What Have Been The Top 5 Best Genuine Deals Ever Posted on OzBargain?

I’ve been on Ozbargain for many years and been wondering what have been the top 5 genuine deals ever posted on Ozbargain?

When I mean genuine, I’m excluding price errors, deals where you need paid membership, competitions, limited supply freebies and severely limited supply items (e.g. only valid for the first 3 people). I’m just interested in the best pure deal that has ever been posted.

Legitimate price matching or price beating counts as a genuine deal, as well as discounted gift voucher purchases which stacked with other discounts too.

If you could link the bargain too for reference, that would be great!


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    Staples $20 free coupon when they launched in 2011. So many free packages of random office supplies delivered to my address when I was a poor student

    • Haha. I love it!

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      That was fun. I've still got boxes from HP papers from that deal.

    • Lol I remember that deal. I had a mountain of paper and supplies. They'd send 2 pens I a gigantic box with bubble wrap.

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      I only finished those a4 papers last week.

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      BEST DEAL EVER was when I stayed off OZB for month. SAVED ME THOUSANDS!!!

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        This is hilarious as I haven't seen nor heard anything from staples since.

        Are they still around?

        • They are "winc" now :)

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    Xbox one S Minecraft for $179 through Amazon.
    i think it was for $170 if you used Cash Rewards.

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      Also the Nintendo Wii U Premium Mario Kart deal when Target ran out of the basic model and substituted it for Premium.

      • How much was the typical price for these at the time, and the savings?

      • got one of those :).

        Still use my Wii U almost daily

        • What do you play? I've been looking for things to play on mine, bought one second hand recently and Softmodded it.

          • @Tunblor: Breath of the Wild. Amazing game

          • @Tunblor: Breath of the Wild
            Zelda HD remasters (WW and TP)
            Smash Bros
            Look in to Wii U Usb Helper if you haven't yet

            Set up nintendont and play GC games too

    • Best purchase ever. I got a $50 Amazon gift card for ordering something that had a price error just a day before that sale went live.

    • Yeah especially considering it was 1TB - I used $25 Amazon credit I won from Hyundai to bring it down even further!

  • What is your criteria for "best? Biggest percentage discount? Most clicks/upvotes?

    • Discount amount, not clicks or upvotes.

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        Don't think discount amount is a good criteria either. I've seen a few deals on new cars, those probably had the highest discount dollar amounts, for example this BMW 320i/330i deal probably has a saving of over $5k, it has also received well over 250 votes (and 4 pages of comments). But I doubt anyone, even the OP themselves let alone those who voted or commented actually bought one. Here is another : Infiniti Q60 GT (a discount of $13k from RRP and almost 200 votes)

        So even though those deals have very high discount amounts and votes I don't think it benefited the ozbargain community much. Do you consider them to be top deals ? I don't.

        IMO if you want to objectively find the top genuine deals, then you should see the ones with (highest discount * number of people who actually bought it) which you can't realistically measure here and not reflected in votes or comments at all as noted in my earlier examples.

        So all you'll see here are some subjective/random deals people who are posting in this thread have benefited from.

        • I've never gotten less than 10% off the purchase of a new car. You just have to negotiate hard, and be prepared to walk away, as well as buying at the right time. $5k on a 330i is not even 10% :)

          Many people don't realise how easy it is to get them down to a better price. They'll always try and gouge you, but stick to your guns and new car discounts (esp. at specific times of the year) are easy to get.

          • @drewbles: That was just an example. I don’t know the actual saving of that deal (OP hasn’t mentioned, so I made a guess). Probably more than 5k and over 10%.

            But having said that, you can’t always expect at least 10% off every car. Everything comes down to supply and demand. From what I recall when the Ford Mustang was first introduced, buying at RRP was considered a good deal because the few who managed to get their hands on stock were asking way over RRP. I recall seeing prices well in excess of 10k over RRP! Admittedly that’s an extreme case, but shows how demand determines discount.

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          whatcha talking about noone buying those cars? I bought 5 BMW 330i and 10 Infiniti Q60

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    How about when Appliances Online buggered up their pricing of the Kitchenaid stand mixers and honored the deal?

    • OP says no pricing errors

      • Yep otherwise the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price error would be up there.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/334946

      KitchenAid 5KSM3311XATBSPIR Mini Tilt Head Stand Mixer with Spiralizer $281

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    AMEX shop small is great
    pretty much 50% off travel for a few months

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    I still the think the Jacob's Creek mystery weekend was my favourite. $180 gave us a dozen bottles of wine and two nights for two including airfares and accom in Sydney from Brisbane.

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      Beat me to it 😂

      2 return airfares Perth-Mel and 2 nights accom :)

      Running around town for 2x doz of those bottles tho!

      • We were lucky that there was enough local stock that we could get ours and enough for a couple of friends. Wish they'd do something like that again!

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          Got the first dozen easy enough, went chasing the 2nd like a week or 2 later. Thanks to a tip-off on here we went across town to get them :)

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      It didn't get a lot of coverage here… but the Stoneleigh Wine flights offer was great! Picked up a half dozen bottles for under $60, applied (a bit of a process that), and got complimentary return flights Sydney to Christchurch with Air NZ!

      • Yep, off to Bali next week with that one.

    • Agree !!

    • Dam when was this deal?

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      I remember that one. I yelled to my wife, who was on the phone with her mum, “get in the car, I’ll explain later”. She was like wtf, and then yeah ok. I remember finding the 24th bottle just before 11pm in a small suburban bottle shop. The cashier was like, wtf why are you two so excited!

      Ended up being an expensive trip, as our daughter was born 9 months later ;)

    • Did the same thing!

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    Samsonite spinner for buying 2 cases of Asahi super dry.

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      I got that - it was awesome. I was on my way to the bottle shop to get a six pack of beer but ended up with 2 cases of Asashi. The Samsonite is awesome for work trips (cabin luggage).

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    Round the world business class air fares from Virgin for $3400 each. (Melbourne -> Hong Kong -> London -> Los Angeles -> Melbourne.

    Proper Business class lay flat seats, lounge access - PJs/amenities kits, etc. They even gave us the status credits, miles, etc. (only 2 sectors, so we had to top up with a flight to Perth this year to get Gold status.)

    We did it last year in September/October. Couldn't believe our luck when it came up on the site. Walked out the door and booked that day.

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      how much time did you have to set aside to travel to all those destinations

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        Looks like 2 days of going to each airport lounges.

      • We did roughly 6 weeks. Out in Early September back mid October. Most of the time in Europe doing Switzerland and France.

  • The other one we got onto was "Buy 6 or more bottles of Penfolds wine (including 2 from Bins range) for $120 or more, and you can buy a Vintec SG30 30 bottle wine cabinet including P&P."

    I got one and so did my little brother. They even delivered to Apollo Bay for that price.

    • The wine cabinet was $150 including postage. Lost it in the transfer.

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    Samsung S6 edge $200 off at JB + another $200 off for trading in any working phone (including cheapo bricks from 1998).

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      my s6 edge from JBs is still going strong, albeit the non removable battery is a bit shit

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    This same question pops up from time to time. See a previous thread here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/180374

    My favourites are:

    • the D-Link DIR-865L AC router when that was new technology (they were being sold for $84 and there was a $100 cashback, essentially paying you to pick up a free modem… PROFIT!!!) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/102502

    • The Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu coffee pod machine. From memory, got as low as $15 each at Target, but $50 cashback. But wait, when you registered the machine they sent you half a dozen packs of pods, maybe $100 worth. Then they offered the half price milk frother for registered machine owners. The deal that kept on giving… :) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/205926

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    For me is the Macbook air 13 (2013 model) during an ebay sale in 2014 for $800ish. I believe it was Kogan. I got an email next day saying that they ran out of the 2013 model and so to honor the deal they gave me the latest model (2014). Happy man

    • This is my favourite one so far.

    • Wow, that was good, I was going to post a similar one in more ways than one - Macbook Air for $999 at Dick Smith when it was a real store, something like 300-400 off RRP I think.

    • -2

      And the 11 inch was $500. I had a 13 but picked up another. Sold the old one to a coworker for the Kogan sale price. A year or two later sold the Kogan one for profit.

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    16 Grill'd burgers for $20 tax-deductible needs to be added to the Ozbargain Hall of Fame.

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      Oh yes!! Me and my girlfriend are about to enjoy our last burger of this deal. 😍

      • Wait, yesterday was already our last burger??? Noooooo

        • Mmmm. Spewin'. 😭

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      It’s not tax deducatable for the record.

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    Top 5 Deals on OzB?

    1) NES Mini @ RRP
    2) SNES Mini @ RRP
    3) Latest KFC or HJ burger @ standard price
    4) The $2 opal transfer discount which was part of the normal pricing structure
    5) Free Ozbargain T-Shirts if you arrive 15-20 minutes early

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      4 negs? where are the thousand or so people who actually upvoted these deals

    • -4

      How about we list the top 5 deals you've posted?

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        wow we could also list the top 5 you posted

        • -1

          To be fair on them, they have posted a lot more deals compared to the one from terminal2k (ignoring quality of deal)

        • -2

          You could if you want but he's posting a comment about how bad the deals are on here with only posting one of his own. I'm not one of these people who think you have to post deals to be a member here but if you don't like the deals that are posted just move on or post some of your own.

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            @onetwothreefour: wow he was only making a joke, no need to get upset

          • @onetwothreefour: I picked on a specific subsection of deals, where the price is the standard price (and one thing about shirts which was a personal pet peeve). They aren't deals. I'm not having a go at most of the deals on here

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      PPSR check @ standard price.

      • This ia really juat a CSR so people dont get ripped for 35 bucks from some onselling scheister site

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      Only BARGAINS must be posted, it's in the website name! /s

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    toilet paper deal
    where we stacked so many coupons and got 37 packets for toilet paper for 20 bucks for something crazy like that

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      even your poop will start feeling performance anxiety getting through all that

    • +1

      I remember that going back about 4-5 years ago. quilton toilet paper deal from woolworths. order online and it came to some stupid price when stacking a bunch of codes. i had half a room full.

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    $40 rebel sport gift card for a $1 news ltd subscription.

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    DELIVERY HERO…man I think I gained weight during that period.

    • Yes! Delivery Hero actually called me about 10 times in a row after I did multiple orders. lol. They sounded upset in the voice message

      • +6

        whats the story with delivery hero?

        • +1

          I think they were just doing super constant new account discounts. I think it was like $10-25 off from what I remember

    • Man, those were the days!

    • I'd forgotten about that one! I ate SO much!

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    The unlimited 25c per 1Gb data from Telstra.
    The unlimited free beer from Woolies for a month (1 bottle per rewards card per day).
    Unlimited free Whoppers from Hungry Jacks for around 6 months.
    Espresso machines, with 100% cashback that then brought about 50 odd free pods.
    The 5 litres of full synthetic valvoline oil for $4.
    Rebel free Sherrin (which came as a $80 gift card).

  • Double pass to Wicked the musical, just had to subscribe to the newspaper, except this was before they started forcing minimum membership periods 😉 and they stuffed mine up, I don't think I paid a cent for the subscription!


  • 3 cent USB Xiaomi leds

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    I think the $9 printer was the best deal ever. It was honored and don't think anyone missed out. They ended up upgrading you if they ran out of a certain printer. Great deal from Dell

    • I got that printer, then my dad threw it out when i was overseas because it took up too much space and had no more ink left in it…

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        Printers are sold cheaply because the money is in the ink. Close to the most expensive fluid on the planet.

        • I am aware, but it was an all in one. So scanning documents was useful.

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