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Cheaper Netflix Via VPN for Existing / New Subscribers (E.G Basic $4.07, Standard $7.11, Ultra $10.16 Per Month W/ No Fee Card)


Greetings everyone, I was trying to figure out a cheaper way to get Netflix easily (rather than use iTunes billing and other avenues) and I found this thread over at MyDealz, I thought it was worthwhile to share it.

You can get Netflix for significantly cheaper by signing up / renewing via a quick VPN trick. I only just updated my plan 30 minutes ago, and signed up for the Ultra plan (UHD, 4 Devices) via Argentina and got charged 229 Argentinian Pesos which equated to be $8.99 for the month via my no fee card.

This works out to be approximately 50% of the pricing of Australian Netflix (Basic $9.99, Standard $13.99, Ultra $17.99).

Neil also completed a great write up a few years ago about this, check that out for further reference to assist with getting the deal.

Some examples of the pricing can be found here (I have highlighted the cheapest for each package in bold:)


  • Basic: 15.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$4.06 AUD Per Month)
  • Standard: 27.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$7.11 AUD Per Month)
  • Ultra: 39.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$10.16 AUD Per Month)


  • Basic: 129 ARS (Equates currently to ~$4.97 AUD Per Month) Now 149 ARS
  • Standard: 169 ARS (Equates currently to ~$6.51 AUD Per Month) Now 219 ARS
  • Ultra: 229 ARS (Equates currently to ~$8.82 AUD Per Month) Now 299 ARS

Argentina has now been updated to a new pricing structure. Turkey is now the cheapest.

Hits has kindly made a spreadsheet with the current pricing in AUD from the cheapest countries.

If you have access to a VPN, it is an extremely easy process:

For New Subscribers:

  1. Connect to a VPN that has the cheapest pricing for the package you require per the spreadsheet above.
  2. Go to Netflix and enter your details to sign up to a new account.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and sign-up, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Go to Your Account and Cancel your subscription. It will expire at the end of the billing period.
  2. When the billing expires, Connect to a VPN of your choice, login and click reactivate your subscription.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and complete the reactivation, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

Your account will only have titles from a different country if you are connected via VPN. With this method, It will charge in the foreign currency, but your account will have Australia titles :)

It is worthwhile to continue to check which country is the cheapest each month to get the best price :)

There's heaps of VPN deals around if you don't have access to a VPN yet, I used Windscribe for reference and connected to Argentina with ease.

I really hope this helps people out, it's definitely helped me out :)

All credit must go to Luca Lutz @ MyDealz for the help.

As always, enjoy!

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    • yeah attempting to re-sign via Turkey and it wants 4.99 TRY per week, which is 21.62 TRY per month or AU$5.62 not $4.16 as in the spreadsheet. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it has changed.

      • Did you guys find the solutions for this? Same thing happened to me.

        • I tried many times, sometimes it would show weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes it had a tickbox to select either weekly or monthly, it seemed to vary depending on the VPN/browser and if an existing or new account. I couldn't get any kind of payment method to work for Turkey so went with Brazil in the end.

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    I tried a few different VPNs but unfortunately couldn't get it to work. I'm sharing a premium plan and splitting it 4 ways for $4.50 each. If anyone wants to take spot for $4.50 PM me.

  • So does this bill each month in the foreign currency?

    • +1


  • Tried both Turkey and Argentina using Windscribe and Citibank Debit Mastercard. No dice using Chrome, Edge and the Samsung browser on Windows and Android. How are people getting this to work?

    • Have you tried iOS?

      • +2

        Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't have access to an iOS device.

    • +1

      Used GooseVPN, with Turkey and Chrome and used my CommBank debit card :)

      • I'll give Goose a whirl.

        • How'd you go?

          • @DesolateApophic: Still no luck with Goose or a borrowed iPhone. Called Citibank and there wasn't a block on my card. I suspect Netflix is onto me :(

            • @twjr: Try Citibank with Samsung Internet browser

            • @twjr: Finally got this to work. I think it had something to do with either previously paying with Google Play with my Telstra funny money or having an expired credit card on my account. Had to pay once month at Australian prices on a new credit card then requested Netflix to remove all payment methods on my account. When the next months payment failed due to having no valid payment method on my account I VPN'd into Turkey and was able to add my 28 degrees credit card.

              For people having issues using cards that should work I suggest requesting Netflix to remove payment methods from your account.

  • Please help..I am unable to make it work. I used CyberGhost 1 day trial and connected to Argentina server on Samsung Android Mobile. I opened Netflix on Samsung Browser/Chrome in Private mode. Netflix open in Argentina site but moment I log on, it goes back to Australian site and charge me $9.99 for basic and $17.99 for premium.
    My credit card details are already there. As soon as I click Restart Membership, I get message, premium membership restarted at $17.99. Where do I find - "reactivate subscription".
    Please advise what I am doing wrong. Thanks

  • Worked for me with following:

    Sign up for new Turkish account on Turkish language Netflix site

    Used VPN getflix set to Turkey

    Used Firefox on mobile

    Used 28 Degrees card

  • +1

    Hmm came across this news while in Argentina VPN

    Netflix Argentina will be increasing their prices as of 15th Nov 2018 (Damn!)
    New Monthly Premium price will now be ARS 299 (~AUD 11.42) instead pf ARS 229 (~AUD 8.74) which is on the spreadsheet.

    Still getting it..

    • Updated the spreadsheet

  • +1

    Nord has been figured out. Worked with Goose VPN

    • Yep nord isn't working :(

  • Used SaferVPN and 28degrees. Didn't work for Ultra tried a few times, showed up as card issues. Worked for cheapest plan so just upgraded after.
    Also 28deg sms me to ask if the transactions were legit

  • Had a weird issue last night, I was credited back my Netflix subscription fee after it being active for a few days. Sure enough my subscription had been cancelled and I had to renew again which I did successfully through VPN. I wonder if it will stick…

    • Not a good sign for the rest of us.

  • doesn't work with my CBA Platinum

    • do you have a world master card with CBA? worked for me but i have diamond.

  • not working with any cards I try

  • +2

    Just to comment on what i have done right now…

    1. Signup with SaferVPN on my Android Phone. (Free 3Day Trial - No CC Needed)
    2. Chose Argentina.
    3. Went to Netflix Argentina site - https://www.netflix.com/ar-en/
    4. Signed into my Expired Netflix Account.
    5. It prompted me to renew, chose Plans.
    6. Entered in my Citibank Details.
    7. Phone number Entered +61 (Rest of my number)
    8. Went thru a few questions just press Next, Next, Next.
    9. Changed Language of Who's watching to English.

    Signed up and working successfully.

    • guess it only work with certain cards. mine CBA issued doesn't

    • @anton1o - thanks for your steps.. worked for me as well on 1st attempt with Citibank card, I signed for new account though..

    • This is what worked for me as well SaferVPN using Argentina, renewed existing account using the card I had on file which was ING Debit. Worked first time.

      So outside of using a VPN keys seem to be:

      • Allow your existing subscription to lapse
      • Use a VPN to navigate to Argentina/Turkey Netflix to renew
      • Pay using the card you previously had on file

      FYI I used Chrome Incognito to do the renewal process

    • Thanks for these steps. They worked for me and I used my Macquarie Bank Platinum debit card - new payment method for me. I was previously using PayPal.

      The first time I tried though, it did say there was an error with the payment method. But it worked when I tried a second time with the same card.

    • Followed this and worked perfectly used Citibank Card also

    • Followed these steps and tried to sign up with a CBA debit card, but didn't work. Gotta stick to Prime for now I guess.

  • Why is this such a mystery still..

  • -1

    Guys, I am having serious problems getting to this deal. So this is what I've done so far.

    1. My existing account expired yesterday.
    2. I re-routed to Turkey using Nordvpn (I have a full subscription).
    3. Went into Netflix - tried going to Netflix Turkey but keeps going back to netflix.com (which is the US version)
    4. Signed into my account.
    5. When choosing plans, all prices are US prices (e.g. US$9.99 for basic)
    6. Signed out, tried Argentina - same thing.
    7. Tried a new account, same thing.

    Any ideas?

    • +1

      Yea this is embarrassing, the problem is with the VPN, some of them don't really work. For those using Nordvpn, use Argentina #11 - that's the only one I found to be consistently working.
      Now to tackle the problem of the payment method. Hmmm.

  • Not working with CBA (World) Diamond Card through Safer VPN > Argentina on IOS. Even tried changing plans as some other people have.

    Tried different browers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox.. must be the Credit Card - even though others have had success with the same type I have.


    • I've solved this one as well. You will need a new profile. Netflix has somehow marked my old account geographically. So they won't accept payments on plans for other locations. Don't know how, but as soon as I set up a new profile everything worked.

      • just tried new gmail, new netflix account… no luck, same error.

  • Can't get this to work at all with SaferVPN or Nord on either argentina or turkey

  • Couldn't get Argentina or Turkey to work, eventually got Brazil to work with a citibank debit card so $7.20 instead of $9.90 for basic. That's using Getflix VPN, I couldn't get Nord or Safer VPN to work.

  • Couldn't use my paid NordVPN, opted for CyberGhost's free trial via it's app as recommended by many others in this thread. Worked a charm, there was only Argentina server available, no Turkey, logged into existing Netflix account on my Chrome browser on mobile (Android) and used my Citibank Platinum Rewards, didn't think it was worth the headache of using ING / Macquarie Debit for the 3% foreign txn fees.

  • Worked for me.

    Let my existing netflix account lapse.
    Connected via VPN to Turkey (PIA - i have a subscription).
    Tried using 28degrees as a new payment method but wouldn't let me proceed.
    Used the existing payment method that was listed in my account (AMEX) - it worked.
    It dropped off one of the profiles on my account (I had 4 names, only listed 3 and wouldn't let me add it back); successfully renewed and then added it after

    So far so good, thanks OP.

  • ExpressVPN failing me. When connected via Turkey, it goes to Netflix.de
    When connected via Argentina, it doesn't load at all.

    • Livechat told me that ExpressVPN doesn't work for those regions on Netflix yet.

  • +1

    Couldn't get it to work. Just keep getting payment error. Tried using Windscribe VPN on Safari, Chrome, Android Chrome, AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, standing on one leg, upside down..

  • +1

    Thanks heaps OP. It worked for me.

    Connected via Getflix Turkey VPN and used my bankwest platinum card.

  • Great deal, but unfortunately did not work for me.
    No luck with Nord VPN or PIA, tried Turkey & Argentina - neither would work.

    • +3

      Yeah same. Tried chrome, incognito chrome, Firefox, different card & a new account as well. None of them worked for me.
      Curiously, I resubscribed with my normal AU account, it went through fine, but I can't update my payment method to a new card or PayPal, keep getting an error.

  • +1

    I got this working!
    It didnt work on my Chrome + SaferVPN OR ZenVPN (using Bankwest Platinum and Ubank Visa Debit)
    Kept saying there was an issue with the card.

    What did work was:
    Using iPad- Using Safari -> Installing SaferVPN for 3 day free trial and then Connecting to Argentina
    Google "Netflix" - which will take you straight to Netflix Argentina site
    Signed up for new Premium account.
    Bankwest Platinum card was accepted here without any issues.

  • Connected to Turkey via PIA (paid subscription)
    but get this error when I go to netflix.com

    Netflix Site Error
    We were unable to process your request.
    Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

    This is on the Netflix site itself, with the NetFlix logo displayed top left.
    (address bar shows https://www.netflix.com/)

    Same issue with https://www.netflix.com/tr-en

    tried, via phone using Chrome, via PC using Chrome and Edge, incognito mode, reconnected a few times, but always get this error.

    anyone have this issue and been able to resolve it?

    • +1

      logged into Netflix first, then connected to VPN, Refreshed page and got the usual prompts to restart membership and choose plan.
      had previously registered 28Degrees as payment method so no issues with payment while connected to VPN.

  • +1

    Worked for me connecting to Turkey using HotSpotShield VPN free trial on ios.

    • Were you a new subscriber to Netflix or re-activation?

      • +1

        Worked on reactivate for me. Hotspotshield a ludicrously high priced vpn though.

  • Worked for me. Getflix Turkey VPN and Bankwest MC

    1. Cancelled Netflix subscription on Netflix/AU site
    2. Changed payment details in Netflix/AU account from my Amex to Bankwest Platinum (to avoid International Transaction fees)
    3. Waited for the current subscription to expire (had a week to wait after completing the above steps)
    4. Used Getflix Turkey OpenVPN Profile - UDP-1194 on my iPhone. (Yes I bought one of those Stacksocial 'lifetime' subscriptions like most other OzBargainers!)
    5. Went to Netflix.com in Safari on iPhone. Page was in English but scrolled down to footer and noted it said "Netflix Turkey" :) Logged in with current Netflix account details, it said Subscription expired do you want to renable subscription etc. I double checked the rates and they were in Turkish currency. Hit resubscribe button and it used my current payment details which was the Bankwest card I had changed to in step 2.
    6. Netflix account running and ~$10.50AUD payment taken from card for UltraHD plan

    • Which Bankwest MC do you have? I have the Bankwest Zero Platinum and no matter what way I try it, it won't work at all.

  • +2

    Finally got it to work after hours of playing around with the below method ON ANDROID S8

    Deleted Netflix App from phone
    Deleted cache from Samsung Browser
    Installed CyberGhost (Thought I'd give this a go as i wasn't getting far with my ExpressVPN)
    Connected to Arg
    Opened Samsung Browser (Secret mode)
    Googled Netflix Arg
    Signed up to Netflix with new email address (one that Netflix hadn't previously declined with "card issues")
    Entered ING Orange Everyday card details
    And approved!!

    • nope doesnt work!!

  • Anyone still able to get this to work?

    Connecting via PIA vpn to Turkey.

    Everything appears fine but it will not accept payment.

    I have tried ING, Citibank and Nab debit cards.

    Have Netflix fixed this loophole in the last couple of weeks?

    • yep, read my above comment …. ^

      I had the same issue with it not accepting payment ….

      • It simply will not accept any of my cards:(

        Have tried from both Turkey and Argentina.

        I have just signed up for a new Macquarie debit card. Lets hope a fresh payment source solves this for me. I may have used all my cards for free trials previously. Not 100% sure though.

        • Got it working finally:)

          Tried it again with the same payment option that had been declined. It did give me the free month but it did let me to sign up:)

  • Just worked for me.
    1. My Netflix account has been expired for a couple of days
    2. Signed up for a free SaferVPN trial account and installed their software. Connected it to Argentina.
    3. Opened Chrome in incognito mode
    4. Logged in to Netflix and it prompted me to renew my subscription, which I did (prices were listed in ARS)
    5. Didn't change payment method (Netflix still had my ING Direct account details)
    6. Everything working and two minutes later my ING Direct account had a charge from Netflix of $7.97 (for Standard HD subscription)

  • Thanks Op. Still working. Used safervpn free trial on iPhone. Used Argentina they don't have Turkey but for standard plan in the same ball park. Waited for account to expire and then switched on vpn and selected Argentina. Went to netflix.com and restarted my membership in the foreign currency. Had previously updated account details to 28 degrees card. Although the browser just sat there with no confirmation i got an email confirming payment and Netflix works.

  • Thank you OP.
    It took 3 days of trial and error.

    Top tip: if you get declined (Payment cannot be processed) wait AT LEAST 24 HOURS before trying again. Netflix will do a 24hr block on payments if attemped too many times (regardless of what card you use).
    Source: chatted with Netflix support, and Citibank who confirmed they didn't block the transactions.

    Used OpenVPN via Getflix "lifetime" sub on iOS Google Chrome privacy mode.

  • I also got it working with OpenVPN and getflix. Connected to Turkey, however the billing is weekly rather than monthly. Got charged $2.14 plus 27c cc fee. Not sure why there was no option for monthly billing?

  • Got it working the first time
    1. Hotshield VPN premium free 7 day trial
    2. Downloaded its app into my Android phone (Sharp S2)
    3. Deleted Netflix app
    4. Connected to Turkey via app
    5. Used Incognito Chrome app
    6. Opened up turkey english website
    7. Signed up as a new user
    8. Chose HD (39TL) monthy charge - used my 28 deg card
    9. shutdown Hotsheild app
    10. Reinstalled Netflix app and used my ID

    all good for now

    will have to wait and see next month, if they charge per week or per month

  • +1

    Worked using SaferVPN and CitiBank via Samsung Internet on Android.

    Did not work via the same card and VPN on Chrome on MacOS.

    • Thanks for that! Along with GooseVPN this is what worked for me.

  • turkey appears to have changed to weekly billing. 11TL for premium, 8 TL for standard and 5 TL for basic per week.

  • That’s strange. I was able to do monthly with Turkey.
    Connected with hide.me VPN iOS app, then Firefox. Rsigned on previous Netflix account using BankWest plantium credit card which I use for all my international purchase. Worked a treat and charged already $7.37.

  • Concur with xcx. I had previously signed up under the Turkey plan via GooseVPN on premium 39.99TL plan. Now being charged weekly 10.99TL

  • I signed up via Turkey over the weekend and upon finally getting it going realised I was on the weekly agreement.

    I contacted support straight away and they cancelled my account and told me to sign up again. I then told them the option of monthly was no longer available. They seemed surprised and asked me to screen shot the sign up page and email to them.

    Before I did this I logged out and back in and suddenly had the option to join monthly again.

  • Turkey is weird. I select monthly plans it shows 39.99TL, then when you go to pay it has Premium Plan 10.99 TL/wk and won't let you change it to monthly

    edit: even though I selected 39.99 TL/month, it did default to 10.99 TL/week. I went ahead anyway but I can confirm the email I got shows the plan as 39.99 TL/month and my credit card has been charged the monthly plan ($10.40 AUD), success!

    I used 28 degrees mastercard, no issues with payment. Also confirmed in netflix billing section:

    Date Description Service period Payment method Subtotal Total
    4/12/18 Netflix Service 4/12/18–3/1/19 MASTERCARD •••• •••• •••• XXXX 33.89 TL (+6.10 TL tax) 39.99 TL

    Was previously paying $14 for the standard package, now $10.40 for Ultra HD Premium

    • Hmmm can't manage to get this on mine. I signed up for monthly (or so I thought) but then noticed it only charged me for a week. I cancelled, so now that week is up and I'm trying again. Can only see weekly options now :/

  • Tried multiple time over the last week or so, with many different VPNs and 28 degrees card on Chrome (PC). Every time I get the "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use" message.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Tried again with SaferVPN and 28 Degrees on Android and it worked :)

  • +1

    Turkey, hotspot shield trial and any visa worked for me. Unfortunately ING (no int fees) didnt work.

    • Did you do it on your phone (Android/iOS) or computer, and what browser? Tia.

      • I just did this on iOS and it worked on my NAB visa. Didn’t work on ING or Citibank (fee free) cards.

        Edit: chrome as the browser

        • Got mine working on Citibank after receiving an sms to verify it was me making the transaction.

          • @KingJuf: Ah right, that makes sense, I didn't get an sms for some reason.

            • @nix1016: Yeh, anyone know how to change language to english. Now my app is displaying in turkish language even with vpn off.

              • +1

                @KingJuf: Lol, I think that's set against the individual profiles of the user you're watching as. Under Manage Profiles.

      • Macbook and Chrome.

    • That's ANZ visa not any - autocorrect oops

  • +1

    Windscribe- build your own plan. $1 Turkey
    used a brand new email for netflix.
    cleared cache, new incognito chrome browser window
    googled NETFLIX TURKEY
    clicked on the link not in English.
    Signed up with Commbank Diamond Awards MC for Basic plan. 4.99Lira a week

    • Can confirm with 28degrees

  • 'Sorry this account is no longer active. Please sign up again or sign in to a different account'
    Anyone else get this error?? I think they've finally caught on …. Work around?

  • Just worked for me, thanks OP

  • I was unable to get Turkey monthly, only weekly, weird but still cheaper! Cheers

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