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iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Space Grey - $999 @ Officeworks


iPhone 8 plus 64gb Space Grey has gone down in price at Officeworks.

Noticed the price automatically changed this afternoon and the other type of 64gb colours slowly went down in price but have gone out of stock.

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    I bought this phone at launch for $1079. It's not even 10% off after a year. yeah nah.

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    I got a 2 week old 8 plus 256gb for $800 6 months ago. Wife uses it great phone.

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    Last year's model, not top spec model, base storage only, still a grand.

    How nice it must be, to be Apple.

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      im pretty sure the cpus in these are faster than other non-apple phones from this year.

      edit: yeah bloody hell! geekbench single core score: 4221 multicore score: 10178
      compared to the top phones in the android benchmark list single core: 3315 (samsung s9) multicore: 8874 (one plus 6)

      im defineltey no apple fanboy but their cpus are top notch. it's why you see people rocking iphone 6S's from 2015 and why their new ipad pro has a faster cpu than a number of x86 cpus

    • -2 votes

      Android fans seem to know nothing about iOS. Will still get support for longer than any Android, still faster and smoother too


        Thats a presumptuous comment. Also, Android phones can had for a lot cheaper. Also, in day to day use, you will barely notice the difference in performance between an Android and iOS phone, so those GeekBench stats etc are pretty much pointless. Android phones have their pro's and con's, just like iOS. There is no one "winner" - it just comes down to your personal preference and budget. I prefer not to be locked into the iOS walled garden, and enjoy the flexibility and storage expansion of Android, along with many other features it offers over iOS. Others will enjoy the simplicity and other things iOS has to offer. Each to their own.


          100% agree, hence why I have a P2XL. It doesn't perform quite as good as old iPhones or current gen iPhones, but it was cheap as chips.

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          The geekbench results aren't useless. They show why iphones from 3 years ago can feel much smoother than an android phone from the same era (or from last year). You're investing in that CPU power to give you decent performance over 2-3 years.

          I've got an android device for my home business (which i bought), and an iphone 8 plus which my workplace provided me. If i had to pick one, personally it'd be the iphone.

          • software support is top notch. phones from 5 years ago are still getting IOS12. How many android phones from 5 years ago are getting Oreo? How many phones from 2 years ago are getting Oreo? Unless you're on the pixel product line (which aren't much cheaper than iphones), you toss a coin about what software your phone manufacturer will provide down the track.
          • i dont feel like im in any 'walled garden'. My iphone is full of google apps which sync to the android. Having said that - all of my family use iphone and i'm locked into imessage!
          • i dont see any additional flexability on the android. genuinly curious about what flexibility it provides that you make use of?
          • i've never used the micro SD card slot on the android (both phones have 64gb which ive never filled - thanks google photo backup!)

          The one thing android has is value. But then this is more often a negative as they don't hold their value.

          My full time job is in IT, have a home business in IT. Run linux, BSD, windows etc. Tinker with all types of hardware, have a garage full of gear but when it comes to my phone - it has to work. I dont want to worry about any aspect and i think thats what iphone and ios provide. I went down the android route with custom roms and hacked APKs but in the end - it was a fun but shitty experience (for me). I know it'll last me at least two years before i bother my workplace for new one.

          I hate the ios/android fights as most of the time it's people who only ever use the one variety bashing the other. I've written all this crap and struggling to press that Post Comment button :D


        EDIT: Duplicate comment.


    Midrange Apple is a grand now.


    The difference between Apple and Android is shrinking. Apple tended to be a follower these years since Steve Jobs's leaving.


      It was only because Steve left that Apple was finally able to make big screen phones and go to a modern os colour palate.

      You can say most of the innovations people wanted out of iPhones and iOS came about because of Steve leaving

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    Bought xr last night from Big W for $50 more… no deal


      Officeworks has lowered all 8 Plus 64gb prices to $999 so price matching with JB HiFi will not work.

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