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$35 Shirts + Free Delivery - TM Lewin Black Friday Deal


Just received TM Lewin's Black Friday offer. Selected number of shirts, all 40-50% off — now $35 + free delivery, even if you are just buying one, which makes it better than the long running $40 shirt deal.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    In my experience with TM Lewin, non iron is a must as the others become steadily harder and harder to unwrinkle with each wash.

    Great price.

    • Agreed - I have been wearing these for years with no issues - week in week out they are little troopers.

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      Love the non-irons. I just wish they would release a wider range of colours and styles.

    • Isn't there a huge warning for Non-iron shirts though? Chemical wise?

      • +2

        No, there's no real danger. Non-iron shirts are treated with formaldehyde resins, but the concentrations are at very low and very safe levels: much lower than the levels found in a lot of clothing produced 20 to 30 years ago. One can never fully rule out the possibility that a person with extremely sensitive skin might encounter some skin irritation, but putting that extreme case aside it really ought to be a non-issue.

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      Link to the non-iron: https://www.tmlewin.com.au/shirts/non-iron-shirts/

      I recommend these too.

    • I thought it was just me!
      I recently purchased a regular (non non-iron) and it is almost impossible to keep it unwrinkled (even after steam ironing).
      Non-irons are the way to go.

    • Agreed - if you want the shirts to last longer, you MUST get non-iron. I've been wearing TM Lewin for over 10 years. Shame about the more limited range… not sure why they dont make them all non-iron!

  • Thank you. Bought a non iron shirt for $35. Good deal 👍

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      how about delivery ?

      • +1

        The price is including the delivery.

  • Beam me up Scotty!

  • How do these compare with Charles Tyrwhitt shirts?

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      This is asked in almost every TM or CT deal.

    • CT shirts were way too lengthy for me, even the super extra fitting ones. Is that the same with TML?

      • No..TM Levin are "Normal". I have the same issue with CT shirts as they are long for me. This is great deal.

    • +8

      My 2 cents (all non-iron):
      - CT shirts have a higher first button (minus the collar button), makes for a more professional look
      - TML shirts have a softer more comfortable fabric. CT shirts fabric is a little "stiff"
      - TML shirts have button for their cuff placket, CT does not.

      Overall, I prefer TML shirts for my body build.

      • +1

        Care to share what your body build is?

        • +13

          Geez..at least buy me dinner first…

          Slim build, wearing Fitted TML / Extra Slim CT

          • @Keeegs: I'm also Extra Slim CT
            Have you tried the Super Fitted? I'm worried that it may too tight but I have no way to tell

            • @DerpFactory: Nope, haven't tried Super Fitted. I like to be comfortable and fitted is fine on me :)

    • +1

      You get brass collar stays with CT and plastic ones with TML (I think)

      • Correct.

        Also CT has the best returns policy which is totally free for any reason including shipping both ways.

        • Yes! Bloody TML make you either pay for return international shipping, or take it into a shop

  • +3

    Plus 3.50% Cashrewards - https://www.cashrewards.com.au/tm-lewin

  • +1

    Decent deal though if you wanted to buy bulk shirts then they often have 5 for $150 ($30 each) a few times a year.

    • +1

      And 3 for $100 deals are common. This is best price I've seen for a single shirt delivered though, so worth picking one or two up.

      • True, I'm still umming and ahhing over whether to pick up a couple or not!

        • can always return if needed - store in Sydney CBD if needed.

  • Dammit just got 4 last week for $40 (+$15 sleeve alteration) each.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 shirts

  • I buy CT Slim Fit 41 collar size (cm) 86 sleeve length (cm).
    Could someone please tell me the equivalent TMLewin size.

      • Thanks. Looked at that site, still can't work out. :-(

        • Let me know if you work it out please, I'm the same CT size as you.

        • +1

          Well, it's not exactly King Lear, but anyway … the closest equivalent is TM Lewin slim fit: see Table 4. You would have to choose either 84cm or 90cm sleeves.

    • Tricky, I am 39cm CT extra slim but had to go up a size to 41cm in the TML superfitted for my best fit.

      I have no idea if your best bet is slim or ftted
      Are you near a store to try out?

  • Cool - grabbed some Van Heusen shirts a while ago and they're horrible. Keen to give these a go.

  • Forgive my ignorance, I might not have seen this website earlier. Most of them are marked as 50% and then if you look at the price - Was $39.95 and now $35.
    A bit confused.

  • Did it change to $39.95 for anyone else?

    • Update: Cleared cookies and back to $35

  • The blue stripes is a good choice.

  • +1

    Website is now 5 for $199. They keep updating this. 3 changes in 1 day I think and some shirts are more expensive than others. T.M please work it out so I can actually pull the trigger on a few shirts

    • Not sure what you're seeing but nothing has changed for me. All shirts here are showing $35

      • all 39.95 for me

    • yup earlier today on my ipad it showed the shirts as $75 for 4 or more. last week it was 5 for $300.

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered just the one this time. Fitted 16.5inch is my jam

  • +2

    Very nice Shirts!

  • Ordered 3 shirts, all non-iron, as recommended by OZB community. Thank you for sharing the deal, scotty.

  • Do they have same size as Peter Jackson?

    • peter jackson just have a generic one size fits all shirt. avoid.

  • Thanks OP. Anyone aware if the casual fit shirts too long to leave untucked?

    • +1

      their business shirts have long tails. unsure about the 'casual' ones though.

  • What's the best style for a solid guy?

    • regular fit unless your skinny. you can go into myers and try on their tester shirts to find out which type fits you best, and then go online and order.

  • whats the return policy like?

    • Not sure but if you wait for the next CT deal they have awesome return policy. Free returns for any reason (e.g. I don't like the colour/it doesn't fit). Free shipping both ways.

  • Thanks OP.

    Ties and suits are also heavily discounted, worth a look.

  • is this website no brainer ?
    if 1 shirt is $35, 5 shirts = $ 175 or $ 199 ? LOL

    guess no more 35 shirts anymore

    • yeah where is this sale?

    • yeah i can't get $35 anymore either, even after clearing cookies.

      OP pls update price or set to expired

      • seems to have worked after complaining just then hah

  • I wear Jack London shirts usually, they fit well but don't last long and aren't that cheap. Anyone know what an equivalent TML shirt (size/ collar/ arm length) would be, compared to Jack London medium size?

    Thanks OzB fellas

  • After the fiasco with Rhodes and Beckett or Becks and Rodent or whatever….I am wary of such deals.
    :( Hope all of you get the shirts on time!

  • thanks OP bought 1

  • How are these on women? We get thin, flimsy fabrics and I'm considering a switch tbh

  • +2

    Related question; Anyone have recommendations on well priced good value, modern/slim fit dress pants that would match a TM Lewin shirt? Thanks in advance!

    • I bought a couple couple months ago on sale from Charles Wilson. Polyester not wool though. Quality was not bad

  • Is this also in store? Since I don't know my sizes I might pick up a shirt in store on Friday.

  • Showing as $39 for me - guessing they do some sort of dynamic pricing?

  • Bought 3. For anyone finding the free shipping not working for less than 4 shirts try change address. So weird my work address wouldn't work and wanted to charge me. Updating to my home address fixed it.

    • free shipping is for $120 +

  • did someone ever experience buying suit from them ?
    can you fit them in store? as there is an option to pick up in store?

  • i got to the checkout screen and can not continue to billing.

    looks like they changed their pricing while i was ordering.

    • Yup. All of last nights $35 shirts are now $49-$75

      • Interestingly everything for me is still showing $35

        • your probably still seeing old prices based on cookies, and would get rejected if you went to checkout screen. open a private browser window and check the pricing.

          • @DiscoJango: I just added two shirts, got all the way to the credit card details input page and my total is still only $70. Went back, changed it to PayPal and I'm still getting $35 each.


            • @Hinee: strange website. i just refreshed and checked and the cheapest button shirt says:

              $89.95 Now $39.95
              5 Black Friday Shirts for $199

              • @DiscoJango: This is certainly a cookies deal. Just tried it again on desktop - $35. Went on my phone and it was all $39+ as you say. Go back to the PC and it's updated, with even the two previously mentioned shirts updating in cart to $39. Thanks for playing!

                • @Hinee: now i just need ralph lauren to do $35 shirts and i will be a happy boy

      • I'm also seeing the same thing as well. Looks like I waited too long for this.

        • keep checking/refreshing. ive seen around 6 price changes in the past 48 hours

          also, even 'refreshing' the website doesnt change the prices (im using chrome). in regular mode i still see all shirts as $35. in private mode they are $40 +

    • browsing to the site directly I got the 5 for $199 deal site. Clicking the OP link go to deal got me the $35 free postage site

  • I just bought 7 cos my shirts are all dying and of my new ones, two have ink stains on them :s

  • Has anyones order been shipped?

    • mine got dispatched today. email confirmation

  • Prices are appearing as $35 again. For those of you who missed out, might want to have another try.

  • Last time, I bought French / Double Cuff non-iron shirts and hated it. Real pain in buttoning it…

  • Anyone have any comments re. suit quality? Can't try in store, so just going to go on recommendations..

    • +1

      Don't know about suit, but the shirts are really good. get the non-iron ones

  • Can you return by taking it to their shop?

    • Yes. Done that when they mucked up my whole order.

  • when does the sale end?

  • Anyone else seeing $59.95 shirts?

  • Has anybody received their order yet, its been almost 2 weeks and my order status is still "Being Processed".

    • Same here. Check your emails. I got an email on 24/11 stating my order had been despatched and would be with me in 7-10 business days. But the site still says Being Processed.

      • I had a look through my emails, haven't receive a dispatch notice yet. Have you received yours yet? from your dispatch date its been 10 business days.

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