[OzBargain's 12th Birthday] Chatswood NSW Meetup / Wed 28 Nov 5PM / Co-Sponsored by Cashrewards

Hi all. Cashrewards will be celebrating OzBargain's 12th birthday by hosting a co-sponsored meetup on Wednesday Nov 28 from 5PM to 7:30PM. We're throwing this open to 60 OzBargainers who have been members for at least 6 months. If we go above this number in the poll, all names will go into a draw and 60 will be selected.

RSVP is mandatory. Please don't commit if you don't intend to come as you may hold up someone else's spot. Simply click your intention in the poll below. Closer to the date, I will PM all successful attendees with a code which you need to present at the door to receive your name badge (please ensure your PM is turned on).

Come dressed as yourself, or come dressed in camouflage. The choice is entirely up to you. We will however have a prize for whoever is deemed best 'party' dressed in true OzBargain spirit. I know what I'll be doing lol. We'll have plenty on, including food, drinks, prizes, surprises, and a showcase of the office and our team. You'll see first hand just what an incredible bunch of people we have on board. We'll also have our very own Scotty blowing out 12 candles on an OzB Birthday cake.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Should be a smashing event. As I always say, thanks for the support and enjoy :)

EDIT: There's a possibility the event will be live-streamed, but we'll make a final call on that closer to the date.

In summary:

Date: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018.
Time: 5PM to 7:30PM (please be there 5PM sharp, no latecomers).
Venue: Cashrewards - Tower 2, L7, 475 Victoria Ave Chatswood.
Open to OzB members with an account of 6 months or older.
RSVP: Mandatory by Nov 23.

Other meetups: Sydney Northshore #1 | Sydney Northshore #2 28/11 5PM Chatswood | Sydney West 17/11 12:30PM Parramatta | Sydney CBD #1 22/11 6:30PM Surry Hills | Sydney CBD #2 29/11 6PM Sydney | Melbourne 29/11 5:30PM Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth

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  • 102
    YES, I would like to attend

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  • +7

    YES YES YES I am coming! Time to book some flights :)

    I'll also contribute to the prize pool with some gadgets of my own from our friends in China !!

    • +3

      Do we need to come up with an attended every meetup badge?

      • +1

        It's not a bad idea but I'll have to skip the Melb one this time round.

    • +1

      YES YES YES I am coming!

      You are way too excited😁
      Now I'm coming…

      • Wish I could make it….

        • Won't make it to Sydney either😞

          But we made to the quieter OzBargain Birthday Party in Brissie🎉

          No prizes, no T-shirts (boo!), no TA, just drinks, food & chatting in the afternoon sun.

  • anything for you home city TA? =(

  • +1

    RSVP, I am coming!

    • +11

      Mobileciti rep! A free iPhone XS for all in attendance lol :)

      • +5

        Haha, I would love to, I will try my best, see we can get from our vendor ;)

  • +1

    Clever move placing it on the day before another Birthday Party Co-Sponsored by a cashback company. Airs of Cinco de Cuatro…

    • +2

      We just wanted to run it on the actual day of OzB's 12th. Made so much sense sitting around PCs watching all the deal posts with Scotty lol. Nothing at all untoward :)

      • +1

        Oh no, you have my respect! This seems like it will be the best organised and most fun party yet. Thanks for hosting it.

        Will you be attending?

        • +5

          It took a lot of convincing from Andrew & co, but yes I'll be there.

          • @tightarse: More importantly, will you be drunk?

          • +4

            @tightarse: Now that we're over the quota, hopefully everyone who gets drawn will show up. It might be a good idea to ask draw-ees to confirm their attendance and hold redraws for those who don't reply.

  • +2

    come dressed in camouflage.

    I'm going dressed as Scotty.

    I have a problem with you people, will be banning.

    • +3

      Now if there's one person I definitely want to meet, it's you Scab!

      • +4

        Trust me, you don't.

        • This one instance i trust you

    • +2

      I have a problem with you people,

      Happy Festivus!

  • +1

    Just RSVPed.

  • +2

    This will be epic. A chance to meet key members of both Ozbargain and Cashrewards? Will be a really great experience for anyone in attendance.

  • So early! I was tossing up to either go to the North Sydney or Sydney city meetup seeing as i live the south east. I think city meetup will be easier. Any on the street parking at 6? Ah i just read the T&C no late comers lol.

    • I wonder if we can attend more than one?

      • I guess you can if you can make to each plus you are long time member.

        I don't even know whats going on with the city meetup.

        What area are you from?

        • I'm around Lane Cove so both are near to me. Yourself?

          • @ChillBro: I am from Maroubra so the city meetup is closest to me. The north Sydney meetup looks good if you can make it plus you get to meet TA and Scotty.

            • +3

              @aussieprepper: I'm from the suburb just north of Maroubra but I'm likely going to all the parties in Surry Hills, Chatswood & CBD.

  • +1

    Am flying out of Sydney tomorrow after 4 weeks here. Trying to arrange a return for this (& any other OB events). Worth coming back for👍

    • Plans changed so have revoked my RSVP so someone else has a chance😞

  • +1

    Ah nice choice of location :P

    I literally work at the next building from you guys (and we play soccer together every now and then) so I will be keen to join on the 28th!

    • See you then :)

  • +1

    Awesome location. Hope to see you guys there.

  • +1

    I'm down for a meetup!

  • Chatswood is convenient for me i can finally attend an ozbargain Meetup 😀

  • +1

    Wow my post regarding a CR match was in jest… Sounds awesome, would love to be a part of this

    • Looking forward to seeing you there :)

  • +1

    I did not know CR office is in Chatswood haha, perfect location hehe

  • Keen to come but the 5pm sharp will be near impossible for me…penciled into my calendar

    • Agreed. I would have loved to come as I live nearby but I won't be able to get there before 6

  • Awesome, now i just need to lose a few kegs to fit into my Ozbargain shirt :O

  • +1

    Count me/RSVP!! :D

  • Oh dang. Perfect location but no go on the timing for me.

    Sounds awesome though. Will you do more in the future?

  • Yes. I'd loooove to come, what about +1's???

    • If your +1 is a long standing OzB member, then yes :)

      • Would they have to be picked out of the draw too?

        • Well we're over the quota now, so in fairness to everyone, yes.

          • +1

            @tightarse: Makes sense. Knowing my luck, I will have to watch the party from my office across the building hahaha :)

            Fingers crossed!

  • would like to come on those day, but unfortunately have to work :(
    Really want to come.
    Maybe if on Monday would be great :)

  • +1

    TA I moved overseas already. Shame I wont get to see you guys. Have fun!

    • +1

      I wondered what happened to you :P

      • +1

        He used to work in the same building as CR :)

      • And for some reason Im still trolling ozbargain even when I cant have my stuff delivered here in Philippines. haha

  • +1


  • if only i didn't book a holiday for that week :'(

  • Fark its on a weekday otherwise would have flown in from Melbourne with all my Velocity points. Damn Damn

  • Hi,

    Do we just put RSVP here to go into the hat? Fingers crossed!

    • Because we've hit the 60 cap, yes. Good luck!

  • RSVP. Would love to go and meet people from Cashrewards.

    • Please make sure you hit the poll button in the OP. We'll let the 60 know by Monday at the latest. Thanks.

      • Thanks! I hit the button.

  • Can we bring friends???

    • Sure, providing this condition is met by each:

      Open to OzB members with an account of 6 months or older.

      But please remember we're already over our cap of 60, so there will be a ballot.

  • Me and my husband wanted to come but we only use 1 account :(

    • Yo this would be my first meet up in Sydney

  • Yes

  • Hey TA - I might not be able to get there at 5pm sharp, would 5:30 be ok?

    • We need everyone there as close to 5PM as possible. Please note there will need to be a ballot to draw the final 60 as we're already 40 people over budget lol. Will PM the 60 on Sunday :)

  • RSVP

  • Sounds great! Looking fwd to swinging by :)

    • +1

      Pretty sure it's not that kind of party.

  • +2

    can I bring my 5months old baby? I am training him to be ozbargainer by scoring him $0.35 baby food at coles yestetday & getting free 2nd hand clothes since he was born.

    • +2

      Sorry, no:

      OzBargainers who have been members for at least 6 months.

  • Was so excited for my first meet-up but it clashes with the ARIA Awards which I have to be at (would rather be with OzB!).

    Have the best time everyone! Keen to see pictures after :)

    • +1

      A bunch of ozbargainers won tickets to the Arias 3? years ago with Coca Cola - we know because we were all copping instant wins and mentioning it on the competition thread. Was a heap of fun. I'd happily take your Aria tickets ;) (although idk Ozb has strong appeal too)

      • +1

        Haha wish it were so easy :( I work in publicity for NIne, so have to be there. Don't get me wrong it'll be fun, but I've never been to an OzB meet and this one looks like it would be a great one!

  • Event is next week and would like to attend. Is it too late?

  • Damn, would have loved to attend. Thanks TA, Andrew and Cashrewards for making this happen.
    Looking forward to the live stream!

    • Pretty sure I already have livestream of Tightarse, PM me.

  • +13

    Hi all. Acceptance PMs have now been sent to the successful applicants. Due to the large response, we drew names and unfortunately some have missed out on this occasion (others had PM turned off and missed out too). Looking forward to seeing you there. Should be a great afternoon/night. Thanks again.

    • Thanks TA, can’t wait!

    • Bummer! Oh well..

    • Dammit didn’t realize my PM was turned off :(

  • Damn it, forgot to rsvp. Oh well, have fun everyone

    • +1

      There has got to be at least one no-show. If you're free, might be worth lurking around the entrance and seeing if TA will let you in!

  • +13

    Just a small teaser of some of the prizes & giveaways for the meetup. Many thanks to Mobileciti, Wireless-1, JW Computers, and Woolies for the goodies. Scotty will also be bringing along OzB t-shirts. For those that received my PM, looking forward to seeing you there Wednesday :)

    • +6

      Isn't the grand prize Selfie with TA?

    • +7

      I will also come bearing gifts.

      Two of these extremely popular Car Charges and this waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. I hear the speaker works well in the bath tub ;)

      • Oh wow! Thanks heaps Clear. We'll add them to the kitty.

      • +1

        The waterproof Bluetooth Speakers will be useful in this rain.

        • +2

          That is if my flight makes it 😉

      • -1

        No toasters for the bathtub?

  • -2

    Can I rock up just before 5pm and take the spot of someone who is a no show at 5pm?

    • Open to OzB members with an account of 6 months or older.

      Member Since 13/11/2018

      • Poor bugger.

        Going along his/her's line though; I'd also like to attend if possible.

        TA - As an unsuccessful poll applicant; I'd love to join the waiting queue outside and swing by if you got any no shows :)

    • +4

      I've been a member for a while

      Join date: 10/10/2018 lol