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Cheaper Netflix Via VPN for Existing / New Subscribers (E.G Basic $4.07, Standard $7.11, Ultra $10.16 Per Month W/ No Fee Card)


Greetings everyone, I was trying to figure out a cheaper way to get Netflix easily (rather than use iTunes billing and other avenues) and I found this thread over at MyDealz, I thought it was worthwhile to share it.

You can get Netflix for significantly cheaper by signing up / renewing via a quick VPN trick. I only just updated my plan 30 minutes ago, and signed up for the Ultra plan (UHD, 4 Devices) via Argentina and got charged 229 Argentinian Pesos which equated to be $8.99 for the month via my no fee card.

This works out to be approximately 50% of the pricing of Australian Netflix (Basic $9.99, Standard $13.99, Ultra $17.99).

Neil also completed a great write up a few years ago about this, check that out for further reference to assist with getting the deal.

Some examples of the pricing can be found here (I have highlighted the cheapest for each package in bold:)


  • Basic: 15.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$4.06 AUD Per Month)
  • Standard: 27.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$7.11 AUD Per Month)
  • Ultra: 39.99 TRY (Equates currently to ~$10.16 AUD Per Month)


  • Basic: 129 ARS (Equates currently to ~$4.97 AUD Per Month) Now 149 ARS
  • Standard: 169 ARS (Equates currently to ~$6.51 AUD Per Month) Now 219 ARS
  • Ultra: 229 ARS (Equates currently to ~$8.82 AUD Per Month) Now 299 ARS

Argentina has now been updated to a new pricing structure. Turkey is now the cheapest.

Hits has kindly made a spreadsheet with the current pricing in AUD from the cheapest countries.

If you have access to a VPN, it is an extremely easy process:

For New Subscribers:

  1. Connect to a VPN that has the cheapest pricing for the package you require per the spreadsheet above.
  2. Go to Netflix and enter your details to sign up to a new account.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and sign-up, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

For Existing Subscribers:

  1. Go to Your Account and Cancel your subscription. It will expire at the end of the billing period.
  2. When the billing expires, Connect to a VPN of your choice, login and click reactivate your subscription.
  3. Go through and select the package that you would like, make sure the prices are in the desired currency per the VPN.
  4. Continue through and complete the reactivation, your billing will now be in the currency per the VPN.
  5. Turn off the VPN and your account will be Australian, but will bill in the cheaper currency.

Your account will only have titles from a different country if you are connected via VPN. With this method, It will charge in the foreign currency, but your account will have Australia titles :)

It is worthwhile to continue to check which country is the cheapest each month to get the best price :)

There's heaps of VPN deals around if you don't have access to a VPN yet, I used Windscribe for reference and connected to Argentina with ease.

I really hope this helps people out, it's definitely helped me out :)

All credit must go to Luca Lutz @ MyDealz for the help.

As always, enjoy!

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                  • @adamiscoolization: Just close your PayPal account (entirely) .
                    You should get some message saying your welcome back to PayPal anytime, something like that .
                    Open new PayPal (new email address) , I would be sure all your PayPal info is truthful, since it is kind of a bank account. IMO (not a lawyer) You're not doing anything wrong by closing/opening, closing/opening since PayPal tell you you're welcome back, each time you close account .
                    That would probably be the simplest way, just create a new PayPal. It is probably ok to have 2 paypal accounts. So you could always have 1 main account, then 1 account that you keep closing/opening closing/opening cloaking/opening . I suggest Remove your card from each account before closing (because they do have a limit of I think 2 PayPal can be associated with each bank card you have).
                    Once you have closed a PayPal account, I'm fairly sure Stan/Netflix/amazon-video/wwe-network/Google-Play-Music/ etc , all of these should continue working until the free trial period expire, at which point of course they will attempt to take a payment for another month, and should just decline etc .
                    Within PayPal, another way to make sure you never actually pay $$$ , is after signing up to free trial, go straight away into PayPal, click payments , find automatic payments, then revoke permission for Netflix (or whatever else you've signed up for)

        • +1

          And replacement for mastercard/visa debit card costs ZERO.

          You're kidding. You would go through the hassle of ordering a replacement card every month to save $4?

          Btw Netflix family I'm in - $4 a month. Still gets me 4K.

          $4 a month or $1/week is nothing. You can so easily cut $1/week out of your budget and put it towards this.

          • @pennypincher98:

            You would go through the hassle of ordering a replacement card every month to save $4?

            It's much more than $4 I save, once you inlude all of my 'free trial' services 😉 I have much more than just netflix .
            Also, I don't need to replace cards every month, as I have more than 1 card.
            More like every 6 months for me :)

  • I check out Windscribe and it appears that if you select a server location, the cost is $2 USD per month for unlimited bandwidth? Is this a good price?

  • I'd be keen to join if someone still need more people to split on the account. I'm willing to pay $4 if its split 4 ways

  • -3

    I'm all up for bargains and love this site but does noone here question whether that's actually the right thing to do? VPN to access content not available in Oz fine but get Argentina pricing?
    1. It's against their T&C's or even illegal?
    2. Isn't $15 or whatever Netflix costs a fair price for the wealth of content they provide?
    3. Might lead to Netflix adjusting their pricing policy if they can't fight it. Then the Argentinians won't be able to watch Netflix anymore.

    Just my 2 cents

    • +9

      My counter to this is that many multinational corporations, and Australian corporations too, structure their companies to take advantage of more tax friendly jurisdictions. I'm simply structuring my purchasing in a more consumer friendly jurisdictions.

      • Love this answer

      • Tax friendly tax structuring is legal though and also doesn't deprive the people of Argentina from watching Netflix but good answer anyway ;)

        • -1

          doesn't deprive the people of Argentina from watching Netflix but good answer anyway ;)

          I was thinking along these lines. Netflix might likely change their pricing to same price everywhere, then countries with more economic disadvantaged will no longer get the cheaper netflix.
          Surely they notice when suddenly thousands (or tens of thousands or millions) of people suddenly change their location overnight to Argentina, and then they all suddenly change en mass to another country, according to exchange rates and pricing.

          In this sense, the free trial 'hack' is more ethical IMO. They can never stop the free trial option, realistically. However they could easily change pricing structure so poorer countries no longer get it cheaper, and it will easily show up on their 'radar' with people switching countries en mass, and also with them monitoring online forums etc such as this (and the other sites which post similar type 'deals').
          As mentioned in previous posts, price went up (or is about to go up) from 229 to 299 , and there was some reason Netflix gave. Maybe the real reason of the increase is because Netflix caught on to the large amount of people spoofing their country as from there, to get cheaper pricing. Now it has gone up for people who actually live there, because of so many people 'faking' living there using VPN etc.

        • +1

          I don't think there is anything illegal utilising a VPN to access regional pricing. Breach of ToS maybe, but that's not particularly enforceable.

          I'll give you that there is a slim possibility that if too many people start to access cheaper regions that Netflix might adjust their pricing.

          • @twjr: Agree actually, only breach of ToS, convinced, might move my Netflix to Argentina tomorrow, or the Phillipines, better weather ;)

  • Is there an Netflix share like Uber share?

    Somewhere I can piggy back off someone else of visa versa?

    • +1

      Plenty of people offer a spot for the premium plan to share the costs.

      • Plenty of people offer a spot for the premium plan to share the costs.

        I wonder how many people are selling a share in their plan (based on Aus pricing) charging people a quarter share of Au pricing, then switching to foriegn plans and pocketing the difference from unsuspecting shareholders.

  • Help!
    Using hotspot shield but it only shows EUR dollars when I tried Turkey…..
    I tried with Chrome, SAFARI AND FIREFOX already but they all showed (€)

    • Did you check where the actual given IP is located? (IP Map)

    • perhaps I'm here a little late - but i had the same issue with hotspot shield, instead use worldVPN as in snyper and my comments below.

  • +1

    Power VPN worked in 1st go. Added ING card

    Standard HD 2 screens for $7.46


  • +1

    Nice share!
    Winscribe Pro can connect to turkey without a problem
    Feel like the price of Netflix should be dependent on the library.
    Aussies paying same amount as US.. but have 1/3 the content.

  • +1

    I got this to work first go. I used …

    1. Free trial of WorldVPN on Android phone (Force stoppen NordVPN before installing)
    2. Selected Turkey region
    3. Opened Incognito page in Chrome
      3.5 Checked ipleak.net to confirm location
    4. Logged in to Netflix (had already logged out)
    5. Selected middle plan (29.99 TL)
    6. Message "invalid payment method".
    7. I just re-entered the same card details (CBA Debit Mastercard) I used to sign up with originally and it was accepted with no problem.
    8. Profit!
    • Worked for me, thanks.

      Hotspot shield was moving me to the netherlands even though i was IP located in Turkey.

      WorldVPN is much better (and no need to enter payment details to access the trial).

      Citibank card originally declined, received a message from citibank confirming I was making a purchase in Turkey, replied to the message and payment was accepted on the second try.

    • This worked for me, with ANZ visa platinum card.

    • That worked perfectly, cheers! Didn't even get invalid payment method :)

    • Thanks this worked for me following your recommendation of worldvpn managed to get @ the Turkey advertised price thankssaved me heaps.

    • Thanks! I followed this yesterday and it worked first time, I didn't even have to re-enter my card.

  • What country is the cheapest as of today?

    • I believe it is still Turkey

  • Can netflix increase the prices any time

    • +1

      They’re a business. Of course they can.

  • After a few attempts I finally got it working! The winning combo was Goose VPN free trial + Turkey + 28 Degrees + Mac.

  • Worked like a treat 1st time.
    Went into incognito mode in Chrome with VPN Unlimited connected to TR server (I brought a lifetime VPN service sometime ago).
    Chose the 15.99TR single plan.
    Used Westpac Altitude AMEX card… no issues!

  • +1

    Use goose VPN for free trial, remember to cancel

    Turkey worked also used CBA credit card. Will cope the 3% charge which is nothing.. I tend to always forget about paying back 28 degrees

  • Worked perfectly first try, PureVPN to Turkey, selected Premium plan, billed to existing Macquarie CC no issues and no additional fees.

  • Has anyone gotten Commonwealth Bank Mastercard to work?

    • It worked for me. Used WorldVPN and CBA Mastercard.

    • Yes, still working with Express VPN combination.

  • +1

    Anyone tried winscribe VPN with any success? Tried afew months ago with no luck

    • +1

      Yes, a couple of weeks ago with no problem.

  • Worked first time paying with ING card and connecting to Turkey via VPN and paying in Turkish Lira, then after the first month got an email saying they had payment problems and account was put on hold …. Went through the whole process again, linked it to my other ING card and it went through fine, paid in Turkish Lira …. after that month finished same thing …. account was put on hold due to payment problems …. I wasnt able to use either of my ING cards again… switched VPN to Argentina and went through the process again linking it to my ANZ card, everything went through fine, paid in Argentine Peso then AGAIN after the month finished got the same email from Netflix telling me my account has been placed on pause due to payment problems …. I then gave up and tried to re activate my account with Aussie location and in Aussie dollars and none of my cards were accepted ….

    • Might pay to call ING and see if they're the ones who aren't allowing the charge to go through, or at least they may be able to give you a bit more information as to how it's failing exactly. Worth a shot.
      After you signed up initially did it charge your card?

    • I used my Westpac Debit MC, Netflix accepted it but I got an SMS alert from Westpac a couple of minutes later saying there had been a transaction from NETFLIX.COM of $0.27 and that it had been automatically blocked - I had to SMS back 'YES' to authorise and have the block automatically removed.

  • Interesting.. I am using NordVPN.. No matter what Server I try (A Turkey or Argentina server), when I hit the "try Netflix for 30 days for free" to sign up for a new account I always get US prices. the URL for the prices always shows locale=en-US at the end of it. I am using Google Chrome in Incognito mode as well.

  • Netflix Turkey changed their pricing now??
    BASIC - 16.99 TL
    STANDARD - 32.99 TL
    PREMIUM - 49.99 TL

    update: weird that I'm seeing the above prices even with a fresh browser.
    I've logged out vpn, started another fresh vpn/browser, and saw the existing price, not the above. looks like netflix is tracking my session but not sure from which source.

  • Windscribe (Argentina) gets me all the way through to account verification - Netflix then wants to send a text message to a mobile…

    … but it won't send to my AU mobile, even using different combinations of +61, 61, etc at the start.

    Keep getting an error message, anyone know how to get around/through this step?

    • I used Turkey VPN, (via Windscribe), but I didn't enter a phone number, they verified to the email address.

      Atm I get a reminder every so often whenever I log in to link a phone number for account recovery.

      • Asks me for mobile verification everytime I try to complete sign up. Can't get past this, no idea why its forcing this !

        • Have you tried via Turkey, sometimes the method used for verification depends on the country.

  • So I used worldvpn… On one browser (Chrome Incognito) I get premium price of 45.99TL through Turkey.. Then on phone I get 49.99TL for premium using same vpn provider and Turkey as the location… Can't really make sense of that at all.

  • Awesome thanks. Got it working. used Worldvpn, chose ultra netflix package TRY39.99.

    • $10.64 came out of my account. Used ING card.

  • Still works great, the prices have changed to 16.99 for the Turkish which adds 30 cents or so more. But overall less then 5 dollors a month sounds great!
    Thanks OP

    Used Commonweath bank debit card all good!

  • For mobile phone use would you go for basic plan???

  • anyone getting a netflix site error when trying to login in through turkey netflix site? using NordVPN

    • No issues for me, just done it there using VPN Unlimited

    • same here

  • +1

    Hi All, looks like Turkey pricing has gone up to 49.99 TL for Premium so looks like Argentina is back being the cheapest at 299 ARS.

    I tried to sign up using CyberGhost VPN and it first wouldn't accept my card complaining about payment processing unavailable however opened another incognito and it got passed that but wanted a mobile to activate the account and required an Argentina number so couldnt proceed.

    I have activated 1 month in Australia for the $17.99 so the account is activated now and cancelled so after the subscription expires I will try again. Anyone else seeing the price increase?

    • It shows 39.99 Tl for me. I just signed up using von unlimited. I had tried ing with no success. Finally managed via Amex (they charge 3% transaction fee but at least it let me do it).
      I will change to the lower plan after trial though as 4K doesn’t seem that different to me tbh.

    • It first showed 43.99 TL for me on Android and after Incognito it came down to 39.99 TL. Try delete your cache and try Incognito again

  • trying through windscribe and get the same issue with it requesting an Argentinian phone number..

    • +1

      For those stuck with the Argentinian number here’s what I did.

      I’ve used chrome app on IOS (iphone), windscribe app to Argentina, 28 degrees master card.
      If you get stuck with the phone number just click the Argentinian flag and you can actually change the country there. I put my Australian mobile number and it worked!

      Also I received a text from 28 degrees if you want to authorise the payment or not which just $10.20.

      Hope this helps.

  • Does not work with ING account.

    • worked with my ing.

      • +1

        I tried ing no luck. It worked with Amex.

      • del

      • Which VPN did you use, and did you use on your existing account or sign up a new one? ta. Mine didn't work, tried numerous times:(

  • Cheers guys, worked perfectly.

    Went with Goose VPN, Incognito mode (to get the lowest price) and Google Pay.

    Google pay with my CBA card did not occur any fees and come out 1c cheaper (charged $7.24 for standard plan straight in AUD)

    Can't be happier :)

  • My ING card didn't work, tried Ghost and Safer, both got payment error message:(, I have given up.

  • OK Spent an hour almost doing this and got it to work. When I tried it with Goose VPN and selecting Turkey, the price came up as 43.99 TL. After numerous cache clearing, using my phone and installing vpn software etc, I still couldnt get it down to $39.99 TL. By then I was like stuff it, $43.99 TL is still better than what im paying in Australia. I then entered my credit card details (citibank Signature) and when I click on the next page, it said congratulations, membership renewed at 39.99!!

    So what im saying is, if you guys try, and am getting 43.99, just go on ahead to credit card payment, you should get the 39.99 after card details are entered.

    So happy :)

  • Just got this email. Anyone else get it too?

    Prezado Cliente,

    infelizmente nosso sistema encontrou algumas inconsistência em seu cadastro NETFLIX em conjunto com a sua operadora de cartão de crédito.

      Portanto é de suma importância a atualização imediata do seus dados em nosso sistema.        Acesse agora o link abaixo evitando assim o bloqueio da sua conta.

    Which translates to

    Dear customer,
    unfortunately our system has found some inconsistency in your NETFLIX account in conjunction with your credit card provider.
    Therefore, it is extremely important to immediately update your data in our system. Go to the link below to avoid blocking your account.

    • +2

      looks like a dodgy email, definitely dont follow the link in the email
      type netflix directly into the browser to check your account

  • just wanted to share my experience today

    nordVPN freetrail didnt get me any deal. every time it showing 8.99USD as payment plan

    1. purchased 1 month windscribe VPN from google play for $10.99 AUD (originally $11.99 but google gave $1 discount at the checkout)
      2.login in to expired netflix account after Using windscribe VPN Argentina and purchasing $5.02 for Basic plan
      3.Turkey deal wasn't working for me somehow. my internet browser stopped working after connecting to VPN turkey.

    Total amount i have paid today was $16.02

    Also used 28degrees credit card to avoid international transaction fees

  • Signing up to turkey.. asks me for a mobile number to verify

    Let's confirm your account.
    To start your membership, we’ll send you a text message with a one-time code to confirm your account. Text fees may apply.

    How do you get around that?

    • You let it send the text… just change the country code to Australia

      • Could change country code on mobile, worked on 🖥

  • current brazil sub just got bumped to BRL45.90 starting next month (20 increase from its current price)

    Might be time to jump to Turkey

  • so how do i go about setting up profiles and sharing it with fam ? i dont want ppl using each others profile .. pin doesnt seem to be working .. it makes me pick one pin for all accounts. any help ?

    • you cant

  • Welp, I setup Windscribe (paid $2 to access Argentina and Turkey), tried Coles MC no dice, tried Westpac Altitude Black AMEX and it asked for phone number, arranged a phone number in Argentina and went back to try and now refuses the same card. Every other card is being refused too. Sigh :(

  • decided to just make a new account rather than wait for my Brazil sub expire

    1) Getflix VPN - Turkey UDP 1194
    2) Checked ipleak, all good
    3) Netflix in incognito -> www.netflix.com. Showed as turkey, signed up for new account
    4) 39.99 TRL for monthly payments, bankwest platinum CC
    5) done ;)

  • Hi OP
    I think Brazil has raised their pricing recently? Are you aware?

    • yep, its jumping to
      "current brazil sub just got bumped to BRL45.90 starting next month"

      • I am with PIA and just joined Nord as well with the 56% cash back deal a week ago. However, despite Nord can access Turkey and Argentina but when you go to netflix, it still only go to us site and us $

  • windscribe worked for argentina for me, but both their turkey destinations are so overloaded they don't connect.

    chrome + windscribe in incognito didnt work (asked for mobile number, which you cant change the country code in the mobile site)
    firefox on same device worked fine (didnt ask for mobile)

  • +2

    As others have already mentioned. I can get my VPN to show accurate pricing in Turkey or Argentina, but my credit card is refusing to go through, which is a real shame.

    Would love it if anyone has a solution.

    • mines doing the same

      • i used my citibank visa debit. it failed the first time as citibank requested for an one time approval of transaction. logged into citibank to approve this transaction. the retried credit card details. all ok after authorizing it via citibank

  • Goose vpn worked for me 1st go, with ANZ debit card. On the laptop, couldn't seem to choose Turkey option on the mobile.

    Thanks Op.

  • +2

    finally jumped on this one.

    Found slight issue trying to sign up via desktop browsers similar to what others have mentioned - get the right pricing etc. but get stuck when asked for a phone number for recovery. Not sure why but the desktop browsers (chrome & firefox) wouldn't let me click the flag to change it to Australian. To get around this, I signed up via mobile device, reached the same point with phone number input - but this time in the mobile browser, it let me change the flag to an AUS number - then continued on & signed up just fine to Turkey pricing.

    For those interested:
    - Used various free VPN trials in conjunction with Chrome & Firefox - gets Turkey pricing but gets stuck @ "provide a recovery phone number". Unable to click flag to change & doesn't accept "+61" in the input field … could not continue =(

    - Signed up to World VPN 1 day trial
    - Installed OpenConnect on Android phone
    - Setup VPN connection for Turkey location
    - Used Android Firefox browser to sign up to netflix.com
    - Confirmed pricing plans were 27.99 TL/TRY for Standard Plan
    - On the "provide a recover phone number" page, changed Turkey flag to the Australian one & entered standard oz number
    - Continued signup process successfully.
    - Used new account details on Netflix app on Vodafone TV box successfully & have been streaming Netflix non-stop since =)

    • Yeah WorldVPN mentioned here in the method that worked for me

    • @spikiii,

      Can you access non-Australia Netflix content on your Vodafone TV box?

      • +1

        It works fine on mine using DNS4ME while accessing Netflix US.

      • +1

        Yep - accessed through VPN set at router level so no issues.

  • Trying to sign up with ING has anyone received the following error? "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use."

    I get this error with all cards used? are they Geo Blocking cards?

    • yeah i'm experiencing the same error. Have tried 4 different bank cards. No luck.

      • Same here, PrivateVPN and CBA cards.
        Time to install firefox

        • No better