only subscribe to GamePass when there is a game or games I want to play. FH4 isn't enough for me to continue GamePass next month (before Nov 1, we would have been through 1 full round of 4 seasons).

        It also depends on your pile of shame. My pile of shame is so long currently with RDR2 set to join that list end of next week.

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    My friend has a One S and I showed him Black Ops 4 on a One X connected to a 1080p monitor over the weekend. He immediately noticed the improved graphics and said "Dammit, now I need to get one".

    • Now's his chance.

      • +1

        Yup - already sent the link. ;)

    • +5

      I bought one for full price just because I was sick of the loading time when you use eagle vision in Assassins Creed Odyssey. Life is too short to sit there for 10 seconds waiting to play the game again.

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    damnit, just bought a xbox one s from jb for $329 with fh4. good deal regardless but means i would have had rdr2 also. the first rdr is so damn good so far.

    • I bought a Xbox s for $230 last X-mas. I wonder how you paid more than last year price?

      • +1

        no idea, i got fh4 with it though, i dont really care as long as it was under 350.

        • $200 xbox one s 1TB from amazon :D ;)

      • +2

        Because he can't time travel. Those prices were beyond bargains.

      • Supply and demand, which MS ultimately controls.

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    I'll wait for JB to counter this offer

    • +1

      My counter to that: 5% off WISH eGift cards via Cashrewards, taking it to $540.

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    Argh!! Why can't there be a PS4 pro deal like this :) there are more games I want to play on there

    • That's just one of the pros of the Xbox One consoles—-they're overall cheaper than PS4. If you want a PS4, you'll just have to pay more. The base PS4 is still expensive as hell in comparison.

      • Well they are closer in price then you might think. There is a Playstation 4 Pro 1TB bundle with RDR2 available in the states for 399 USD, so the only difference is 2 digital download games. Unfortunately the bundle does not seem to be available in Australia.

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    $179 for a 1TB XB1S is still the best deal and likely the best there'll ever be but this is an alright deal for the One X.

  • +4

    Where is the bundle for Paw Patrol On a Roll? My kids are going to be livid

  • +2

    Wow, great bundle. No more Good Game + Crappy Game + Basic Console bundles.

  • Do they stock the white model?

  • oh no.. I've already ordered the Amazon deal. This is really tempting!!


  • I did the EB Games $29 trade in deal for RDR2 preorder (I know, I know…never preorder…). Can I get a refund of my preorder in $50 EB store credit? I was hoping to pick up an Xbox One X for RDR2, and this sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

    • +1

      The deal is special bonus credits towards RDR2 pre-order. I reckon if you were to cancel it, EB staff would basically cancel the transaction and process the two games as standard trade-ins. If that's okay with you, the cancel and re-do the trade-ins.

      An alternative is to sell the game brand new - you get cash back, which is better than EB World credits.

      • Thanks netsurfer, makes sense. Might go the resale route, as I'd definitely get more for my money than standard trade-in credit. I was prepared to sit and wait with my RDR2 copy until I got an Xbox One X anyway. Tempted to wait it out until Black Friday/Cyber Monday X deals, but I have a feeling I'll crack way sooner than that!

        • If you get this one and sell all the games, my rough calculation: total cost is ~$419 for the console.

          The next question is what you intend to do with your current console. You need to sell it and get $155 in your pocket just to match the most recent EB trade in deal (assuming you would have sold NBA 2K19 right away). Trading your old console (assuming XB1S) to EB now would require EB World level 4 membership to beat the trade in deal before (and you get a bit more than $155 in EB credits not cash).

          Decide quickly if you want to go for this (BigW) deal. It will run out very quickly, because stores need to have all 3 games in stock for this deal.

  • +2

    Apart from this one comment on Press Start, has Big W actually confirmed it is happening? I haven't bee able to see it advertised anywhere.

  • Awesome deal!

  • excellent deal!!

  • +2

    Staff get another %10 off.

    • +1

      Can they also pay using gift cards (purchased at 5pc off)

      • Yes you can

    • Do you know if that applies to Woolworths staff too or specifically just Big W employees?

      • All woolworths members.

        • Are you saying all woolworths staff members get 10% off at BigW as well? That's awesome. Need to find me a WW staff member as a mate. Do they just use their staff card or can staff get an additional card for family and friends?

          • +1

            @cheapfab: Yep. With the staff card you get 10% everything at big w. It's made buying games on release very cheap for me.

            Only the staff memebr is allowed to use the card though

  • I'm thinking of getting the S. Will the s be good for Forza games and RDR2?

    • +2

      Get x.

      • Ahh I want to believe me but I don't have the money and even if I borrow it idk how I'll be able to pay them back. Also I'm a PC gamer so I don't want to spend so much money on a console I'll almost never use. (The only reason I really want to buy a console is RDR2, I want to see what all this hype is about)
        EDIT : I could sell my laptop and buy the X if it's THAT much worth it. That would leave me without a PC for about a week. Can someone who owns an Xbox tell me what kind of general internet browsing I can do? If there is a full blown desktop style browser in Xbox then I may consider it.
        The specs of the X are insane, it may even perform better than my PC! wow I'm tempted af.

        • Wait for blackftiday deals. 100% better than this. Costco sold ps4 pro for $399 lastyear. Suspecting X will be same $399. Also amazon in the market this time.

          • @virtualds: I'm afraid by then I won't have a use for it anymore. The only reason I want to buy now is because I'm having issues with my desktop. I am considering buying the JB Hifi one.

            • @Ostrk: By then? Black Friday is in 4 weeks. If you've got the money for the S then just save for the month and get the X on BF.

              • @Scipio: Ahh idk I'm very impatient.
                I am genuinely considering buying this deal on afterpay.

  • What are the chances this will end up on Big W's ebay store? I want to use my ebay gift cards.

  • +6

    Can confirm JB are doing a better deal on the same bundle this Friday till Sunday

    • +2

      Oh baby, here we go folks

      • +2

        Can't comment on the actual pricing (embargo), but let's just say there will be a clear winner on this deal come Friday.

        • +1

          Will the white model be part of the promo?

          • +1

            @kunfushun: I believe so. Will look good with the new elite controller coming out early Nov…

          • +1

            @kunfushun: Don't buy the white one. After a few years it will discolor and turn a horrible beige.

        • When does the embargo end?

  • +2

    Should I cancel my Amazon pre order for RDR2 ?? Will Jb Hifi be same bundle?

  • Does the JB deal actually include both of these titles or just one?

    • There's actually 3 titles, as per the original post. Also midnight launch is available in some stores. Pretty sure the pre-order competition entry will be available to claim for the first few days. Check it out…

    • Dude above said it was the same.

      EDIT: guess not https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/410736

      Will Big W price match JB?

  • you're not talking about the deal just listed. Xbox one X with red dead 2 for $499?? or is that another deal your speaking about?

  • Cashrewards are physical gift cards I suppose? How long would it take to receive them? Big W might be out of stock by then…

    • you can buy eWish gift cards, will be delivered to your email the same day.

  • What time do big W servers refresh so people can secure this? 2am or?

  • Link here, hopefully it works/becomes available at midnight or tomorrow :).

  • +1

    Went live and completely sold out 😂😂

    • "We're sorry. This item is not currently available to purchase online."

      • -1

        Yeah Big W sold out already 😂

    • yeah there was only 1 store with stock in sa and even then when you add it to cart the tokens are greyed out and the console is full price with red dead 2 also being full price, so $725.90, what a load of crap

  • Harvey got a deal with xbox one x + Rise of the Tomb Raider (download token) + red dead 2 (disc) - $569


    • Post it!

      • +1

        You can. Sort of a deal i guess.

        Just noticed JB’s deal has both Forza 7 + Forza Horizon 4 + red dead 2 for $499.

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