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Telstra Broadband - No Contract Plans Now Have Setup Fees Waived (Plus a Free Google Home Mini if You Signup before Dec 25th)

Update: please read the comments in this thread - there have been numerous reports of mistakes being made during AND after the order.

Telstra unlimited cable broadband 50/5 Mbps now $89 per month with all setup fees waived.

This is the cheapest non-contract cable broadband from Telstra I have seen.

You get unlimited 50/5 cable internet, free latest modem, and free calls to landlines and mobiles in Australia (and a free Google Home Mini if you signup before Dec 25th).

I will be getting this while I wait for HFC NBN to be available in my area.

Ps. This is an online only deal, not sure if you can get it from a Telstra shop.

Also, this deal applies to new customers (although the website only mentions moving home).

Edit 1: Current Telstra customers - after reading the comments it appears that at least one current Telstra customer was able to get this deal applied as well, by chatting with an agent online.

Edit 2: Non-cable internet - this offer applies to all broadband connections, not just cable (according to a few comments in this thread).

I entered my address, chose the plan, when asked if I was an existing customer I clicked 'No' and I got a 'Good news we're waiving the $240 setup fee for you'message.

There have been numerous reports that sometimes the discount is not applied, others report (as has been my experience) that various discounts will be applied when using different browsers/devices (even by the same person).

I have had anything from $0 to $99 to the full $240 setup payment depending on device/browser before I was able to get the full discount - So if you're a new customer enter your address and check for yourself if it works for you.

If the link provided doesn't work, try this one (which is essentially the homepage for this offer) https://www.telstra.com.au/latest-offers/moving-offer

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        • Same, but I will probably give them only until Monday to get the order processed correctly.

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            @BooYa: My home phone is set to port on 26/11 so I've got a bit of time to let them try to resolve this. But goodness me, I've forgotten how painful it can be to switch ISPs.

            • @twodollah: It's the old churning pains all over again. Can't wait for the NBN.

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    Final update - I ended up cancelling the order completely.

    The phone rep said he would process everything AGAIN, this time manually over the phone, but with all fees waived same as the online order, and if I did end up getting the $240 applied he would make a note on my account and give me a reference number to get it removed.

    He said he had to go through the process of reading the T&Cs again and said that Google Home Mini is only available until stocks last (so he couldn't confirm whether or not I would end up getting it because he 'assumed' the system would have to process a separate order for that).

    Edit: I just had a quick look at the offer page and it doesn't say anything about stock availability, CIS also does not mention it.

    Not knowing what I was going to end up getting, and not sure how many more calls/texts with support I would have to endure, I decided to cancel everything.

    He then had the audacity to say that "I don't think you appreciate what I have been trying to do for you".

    I thanked him for his efforts because I know they've done all they could.

    In the end though, I decided it wasn't worth the hastle to go through another signup process (this time over the phone with him) and possibly have to contact Telstra again, and again, just to get various problems fixed as I have been over the last couple of days.

    Edit: I still can't get over how my online order for the casual plan was processed as a 24 month contract! If I didn't know better I would have thought this offer was clickbait or a scam.

    I just wanted what they offered, I don't think that's too much to ask.

    I certainly don't think it's unreasonable for a customer to refuse/cancel the order, if they're not sure whether or not they're going to get what was offered, without being made to feel guilty about it by the sales rep (thanks Grant).

  • Interestingly, just received the offer from Telstra for free google home mini. The offer is for 24 months contract, $89/month plus $99 connection fee. Lol

    • Lol

  • I just got an email from Telstra Notifications (well two identical ones dated/spaced 4 minutes apart).

    Titled "Your details on a page".

    Except there were no details on either page, just an attachment with the Critical Information Summary.

    What's really strange is that they are dated YESTERDAY around 10pm, and I have checked my email regularly.

    I have no idea why I would get those NOW, a few hours after I cancelled everything.

  • Anyone knows if we can use the modem for other providers?

    • No, I think the modem is firmware-locked to the Telstra network.

      You can have a look at the Whirlpool Forums for more info.

      • Oh man

        • Well that was 100% for sure with the older Telstra cable modems.

          I'm not sure about these new ones since they're not cable modems but come with a cable adapter.

          I'd still be very surprised if you could use it with another ISP.

          With the slightly older Telstra cable modems you had to set them up in bridge mode, with another non-Telstra modem setup as the AP, even if you just wanted to connect a non-Telstra range extender or something like that.

          In fact most 'pro' internet users (at least the Whirlpool pros) use them in bridge mode only, and use a better modem as the Access Point.

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            @BooYa: https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Modems-Hardware/Can-I...

            "…You should be able to use the Telstra Modem for Internet service but you will not be able to use it VOIP function…"

            • @ozyack: Ok, I didn't really look into it.

              Is the TG800 model in that link the Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 ?

              Same as the one provided with this offer?

              Because the Telstra Gateway (cable) modems couldn't be used with other providers afaik.

              Here's the one I meant from a year ago https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Home-Broadband/Can-I-...

              I'm not sure why, whether they even had an ADSL port or just coaxial for cable.

              But the latest ones that come with this offer come with a cable adapter, so I guess they could be used with another ISP provided they have the gigabit port for NBN or a phone one for ADSL, if they're not locked to Telstra.

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                @BooYa: TG800 is what I got on this plan 3 months ago. Gen 2 is the very recent one. I wouldn't assume Telstra would go backwards in the means of compatibility so I believe Gen 2 would also work fine with other providers.

                • @ozyack: Thanks. I believe you are correct.

                  While I was looking into this I came across a pretty comprehensive Telstra Smart modem FAQs (although it doesnt deal with other ISPs per se it is pretty interesting) https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Broadband-nbn/Telstra...

                  • @BooYa: The interesting part is that the modem has an inbuilt sim card which the connection will be switched to when lost connection with nbn. My concern is that if I fiddle with it and use it for other providers and when I am connected to Telstra in 2 months, will they be able to assist me to connect to their nbn? As we notice here, they don't know what they are talking about.

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                      @yht: The sim the pre activated. Itll only work with telstra i presume. When you are ready to use this modem for telstra you should be able to just change userid and pass or whatever telstra specific they provide and you are good to go. If not. There usually a reset butoon to reset everything and then telstra custserv can help you re set it up. This is just my presumption though

                      • @Dealneo: Yep, it should be as easy like that, but who knows with Telstra. You may need to get to 3 different agents before you get the answer. Lol

  • Does anyone know whether we are gonna lose the "number" if there is a gap between existing provider and Telstra? Why they prefer to churn rather than "new" connection? The problem that I have is the existing connection ends on 30/1 but according to Telstra email, someone has to be there? But I won't be there. The next appointment that I can get is not until 7/2 which is too far away. Does someone has to be at home during appointment time? Mine is fttn. Previous experience, I don't have to be at home at all.

    • +1

      If the line is arleady active i dont see why youd need a tech visit.

      • True, especially I have nbn connection already. What if I terminate with current provider and there are few days apart with new connection, will they have to send their tech?

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          the line will still be active only out of service, does it make sense? they only send out techs if there's an issue with your line/cabling

          • @Dealneo: Yep, that makes sense. When I changeover from Abb to Tangerine, Tangerine said it is better to churn rather than leaving it "blank". Don't know why. So I was thinking whether there will be problem if there is a gap between it.

    • Not sure if you got this sorted already or not but, if there is a time 'gap' between the time you disconnect your old phone service, and the time you connect a new phone service, your old number MAY (or may not) be given to another new customer.

      This may be why they prefer to churn customers over?

      There may be other reasons eg if it's an ADSL connection, billing/accounting/commercial reasons not relating to the phone service per se.

      In any event, Telstra rang me the day after I placed my online order to ask how important keeping my old home phone number was to me, because apparently they could not transfer my number from TPG because the exchange codes used by TPG did not match those used by Telstra.

      So I had to get a new number if I wanted to go ahead with the order.

      I'm not sure it would be possible for Telstra to change my phone number later to the old number, once TPG 'released' my old phone line from whatever system/register they use anyway.

      Since TPG uses VoIP technology (AFAIK) to deliver phone service to all their customers instead of 'standard' telephone service (POTS I think it's called).

      It's possible that my old number may have been in a range of (VoIP) phone numbers reserved for use by TPG (my TPG phone number wasn't the 'usual' number for my area, starting with a different prefix), and even after my TPG phone service has been disconnected Telstra simply wouldn't be able to assign me my old number.

      Either way, since we never used the old phone service anyway, I told them to go ahead and give me a new number.

      Although that may not be an option for you if you want to keep your old number (considering Telstra bundles their phone service with their broadband in this offer).

      Ps. I didn't try to answer your question relating to the technician visit, or someone needing to be present at the premises during the visit, since @dealneo already discussed that with you, and what he/she said sounds right.

      Although, I think, the only way to be sure would be to confirm this with your ISP or phone provider.

      • Thank you for your reply. Currently I don't have any phone number and I don't care whether Telstra will provide new one or not as I don't really use the phone anymore. I am currently with Tangerine and my connection will be finished on end of January. My question was if I tell Telstra to connect my nbn a few days after the disconnection date, will I have to be present at home for them to connect my fttn ?

        My experience from moving from ABB to Tangerine, I don't need to attend. But would like to make sure if I will miss anything by having some gap in between connection.

  • +1

    I just ordered.

    I was with Mate Communicate ADSL and my connection dropped to a pathetic 2000kbps in the last couple of days. Went to their support and they came back to say 2000kbps is expected as I am 3.6km from the exchange. Ugh, no, it isn't. It's ridiculous to pay $69 a month and to be told to that it was acceptable.

    I had a bit of trouble with the online page, and had to click Try Again at least 8 times during final submission for my order to go through. Here's hoping all goes well.

    Sorry, Mate, I wanted to like you and your much lauded customer service, but this was the final straw.

    • I suggest you contact chat support and get your 13 digit account number and make sure your order hasn't been processed as a contract (as has happened to a few people here).

      Then ask for your order number (not the order confirmation ID you got in the order confirmation emai) so you can track your order process online. Your order number should start with "1-".

      Oh, and ask if the Google Home Mini has also been added to your order (just in case).

      Good luck.

      Ps. it can take four hours before they can even see your order on the system, so give it a bit of time.

      • Got an account number on Sunday, confirmed today that they are processing my casual cable plan and will notify me when they send out the modem.

        Was even given a reference number without me asking.

        It's looking ok so far, fingers crossed

      • +1

        Appointment booked in for this Friday for installation. I have a bill estimate and there is no connection fee on it.

  • I'm just curious, has anyone been able to sign up for this offer online, and get it processed without any problems?

    As in the order being processed as a contract, or having to contact support numerous times.

    So, has anyone had no problems with this offer whatsoever?

    Because I cancelled mine, but I'm considering reapplying, but not if I have to go through support a few times again (and the same problems as before).

    • +1

      I ordered online about half an hour from the post time and everything went smoothly. I confirmed with the online chat that this is a casual plan. Received modem within 2 days and the Internet is working perfectly. Thanks OP. I suggest you to reapply.

      • Tyvm mooney, I think I might just do that :)

        Are they waving all your setup fees? And did you get the Google Home Mini?

        Ps. I'm glad it's worked without any problems for you (I was hoping to get the modem connected within a couple of days of placing the order like you, maybe I should have given them time to resolve problems).

        Thanks again.

        • +1

          Yes all the set up fees waived. They also confirmed that the Google mini will be delivered by 20 Nov.

          • @moony: Ok, thanks again. I'll give it another go.

    • +1

      Came back to update you BooYa. Not all was lost, I played the waiting game after your advise to check and change it from a contract mistake back to a casual. Got 2 emails Saturday afternoon 1st one saying order estimate is $89 a month for Unlimited Home Broadband, telephone, BigPond Standard Speed - Cable. Also a brand new order number (guess the rep must have placed a new order for me) telling me order timeline of Telstra tech appointment of 23rd Nov, activation date of 30th Nov. 1st bill 4th Dec.
      2nd email is my new landline number
      I will report back if you guys are interested
      Hope you have better success if you try again

      • Thanks Jayko, glad to hear it.

        I was told because my order went through as a contract they'd have to place another one, but after all the hassles with previous order mistakes, I said no (but I'll probably place another order tomorrow).

        If they waved all setup fees for you AND you get a tech visit to install (a non standard installation) then sounds like you got a bargain because this offer applies to standard/self installations only.

        If you could update me at some stage I'd appreciate it (especially any problems) so I can update this post.


  • Big fan of the cable service for 6 years now. Ultimate Cable. Install was a disaster but they fixed it eventually. Guy who installed was a moron, but hey, thats all in the past (but I'll never forget).

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    Just an update: I received the modem today. Which was poorly packed but no damage. It didn’t contain the google home mini. I contacted support and they gave me a tracking number for the home mini as it was not processed together for some reason. Also, I’ll only be able to use the 24x7 app once the order is complete. Which is the 28th.

    • +1

      Mini ha arrived today

      • +1

        Same. Mine arrived today as well.

  • +1

    Update to my situation - a case manager has contacted me today and will try to resolve the issue. She had no clue about this issue and I had to educate her on the waiver of connection and set up fees. Let's see how it goes.

  • +2

    My mini has arrived today, even though my connection not until next year.

  • +1

    Tech came today…. what a job for him.

    Was a splitter on existing port to connect modem and foxtel. DONE.

    I was jealous considering i do telstra contract work for fibre tech and i wish i was in / out that easy.

    So far speed is great averaging just above 50mb but i have gotten a couple of drop outs where DNS/ip issues causing all devices to have no net.

    See how it goes and will also check if its a contract or not !!

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      also got google home mini today….

      terrible packaging and was already ripped open.. lucky i have no interest in it

    • I assume you only have cable connection and not fttn or fttb?

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        Night and day difference to ADSL

    • Thanks for that.

      With the disconnects, have you tried Google DNS?

      • +1

        No i havnt will try after trying what @moony done.

        Although it happened not long after install it's been solid since i posted about it haha

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      I had the same issue. Called Telstra support, they refreshed the line and now it’s working perfectly. Getting download speed of more than 56mbps almost all the time. Good luck fixing your issue.

  • Ok, first order cancelled, due to various problems during and after the signup process.

    Second try, and a new order placed.

    We'll see what happens.

    Ps. weird, I got an order confirmation email from the past, 2.44 AM, but I only just placed it about 15 minutes ago (around 8.50PM).

  • +1

    So far lots of wrong info about connection times, but the modem was delivered …

    • If it's a cable modem, and you already have the cable socket (eg if you ever had Foxtel by cable, not by satellite) then you should be good to go - just plug it in. Otherwise a tech will need to come and install it.

      Also, I just resigned and I have the socket so I should be good to go as soon as I get the modem, how long did you have to wait for the modem?

      • +1

        No hassles for me - placed order on 14/11, received modem on 20/11. Plugged in and happily surfing!

        Thanks for posting the deal :)

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    Update as current Telstra cable customer,

    • order this on 15/11 via live chat despite having a current Telstra cable service
    • received modem on 20/11
    • contacted live chat as was charged for the modem, but happily removed after agent spoke to manager
    • google home mini will be posted in 2-4days

    Thx BooYa for the post.

    • Glad to hear it, chee1.

      Were you out of contract when you signed up for this offer, or did you use it to upgrade the modem, and get the free Google Home Mini, on your current contract?

      • Hi BooYa. I am out of contract since 2013. I was lucky to get the new modem. I have contacted Telstra support a few time in past as my cable service dropped out intermittently. They just changed some setting but wouldn't send me a new modem. Now I got 2 old Telstra modem collecting dust

        • Hi, chee1

          So, when you said that they sent you a modem as an existing customer, did they send you the Gen 2 modem?

          Or did they send you an older model?

          • @BooYa: Got the new gen2 modem. I was using Telstra Netgear getaway max cable modem.

            Still waiting for them to send me the Google home mini.

            • @chee1: Oh good, I thought maybe they sent you an older one (since you got two old ones just sitting there).

              I know you just got it, but what do you think - more stable now?

              I get mine tomorrow!

              • @BooYa: it has been 1 wk with no dropout so far, touchwood. getting 60/7 speed. no change compare to the old modem

                the added 4G is definitely useful esp when the network is down.

                also, just found out that they didn't add google home mini to my order. so have to chat with online support again to get it sorted. now they told me I can pick it up from nearest Telstra shop.

  • Weird. I checked this out at work and no fees attached. Got home to look at it on Chrome and Firefox - getting slugged a 240$ once off fee.

    • +1

      It's probably the single most common problem.

      Try different browsers/devices, with addons/plugins/etc turned both on and off. Try incognito mode etc.

      If you read through the comments in this thread, especially the first page or two, you'll find it's common (but also easy to avoid if you stick with it).

      Good luck.

      Ps. Same as you, my phone worked, Edge on Windows 10 PC worked best for me. Firefox didn't work, and Chrome worked but only on mobile (if I remember right).

      Pps. Once you navigate through the sign up process (keep screenshots/copies/emails) just check with an online chat support agent to make sure your order went through not as a contract but as a monthly/casual plan, and you should be fine.

      Even if mistakes are made by Telstra later on you should be able to get it sorted, as long as you have a copy of your order going through with no setup fees.

      This is usually in the form of the order confirmation email you should receive immediately after submitting your order, and any screenshots you make during the sign-up process.

      • +1

        Thanks I'll give it a try.

        I went through the comments but must have missed a few post.

        At work it worked fine in normal (non-private/incognito). Might be an ISP/cookies related issue

  • +1

    Update - second order.

    Ok, so I was finally able to successfully sign up for this offer (after I cancelled my first order a week ago due to a number of errors/mistakes).

    I signed up online Tuesday evening.

    All the information I expected, I received over the next two days.

    Meaning that within 48 hours I had: the correct order number, my order tracking number my account number, my (new) phone number, and my bigpond email/account.

    I also received my installation/delivery/activation dates.

    I received a bill estimate, which (as well as the order confirmation email), also showed absolutely no setup or equipment fees other than the monthly rental.

    I have a phone activation date, internet activation date, modem delivery date (to be delivered 5 days after I placed the online order).

    Google Home Mini confirmed to arrive in a few days, too.

    I was finally able to create a Telstra ID and create/access my bigpond email/account.

    Using my Telstra ID I was able to access all areas of my Telstra account (bills, Telstra Air registration/access, etc) and basically manage my account without having to go through a chat service agent since.

    The only thing I am working on is the StarTrack hardware order tracking to keep an eye on my modem delivery (although I was told that the modem is normally sent by Telstra Post so this may not aply).

    My second order went through perfectly, not a single problem (although a bit of trial and error with figuring out what to register and where, etc).

    Basically, my second order was processed the way my first order should have been, but I'm just happy it's all done now.

    • Got SMS and email confirmation from Telstra that my hardware is on it's way.

      I was given a list of itmes to expect (modem and cable adapter) and when to expect it.

      The Telstra order tracking page and the Australia Post tracking page both showing the same date for delivery (Monday the 26th).

      Meaning that if I signed up for this order this Monday (the 19th) instead of late night Tuesday the 20th, I would have received the modem Friday the 23rd, and be connected by now!

      Well, at least for the internet part of this bundle, as the phone transfer/churn/connection is scheduled for December 5th.

      Considering that in my case it's a 'churn' from one ISP on an ADSL connection, to cable broadband and a phone line 'churn' from TPG's VoIP phone service to Telstra's 'real' and traditional (I think it's called POTS) phone line, that is exceptionally fast.

      I remember being told up to 28 days for a churn from Exetel to TPG just a few years ago (and it DID take that long, but the internet and phone downtime was only a few hours if I'm not mistaken).

      Anyway, I couldn't be happier how quick and easy my second order was. Especially compared to my first one (which I ended up canceling).

      Four days from online order to modem delivery (and self-installation as I already have the Foxtel/Telstra wall socket, so it's just a matter of plugging it in).

      The only thing left for me to do is wait for my Google Home Mini (which is on it's way too) and to arrange for a payment method (direct debit or credit card).

      Ps. I'm really surprised that they setup these connections and deliver hardware to customers before actually organising a payment method!

  • +1

    Ps. Once it's all done I will try to summarise my experiences and collective lessons learned, so that I can edit my original post, listing what to expect and in which order to expect it (and what to do if things don't go as planned).

    To hopefully prevent others from having to go through a lot of the same common problems encountered by others in this thread, and to enable them to sign up as quickly, efficiently, and painlessly, as possible.

    Because the sign-up process should NOT be as complicated and convoluted as Telstra has made it.

    Luckily, as far as I can tell, all problems (apart from an order going through as a contract, which requires order cancellation) can be resolved, provided a copy of the original order showing no upfront fees, is kept as proof.

  • +1

    thanks for this post, signed up for bigpond cable and got it installed yesterday. no setup fee, no contract, $89mo unlimited, free modem, free wifi/4g router, free google home mini. stoked.

    • Yep. Great value if you can't get the NBN.

      Oh, and you forgot - free calls in Australia too, including mobile, and national calls to landlines (except 13 and 1300 numbers).

      I get the modem Monday, can't wait.

      How is your speed so far?

      Ps. out of curiosity - when did you actually sign up for it (how long did it take)?


  • Finally, connected !!!

    Although I had to hard reset the modem after activation, Telstra support/provisioning/activations walked me through it.

    58/5 very happy

    Ps. Before the manual activation I
    was getting only 5/1 (which is why I contacted Telstra support).

    Turned out the modem needed 'manual activation' to connect to the Telstra cable broadband network.

    The 5/1 speed I was getting was actually the SIM/mobile backup. Not bad, considering I wasn't getting much more than that on my old ADSL.

    • Is this deal still on?I have just moved house. I just checked my address and is not in a cable area so only adsl2+ is available. It should apply to adsl2+. Nbn will be available in July 2019. Is there such thing as speed boost on adsl2+?

      • It's on till almost the end of February 2019 (I forgot the actual date).

        The Google Home Mini is available until the 25th of December.

        The offer is good for all non-contract connections (ADSL, Cable, and NBN).

        There is no such thing as a speed boost on ADSL (but all other things being equal, the ISP you choose can make a huge difference).

        The determinants of your maximum achievable speed are your line quality, ISP, and hardware used.

        One of the best things you can probably do (other than estimating line length etc) is to talk to a few neighbours, and see what speeds they are getting, and which ISP they use.

        There are other, faster connections/plans you can get over the old copper 'ADSL' network.

        Those are commercial/business plans, but they are way overpriced for personal/domestic use for most people.

        • Thanks BooYa.
          I just signed up this morning at 12am. Now I am thinking if I can survive using mobile internet which a Vodafone is now selling 30gb of data for $8 on a prepaid plan at wollies. I am at most going to get 10mbps out of telstra ADSL. Not sure if they can postpone commissioning until July 2019 when nbn arrives. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

          • @he88388: With internet and phone I think the old adage 'you get what you pay for'is very true.

            I had a check at my local exchange and mobile towers to see what services the different telcos have provisioned.

            Turned out Telstra had twice the bandwidth than Optus, and Optus had more than Vodafone. I forget what Vodafone had (but it was less than Optus and no more than a third of that of Telstra).

            Considering Optus are priced lower than Telstra, but Telstra actually have more capacity, the Optus network is severely congested.

            Not sure about Vodafone.

            Having said that, I'm on 50/5 Telstra cable, but in real life conditions I only get 1-2 Mbps from many European servers (international transit is very expensive, and it's here where Telstra has the advantage as I think it's the only Teer 1 peering network in Australia).

            So who knows, I think it depends on what your needs are and what you use it for.

    • that was fast. i am still awaiting activation. good thing you changed your mind and again.

      Are you able to advice on manual activation? How does one go about doing it?

      • Well, I just contacted chat support complainining that I was only getting 5/1 Mbps.

        After they checked my account they said that's because I was using the inbuilt backup.

        They also said that since my line/modem was ready for activation (I plugged everything in and I think they said they could see that it was ready to get activated) to call a number with another order number (I think it was called an order number but this one I think was different from the original one not sure).

        The number they gave me is I think their provisioning/activations department as they asked for an order number without so much as a hello, who basically ran me through some steps with the equipment (I think I had to restart at least once).

        I know they asked for the MAC address of the adapter (not the modem). Asked me which lights were on etc. Had to hard reset the modem bacause after activation there was no internet at all.

        Yeah, definitely not the smoothest process. At one stage I thought I'd rather get my teeth pulled than go through another Telstra cable broadband connection process .

        Ps. Good news is that you were told the 28th was your connection date, which is today.

        Hopefully you get it all sorted by today (Telstra have been pretty accurate with the dates I was given).

        • Oh yeah. I'm still not connected to Telstra Air.

          Spent a few hours trying to connect to the app with no luck.

          I can log into a Telstra Air hotspot using my Telstra ID and password, but not the app.

          I don't really care about this part anyway so I don't care, and I've had just about as much of Telstra support I can take (although they're always helpful the ridiculous system they have to work with doesn't make things easy for them, or the customer).

          • +1

            @BooYa: Turn that shit off dude (or opt out) it's using your bandwidth to give to others. It's pretty low usually, 700k/sec but still, your not getting anything in return.

            Unless you live in Broadbeach Qld, keep it going because I use neighbors Telstra Air for my netflix in the lounge.

            • @Nalar: Yeah I know, I was going to let someone else use the Telstra Air, but they got their own account, so I'll turn it off.

              But you can only do that once a month.

              So far, no problem streaming Twitch in 1080 so I'm pretty happy, but I'll turn it off for sure.

              I only just hooked it up, so no one knows there is another Telstra hotspot here (a neighbour must have theirs on too).

              Ps. 700k/sec is that 700 kb/s or 700 kB/s (because 700 kB/s is a fair bit - its actually 5.6 Mbps or more than 10% of my 50/5).)

              • @BooYa: kB/s

                Not sure if its related to overall connection speed, but that's what I get and my neighbor is on cable.

            • @Nalar: Edit: deleted. Duplicate post.

  • Does anyone how to setup netgear with Telstra in 2018. Tried pppoa and pppoe. Nothing

    • "
      Dealneo on 28/11/2018 - 16:52
      Does anyone how to setup netgear with Telstra in 2018. Tried pppoa and pppoe. Nothin"

      Try IPoE

      Works on our 8700vaxl billion

      • so ticking "does your isp require login" to off?

        I contacted and support and they said use PPPoE but it wont accept my BigPond id

        • Not sure… it was a few months ago, but maybe try a power off/ power on cycle of the modem? [reboot]

          it is IPoE for sure in the latest gen 2 telstra modem

          • @grog: Yeah, you are right. I will try copying over mac address as well just in case they are blocking it

  • I havent received the modem yet… but got the home mini…

    Call from telstra said that tech will get the modem with him… :| Confused

  • So I'm currently with Optus NBN. The speed consistency is a big joke. I can't even watch a 720p video on youtube in the morning. The thing is I'm in a contract with them and I'm pretty sure the contract would end in about 6 months or so. Is there any chance I can get away with the cancellation fee from Optus if I cancel the contract now?

    And by the "self installation", does that mean I can just unplug all the Optus stuffs inside my house and replace them with the ones from Telstra? Would that work?


    • Ring Optus and ask how much it would cost to break contract.

      If you've only got 6 months left out of a 24 month contract it should be pro-rata of the maximum amount.

      Plus any outstandimg equipment fees etc.

  • Internet works great.

    Just got the Google Home Mini. There's a hole in the speaker mesh.

    Looks like someone with long fingernails picked it up upside-down and punctured the box with a thumb fingernail.

    The Google Home Minis are not secured inside the box and it's free to just bounce up and down in there.

    The Google box was punctured up top but the plastic wrapping made it impossible to tell there was any damage.

    Combination of poor packaging and careless handling either by Telstra or Australia Post.

  • Got my first bill and got slugged the $240 fee !

    Annnnndddd billing is down have to call back tomorrow…

    • I half expect to get that too, with all the other problems I've had with my order.

      If you got the confirmation email showing no upfront costs (or screenshots of your order process) I think you should be fine.

      I signed up twice (I cancelled the first order as it got processed as a contract) but the first time I signed up I got a call back from Telstra to ask me if I needed my old home phone number, because apparently they could only provide a new one (despite me asking to keep the old one).

      Anyway, spoke to this guy who said the only way they can 'fix' the contract issue is to cancel my order, then for him to manually sign me up for the offer with the same details as the online order.

      He said that the system added the $240 for the casual plan fee or something, but that he'd remove it, but he told me that he'd make a note on the system that I was offered no setup fees at all, and that he'll
      give me a reference number just in case I got a bill with the $240.

      In which case he told me to just ring accounts and quote my reference number.

      He told me to keep the order confirmation email showing no up-front costs, and any screenshots of the order just in case, but he said it's just so I have some proof of what they offered me.

      So, it wouldn't surprise me if I got one too, but I think I'll just need to contact Telstra support again (for the 20th time) and they should sort it out.

      The IT system they work with must be really bad, but their chat/phone support has been able to resolve all the problems for me (and there was quite a few issues).

      I know it's a pain having to stuff around fixing their mistakes (that's why I ended up cancelling it the first time) I literally have been in touch with them 20-30 times, and I still have problems to resolve:

      I have to get the Google Home Mini replaced because it was delivered damaged (someone put a fingernail through the speaker mesh during packing or delivery).

      But, my internet works really well except two dropouts, and tbh I just couldn't be bothered (Friday when I got the mini Telstra chat was too busy) so unless I get slugged with that $240 like you, I'll probably leave it as is.

      • +1

        Got it all sorted but had to go in store to verify the email that was sent showing $89 as the total for the 1st month.

        Could not have sort it out over the phone at all.

        Frustrating and somewhat ridiculous as the email was sent by Telstra and could not be tracked but whats done is done and it is sorted.

        • Yeah, their IT system is a mess!

          But I found the staff to be really good (I feel that they do all they can with the system they have to work with).

          Glad you got it sorted (I knew you probably would, if you had some proof like that order verification email).

        • Edit: deleted (double post).

  • -3

    I cannot believe how many people got conned into joining this, their sales team is exceptional.

    • No one got 'conned into this' if you knew the usual setup fees for casual Telstra plans, you'd know it's a bargain (it's a saving of $480 for cable broadband in my case).

      The only other option to avoid these setup fees would be to sign up for a 24 month contract (which really isn't an option for many).

      Also, it's an online-only offer, so there are no salespeople involved, and no one was pressured into this.

      People who find this offer good value took advantage of it.

      Others, especially those with access to the NBN, would think it's very poor value (because for them it would be poor value, given the other options that they have).

      But not everyone has access to the NBN, and if you can provide a better deal please list it, instead of posting insulting comments (because that helps no one).

  • Yeah looks like they are still having issues, something to do with the logistics system the guy said. This is the error I’m getting when you check online. “There's an issue with your connection. We'll be in touch soon to resolve it. Or you can call us on 1800 429 444 and follow the Check Order prompt.”

    • I suggest you ring them or contact support through chat, instead of waiting for them to ring you.

      I found it can speed things up a bit as often they can fix whatever is causing the error on the system right there and then.

      Sometimes you only save a day or two, sometimes you save a lot of time, depending on the problem - eg order going through as a contract instead of casual plan (only way to fix is cancel and reorder).

      That's if you want to be connected ASAP.

      I certainly wouldn't leave it up to them to fix, I found I had to check almost daily as various problems popped up throughout the process, requiring a fix or update on their end.

  • Hey Guys,

    How is Telstra ADSL2+ going for those that got ADSL2+?

    I'm currently with Internode paying $60 a month and getting about 3.5Mbps from 4Kms at the exchange, anyone who has joined Telstra ADSL2+ with similar distance, please let me know how you are going?

    I contacted Telstra chat support and I don't understand this?

    For the ADSL 2+ we will be providing you it will still run thru your phone line but we will be using an NBN ready infrastracture. So it'll be using the coaxial boxes ready on your premise."
    Alright, I did verify with our back of house team that with your area the speed their getting is 20/1 mbps and what's good about our bundles is it comes with a smart modem which has back up 4gx connection, so if something went wrong on the internet you'll still get the minimum speed of 6mbps which is better than you're current speed.