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DreamScreen TV Back Lighting Kits 25% off + Free Shipping (e.g. 4k LED version US $187.49 ~AU $250)‎


This product might not be for everyone but I love the effect when watching movies. I have been waiting for a deal on this site to upgrade my original Kickstarter HD/Bluetooth kit to the 4K wifi version which has been reasonably solid apart from issues with Bluetooth signals getting shield from behind the TV. They have had a few 'offers' in the past but this is the first time I have seen 25% and free shipping.

Example item would be 4K version with LEDS for TVs up to 45" USD$187.49 (about $260 dollarydoos depending on you card)
Cheaper options if you only want a HD version or have your own LEDs

Whats it do / good for?
- add back-lighting to any screen (TV or PC) by plugging this inline between the device and the screen.
- only works really for when your screen gets input from another source ie a Chromcast, Amplifier, PVR or BluRay player - ie not from you inbuilt tuner
- wifi / app controlled - can do things like ambient effects if you like that sort of thing
- Can get a set where you BYO LEDs if you like keeping the price down a bit if you can source cheap ones or have them already
- did a bit of research and see they are continually updating / supporting this as they recently updated support for HDR video feeds which it seemed were an issue for some devices for a while.

Offer through to Tuesday (midnight Monday US time I assume)

Only similar product I'm aware of is Lightpack and thats still in a preorder and more expensive. I'm not a big poster so suggestions for a better title accepted.

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  • This looks awesome. Currently using entertainment sync but been looking for solution that will accept chromecast connection. I'm surprised philips didn't think about this solution instead of trying to capture the color or sound from the source directly (pc)

    • I think LG has patents on TVs (ambi-light I think they were called) with this built in - perhaps Phillips thought making something like this would be flying a little to close to the sue-me sun?

      I always wanted the effect and originally went the Raspberry Pi / Plex / Hyperion / LED set up but it was fiddly to setup and your limited to essentially downloaded material / non HDCP to play through the PI. I did get an original Lightpack but that was almost the same as it need a brain to get the image colours so a Pi or the USB connections could make it work on a PC and a PC as a media player on a TV let you stream and play discs .. but Lightpack was CPU intensive and only support a limited number of colour zones -8. Dreamscreen as a separate hardware device has been what I needed though not cheap and as I mentioned the original version was Bluetooth controlled which has had flaky connection issues for me and required a splitter to get the TV signal to the device which tok me a bit to find one that worked for me. This newer one has more grunt for 4K and has a splitter built in so should be worth the upgrade (cost me $180 since I had LEDs).

      • Yeah for built in I can imagine they would be afraid to get sued by lg but imagine a bridge that is also a 4k compatible hdmi hub behind your tv similar to what dreamscreen is doing.

        I guess they have missed that boat since dreamscreen has implemented it first

  • Til this exists. I have a light pack that works great but only with stuff that loads on the media pc. Going through hdmi directly makes cabling so much easier

    • It does exist? Plus you have what only 10 colour zones with a lightpack vs each LED is addressed individually with this and you get even colour coverage. I had a Lightpack for a while but this is a lot better.

  • I don't follow how you quoted "4K version with LEDS for TVs up to 45" USD$187.49"

    The DreamScreen 4K Kit - 1 Flex - Up to 70" TV is USD$202.49 (down from USD$269.99 with 25% CYBERSECRET).

    The 4K Kit has no 'up to 45" version.

    • Hm, not sure either - it wasn't what I was buying but I did mess about a lot trying to find the cheapest way in with a full working set.
      [edit] I think I might have done this:

      DreamScreen DIY Kit - DIY 4k Kit $189.99
      Retro-Fit LED Strips Only - Classic 32’’ – 45’’ TV $49.99
      Discount -USD$59.99
      pay USD$179.99

      This gives you 4k with a adapter for your own LEDs if you want to get them (now or later). Then under accessories you can get their older style LED strips -the shortest set is for up to 45". If you look at the set up pages there are some vidoes showing the difference between these and single strip.

    • Hey OP, firstly I appreciate you coming back to respond.

      I did some homework for us both and found other posts mentioning a similar price point of $189 but I also think I've found the reason why the starter kits are more expensive now: The site only seems to have the Flex Strips options now instead of the Retro-Fit LED Strips. These support up to 70" TVs.

      That said, given I've a 55" TV and the Flex sounds like a more flexible (pardon the pun) option, I don't mind the forced upgrade. But I do like the hustle to get the lowest dollar ;) cheers!

      • Hi can I ask did you order one? Mine supposedly delivered today but I can't find it. I was expecting a tracked item like this to be signed for / carded… Was yours?

  • I'd consider looking at the MediaLight system which was posted the other day,

    They are also doing 30% off for Black Friday.

    It's not exactly the same but if you're looking for clean white backlight than check it out. Especially if you do any colour accurate work (photography/video editing)


    • Its not really servicing the same need or even close to the same product at all though. I'm keen to see what is out there - but this just puts a solid single colour glow behind the TV. It does not interact with the TV image in anyway right? You could do this with some LED strip kits off ebay for much less then they are selling their strips for.. I think their only claim here is that its colour balanced to a clean white?