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Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II + Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II $499 @ JB HI-FI

Update: Credits to TheKopyKat for confirming the Forza Deal Crossover

Beats BigW deal by a solid $70. Make sure you save extra by using those 5% off wish cards to get JB cards (if you're lucky and your local Woolies hasn't blocked this option)

Xbox One S also has an offer:
Xbox One S 1TB Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Forza Horizon 4 for $329!

Credits to SwedishChef

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    • Trade it to be on and Xbox x preorder then grab the credit down the track for games etc

    • +1

      I looked at the sold prices on ebay and figured about $150 was all I was going to get for my launch console, trade in at EB was $120 plus 15% because I'm a third level carrot master or some bollocks. So near enough to $140 traded in. I cancelled my RDR2 pre-order along with my Fallout 76 pre-order, used a couple of EB gift cards I had from trading in games a month or so ago (when it was 50% bonus on trading towards pre-orders (the same pre-orders I just cancelled) and got the XBOX ONE X with RDR2. I figure I'll play it on xbox and when I'm done if I don't want the console any more it'll be easier to sell than a launch model. If there are patches to the PS4 Pro to improve rendering then I'll just trade in and get the PS4 version of the game.

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    Would love a PS4 Pro deal with RDR2, oh, and money too.

  • Grabbed this today from JB Broadway. If anyone else is interested, they still have stock of the Black XB1X only.

  • This deal is actually for XB1 + RDR2 PLUS either NBA2K19 or Forza 4 (as a download token).

    I went on JB Hifi's site to do Click & Collect and it doesn't necessarily communicate this properly - I added an XB1X and RDR2 to the basket but it was showing the game as $0 and the console as $649 still.

    I ended up going into my local store and told them about it and realised what was going wrong there - I had to add the second game to the cart for the cost of the console to go down to $499.

    Hope this helps others. Ripper of a deal.

    • On the website it is for both Forzas. They have also dropped the price of the console to $499, regardless of whether you get a game or not.

  • White is sold out at my jb. Rang to try price match at the ebs around me but they said they dont price match console bundles of any kind even tho its identical, so just settled for the black deal from jb

  • +2

    Quick heads up - if you want the 6 months of Xbox Live for $17, you have to buy the bundle in store. I ordered online with click & collect, and when I went into the store to collect, I was told I was not eligible as I had bought the console through the website.

    • It's not 6 months live, it's 3 months. But they did offer me 40% off 6 months for $30 which was pretty good. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/games-consoles/games/gaming-consol...

      • It stacks with the 'buy 3 months, get a bonus 3 months'. You should be able to add the 3 month with your online order to get 6 months.

    • I picked up my online order and they let me get the $17 deal

  • Can someone who has physically received the bundle confirm what is included as disc/digital?

    Is it:
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Disc
    Forza Horizon 4 - Disc
    Forza Motorsports 7 - Digital

    I'm currently using mobile broadband so am limited to how much I can download.

    • +2

      Pretty sure both Forza are digital

    • +6

      Picked up the bundle from JB pitt street this morning, RDR2 is disc, both forzas are digital

    • +2

      As smurfstah said, physical RDR2 and digital Forzas. I bought RDR2 special edition as well, and just going to sell the hardcopy RDR2 that the bundle came with.

    • Thanks all. I read someones previous comments which mentioned 2 discs so I was a bit confused.
      I also already own both Forza digitally which is a shame so was kinda hoping for more discs.

      • Yeah, physical RDR2 comes with two install discs. Never seen that before.

  • What other games are people going to play on their xbox?

    I want to get one but worried it wouldn't get used enough.

    I only have a switch at the moment, and PC would need a rebuild for anything new (was planning one for cyberpunk).

    But a PS4 would get me some exclusives, whereas this would be a PC replacement as anything multi platform should be better on Xbox?

    • I have both the Xbox One S and PS4 from Big W sale. Use the Xbox one mainly as 4k player and PUBG basically…Xbox Gamepass is pretty good value though

    • Well I plan to play any future games that will have shit PC ports - which I imagine will be a lot.
      I ordered but I don't actually know what I'll play on it except for RDR2 and Forza XD

    • +2

      You're probably not a long time fan of the Halo series if you don't currently own an Xbox? But that will be out soonish. Other than that, I'll be playing all multi-platform games on the XB1X, as I have a 4K tv and the performance should be amazing! I need to play a couple of games I never got around to, like Assassins Creed Origins. There's a list of XB1X enhanced games on the xbox website if that helps you figure out which ones you might be interested in: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/games/xbox-one/xbox-one-x-enhance...

  • +1

    Can someone post a receipt? Wanna troll my playstation fan boy mates. Hell even a picture of the combo would be amazing. Cheers guys.

    • https://ibb.co/nfTROA

      Cheers mate

      • Legend haha. Thanks man

        • NP mate. My youngest daughter put the hard word on me about RDR2. We only have PS3 and RDR and GTA V etc etc so I looked into the PS4 Bundle. WAAAAA!!! no HD-BR Drive? You gotta be kidding me. Did some googz and realised that the XBox One X kicks it's arse and that's coming from a 20 year plus dedicated Micro$oft haterz

          I found this post on Wednesday night and talked it over with the Missus. We use the PS3 phat mostly as a media centre and the kids use their slim for games. The XBox kicks arse as a media centre too, Kodi for one, so it was a no brainer. Lobbed at the local JB about lunch time and they didn't even know about it!!!! Had to look it up on their own Website. Deal was done pretty swiftly and I slid on home for a beer.

          Pretty much covered all 6 kid's XMas present now but only prob is I gotta wait till then to unbox the bastard!!!

          Rock On

          • +1

            @OzBrickie: Make sure you don’t leave it until Christmas Day to setup and install updates and games otherwise you might have some disappointed kids on the big day.

            • @festivalmayhem: OK Mate, I hear ya.

              Can you elaborate on that please? For myself and any other old fart PS3 users.

              I do recall reading somewhere that the Forza games had some sort of time limit on them? Is that what you're referring to? Any other XBox tips would surely be appreciated too man!!

              Cheers and Beers

              • +2

                @OzBrickie: It's not time limits, it's time to do updates, install the games, and in the case of the forza games they're digital downloads so it will take a lot of time to download them. As an example it took around 2.5hrs from powering up the XBOX to being able to play RDR2 and that's from a physical disk (though it did need a 3.6GB mandatory update too). I'll leave the forza games to download and install overnight.
                What they're likely suggesting is that you set up the XBOX and download/install the games before christmas, so when your kids unwrap it they can basically plug it in and go straight away. It's not like the good old days of plugging in a console, chucking in a disk and it's all played live from the disk - more like a PC now with the full game install before you can do anything, and games are massive these days (RDR2 is about 80GB).

                • @WazzaP: Yeah mate, Gotcha. That's unreal isn't it? I suppose the data compression they use nowadays contributes to that also. You really need more than 4 cores.

                  I was reading about the size of games now too. It was a negative in most reviews, though it seems pretty straight forward to replace the HDD with a nice fast SSD and I can pull out a big WD Black that should be able to work from an enclosure. Post Warranty of course.

                  Thanks for your advice Wazza. Might just get it out of the box tonight!! ;-)

                  Cheers and Beers

                  "No one will need more than 637 kB of memory for a personal computer."

          • @OzBrickie: Did all that except talk over with the missus, now suffering

          • @OzBrickie: You gonna sell the ps3?

    • Xbox can never beat PS exclusives.

  • Just called my JB and they put 1 (white) on hold for me.
    They confirmed it comes with RDR2 disc and a download code for horizon 4 (+forza7) OR NBA.
    She also said something strange about the fact that it only comes with 2 games… but after that confirmed all 3

    • +1

      You get one hard copy of RDR2 and one digital download pack that has both the Forza games included, so that might have caused the confusion.

  • +1

    Anyone know what the trade in price is at eb for a xbox one s 500g ?

    • At the time of the trade in XB1S for XB1X + NBA 2K9, it was $130. So, even if you sell all the games included here (say on feeBay), you probably won't be able to reach $299 (and given that many people actually sold NBA 2K9, the target to beat is $249). Some lucky OZBers managed to get EB World bonus included in that deal - further reduce the overall cost. Some people managed to keep the original controller by trading in a 3rd party wired controller.

      However, RDR2 is hard to resist, especially after the bling bling review from Digital Foundry and the fact that PC version is not going to be available any time soon (and that is based on unofficial rumour).

  • I just picked a White one.
    The guy at JB seemed from HN, who tried to sell the extra warranty.
    I said 'No thanks' because I believe they need to fix if it's broken just after 1 year.

    • I succumbed and bought it. For $55 (discounted apparently) and extra 2 years warranty I thought why not. Need to read the fine print to determine whether I got scammed.

  • +1

    So tempted to add this to my collection and return RDR2 (pre ordered the Amazon $47 price for ps4) with the EB trade in offer.

    I've been hanging to have forza in my collection!

    • I am not sure FH4 and FMS 7 are worth the trouble. After 3 weeks of FH4 (through GamePass), I am already tired of it. In fact, I am glad RDR2 is out so I won't be playing FH4.

      Besides, FH4 is in GamePass, so if you have a PC running Windows 10, you can play it with a GamePass subscription.

      If, for some reason, you are a huge FH4 fan, people are selling FH4 and FM7 digital versions (look for ones which support both XB1 and Windows 10) on feeBay. The lowest sold price was $70 (for both games). Today (26/10) is the last day for the 3 day free listing feeBay promotion, so probably more will be listed.

      • Yeh and this is my thinking too. It's really just to get a forza fix as I've always wanted to play it but always been a playstation fan.

        I've been made aware that it's available for purchase on PC so really, I could get my fix there for much less $$$ seeing as I have a half decent gaming PC already. 🤔

        The only other feature the xbox is offering is a 4k player, of which I've barely ever used even standard bluray on my ps4.

  • No more stock?……

    • +1

      Yeah, online for the console lets you add to cart but says out of stock. Plenty in store as before this i was choosing which store to collect from.

  • Yep, just made it in store only.

  • Anyone want to trade FIFA 19 for Forza Motorsport 7?

    • Hi mate, I'd trade Forza Motorsport 7 for something else perhaps? I'm just not info soccer that much, it looks like a great game though.

  • Anyone have a suggestion on fair pricing to sell Froza Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7? I was thinking $35 for motorsport 7 and Horizon 4 for $45? massive bargain? too expensive? or its ok?

    • If you look 5 comments above yours, you'll get your answer.

      • ah cheers. Ill list the prices as I have or both ill do $70 then.

    • Someone is selling them both on ebay with a bid of $90 with 2 days to go. Link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Forza-motorsport-7-And-Forza-Hor...

      • +1

        But now it's a race to the bottom, some fool is selling both for 50. Better off waiting and selling after dust has settled

  • +1

    Hubby was able to get HN to price match and we used 2 x Amex cards for the deal, woohoo! (Although not too excited that he’s bought this…)

    • Good for you. I wanted to do the same but it is highly dependant on the salesperson. Official HN response is no because they don't sell the exact same bundle.

      • yeah I think he had to call a few of them up before he found somewhere to agree

    • $499 you are short of $1 to get the second $50 statement credit.

      • He asked them to round it up to $500 and they said sure…

        • What?! That's very unOzBargain to tip HN $1 although it is good on them for price matching JB.

  • looks like forza codes as a bundle getting snapped up for $60 on OCAU forums. I guess Ill have to sell $60 now too lol. Heaps of buyers if anyone has an account that has access to trading forum and want to sell there.

  • Something a bit odd about the out of stock online. Big W were ready to sell first, then a day or two later JB HiFi comes out with a better deal, now Big W has it advertised but cant buy online either, actually doesnt even say if its in store. It's there, but no way of making a purchase online even if you were to pick up, not even stock shop options. So I think this was a matter of a
    cowboy standoff…
    Whoever drew first… And now cold feet.
    They try to outdo each other, but they couldn't have sold out stock a few hours into the first of 3 days it was supposed to be on.
    So dont run with the hype. It's all part of the game…

    • +1

      Big W are notorious for not having enough stock. I'm just happy JB offered a better deal.

  • Looking at getting this deal, is the xbox one x really that much better than the xbox one s? I have the s now and seems ok

    • I can report back in a few hours :)

    • If it seems ok then don't upgrade!
      However, the X is so much better than the S. I'm glad I paid the $200 more.

      • A few of my mates have said the same, but none have a 4k tv. Hoping my 4k tv makes it even more worth it.

        • I don't have a 4k TV but after looking at gameplay from the S it just does not seem like a smart investment to buy the console right now. If you have it already then great but buying it new is ehh.

        • If you've got a 4k TV, definitely worth it!

    • have a look at the Digital Foundry review part 2 of Red Dead Redemption 2 on youtube - the S and PS4 are often having slowdowns in the towns. Don't forget you can run the XBOX ONE X at 1080p if you don't have a 4K tele. You'll still get a rock solid 30fps.

  • Right, so I’m an idiot and obviously looking for a fight with the wife.
    I bought this today, even though I have absolutely no use case for it.

    I’d like some advice.

    Tried EB Games, but they wouldn’t price match consoles (shame, as I get 10% off at EB via work).
    Anyway, got the last console from the JB across from my work (some poor customer hadn’t picked up his unit, so they gave it to me).

    They’d run out of Forza Motorsport 7 codes, and said sorry, but that’s that.

    I made a complaint via the website, and the store has rung me. They are going to find a Motorsport 7 coupon, and if not able to get one from another store, I could pick another game from a small list. Standouts for me are:
    - PUBG
    - Rocketleague.

    I wanted Forza 7, as it would take advantage of the 4K tv, so am unsure about the older games.

    My question. Do I really need two driving games? Or should I go with something more fun and two player?

    • +1

      Do you know if the other customer who hadn't picked it up had just asked for it to be held, or actually ordered/paid for it in advance? I ordered and paid for mine online for a click and collect this morning knowing I wouldn't be able to get in store until late afternoon, had they given my bundle away to someone else who walked in I'd be massively peeved off! Fortunately they kept it aside for me (as they should have, being paid for).
      On the 2 driving games, it kinda depends what you're in to - if you like driving games I think horizon and motorsport are meant to be quite different - horizon is a just for fun type game with some non serious races (kinda like need for speed) and motorsport is more of a racing sim, so probably different enough to enjoy both if you like driving games, else PUBG or another game is the go.

  • +1

    Big W price-matched JB. I called my local Big W store this morning and they put a bundle aside for me, I've just picked it up.

    I was able to get Xbox X + RDR2 + Horizon 4 + Forza 7 for $474.05 using the cashrewards/egift card combo.

    • Surprised they could do so, didn't think big w price matched anyone!

      • Same. It must be very store dependent. The employee I spoke to said she didn't think they could price-match but she asked her manager and the manager said yes. I had to run the gauntlet twice because when I went to pick it up at 18:50 last night the afternoon staff were on duty and they had to ask a different manager the same question. lol.

  • XBox One X White + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Forza 4,7 DLC $499 from JB HiFi Clarkson WA. Salesman had no idea and had to look it up on the internet!


    Bargain of the century.

  • -1

    Note that you f u. Yu an Xbox one x at the moment u can also buy 6 mths of Xbox live gold for $18 ( 3 moth card plus 3 mo th code on receipt) which is a good deal.

    Note re the Xbox trade in at eb games above. The terms say they don’t accept wired controllers on this deal but they might not notice the term or that your controller is wired…

  • +1

    I got my local EB to match the JBHifi deal plus trade in for my 500gb xbox one ($121 with my lowly lvl2 membership).

    Everything was great until they went to ring it up and found they didn't have any of the Forza codes left and didn't expect any more for a week :(

    But! They called another EB close by and they have it all put aside for me to pick up tomorrow since WA stores close so early :)

    • Damn that's solid thinking! Already got the deal but tempting to try this as my OG xbox would be gathering dust.

      Was yours OG or S?

      • I traded my OG today at EB for $110 (missing controller battery cover) +15% for level 3 membership and they price matched the JB deal with RDR2 and the 2x forza games.

      • OG One.

  • I got a disk for RDR2 and codes for both the Forza games. Could be different for other people idk.

  • great deal

  • JB only charged me $490, I wanted white but they were sold out so I had to get black. Got RDR2 physical and FH4 digital and FM7 Digital.

  • Has anyone managed to get Harvey Norman down to $500 on this yet?

    • One lucky member's husband managed to get a price match others said HN not price matching bundle. I called 2 stores no luck so far.
      I guess HN has not realized Xmas shopping starts early this year.

      • That's one very lucky member. My local store is terrible with price matching, even on identical items they argue for a while.

  • Damn don't have access to any JB gift card discount portals. Deal is still tempting but gotta try and offset the price as much as possible, got a One S to get rid of.

  • Entertainment book portal isn’t working. Keep receiving this message: Gift Cards are intermittently down for website maintenance by our third party supplier." since this time yesterday..

    Iv tried contacting the entertainment book and JB Hi-Fi and haven’t received a message back from either

  • I got lucky yesterday, they gave me both Forza 4 and NBA2K19 + Red Dead Redemtpion for $500 with a white Xbox One X. Paid $17 and got 6 months Xbox Live as well.

  • Just picked this up in white. A lot of Melbourne stores running out of stock :/

    • do you mean the bundles or running out of white?

      • Most stores only had black left and in very limited numbers. Most city stores out out of stock. I'm in Southbank and I had to go to Maribyrnong where they had some white, but only 5 bundles left.

  • All my local JB's out of stock and local EB and BigW won't price match for me :(

  • I decided to swap my white click and collect order for a black one as it blends in better with my black cabinet. So JB at Knox in Wantirna will have at least 1 white one left.

  • I caved and picked one up today. Yesterday had no intention of upgrading my Xbox. Bloody RDR. Got a black. Wifey won't notice the difference ;)

  • I bought this but only had a card for Forza Horizon 4 and not Forza Motorsport 7. I'm downloading now and FM7 isn't downloading or anything

  • +1

    Wouldn't surprise me if they extend this offer or other retailers come out with a bundle soon to match. Would be amazing if Amazon did a One X standalone for $350 or something.

    • i wouldn't be surprised if I see $399 at Amazon and Costco on blackfriday.

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