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Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II + Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II $499 @ JB HI-FI

Update: Credits to TheKopyKat for confirming the Forza Deal Crossover

Beats BigW deal by a solid $70. Make sure you save extra by using those 5% off wish cards to get JB cards (if you're lucky and your local Woolies hasn't blocked this option)

Xbox One S also has an offer:
Xbox One S 1TB Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Forza Horizon 4 for $329!

Credits to SwedishChef

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    • EB should give $60 + EB bonus for Red Dead for first couple of weeks

      • are you positive on this?

  • +1

    I think I have convinced myself I need this.

    • +2

      I'm pretty annoyed at myself but I'm in the same boat - if word is true and JB has forza 7 and FH4 included at 499 then I have to do it

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    I am almost convinced to buy it but hoping there will be like a PS4 Pro equivalent deal..

  • Anyway of getting discounted JB HiFi vouchers without Suncorp insurance or entertainment book subscription?

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    Is there any service like afterpay available with JB Hi-fi?

    • I don't think so, BigW does however so I'm considering getting that deal instead.

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    Seems like it's a global push to sell units before Christmas. Just saw that deals are popping up in the US and UK while browsing through some gaming boards.

    Let's hope Amazon and the others counter before the weekend.

  • I bought an Xbox One S from JB a week ago for $399 (with NBA2k19). I’ve used the Xbox since. Would JB allow me to return and get this instead (and pay the extra $100)

    • +3

      Good luck with this.

      • +4

        Manager was able to do the exchange. I’m a happy man!

  • Can confirm that my local JB told me this was a leak and they are unhappy as they didn't want their competitors to know. Deal is RDR II hard copy, Xbox One X and either NBA 2K19 or Forza download. They even set a white one aside for me. OoooWeee.

    • So the deal is for either colour?

      Did they say if a similar deal will be available for the ps4 pro?

    • +4

      So to confirm, that is for the Forza Horizon 4, not Forza 7?

    • It's in the physical catalogue dropped through my letterbox yesterday.

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    Just gave my local JB a call and they claimed the bundle only came with RDR2. :(

    • -1

      Guess we need to wait till it goes official before we know for sure. The bigger question will be whether to jump on one of these deals (this or BigW) or simply wait for Black Friday which is super close and had some great deals last year (Combined EB's bundle with the eBay discount coupon on the Saturday for some sweet prices).

      • What was this EB bundle that you mentioned? How much savings?

        • This was last year, not to long after the X's release. From memory it was the X plus three games (boxed EB exclusive versions of Evil Within 2, and Wolf 2 - and also regular Dishonored 2 from memory for $650 which essentially meant the 3 games (new releases at the time, except Dishonoured, which was "recent") for free. Then an eBay coupon on top of that for another 10% (I think - might have been more, but I can't find the receipt).

  • Anyone know if Harvey Norman will match this? I read their T&C's and worry they will get particular about them not listing this "bundle" even though it is just the console with controller + a RDR2 disc which they both sell.

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      Harvey Norman should price match but it will hurt the pocket of the sales rep unless he stiches you up well on product care. It's a great service (new for old replacement and covers ware and tare so everyone is entitled to a brand new console after 1 years manufacturers warranty) but expensive to consumers. For staff product care would only be about $19-$50 for 24 months (think they reduced it from 4 years)

      • Thanks but not sure why you were downvoted

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    XB1X and RDR2 $499 JB bundle confirmed in their latest catalogue


    It doesn't say it would include the digital copy of Forza Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7 though?

    • Thanks for confirmation! JB in-store staff told me yesterday that this OB post was faked, and that the sale wouldn't be happening.

      Still can't decide on this or the BigW sale. 2 car games (both tokens) for $70 more. I wasn't going to get the xbox game pass ($120 per year) which has 1 of the car games.

      • $41.55 more if you buy the eGift card from cashrewards which is great value for FH4 + Forza 7

        • Could you please tell more details about how to get the two games for $42? Which eGift card and buy from which store? I would appreciate if you could talk about it. Thank you;)

    • Someone on Whirlpool asked a JB clerk and said either Forza Horizon 4 or NBA 2K19 (both DLC) was included, on top of RDR2.

      Best to ring your local.

  • Called a second JB and they also stated the bundle only came with RDR2.

  • EB matched it for me

    • +1

      Hey Bro, which eb price matched for you? Did you get a receipt? Thanks :)

    • +1

      awesome! could you upload the receipt thanks

      • +1

        Well i didnt because i dont need to keep receipts from eb because i am a member.

        So what i did was transfer my credit from the bfv console i preordered to price match the deal and showed them the pic from this post.

        So i said guys if you have a rdr2 bundle i would do that but they said they wont know till they get told. I said alright, give me a refund for my preorder, but i prefer to buy from eb. The guy was like yeah man we will match that. He did i got the console but not the game yet obviously. Guy was cool about it

        • +1

          Thanks for the info bro! Do you feel comfortable sharing which store?

          • +1

            @Dan45: Hey man i don't want to get anyone in trouble in case they werent meant to do it. Why dont you try and call your local man and just ask? These guys were cool in just finding the best way about it.

            • +1

              @Nucky: Yeah man totally understand. Yeah I've tried my my 4 local stores with no luck. Just going to have to wait for Jb to open at 9am (no midnight trading in WA). Thanks Again :)

              • +1

                @Dan45: Ah man, that sucks. I guess eb didn't want me to get a refund so they did it. Good luck man, hopefully you get the deal.

                One thing I didn't get, were the forza games. I didn't ask them about it nor will I raise it when I pick up rdr2 because thats a bit too greedy i reckon. But if you get from jb dont forget to ask about them.

  • Dropped into my local JB and he confirmed the $499 deal includes
    - XB1X black only (not white)
    - RDR2
    - Forza 4 or NBA2019 as digital download.

    I asked if I could reserve it and he said no.

  • Can we buy console bundle at midnight launch of Red Dead Redemption 2.

    • Yeah because that is technically the day the console is available - your trouble is if they ran out of consoles to do it. You also cannot preorder it because they have it available already. They do not layby either so you cannot go that route either.

    • I rang my local store and they said they can sell ps4 bundle but not xbox one at midnight due to an embargo? Sounds like BS to me. Will try another store

      • I went down to my local store at midnight but they said the same thing as well. Can only buy the game or the PS4 bundle until they reopen in the morning.

        • I had better luck at another store. Picked up now. Very strange though

  • +2

    If anyone manages to get either or both of the Forza games included for $499 tomorrow, can they please post an image of the receipt?

  • +15

    Guys it's official, it comes with FH4 in the same bundle for $499



    pic - https://imgur.com/a/vnIUtLw

    From the website:

    All products must be added to cart to receive promotional discount ($499.00 total) –

    Choose between

    Xbox One X 1TB Console (500339)

    Xbox One X 1TB Console White (335065)

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (321954)
    Forza Horizon 4 + Forza 7 Download Token (with Xbox One X console purchases) (335031)
    Offer ends 28/10/2018 or while stock last. Offer may be extended.


    IN STORE: Offer available in stores where available.

    ONLINE: Shipping fees apply for delivery orders. Not to be combined with any other offer. Transaction prices are for online bundle fulfilment only.

    Game downloads exceed 5GB. See your internet provider terms & conditions for all applicable fees and download restrictions. Xbox Live Gold subscription required for online play. Products may ship separately.

    • +6

      I tried adding all 3 to my cart but came to $649 (current cost of the one x) - hopefully it's fixed when I wake up tomorrow morning!

      • +3

        Yep same thing happened to me.

        • +1

          me too - worried that im going to miss out so may just order now and send JB a request for a refund of the balance? Using the screenshot of the offer etc.

          • @claw225: Same thing was happening to me at 8:30 this morning. I said screw it and went into the local store just after they opened. Got one of the white ones (the bloke said that they do not have much stock of those).

    • +1

      Got one from JB Canberra, you can get the console+ RDR2 plus Forza or NBA2K19.

      • Looks like we are owed a Forza motorsport 7 game each. Is on my receipt but didn't get the code

        • It's a separate card, they should put that card in your bag unless they forgot to do so.

      • What would be more value for resale digital forza 4/7 or nba2k19?

        • Forza because 2 games I would think

  • +4

    I just got back from the Doncaster store. I indeed got the Forza Horizon 4 code. Also they offered 6 months of xbox live for $17 discounted due to purchasing a console.

    Total $516 Xbox one X, Red Dead 2, Forza Horizon 4 and 6 months xbox live included

    • +1

      have you got a receipt to upload for us by any chance? thanks

      • +1

        Yeah mate I can upload here if you like?

    • +1

      Wow, what a great deal! Enjoy your X mate

  • Sorry but why my price is $649?

    • I think everyone is getting that at the moment. I don't think the website has the offer working properly yet, hopefully ready in the morning.

      • Wat? Everyone rushes to local stores for the $499 offer?

  • +1

    Harvey got a deal with xbox one x + Rise of the Tomb Raider (download token) + red dead 2 (disc) - $569


    • +7

      Not even close

  • EB Games have same bundle but wouldn't price match have to wait till 9am

    • +2

      That's lame

      • Hopefully they price match so I can trade in my original One

        • Any estimate on trade in value? I have a xbox one s 500gb, can get $150 cash at CeX.

    • +1

      Is this come back 9am to price match or they wouldn't let you grab the bundle till 9am at their price?

      • It was 8:30am they said if JB Hifi are doing 499 go buy it there, to be fair I didnt push them on price match really hard so your luck might vary

  • Holy (profanity) shit

  • +8

    yes I would like the white version if possible, so I can upgrade from the one s without the wife knowing ;P

    • haha but it is significantly bigger?

      • +2

        It’s the same size

        • X is actually smaller than S

      • +4

        women can see a few inches difference.

    • The base is still black though

  • +2

    I am trying to buy the bundle , added one x, red dead II and the Forza games in the cart, move to check out, still showing me $649, is there anything wrong that I am doing or something wrong with Jbhifi site?

    • +1

      twitter account says they're trying to fix it

    • its not even showing on the jb site for me, i got it from ebgames with this bundle https://ebgames.com.au/xbox-one-801965-Xbox-One-X-1TB-White-... not as cheap but considering it seems to be sold out everywhere else

    • I'm guessing it doesn't go live until the stores normal opening times of 9am?

    • same here, games show up as $0.00, console still $649. Maybe I'm too late

      • You are not. It's been like this since 4 am when I first tried it.

    • +1

      Same for me. I purchased anyway (9ish) at $649 and then contacted them.

      They said it's a glitch they are working on and have refunded the $150 difference.

      Such a good deal, and quick service!

      • Did you call via phone?

        • No. I placed the order online, then used the contact form to send them an inquiry with my order number.

      • Yes, I just did the same. If you want to guarantee you get one of the bundles, it might be worth doing the same rather then waiting for the site to be fixed.

    • fixed now

  • +1

    Ridiculous price considering the quality of the games.

    RDR2 is native 4k and smooth compared to lower res and not smooth on the other consoles.

    FH4 is just amazing, another of the best games of the generation.

  • Do JBhifi do trade ins?

    • some games not consoles as far as im aware

      • cheers mate

  • Tried online early this morning but didn't work so went into store and got it for $499 at 8am :) Great deal. Obviously used my 5% off gift cards aswell :)

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