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Telstra Family & Friends: Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB + 30GB Data + Peace of Mind Data - $69/Month (24 Month Contract)


Heya ozbargainers,

First deal, hopefully I'm doing it right…

Telstra are now offering Family and Friends deals again, similar to last year when they did the S8, Pixel etc. It's not advertised anywhere but I was just offered this in store, thought it might be of interest to some.

  • $69 p/m for 24m, Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB, unltd calls/txts, 30GB data plus Peace of Mind Data included (normally $10 extra p/m).

The closest plan currently on their site is $89 with 20gb data and without peace of mind, so this is good value for Telstra.

Another deal they had is:

Choose from Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 XL 64GB, Oppo R15 Pro, iPhone 6S 32GB.

Available to new services, port-ins and telstra pre-paid customers.

*$10 port-in credit may apply for new customers
*These are NOT lease plans. You will own the device on both options.


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  • This would have been a killer deal if it's note 9+

  • Where is the cheapest I can buy an Australian S9+ outright? Seems like the price doesn't get lower.

    • talk to someone who takes up this offer but wants to offload the phone. Mobile monster offering $640 for an unopened S9 so I suppose that would be the starting price.

      I did this last F&F deal with the S8. Signed up for three plans and sold three S8s. They were selling for $600. We are an iPhone household.

      • Bazzaaa wants an S9 PLUS

  • I am on the $69 per month byo plan getting 40gb and then capped speed after that. this is a steal!! I am so pissed I am on this for another 6 months, surely I can ring up and get something out of this i.e. a price reduction???

    • +1

      Good luck. I was out of contract and kept getting shut down with all these “new customer only “ deals. So I played the game, ported out for a few days and viola I’m a new customer…again.

  • Can someone please tell me how I go about getting this deal. Do I need to have a family and friend that works with Telstra or just someone that is with telstra as a current Customer?

    • +1

      we are all friends here! just go to telstra, tell them a friend told you about the deal, get deal, Profit!

  • Can you get CashRewards with this offer?

  • Confirmed they are doing this in store at Chirnside Park Vic. They need to set it up as a customised plan, as it didn't appear in the system. No word on end date.

  • How long do you have to port out for? My son's number is in my name currently but we now want to put his number in his name - would I still need to port this out in his name?

  • Just been to Morley(WA) Telstra. Can confirm deal available and was told the end date is 25/12/2018.

  • balls i had this deal to post but i left it instead lol.
    good deal peeps

  • Have someone tried to redeem JBL headphone headphones? It is asking for the tax invoice number but I dont know where to get it.

  • Tried 2 different online rep to see if I can move to this from my already expired Telstra sim only plan. But they insisted it is not for recontracting.

    • Yes, it says that in the OP description…

  • Seems like offer is not available now. Is it only in stores?

  • I'm in the same position, just expired Telstra sim only plan.

    Can I buy a $10 pre-paid Optus sim, switch/port to that…..then apply for this deal?

  • I just tried with online chat and the consultant hadn't heard of the deal, only pushing me to the standard plans.. may have to try in store instead.

    • +3

      tell them to check onesource, its literally blazed across the top of the page

  • +1

    Thank you very much for sharing this deal rend586.
    I'm in the process of porting out my current BYO online plan (I spoke to Telstra chat and phoned my local store, and there is definitely no way around the new service/port in requirement sadly). Apparently, there is a minimum time between port out and port back in - does anyone know? The telstra person seemed to think 2-3 days but wasn't convincing.
    Looking forward to a new phone. I currently pay $50 for my BYO online unlimited calls, 10gb plan - expires in 1 month so $50 pay out to leave it.
    So bear this in mind I'll only be paying $20 more/month - $480 over 24 mths for new S9, JBL headphones (RRP $350) & google home mini ($50ish) very worth it for me.
    This is the first time I've taken up an ozbargain shared deal and so pleased I stuck out reading the emails everyday for over a year! I live rural Australia so there is a lot of irrelevant stuff for us…for example our local Coles had none of the catch gift cards in store for the 20% off last week.
    Love this community!

    • Any confirmation around how long we need to be outside of Telstra for before we realise the grass is greener and come back?

      • Technically it’s 30 days

  • So why are people saying the pixel deal isn't good? Am I wrong with my maths here?

    Pixel 2 XL = ~$900 Grey imported / 1000 Au Stock

    24 Month plan * $54 = 1296

    So lets say you get it for even better at $850 thats $446 total/24m = $18.5 per month for the plan. (or $12.3 if you went for AU stock)

    Then you get the headphones on top. Seems like a good deal to me, but I might be missing something?

    • That's for historical reasons, you are very unlikely to get the deals they are thinking of anymore so it's pretty much irrelevant. Your maths is fine. I guess they could be referring to the XL screen issues?

    • That’s what I did last time around, bought it and sold the phone. In fact it was $49 after $10 port in credit (had to do this through online chat). Great deal!

  • I had 3 phones under my name/account with Telstra (mine, hubbys, childs) and was able to switch one number to the F&F account as it was being transferred into my child's name (over 18) who never has had an account with Telstra. So in this instance, I DID NOT have to port the number out first.

    • Went to 3 Telstra stores today to try and switch our other phone over onto F&F plan without porting out first. This now was a definite NO. Also was told that if my number at any time had been with Telstra that this number could not come back to Telstra on the F&F plan, that I had to get a new number entirely. Honestly some of the staff do not know what they are talking about. Ported out to Optus and within 3 hours, ported back to Telstra on the the F&F $69 deal. Was also told that we could not port out to Boost.

  • This deal is advertised in JB stores.

    Sadly there doesn't seem to be anything on top for signing up there ie. credit (not that i noticed anyway)

  • +1

    this was the best deal.

    elstra $65 Plan | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | 24 Month Contract with $0 Upfront Fee on Selected Phones @ JB Hi-Fi
    get a huawei p20 pro, can be sold at around $800


  • What's the cheapest option to port out to, to take advantage of this offer? any old $2 pre paid sim do the trick? Will I be able to keep my current telstra number?

  • Anyone having trouble getting a google mini with this promotion? I have tired online but have been told that the google mini is not included

    • Got a google mini immediately and headphones via redemption in store though.

  • Boost customer here, no troubles signing up via live chat.

    I had gone into two stores today who didn't even bother to check my mobile number, just heard I was with Boost and wrote me off. But no dramas in store.

  • Anyone had any luck getting anything free by going through JB Hifi (specifically for the Google Pixel 2 54p/m plan)? Might pop in later today

    • +1

      Yep, just did one today for a family member. Google Pixel 2XL 64GB with free google home mini and aiaiai earphones. $54 a month. This was from a JB-Hifi as my local telstra store didn't have stock for it, only the Samsung S9 which is on the more expensive plan.

      • So JB didn't have the S9 on the $54 plan with 15gb data?

        • It's the S8 that's available on the $54 plan. S9 is available on the $69 plan. I think most Telstra stores don't stock the older models.

      • @mingles

        Oh what. I went on the plan today and sales rep said they aren't offering anything. How did you get the Google home mini? I thought that was only for the S9+ deal?

        • +1

          When he brought out the phone, it came packed together with the google home mini and earphones. It was exactly the same as it was back in Feb for the previous f&f deal, unless I got leftover stock from back then, I dunno.

          Apparently u can claim the google mini or earphones through the Telstra site? Read it somewhere a few posts above or below.

          • @Mingles: As you said, the Pixel 2 used to come bundled with a home mini and the Aiaiai earphones.

            Don't know if they still do, but yeah maybe they have some of that stock leftover?

            Unlikely to show the earphones/mini on the receipt.

            • @BW296: Yeah just had a look at the invoice and no mention of the google home mini nor earphones.

        • +2

          Don’t forget to get on Telstra chat to get $10 port-in credit and extra 5gb data. Had mine done successfully today.

          • @Mingles: @Mingles

            Hmm I see - my phone only had the earphones box packed in. :/

            Cheers for the tips! I seem to have no luck with this stuff. I talked to Telstra chat earlier today and best they could do is $54 per month, no extras. When I bought from JB Hifi this afternoon they also said, no extras.

            Will try Telstra chat again now, and update.

            Thanks again mate.

          • @Mingles: Hey, how did you manage to get the port in credit?
            Says in the description at t he top that it's not applicable

            • @lwyen: Just through Telstra chat. You might have to try a few different chat representatives.

      • Hey Mingles can you post the receipt? Specifically if it shows the home mini and the earphones on it? I want to show my local JB

        • I’ll have a look when I get back home tonight.

        • Just had a look, no mention of google home mini or aiaiai earphones on the invoice.

          • +1

            @Mingles: All good! I went to the telstra store and walked out with the Pixel XL, A grey and a black home mini, the earphones and a case on the deal!

          • @Mingles: Many thanks to @mingles for the $10 port in credit

            Just got it done online today

            One question though, did you get the 5gb extra data added to the 15gb data (total 20gb a month)?

            Or was it the original 10gb+5gb?

            Online Telstra rep said my 15gb a month already included the extra 5gb of data

            • @Gazpacho: Nice work!

              It should be an extra 5GB so total of 20GB…!

              Could take up to a week or more for your 24/7 Telstra app to show the update tho.

              • @Mingles: Could anyone advise how they got the port in credit and extra data. I have been having troubles doing so online chat

                • @AuzMarine: Just gotta keep trying until u get a chat rep who will do it :)

  • Shame I'm two months into a BYO plan :(

    Only option to take this up I can see is to terminate my contract ($237 fee). Port to somewhere else. Then come back.

  • +1

    Big thanks to the Original poster. Walked in store late yesterday and signed up to this deal. Unfortunately had to leave the store empty handed as the port didn't happen before the store closed. Picked up the phone this morning, as well as the Google home mini. Lodged the redemption for the headphones this arvo and am typing on the new phone now. Thanks again Oz Bargainers!

  • Thanks for the original post @rend586
    And everyone for the helpful input.

    Can confirm I signed up for the deal last night via Telstra chat.
    Had to mention to check onesource to my agent - thank you @supasaiyan for that tip.

  • Can anyone confirm if you get headphones with the Pixel 2 XL 64GB deal via Telstra chat? Couldn't tell from the description if this was just for the S9. If yes, I am assuming the headphones are bluetooth?

    • +1

      The JBL headphone promo is Samsung specific.

      The Pixel 2 used to come pre-boxed with a set of Aiaiai headphones, but not sure if they still do.

  • Does anyone know if Telstra is planning/likely to offer a similar deal for Samsung Galaxy S9+? I am hoping for the usual $10 more per month to upgrade to the S9+ (EG: $79 per month) compared to the S9.

    • For what it is worth, I asked via Telstra chat if they could do the S9+ on Family and Friends deal but they said no, which I guess was to be expected. The agent offered an extra 5GB (EG: Total of 35GB) if I wanted to take up the F&F S9 offer. Decided to hold out in the hope there is an S9+ deal in the lead up to Christmas.

  • After a long live chat, and asking very politely, they were happy for me to recontract under new phone feeling and paying $149.
    But they wouldn't carry across my $20 VCB so I declined.

    • What's VCB? Also, any tips on how to convince them to recontract on Family and Friends with the new phone feeling?

      • Valued customer bonus. Basically a discount every month ongoing.
        I'd say just straight up ask and push for supervisor if you need to.

  • Picked up the Pixel 2XL deal today from my local telstra shop. Scored 2x Google Minis along with the headphones. Had a quick chat online after activation and got the extra 5GB a month.

    • How did you get 2 x google home minis?

      • My phone had one pre-packaged with the headphones and the Telstra store I visited had an internal promotion for any Pixel sold..I didn't question it too much ;)

  • Any iPhones on FnF deal ?

  • Quick question. Which phone would be better for selling straight away? As I recently had an insurance claim on my phone and I have a 2 month old Oppo R15 Pro so I don't really need an upgrade but like that look of the $54/m plan. Especially if I could get $10/m port in credit

  • Out of curiosity has anyone been able to get the $10 port in credit for the s9?

    So far the only 2 comments involving extras from telstra chat are for the pixel 2xl

    • +1

      I managed to get the discount from the online chat but the S9 is currently on backorder for another 2 weeks

      • awesome that's good to know! Just wanted to check that I wasn't wasting my time with the online chats. Have tried twice so far, so I will keep trying!

        btw why not get it from a telstra shop then ask for the discount later via chat? Thats what Im doing.

        EDIT: lol looks like third time was the charm. Successfully got $10 discount and 5 gig of data extra for my s9
        Though for the first 2 attempts I didn't purchase the plan yet and was just enquiring about it.

        • So you got the deal in store, then got on to online chat afterwards and asked for a port in credit?

        • Was your order on backorder as well? I'm not sure whether I'll be able to claim the free JBL headphones from samsung if the order was not put through. Might have to go into a store to see whether they have something in stock.

        • Yup thats right. Just go in store and get the phone and plan and then talk to telstra chat later for the port in discount.

          Nah mine wasn't on backorder. I just went into a telstra shop and got one the day I signed up.

          • @chanleystan: Ah ok I might just try doing that because the phone is not available online. So you got your number ported over in store and still managed to get the port in discount on chat?

            • @lwyen: yup

              • @chanleystan: Seems like I'm not having much luck with online chat after getting the phone from the store, just got knocked back everytime saying the port in credit is not applicable to the FnF promo.

                Did you ask for it in any particular way at all?

                • @lwyen: I just said I recently joined a telstra mobile plan and am I eligible for the $10 port in credit? He just had to verify my account and then had to check with his supervisor. I was eligible so he processed it.

                  You should be able to get it, so just keep trying

    • Yep, got $10 credit and extra 5gb data through Telstra chat. Easy done!

      • We got sorted too. 3 days out on a $2 Vodafone Sim. Back in with the Pixel 2 XL and port in credit applied last night. Will keep an eye on the first bill to confirm.

        Edit: thanks!

  • Confirming that I have also been able to get the $10 per month credit, via online chat.

  • Thanks, my partner was due for a new phone… He went in store and all sorted within an hour with s9 on 69per month plus google mini plus have redeemed the headphones. I had a look at the family and friends offer and there is also a $49 per month for 10gb with unlimited calls and text too :) all you have to do is say 'my brother/sister/friend told me about this offer':)

  • Hi all, with anyone who successfully got the "extra 5gb"

    Are you getting the 15gb and then negotiating another 5gb? (20gb total)

    • yes..just received Oppo R15 Pro for $54 with 20GB (thru Telstra chat) and Google Home Mini. Thanks OP!

    • I've tried a couple of chat agents and they have refused any extra data :(

    • That appears to be a different offer.. Open to current customers!

  • IS it easier to get the plan in store, and apply for the extra data and credit after?

    As i am currently having difficulties doing it via chat

  • Still holding out for a better xmas deal

    • +1

      This is the same thing that happened last year.

      Won't get better, but they may add some phones and extend this exact promotion.

      Don't hold out unless you can.

  • Have just paid 1 mth extra on Amaysim, that will bring me up to mid december, then it is either this or whatever JBHIFI is doing.

  • Hi,

    Got the deal today at telstra store Gungahlin, ACT. Not sure if it’s a good deal. Plan $89/month but got credit $10/month for ported number from optus. So basically pay $79/month with below benefits.

    1. Samsung S9 256 GB instead of 64 GB.
    2. 20 GB data Monthly instead of 30GB
    3. Google mini.
    4. JBL headphone through redeem.
    5. Gift Voucher $50 from coles/myer.

    Unfortunately they did not give me piece of mind for data.

    This is also 24/month contract and owned the phone.

    • It appears you would be $190 worse off

      $79/month instead of $69 over 24 months = $240
      $240 - $50 (gift voucher) = $190
      Also 10GB less data

      Not sure if $190 extra is worth going from Samsung S9 64GB to 256GB.

  • Why didn't you go with this deal, as above you are $190 behind and also missed peace of mind so really $430 behind over 24months

  • JB Pakenham has the same deal advertised in store, didn’t see any “bonus offers” with the deal unfortunately, maybe over the weekend during their Black Friday sale

  • No free JBL headphones with Samsung S9, S9+ and Note 9 now as the offer has ended…so this deal is pretty much dud…better wait for boxing day sales now for better offers.

  • Just had a Telstra sales rep try to sell me onto one of these plans, as we were discussing my new Telstra broadband and home phone bundle installation.

    I was kind of considering it, but then I remember reading somewhere about this offer that it was lease pricing, and to own was $10 more per month.

    The prices in this post, are they definitely not leasing plans?

    Also, with the free headphones - are they any good? I'd imagine that they'd have to be pretty decent if they cost a couple of hundred dollars.

    I asked the sales rep to give me a call after the weekend so I'd have more time to look it over (but I was busy chasing up the internet side of things).

    I'm not sure what to tell this sales rep when she rings tomorrow.

    I don't really need a new phone, but if it's good value I could just give it to family.

    Edit: the free JBL headphones offer has expired November 18th, it was valid if you bought the S9, S9+, Note9, or Tab S4.

    Never mind, I think I got it.

  • Great deal - just got the S9 for my husband and I. Thanks for the post!

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