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Telstra Broadband - No Contract Plans Now Have Setup Fees Waived (Plus a Free Google Home Mini if You Signup before Dec 25th)

Update: please read the comments in this thread - there have been numerous reports of mistakes being made during AND after the order.

Telstra unlimited cable broadband 50/5 Mbps now $89 per month with all setup fees waived.

This is the cheapest non-contract cable broadband from Telstra I have seen.

You get unlimited 50/5 cable internet, free latest modem, and free calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia (and a free Google Home Mini if you signup before Dec 25th).

I will be getting this while I wait for HFC NBN to be available in my area.

Ps. This is an online only deal, not sure if you can get it from a Telstra shop.

Also, this deal applies to new customers (although the website only mentions moving home).

Edit 1: Current Telstra customers - after reading the comments it appears that at least one current Telstra customer was able to get this deal applied as well, by chatting with an agent online.

Edit 2: Non-cable internet - this offer applies to all broadband connections, not just cable (according to a few comments in this thread).

I entered my address, chose the plan, when asked if I was an existing customer I clicked 'No' and I got a 'Good news we're waiving the $240 setup fee for you'message.

There have been numerous reports that sometimes the discount is not applied, others report (as has been my experience) that various discounts will be applied when using different browsers/devices (even by the same person).

I have had anything from $0 to $99 to the full $240 setup payment depending on device/browser before I was able to get the full discount - So if you're a new customer enter your address and check for yourself if it works for you.

If the link provided doesn't work, try this one (which is essentially the homepage for this offer) https://www.telstra.com.au/latest-offers/moving-offer

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    • I signed up on Saturday and cancelled today. The reason: Telstra decided to include a $240 charge in the confirmation email that was not on the web page I accpted. Spent some time trying to convice some online person that it was wrong, but all shekept on saying was that as I'm not "moving house" so they would not honour the deal. This is despite the website confirming everything was ok, the $240 fee waived, the invoice I signed up for showing nothing other than the $89 monthly fee. I even said that I considered it 'bait-and-switch' given their online system was happy to sign me up, but she kept on insisting that I would get charge $240 because!!!! She didn't even try to offer me anything other than "you can sign up for 24 months lock in contract to avoid the fee". It was some of the worst of the worst customer service I have ever experience, no attempt at all to check on the offer, or get an interpretation, she was right and I was wrong, claiming no way would I be able to sign up for the package telstra was offering, because I was an existing customer. Background: internet is ADSL with IINET (so not a Telstra customer and I told her that), home phone telstra (but not for much longer) .

  • What are we going to do with Telstra modem if we disconnect after 30 days ? Return to them or keep it for free ?

    • Did you sign up for a cable plan?

      Because I did and during signup the order said that it comes with:

      1x Telstra Broadband Protect
      1x Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 with Cable Adapter
      Min term 1 month

      Now that I got the confirmation email there's nothing about cable, and while the order is almost identical, it is missing the "with Cable Adapter" part after the modem.

      Does your email confirmation include the Modem Cable Adapter? Or have I signed up for an ADSL plan lol (I can't log in yet to check).

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        My confirmation email doesn't have the "with Cable Adapter" as well, but confirmed with the online chat rep that I had signed up for cable

      • It is said Telstra Air and Broadband Protect, optional modeM

        • Thanks guys

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    Hi all,
    After trying different browsers I was unable to get the fee waived so I chatted to Telstra rep and was given the link below.


    This worked for me so give it a go if you're experiencing any problems :)

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      Yes, that is the correct offer. I posted the link the way I found it, just in case, but this is the page it's linked to.

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        Yeah I think the the offer is locked to the link so if you navigate outside of link or come through via Telstra home page the offer isnt available?
        Anyway, great find!

        Thanks op :D

        • Thanks op :D

          But no "+" ?

  • +1

    Looks like this could be good for replacing my iPrimus ADSL connection that constantly drops, should end the blame game as it will all be Telstra and then when my crappy connect drops it will switch over to 4G. Will wait to confirm it can happen before I get too excited but thanks OP

  • What is the benefit Of Telstra vs other providers?

    • I think the main benefit is for Telstra Cable internet, but people with old ADSL connections may also find that they get better speeds due to less congestion (as compared to the Optus network for example).

  • I currently have ADSL2 through Internode and get crappy 5/2 speeds.

    It appears as though cable is available at my address based on the website, is there any way to determine whether I'll get close to the 50/5 they are advertising?

    I'd hate to go through the process to find it's just as bad.

    I don't have NBN planned for my area until 2020.

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      for $89 why not just give it a go? you only have to pay 1 month right because it's casual plan, if you do it 1/2 way into your current billed month for ADSL, you'll get a few days to compare the both at the same time and then cancel the worse one. Unless your on a contract with ADSL?

      When I spoke to Telstra sales he said he can't tell me what speeds I'll get, he said people in my area get around 40Mbps on cable, whereas I currently get 7Mbps on ADSL2+

      • If the phone line is disconnected less than 3 months, there's a $100 fee involved whether you are in a contract or not. It's in the CIS.

        • Cable requires a phone line?

          • @Nalar: He could be referring to your ADSL, but it would be odd if he was.

          • @Nalar: This is a bundle deal which comes with the phone line. The cable internet itself does not require a phone line but you cannot "opt out" of the phone line within the first 3 months without avoiding that $100 according to the CIS.

        • No, at the very top of the CIS it says that "This summary may not reflect any discounts or promotions that may apply from time to time".

          When you sign up, and when you get the order confirmation email, it says "Min cost $89 over 1 month" (or whatever plan you choose).

          They would have to honour that.

          • @BooYa: I wouldn't jump to this conclusion before checking with them. Technically you could be paying the minimum $89 "on this plan" if you changed your plan to something else after a month but still kept the phone line for a total of 3 months.

            • @ozyack: Weird you'd get a phone connection for a cable sign up.

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                @Nalar: When I signed up for this, I told them I didn't need the home line but I was told that I had to take it as a bundle, they wouldn't sell the internet by itself. Weird but yeah. I guess it's a side business for them in case you use any paid services on the home line but who uses home phone these days? (sigh)

                • @ozyack: So the cost of the phone line is included in the cable plan, but you get slugged $100 for leaving early.

                  Somehow that seems underhanded.

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                    @Nalar: Some calls are not included in the plan and will cost extra (eg. 1300 numbers and some others - check CIS for details). Technically you are still not under contract. That's just a separate fee regarding the phone line (mentioned as temporary connection fee on CIS). I would check with them before making a decision on disconnecting the service.

            • @ozyack: No, the ACCC has been pretty clear on this - Telstra and Optus (or any other telco or business for that matter) cannot mislead consumers with 'small print' or ambiguous language.

              The ACCC has taken a particular interest in the telco industry and their standard form contracts.

              The representation is Min cost over 1 month $89 (note there is no qualification here so there is no ambiguity).

              They would have to honour that, or deal with the TIO or ACCC (in my case both).

              Just keep a record/copy of all your communications with them (ask for names and reference numbers if it's a phone call, and summarise what you've been told in written notes, for future reference).

              I know they might try to weasel out of an agreement, it wouldn't be the first time, but knowing and asserting your consumer rights can largely prevent that.

              People often cop the fees because they don't want to stuff around with the complaints processes.

              Often it's just quicker and easier to just pay it than rectify it, but those who are determined enough (and have the time to spare) I'm sure they can get it resolved.

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      I'm on this plan (without the speed booster which costs $20 more) Just did a speed test for you on my phone: D/L: 53.8 mbps U/L: 5.12 mbps
      This is even the "capped" speed as I have not paid the extra $20 for the booster, which means it can even be faster. Yet, I am watching 4K Netflix without any interruption whatsoever, it's fast enough as it is.

      • Trouble with using Netflix is that as far as I know all ISPs keep a cache of all Netflix content at their local POPs.

        This means you're usually streaming Netflix content from a server in your closest major city in Australia.

        Can you stream YouTube content that is not very popular (so it doesn't have a local cache) in the same auality?

        I'm asking because it's the speed of international connections is what interests me the most, since most of the content I'm interested in only have overseas servers.

        • +1

          With my previous ADSL connection I was having problems even with 1080p content on Netflix and my speed tests ranged within 7-12 mbps so coming from your example I should have watched 1080p content without any issues but it never happened. I will check out some other content for you if you like but the quality of most international content will depend on what you are able to retrieve from their own servers so that would not be a true indication of your ISP speed.

          • @ozyack: Thanks mate.

            No, it's ok, don't worry about checking for me. My order has gone through and I guess I'll find out soon enough.

            From what I was able to gather Telstra have probably the fastest international transit anyway.

            Internode also had their own good international infrastructure before they were bought out by TPG.

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      I also got the same crappy speed with Belong on Telstra ADSL2, the distance from my house to the Telstra exchange is more than 6km so that speed was expected. I was fed up and decided to go with Telstra cable last Oct and could not be happier, got about 40+/4+. Paid $40 for early termination with Belong + $89 for new cable connection, it's worth the change. NBN coming to my area next Apr-June 2019

  • I don’t have nun available at my current place only ADSL+ but I see a foxtel socket does that mean I can try for a cable connection?

    • Could just mean there is/was a dish on the roof at some stage

      • I see. That’s a bummer.

        • Have a look on the roof - Foxtel do not remove the dish when you stop Foxtel via satellite.

          More importantly, have a look around the house, when Foxtel instal cable they instal a Telstra branded box which should be easily seen attached to a wall.

          Above all else, if there has ever been Foxtel cable at the property you should be able to get this offer - just enter your details into the 'Qualifications check on the link in the offer' and it will tell you which types of Internet connections you can get.

          I had Foxtel cable years ago, now have Foxtel satellite dish, but the old cable connection is still there and I can get cable from Telstra.

          • @BooYa: Yeah i already did. I can only get adsl for now but ill ask the telstra technician to have a look

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    I finally manage to apply for this, despite being with Telstra at present, after having an online chat with agent - Richard. The previous agent wouldn't give it to me. So I tried again this morning with success! So I am getting connection fees waived, free google home mini and free new Gen 2 modem. $89 per month casual bundle

    @BooYa, can you update that current Telstra can also get this, maybe by luck or with agent Richard.

    • Did you ask what you need to do with the modem if you terminate with them later on? Can we keep the modem?

      • No I didn't. I planned to stay with Telstra. This is my 3rd modem from Telstra since been with them 10yrs+

        • I just updated it. Thanks for the info.

    • +1

      I've just done the same and was told that as an existing customer you can now sign up for this online with no casual fee, google home mini included. What I couldn't do was get them to include a gen 2 modem. That part Didn't bother me much.

      • Good to know (and it kind of makes sense since they already provided you with one modem).

        Same thing with my Foxtel upgrade from IQ3 to IQ4 as an existing customer, I doubt they'd give it to me for free.

    • Cheers. Also a current Telstra customer with an old $100/m ADSL plan, I got the change over to the $69/m, 100GB, free modem and google mini and free delivery. Failed last night but got it this morning (not by Richard though).

      • 😀good work! The new modem looks promising

  • +1

    This morning I received an email notification from Telstra that there is a parcel coming in for me in the next few days. Could be the GHM. Gosh, they are super efficient.

    • Yeh I received an email yesterday with a timeline. Unfortunately it will only be activated on the 28th. Hopefully there speeds better than what I am currently getting on ADSL+ (8mbps).

  • Is anyone able access your account on the app? I already have a Telstra account but I can’t this broadband plan added to it yet. I used the same email Id.

    • Ha, I have the same problem.

      I can't log in and create a Telstra ID because I get this message "The details you have provided do not match those in our records".

      So I followed the instructions given on the page and chatted with a couple of Telstra agents who confirmed my details but to no avail.

      I am waiting for someone to ring me to confirm this has been resolved (but it still doesn't work).

      I did receive a call from what I presume was their provisioning team about my installation who said there was a problem with the exchange code used by TPG not matching that used by Telstra.

      When I asked about the login issue he said that was being handled/investigated by another department, so I'm waiting for them to call me back today as they promised to do.

      Now, mind you, I got the order confirmation by email yesterday right after filling out the online sign-up form, which had my order ID (but it was useless as none of the reps I spoke to could even enter it into the system - it's in a different format - it doesn't start with "1").

      I tried logging in and creating a Telstra ID yesterday with no luck, but it said it can take up to four hours, so I left it at that.

      Today, as I've mentioned, I get onto chat support because I still can't log in.

      I remember reading that it can take 24-48 hours before the agents can even see an online order on the system, but I thought it couldn't hurt to follow up (especially since people here who signed up after me already have had emails from Telstra that their modem was on the way).

      I did get an email right after talking to chat support the first time, which included my Telstra account number, but I still couldn't log in with that (hence the second talk with Telstra chat support).

      I get the impression that they are doing all they can, but the process shouldn't be this complicated for a company who has been doing this every day, for so long.

      Edit: I just realised that while I had to try different browsers before the discount was correctly applied and I could submit my order online, I have been using THE SAME BROWSER to try to log in !!!

      What if the problem isn't with the details but with the browser I've been using …

      • Its weird and so complicated. I am just going to wait until the activation date which they said is 28th for some reason. I might receive my modem by tomorrow. Ill hook it up and see what’s going on.

        Another fine print I just finished reading. 4g backup data speed limited to 6mbps. What a joke.

        • Yeah. 6 Mbps is about what I sync at with my ADSL (the actual throughput being usually 1-2 Mbps)

        • 4g backup data speed limited to 6mbps. What a joke.

          Actually, I am enjoying the 4G speed at the moment as my new modem hasn't kicked over to the new ADSL connection yet, sadly with my connection I'll expect 4mbps on a good day when it does.

    • Yeah, it's not the browser, even the page to setup SMS bill reminders is blank.

      Here's the link they sent me yesterday https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/account-billing/...

      This link comes from the same email that contained my Telstra ID and a link to the Telstra account log-in page.

      I am beginning to regret sharing this deal because it has brought me nothing but grief in the last day and a half, and I can just imagine what others who took up this offer must be going through.

      Way to take the excitement out of upgrading the internet. Telstra did NOT make a good first impression on me !!!

      At this stage I could take it or leave it. If I can't log in tomorrow I'll be cancelling the order and never sign up to anything from Telstra.

      • That link goes to a blank page. Like completely blank.

        • Yep. Telstra magic.

          I think if I had to work there I'd have a mental breakdown.

    • Finally, a resolution - chat support representative gave me the correct order number, and I was able to log in to "Track My Order" page. The order number provided in the order confirmation email was wrong (I have no idea how they could get this wrong).

      Edit: the Telstra support staff were great the whole time, it's just the system they have to work with seems very poorly managed.

      • What’s the current status?

        • It's at stage one.

          I forget what it was called, and after a day on the PC and Telstra support I don't really feel like opening it again today.

          But if you want, I can check … hang on I can just do it on the phone (no I can't, I can't remember the order number).

        • Ok, I got it - it's stage one:

          1) order processed Thurs 15th November 2018.

          2) voice service connection - your voice service connection date is yet to be determined.

          3) internet service - just connect your modem to activate your service.

          4) order complete.

          Now stage 1 text is light blue (with a tick), stages 2 and 3 are dark blue, and stage 4 is in white.

          Edit: it's odd that it shows as the order being processed today, instead of yesterday when I placed the order online.

          Ps. From that, I'm pretty sure that my cable internet will be good to go as soon as I plug in the modem, since I already have the outlet from a past Foxtel cable connection.

          • @BooYa: So, as soon as you activate your service you are good to go. Interesting. Because I received an email mentioning seperate activation date.

            I am not able to check the status of my order for some reason. But I received a text yesterday from telstra with my new landline number (same as old one cuz i am porting).

            • @Dealneo: The order number you got by email order confirmation is probably wrong.

              It should start with '1'.

              Contact chat support and ask for the correct order ID. That's what I had to do.

              That's when I got my customer ID by email too (right after chat with support).

              I can check the progress of my order but not log in to create a Telstra ID.

              I just had the rep call me as promised and asked if it was a good time and I said no, bacause I wanted to check if I can log into my account yet.

              He said he'll need to call me back Monday anyway so it would be real short, but said he would call me back after one other customer.

              I'm about to pull the plug on the deal, it shouldn't be this complicated.

              I don't need it that badly - I get tge NBN in 6 months …

  • Hi all

    I'm trying to sign up to this deal but I'm confused in Step 4 Setup & delivery about the transfer of my existing service.

    My address is detected as having Cable for Telstra.

    I currently have ADSL bundle with another company and would like to switch to Telstra Cable NOT ADSL.

    Which option do I select as my concern is they will transfer to Telstra as an ADSL customer?

    Do you have an existing broadband service?
    Yes, with another service provider and I want to switch to Telstra
    - it ask for existing connection type and company

    No, I want to setup a new broadband service

    • +1

      Same situatiin as you (ADSL and phone from TPG) I wasn't sure either.

      Telstra chat support advised me to select 'yes' and provide your ADSL details, account, and phone number.

      That's what I did, and today I got a call back from Telstra provisioning who confirmed that I was getting cable not ADSL.

      But he said he wasn't sure if I could keep the same phone number so, to keep things simple, I told him to give me a new number.

      I have the phone disconnected and never use it anyway, but you might want to find out if you can keep your number after you submit your order, if that is important to you.

      • +1

        Update, online chat has suggested that I choose a new connection.

        "For this one, kindly choose the I want to get a new internet conection instead please. This is so that the service will be surely to be transferred to Cable internet technology"

        Thanks BooYa

        It sounds like we're on the same situation as you mentioned.

        Connecting to cable is my priority and phone number is not important.

        • Exactly.

          So just to make sure I got this right - on the form, select 'yes' to 'I have a connection with another provider'.

          And there was a yes or no question after that, on the same page.

          I can't remember what I was told to put there, and I can't start a new order to check.

          Get in touch with chat support if still unsure (or jog my memory what the second question was and I should remember what I was told to enter there).

          Edit: oh you got in touch with chat support, then yes, they should be able to help you out.

          Good luck.

          • @BooYa: Do you have an existing broadband service?

            Yes, with another service provider and I want to switch to Telstra

            Connection type (ADSL, OTHER/CABLE)

            Service provider

            • @Rollie: Oh, ok, I thought there was more on that page.

              Anyway, good luck with that.

              Ps: I have only had one, but very annoying, problem - the order confirmation email I received contained the wrong order number.

              This meant that I couldn't log in to track my order (or log in anywhere really).

              After several conversations with chat support, and a couple of phone calls, they finally gave me the correct order number in chat support.

              Which should start with '1' or '1+' and not the one that was automatically generated by the system and started with two capital letters followed by some numbers.

  • All,
    I tried this in Google Chrome on my phone after multiple attempts signing up using normal Chrome browser windows didn't work but tried again in a new incognito tab and magically the $240 one time fee would be waived and you'll only need to pay the $89 monthly fee.

    Here's the link again:

  • Hey guys, just signed up to two days ago and I need some advice.

    Telstra is saying they have to provision my home phone before they can provision the cable internet. I don't see the connection between the two as it's not ADSL which is reliant on the home phone line.

    I am worried once my phone line is provisioned, I will lose my current ADSL connection with Exetel.

    Anyone in the same boat? Any advice?

    • I got told the same thing.

    • This offer includes cable and free phone calls (the phone service will go over the old ADSL wires until you switch over to NBN).

      Unless you can 'unbundle' the phone service from this plan if you don't need it?

  • I just got told I'll need to pay a $99 installation fee (wtf!) despite the $240 fee being waived. Trying to sort it out now via chat but they are sticking to it so far, even given them a link to the offer page.

    • Did you get the order confirmation by email? If you did, just send them that.

      • +1

        I offered to send them my Confirmation email and Screen shots but they didn't want them. Eventually after about 2 hours of going in circles they gave up and waived the 99 fee too.

        • They were not interested in me sending them my email comfirmations either (apparently their system is not setup to receive outside emails).

          I just spoke to a rep and he said to definitely keep the emails though, and take screenshots, just in case.

  • +1

    Hi all, just want to share my exp with you all. Especially BooYa.
    I am also a soon to be ex TPG adsl2 customer signing up this deal with Telstra. After seeing BooYa's exp I got curious and started chasing up Telstra about my order
    Wed midday, signup online no problems, email confirmation received right away with useless/fake order number. Wed night an e-mail from Telstra saying "Email bill" has been setup, I now have an account number
    Thurs late afternoon, call from Telstra saying I can't keep my TPG landline number, blah, blah, so I said ok to new number
    Fri morning, check with online chat team what is my real order number so I can check it. Same status as BooYa:
    Order status:In progress Order processed Wednesday, 14 November 2018 Order is in progress Voice Service Connection Your connection date is yet to be determined.Voice
    Order is in progress Internet Service Connection Internet Just connect your modem to activate your service

    I ask same online chat rep about ETA of modem. He says a tech will come to my place and install and bring the modem with them. I asked how do I check what is ETA and told me to call 132200 and say cable to talk to the right team
    My only diff with BooYa is I don't have a telstra/foxtel wall plate at my house. My house only has a grey Optus (not Telstra) coaxial box on the side
    I will call 132200 number later today and report back

    • +1

      Edit 1: Just spent half an hour of horrible time on the phone, 1st rep I spoke to was really rude and insist I cancel my existing service with TPG, leaving me no internet, even though modem is not sent out yet and started telling me to expect down time. My existing service is the sole reason for the whole hold up. I asked to speak to somebody else. 2nd rep was not much better and when I pushed he told me it's been escalated and I will definitely get a text msg telling me the activation date within 24 hrs, but he doesn't know whether modem will be sent out in the mail or brought by an installer. Waiting game now ensures. Will report back

      • Sorry to hear it.

        If you can get the modem delivered at least you can use Telstra's 4G if you're in the coverage area (at up to 6/1 Mbps I think).

        You will not be able to connect it the Optus outlet afaik.

        I'm curious about what you entered at step 4 of the order form (which asked whether you want a new service or a transfer).

        The way it was explained to me is that because this cable plan comes with phone calls included/bundled I would need to 'churn'from TPG.

        Now I asumed I could keep both (as with the NBN HFC) but the NBN HFC uses the NBN port for voice calls, while 'normal' cable broadband uses the ADSL/phone connection to deliver phone services, while delivering internet over the HFC over the Telstra/Foxtel coaxial cable.

        So, with HFC NBN you can have both, with HFC cable broadband (with bundled phone calls) requires they have access to the phone line (unless you sign up for a cable only plan).

        • Thanks BooYa,

          Step 4 if I remember correctly I chose new service? but I also gave them my existing provider name (tpg) and landline number. Does that mean I remembered wrong and chose transfer?

          I used chat online with Telstra and told them I don't have any cable socket in my home and rep confirmed no extra charges. I screen-capped it for this very reason:)

          Curious any of you will be cancelling/churn from your current provider anytime soon? Last rep told me to wait for activation text msg telling me a date before I cancel anything

          • @jayko: My cable order is a transfer/churn from TPG ADSL.

            Telstra rep said they need all that info about my current ISP to process the order at step 4.

            The way I understood it is that was all, and they would do the rest with TPG (process it as a transfer/churn I guess).

    • That would probably qualify as a non standard visit (I have the Telstra Foxtel box and outlet already).

      This offer is only for standard installs (self installation).

      I would ring/text to make sure you don't get charged for the visit or installation (and get some proof like an email copy of your chat with supoort).

  • I am currently with Optus. is it possible to join up with Telstra but at the same time keep the optus cable active. I do not want to have any downtime with internet.

    I don't mind having a new phone number for Telstra.

  • Anyone receive notification that their modem is on the way?

    • Yes, in one of the previous comments. @r0xz already got the modem (see comment below).

  • +1

    got my cable modem today & using it now. anyone know when will they send the Google Home mini?

    • +1

      Same, no mini with the package

    • You lucky sob :)

      You have restored my faith that this actually works.

      Ps. You should have received an order confirmation email saying that Google Home Mini is included.

      Come to think of it, I am having the order processed again and I forgot to mention the Mini (but my main concern is waving the setup fees).

      • +1

        The order confirmation email mentioned the free google mini. I guess it will be send on a later date? I have resheduled my connection to end of Jan. Lol, what do I do with the modem? It is for fttn btw

    • Also, what speeds are you getting? Are you using cable already or the 4G ?

      • +1

        I got no confirmation email about the Home Mini. My cable got up to 50Mbps.

        • No screenshots either?

          Wouldn't hurt to ask, the Mini IS supposed to be part of the deal.

          50 Mbps nice, can't wait.

          • +1

            @BooYa: just got off with T-chat..they said the GHM will be sent separately..no date provided anyway maybe next week or so.

            • @r0xz: Good to hear.

              I on the other hand ended up cancelling the order - it's not what I signed up for.

              Process is too complicated, riddled with errors, and plenty of uncertainty as to what you'll finally get.

              I don't have time or patience for that.

              • +1

                @BooYa: i don't bother to ask my plan. l0l-

                even asking for the GHM got me transferred to 3 different team!

                • @r0xz: Yeah. In the end, for me, wasn't worth the hassle.

                  I got the NBN coming between April-June and guess which company I'm definitely NOT going to sign up with ;)

                  Although, up until now, I was seriously considering Telstra or ABB for my NBN.

  • So, an update:

    After providing my account number (not the order or tracking number) the sales rep was able to pull up an account.

    They received my online order, but it was somehow processed as a contract order (I assume due to the no setup fee throwing the system out of whack, or confusing the reps).

    Now, he called someone and returned saying he'd have to cancel it and put a new one in (with no setup fees as before but on a casual plan).

    He said he'd be the one responsible for it now, and told me to keep the original order confirmation email and any screenshots (just in case).

    So, hopefully a step in the right direction.

    My advice - call or chat to someone about your order and make sure it has NOT been processed as a contract.

    You will probably need an account number for this (not the order number or tracking number).

    If it has been processed as a contract, I hope you're lucky enough to speak with a helpful agent (in my case Grant) who can process it as a casual plan with no setup fees.

    Good luck.

    • +1

      OMG, took your advice BooYa and sure enough chating now to a rep who says my order went through as a 24m contract, not casual.
      This is ridiculous, non of the previous chat/phone rep picked this up! I am going to see what this chat rep is going to do for me now.

      • At this stage nothing would surprise me.

        Don't forget to get them to include the Google Home Mini (it IS part of the deal).

        I completely forgot about it when they put my order through again.

  • +1

    Got an update that my order was only processed as a home phone and the internet some how dropped off. Hence the lack of modem received. Put in a complaint and trying to resolve now.

    • Sigh, what next? How can they mess things up like this?

      It's a basic part of their business, which they have been doing every day, for years.

      • +1

        Agreed. It wasn't even discovered by the first 4 customer service reps I spoke to despite my attempts to confirm that the internet has been included.

        I will give them a week to resolve otherwise I will just cancel the whole thing. The hassle just isn't worth it.