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$1 for Kogan 30-Day 32GB Unlimited Mobile Plan (was $3.90) @ Groupon

Edit - offer has been extended for one more day! Finishes 1/11/2018.

Looks like the cheapest ever for this Groupon deal. Cheaper than the earlier deal.

Also get 7% cashback through Shopback.

For new Kogan Mobile customers. Activate your service by: 30 Nov 2018 (11.59pm AEDT).

The Fine Print

Limit of 2 vouchers per person
7 Day cooling off period does not apply to this deal
• Not to be used in conjunction with an existing Kogan Mobile service
• Unlimited* refers to national standard calls and texts within Australia
• Personal Use and Fair Use policy apply
• Before purchasing, please read the Kogan.com Website Terms & Conditions at: https://www.kogan.com/au/terms-and-conditions/ and the Kogan Mobile Critical Information Summaries and Plan Terms & Conditions at https://www.koganmobile.com.au/legal/
• Standard fine print for all deals
How to Redeem

Activate your service by: 30 Nov 2018 (11.59:59pm AEDT)
Your service must be activated by 30 Nov 2018. The SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date. However, it must be activated within 365 days of purchase (we cannot guarantee that it will work after this time) longer, it may not work

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  • d*mn, bought the other deal, this is 50% cheaper!!

  • just noticed my Nokia 7 Plus has a second sim slot, and this beats paying $25 for a 3gb data "add on" with woolworths mobile; cheers OP

  • Sorry the 49c deal was cheaper.

  • Temped to get this to try 2 Sims features of my Xiaomi. Just for fun

    • It works great, I get a cheap prepaid plan on my number just to keep it then every month get a new Kogan number to use the data, so effectively I get unlimited calls, text and 32gb data for $10-15/month

      • I'm tempted to do the same as u. Although having used Kogan for last 20 days im not too impressed with their speed. When I need data the most, Kogan does not deliver as its either no reception or slow af and I have to use my optus anyway. I'm in metro Sydney. What's the point of all this data Kogan gives when it's no reception most of the time?

        • wtf im in rural area and its faster then my NBN connection

          • @shadowangel: Definitely (Vodafone and Kogan) faster and more reliable in south eastern metropolitan Victoria. Optus has had lots of issues locally here. We all use Vodafone (for travelling wifis) and Kogan for mobiles. Using Belong (Telstra) atm for NBN though. Horses for courses!

        • I live 100m from a tower, so works extremely fast for me (150mbps down)

  • I have it at $3.90 still - anything I need to do to get it at $1, or has it expired?

  • "Your service must be activated by 30 Nov 2018. The SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date."

    Does the 30 days start counting from the date the service is activated or the SIM is activated?

  • Combine Groupon code and Cashrewards for more discount, waiting for TA and EC.

  • Waiting for the $0.49c deal

  • +7 votes

    I always do a fistpump when I get a short-term introductory offer from a telco reseller.


    • They've been doing this ever since they started. Now 50% of us are with them and another one will be once current contract ends.
      Kogan increases data allowances to current customers which is smart.

      • Kogan increases data allowances to current customers which is smart.

        I think the more fitting word would be.. "good" or "nice". Haha.

  • I have a question for People who keep using this or similar kogan offers which are for 'new customer'… Can the same email address and other details be used to register again and again on a new sim just to avail this offer? Or a new email and other details like alternate phone number etc need to be used for registering as a 'new customer' again for the 2nd time just after the last months activated sim 30 day validity gets over..? Thanks..

  • Lol when you buy and it gets cheaper every day


    When it renews does it renew @$1

  • Just bought it, but doesn't seam to activate. Maybe because I am an existing customer who has already bought kogan on 30% off like a year ago?

    • You can't activate it on your current plan, it's for new customers only. From the fine print: • Not to be used in conjunction with an existing Kogan Mobile service. You can activate the number on the SIM card though if you want to use it for data only or don't care if you change numbers.

      When Kogan sell it direct they put a picture saying new customers only, Groupon seem to skip that.

      • Thanks for the reply, like you said I was looking for the new customers only picture but couldn't find it anywhere and wasn't bothered to read fine print for a $1 :/

        Guess i'm just going to have to recharge at standard price

  • Excellent deal; well found!

    Read the standard fine print, terms and conditions as shown in the description.

    People should turn OFF automatic renewal when setting up (activating) the account or they will find they are slugged with $49.90 for the following 30 days etc.

    I wonder how many people will omit to do this and complain after the fact.

  • Can't say no, can you.

  • " Your service must be activated by 30 Nov 2018. The SIM card itself is able to be activated after that date. "

    Could someone explain to me, what are the service and sim card in the above sentence?
    When does the 30 days count from? From the day of activating service or activating sim card?

    Thanks a lot.

    • I am wondering about this too.

      Does the Groupon deal need to be redeemed with Kogan within the thirty days or does the actual cellular service need to be activated in that time?

    • Think of the deal as comprising of two separate parts. One is a voucher for 30 days of service with Kogan Mobile. The other is a sim card for Kogan Mobile.

      You don't have to use the voucher from this deal with the sim from this deal. The voucher itself is good until the end of November, after that it's worthless. The sim is good for much longer.

      Many of us have spare Kogan sim cards. We can purchase this deal, use the voucher ASAP with a sim card we already have in our possession. The sim cards from this deal will be delivered within a couple weeks. We'll simply save those cards for the next Kogan deal. Rinse and repeat.

      • Thanks Josetann.

        I am going to port my number from Optus to Kogan. Is is possible to use this deal?
        I may need to contact Kogan directly.

        • Yes, UNLESS you had that number with Kogan within the last 30 days.

          If you were with Kogan on October 15 and ported to Optus, it hasn't been 30 days since that number was with Kogan, and you can't take advantage of this deal (wait a couple more weeks). But if you've been with Optus (or rather, anyone not Kogan) for 30+ days, won't be an issue.

      • I don't know how people can stand waiting for the SIM card. I had a bunch of SIMs for a rainy day (they actually sent 2 free ones in the same envelope) and didn't realise how beneficial they would be until I needed data the same day. I wish they would have even 1 same day collection point in each capital city.

        • Agree; waiting for a sim can be a nuisance.

          I have couple of spare sims myself. Can come in very handy.

    • When does the 30 days count from? From the day you activate the sim using the voucher code that you just bought from Kogan.

      You can't activate the service without using the voucher code & activating the sim. So make sure you activate by 30th Nov 2018.

      You can activate the sim at a later date but you need to buy a new voucher code or use you credit card to top up.

  • Any good 12mth deals? I can't be bothered with monthly stuff.

  • How long does it take to deliver the sim?

  • Bought two!!

  • I’ve heard you can use these every other month, but is it possible say if another deal comes up in just under a month, to get another months worth on the same number?

    If so would that mean if there were deals every now and again like this, which it seems like it, I could get yearly calls and data for $12 a year?

    • These deals are for "new" accounts, so can be ported over from other companies or a new mobile number. If you wish to take advantage of another deal then you can activate that sim but only under another number. You can turn OFF automatic renewal during the activation process, or before the 30 days expires, or each following 30 days will be more expensive. Read the given details.

      I understand you are not supposed to hold more than 5 active sim cards, so cannot continue buying "new" vouchers/sims indefinitely under the same name.

      • I haven't read the terms and conditions of Kogan Mobile themselves, but ACMA has no issue with us holding infinite active prepaid SIMs. They only request that the carrier ask the question, and only if the customer replied yes, they do have more than 5, do they then require 2 Category A docs (Drivers Licence and Passport = done) or 1 Category A and 2 Category B (Medicare Card, bank card but with signature and other documents that can't be automated?).

        Kogan fully deactivates accounts after 90 days, so back to back activations with overlap or other accounts could technically push us over the limit. I don't know customer obligations though…since you can't receive calls after 20 days and can only make emergency calls in the remaining 70 the average person wouldn't consider the pre-paid SIM active in terms of functionality or criminal potential (except for harrassing emergency services?).

        • Thank you. I was not aware that Kogan fully deactivates after 90 days; always assumed it was 12 months … perhaps depends on individual Telcos then?

          I have always used drivers licences to activate these sims. I did try but found my Medicare card number was rejected once (? Could have been Vodafone though as we have several data sim cards activated atm… Mother still waiting for NBN so we have been activating 180 day Vodafone *$20 35GB sims).

          *These were usually $50 but there was a Coles deal a while back for $20 each …

          Certainly is hard to keep up with all these sim deals!

        • Forwarded this link this evening, which confirmed, as you said, that Kogan deactivates mobile numbers after 90 days past plan expiry:


  • so i never got the sim cards from last month…
    Groupon hasnt addressed this.

  • How do these 30 day sims work? Do they expire completely after 30 days, or just require renewal?

    • These deals are for "new" accounts, new mobile numbers or ported over from other telcos.

      You activate the sims online and the deals last 30 days from that date.

      There is a section in the last part of the account process where you either opt in for or turn OFF automatic renewal. You can manually recharge as you require, or you can opt to leave automatic renewal ON, which will be much more expensive.

      Read the helpful links provided in the deal description.

  • Has anyone tried tethering data (hotspot) with this sim?

  • Bought the voucher code 10 hours ago unable to find the voucher code in the app. Any help please 😊.

    • I don't know about the app, but as someone told me, it only shows in Desktop mode on mobile.

      I've even had to forward emails to Gmail from my Hotmail with something recently since the code wouldn't show in Outlook. So frustrating…

    • Confirming peterpeterpumpkin…
      Just bought on mobile (not app) - voucher code was in My Groupons on website account almost immediately.
      Instructions there to click View Voucher - it's the code under barcode (only in Desktop mode if using mobile)

      • Yep confirm this was the case for me and I basically followed what you did. It was also immediate for me.

    • If you have a problem locating it (I did on a mobile and iPad) then make use of the online chat with Groupon. Quote your order #. They responded quickly enough with the code and followed up with an email with link.

  • Sorry, can I get clarification again.
    If I buy this one.
    Activate service on the 28th of Nov.
    Then the 30 days start from 28th Nov, am I right?

    if I activate simcard 30th of Dec then the 30 days start from 30th of Dec.

    Please let me know. Thanks

    • No.

      You MUST activate the SIM by 30 November to use the voucher.

      After that day the SIM will still activate but at full price (unless you receive another voucher in the future, since they can be used with any fresh SIM card).

    • Activate your service by: 30 Nov 2018 (11.59pm AEDT)
      Beyond that date…
      Voucher code won't work.
      You have a SIM but can't activate (unless you pay again in another deal).

  • Can it be activated using PayPal as the funding source?

    • I paid using Paypal

      • Don't think that was his question though.

        You can buy from Groupon using PayPal (which I also did), but activating the SIM itself on Kogan's website - no. You have to use a Credit Card.

  • Cashrewards with 15% cashback a better cashback option than Shopback?

  • can somebody suggest a cheap usb modem / internet dongle / pocket wifi or whatever it is called.. to go with this kogan network?

    • i've tried a few, and the 'Optus Huawei USB 4G Modem E3372' has given me the least issues, so i have quite a few of them now. They're not network locked, and occasionally go on sale for ~$20