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10% off Sitewide @ eBay (Min Spend $120, Max Discount $300)


T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Stack with 5% off eBay gift cards for further savings. Thanks to doweyy.

10% off the purchase price on all eligible items (except exclusions listed) when you spend $120 or more in one transaction, up to a maximum discount of $300. A maximum of two transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (10 items maximum).

Listed Exclusions:

  • All items listed in the following categories: Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and

  • All items sold by the following sellers:
    (1) Officeworks;
    (2) Fantastic Furniture; and
    (3) Target.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • +10

    Ahhh my credit card says I wont be pouncing on this, it's been smashed the last two days!

    • Yeh, I'm with you on that. I think I have compulsive shopping disorder,with all these sales/codes/deals and offers.

  • +1

    That would be right after spending $600 yesterday. Lucky it’s Xmas and have more to buy, thanks TA

  • Anyone knows any good lawn mower deals? thanks

  • +2

    Would be good if we could get a 10% which lasts a month or a few weeks. I got to contemplate this

  • +4

    Any chance of a cashrewards increase while this is running TA?

  • +1

    Thanks TA
    Waiting for Hisense 65P7 on sale again!

    • +1

      Check here too in case it’s part of Bing Lee’s sale :)

      • +1

        Having seen it at $1298 with $100 giftcard making it $1198 on this deal. I would rather patiently wait for similar deal. Don't want buyer's remorse ;-)

        • Yeah probably Christmas time it will be around a similar price. To get people in the store as a great price.

        • It actually dropped $100 to $1196 towards the end of the deal (with the giftcard, made it under $1100).

          Bloody good deal.

          • +1

            @The J man: That was a rippa deal….but I gotta admit these Black Fridays sales are so disappointing.

            Rubbish deals on Hisense P7's and P8's.

  • +6

    and no car parts again… I wanted to buy a charger

    • An EV charger?

      • yep

        • I have a cart full of car parts, Wondering if i should just use the 5% code and 5% giftcards. Need to service the car before Christmas

  • +2

    Just spent over 2k. I think I'm done.

    • +4


  • Anyone know a good iPad pro 11" deals?

    • +8

      No, I'm too lazy to look as well.

  • Cheap PS4 deals on Eb Games. 1TB with 3 games comes down to like 368

  • +10

    Wondering if I should hold out for another 15% off…

    • Have to hold out for 15%

      • Yep, the only way I'm trying to save money and stop myself buying stuff at the moment

        • +1

          I'm holding for 35%

  • +10

    something tells me this is a bait for the people who impulse buy right before cyber monday

    • thinking of holding my wallet until Cyber Monday, i mean they won't do lower than 10% on that day right?

      Finger Cross

  • +1

    The way i do it…i put an offer price little lower than possible reserve price where available and get their counter offer to protect the price. When TA time comes up…i pay up for it with voucher codes/gift cards……yey! Tripple dips!!!

    • Do you mind clarifying what you mean by this? How does this work?

      edit: oh you mean from price jacking?

      • +1

        You are right, protection against pricejacking (as you know) and you may end up with some saving too (counteroffers will be less than that of buy now price).

        Lets say, i was eyeing on a mavic 2 fly more pack which was listed for $519 AU stock, i bought $400 ebay gift card @ 7% off. The day before 15% ebay off i put an offer of $475 (saying these are being sold for 475 in ebay). Received a counter offer of $490 within an hour or so…i had to accept it within 24 hours which falls on our 15% day.

        So it goes like this

        5% seller offer
        15% ebay offer
        7% ebay gift card
        & cashrewards 1% (thanks havok44)

        • Where can you get 7% off eBay gift cards?

        • +1

          One thing to remember is that eBay are changing sellers listings to best offer without authorisation. It has been happening to me for ages and when I speak to eBay they keep saying it is a known issue and are trying to resolve. Yeah right……they are just trying to get more sales volume and hence commission at the expense of the seller.

          Everytime I get an offer on any of my items I reject it and tell them that it has been changed by eBay without authorisation. Good way to annoy buyers.

    • And cashback. Quad dips

  • want an AU Stock Samsung Note 9. Not sure about Mobileciti after seeing reviews

    • +3

      What reviews? I've never had any issues with them.. And used to buy 100s of mobiles from them at previous job.

    • +1

      They are great, I went to their store in Sydney and they were really helpful. I've purchased many items from them

    • Sincere apologies for making the above comment

      • +2

        Don't apologise, people always have differing opinions and people do sometimes have a bad experience. But overall, mobileciti are great!

  • Anyone knows any good baby cat seat 0-4yrs need it for sisters baby

    • we got the brtax safe n sound pro

    • Britax Safe and Sound Graphene is great too. We have a tiny car and the Graphene is very trim fitting. Also heard great things about the Britax Millenia.

      • Thanks for the relly isnt the millenia only sold by babybunting, Is there any good deals? I think I can get 10% off dropping the price from their ebay store to ~400
        Maybe another 5% ebay voucher.
        Or I have seen couple on amazon
        MAXI COSI Moda ISOFIX Convertible Car Seat, 0-4 Years, Indigo but the price jumped by $79 since yesterday

    • Got me confused for a second there…

      • +3

        Were you gonna link to the 30% off Petbarn sale too? ;)

    • Check the CREP testing results

  • yay!

  • Anyone successfully got to use POUNCE? I'm getting "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

    • +1

      Starts in 12 minutes!

    • +1

      Same, I think it's not active yet mate. Usually the code is active around 10 am but I could be wrong though.

    • +1


    • understood 10am…getting too excited with the shopping cart :)

  • +1

    After a iPhone xr 64GB for my niece. Any trustable au stock links would be much appreciated. Not very savvy when it comes to phone purchases.

    Should I wait til Monday for a good deal?

  • I’m after a sit stand desk, office chair, baby pram and wall clock.

    Any suggestions?

    Got some ideas and options already but wondering if anyone can recommend.

    • +1

      Had a look on gumtree?

      • +2

        If you want a higher quality sit stand desk made of solid wood, I made my own by buying the frame and motor separately from the table top. The table top I got from IKEA which is meant for kitchen counter tops. Treat the wood with some protective wood treatment. Way better than the usual particleboard tops that comes with an entire set. Worked out to be similar price / slightly cheaper but much better overall quality.

    • I got my electric standing desk from here. Prices were quite good.

  • As I missed the deal of 15% off iPad on Thursday (, I wanna purchase it with 10% off today. What if eBay offer 15% off on cyber Monday,am I eligible to claim the price guarantee?

    • No, the eBay Price Guarantee looks at the purchase price on an eBay item compared to a list of Approved Retailer websites. It's not between 2 eBay items.

      • That's bad. Not sure should I wait for cyber Monday…

        • +2

          How urgent is the purchase? 10% off has been reasonably common. I'd probably roll the dice and wait but that's me

          • @ATreeFiddy: Since I am going overseas early December, I could claim the tax through trs. It's almost another 10% off. If I do it on Monday, I might miss the delivery.

            • @joewg12: Well if you purchase now or Monday at 10am it's unlikely to make much difference to delivery. They're not going to post it today. The choice really is are you happy with a guaranteed 20% or so off Apple RRP now (after TRS) or want to take your chances on what Monday will offer

              • @ATreeFiddy: You are right!!! I will just wait for it. Hope a better deal is coming on Monday.

  • Code didn't work at check out upon adding a Samsung S8 to the cart :\

    • +1

      Really? Please try again
      And again

      Or maybe read when this is starting….

  • +1

    Damn excludes 'other, lots more items (88433)' was the only thing i was here for…. :(

    • +1

      Just saw this too. I guess it's pretty much "everything"

      • Site wide though

  • -1

    Wouldn't work for Target either.
    Got onto chat.
    First they denied having this code.
    I had to copy and paste the eBay's own T&C page.
    Then they said it's on selected stores only.
    Funny the title says everything on eBay.

    • +5

      The exclusions are in the OP and eBay's T&Cs. Target, Officeworks & Fantastic Furniture are always excluded from sitewide sales.

  • Hmmm need an Nvidia 2080 but not sure to wait…

    In the past has Cyber Monday given a higher % off?

  • Anyone recommend a mechanical keyboard for around $90? That's quiet and not loud

  • Not again. I still haven't recovered since the gift cards and 15% off. Ah well!

    • +2

      It does work to stack a gift card with an eBay voucher (e.g POUNCE), purchasing gift cards with POUNCE does not work however.

      If you want a discount on a gift card, you need to get it from here.

      • Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure what you mean? So I haven't got one yet so I can't use POUNCE? So when using the gift card to buy something then you could use POUNCE, is that a stack?

        • +2

          POUNCE is 10% off sitewide (with exclusions). You can't get 10% off gift cards with it.

          You can get 5% off gift cards with the other deal, and then you can use that in the checkout alongside the POUNCE code.

          The gift card is just an extra, you don't need to get it to be able to use POUNCE.

  • +3

    Minimum spend is awful! First $150 for 15% off now $120 for 10%. Minimum has gone from $30/$50/$75/$100 previously this year to now this rubbish. Plus no car parts and "other" items. They keep excluding more and more from each sale while the minimum spend keeps going up. Soon the only thing available on sale will be high end electronics. Feels like 1984 and Big Brother keeps telling us it's cheaper.

    • Feels like 1984 and Big Brother keeps telling us it's cheaper.

      caveat emptor.

  • Anyone wanna split the purchase? I'm getting a $55 item and it's pickup only so doesn't matter where you are getting the other items shipped. PM me ASAP!

  • +1

    Just pounced a Xiaomi roborock s50 for $457 not bad imo. Can official say goodbye to house chores lol

    • Nice! Who did you purchase that through? I'm going to wait until Monday and hope for a larger discount.

  • and paypal isnt working…
    cant buy ebay vouchers

    • Somebody didn't read the T&Cs

      • im not trying to use the 10% off code

  • I’m trying to purchase some packaging and some numerous other things. Total value before discount 243.55 including gst from five different sellers. Mostly international.

    Does anyone know why it says “we can’t apply this code until you reach the minimum total”?

    None of the products seem to be in the exclusion list from the t and c’s.


    • usually, they grouped orders based on original seller currency. you see all in AUD but probably some arent AUD originally.
      so maybe yours is originally USD 200 and only 43.55 in AUD
      therefore, you havent reach AUD 120 minimum
      something like that

  • Got a Viofo A129 Duo Car Dash Cam and Fuse-Kit for $176.93. Stack with extra $15 for the item and POUNCE.

  • Doesnt seem to be any Cyber Monday 15% off sitewide. Womp Womp :)

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