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15% off Sitewide @ eBay ($150 Min Spend, $250 Max Discount, 5PM to Midnight AEDT)


As just announced on Channel 7's Sunrise. T&Cs will be live later here. Enjoy :)

Stack with 5% off eBay gift cards for further savings. Thanks to doweyy.

15% off the purchase price on all eligible items (except exclusions listed) when you spend $150 or more in one transaction, up to a maximum discount of $250. A maximum of two transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (10 items maximum).

Listed Exclusions:

  • All items listed in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and

  • All items sold by the following sellers:
    (1) Officeworks;
    (2) Fantastic Furniture; and
    (3) Target.

Click the related button above to see all PYIPPEE deals.

PU Update: Sunrise suggested that a $150 minimum spend is required, though this won't be known for sure until the terms are live.

Various reports from members who contacted eBay suggest the max discount is capped at $250. The deal will run for 7 hours until midnight.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    • Right this way, follow me..

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      What about this heavily discounted OZB member card storage box?

    • delete your account..

  • -3

    When does this start?

    • +5

      i think, its at 5pm today as per the first line of the title. ahhaha

    • +1


  • Can I use multiple eBay gift cards in one transaction ? Thanks.

    • Yes.

    • Yes. I think you can use upto around 15 cards. I have used 8

  • +1

    Don't need anything, but need to use this code for the 'savings'. What's everyone else buying?

  • -1

    so what time is this LIVE? EDIT just noticed 5pm :)

  • +1

    awesome, 20% off using ebay gift cards,

    I have nothing I want or need, but ill hell find something to buy before middnight tonight

    • It's 15% off.

      • He said "using ebay gift cards", i.e. 15% off sitewide + 5% off gift card = 20%

        • +3

          Not quite..

        • 19.25%

          • @El Toro: Cashrewards will bring it just over 20%

          • @El Toro: So I know I got this right. I suppose that, in order to get 19.25% discount we need to buy the gift cards NOW with PGIFT5, then use that cards to buy things in the afternoon with code PYIPPEE…

            It seems that we can only buy things - with 19.25% discount - that are up until 500$, because we are only eligible to buy 5 x $100 cards…Am I right? If we want something more than 500$, then the discount will be 15%


            • @TheUsername: Yes correct - that is the ideal way.

              • @El Toro: Sorry if it's a noob question, but I have never used ebay gift cards. If we have 5 gift cards, can we stack them all together for one purchase?

                • @TheUsername: I have never stacked them personally but others have posted that you can (within a reasonable limit)

  • Waiting for max discount to see if I should cancel US order. Hopefully $300.

  • Where's the PRICE JACKING comment? Amazing I haven't seen any!!!

    • It is site wide. Most prices won't be price jacked.

      • +3

        can you promise me, brother?

  • Time to buy macbook? Damn it, bought it last week!

  • I was wondering if anyone has experience buying grey import phones from ebay? I'm thinking of getting the OnePlus 6T from Perfect Mission but not sure if I'll need to pay GST on top of the price? Any advice is appreciated!

    • If you buy it from an 'AU' seller (location as AU), no GST will be required. If GST is required, it will be made obvious below the buy-it now price.

      • Thanks!

  • If i purchase now and decide to pay after 5pm will i be eligible for the discount?

    • +1

      Only if you haven't checked out yet (ie. If you won an auction then you'll be able to leave payment until after 5pm)

      • Awesome. Thanks for that

      • Should we commit to buy an item now and pay after 5:00? Or should we merely add it to the cart?

        • I thought these days when you commit to buy an item it makes you pay straight away? If it let's you checkout with a coupon code after that, I guess it might work. I have items in my cart at the moment.

          • +1

            @frogduck: Just a hint: Commit to buy and adding items to cart are two different things…

            • @TheUsername: Yep understand that, but I thought committing to buy now requires immediate payment. I guess it depends on the item?

    • No, the discount code only works within the specified timeframe, in this case, 5pm. After 5pm, The code will not work as the deal has essentially finished.

      • The deal starts at 5pm

        • Thanks Timm, I may have misread it then. Sorry

  • Does any one have an idea about buying something worth $1000+ .. any experience with customs?

    • it gets stuck and youll have to pay GST 10% + Duty 5% + another fee which is around $50. I bought a watch and its stuck now. Waiting to see what i will have to do.

      • +1

        Thanks Bruno28 .. i did some digging around for more info .. you can do the customs clearance yourself or you can pay an agent to do it for you .. here's a link eBay page regarding importing goods.

  • Hope there's an even better deal on Nvidia shield than Kogan's $168

  • Oh man - The (new not-an-auction) item I want has only 1 left, I just bought ebay vouchers in anticipation .. if it is sniped I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

    • +6

      You'll just continue life as per normal.

      • +1

        With an unused $500 worth of ebay vouches.

    • +1

      What is it? ;)

  • I wonder if it will be reusable.

  • Any ideas on duration.

  • and now all prices will go up by 25%

  • Yay, glad I waited. Thanks TA

  • Any recommendations for a tablet under $200?

    • +6

      Try typing PS4 Pro into the search bar.

  • Hi All

    Any good deal for Huawei P20 pro? Currently it's for $848 on Mobile with, however was wondering if this price can be beaten?

  • -1

    So what I want to achieve is to buy SAMSUNG SSD 1TB using 20% discount of PEPPY. To pay for this SSD I want to purchase ebay gift cards worth $200 by availing 5% discount on them using PGIFT5 and using 15% discount of PYIPPEE. So, in the end I have gift cards bought with 5%+15% discounts and then I buy my SSD with those gift cards and apply 20% further discount on my SSD using PEPPY.

    Does this make sense? Is this going to work? :-|

    • No, you cant use PYIPPEE for GC but PGIFT5 so its 5% for gift card.

      • -1

        So instead of using 15% on gift card, can I use two discount codes (15% and 20%) on the SSD instead?

        • +1

          You can only use 1 discount code at a time.

    • -1

      wait till the t&c's comes out to see if you can stack codes

    • Won't work for Gift cards

    • So if you combine the 5% off gift cards + 15% off the item it'll be a total of 19% off the item which is a great discount.

  • -1

    If this is truly 15% off site wide then in theory we should be able to purchase the eBay Gift Cards at 15% off then immediately use them to buy any items within the flash sale period to bring the price down to 30% less

    • +5

      You must be dreaming.

    • +1

      15% off real estate please

      • That will definitely please Turd if that happens. He's been trying to get into the Sydney market for ages.

    • +1

      Impeccable maths.

    • +1

      The T&C's would exclude gift cards.

  • Here's hoping to get a good price on the S8+ dual sim.

  • Excellent.

  • for those who have used the ebay gift cards before, are you sure you can use 5 gift card codes + a promotion code at checkout? Cheers.

    • I sure hope so, cause I just bought the gift cards just for this.

    • Yes, I have used a promo code and paid with eBay GCs previously. About a month ago.

    • Yes I’ve used 10 gift cards in one transaction back during the birthday sale few months ago.

      • I tried to do this before with a $100 dollar voucher I got by redeeming flybuys points but at the checkout it said I could only use 1 discount code - either the voucher or the % discount. Does anyone know if ebay vouchers from flybuys points work the same way as these gift cards? These comments make me think I should try again.

    • +5

      did you even bother to read the title?

      • too excited, only read TODAY, lol, thanks

  • OP, please change the min spend :P lol.

    Getting ready to pull trigger! Thanks TA op :).

  • any read on the max discount?

  • -1

    What is the max discount? Thx

  • hmm.. do I risk buying $300 worth of gift cards for $255, in the hope that Target put their Black Friday deals on ebay tomorrow..?
    Wanting to grab the $299 PS4 + Spiderman at Target for my son for xmas, but if I can get it for $250ish, that would be even better.

    • -1

      Doubtful the gift cards will be available after 5pm

      • you are correct

    • So the 15% will work on gift cards too? You sure about this?

      • +3

        I’d say no chance in hell.

      • +1

        Would more likely exclude GC purchases

  • ebay has come through with the goods, congrats!

  • -3

    $150 min spend … no thanks

  • Same question asked before: if the listed item says location in Australia but ended up sending from overseas, do I still need to pay the GST to custom?

    • No. The merchant needs to collect the GST from you (or if it is an eBay purchase, eBay needs to). If the seller managed to trick eBay into thinking the item is in Australia, then you don't need to pay additional GST to custom.

      It will be treated like your aunt from USA/UK/HK/CN sends you an item. There is an exception though, if thedeclared amount written on the postage label is >= $1000 AUD, custom will most likely not let you off the hook.