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WD 4TB Portable Hard Drive $122.90 (Expired) / DJI Osmo Mobile 2 $148.20 Delivered @ Newegg


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    Good deal. I grabbed a yellow one from the Amazon sale for $9 more than this.

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    Note these WDS have built in encryption that you cant disable. If the enclosure dies, you will lose all your data on the HDD.


        Not sure what price that Amazon link had originally but it's definitely more expensive than the Newegg one now


          my link was for the replies to that comment.

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            @onhunt: Replies there are absolutely pointless though. WD, Seagate & Toshiba all make good drives and there are occasionally did batches from any manufacturer but odds of getting a dud drive are very low from any of the top 3 brands.

            Seagate & Toshiba are way better than WD for portable HDDs as they do not solder USB connectors onto the hard drive you can take apart the enclosure and remove bare drive to connect to other devices.

            They also do not encrypt the data on the drive so if something goes wrong with controller chip you can easily plug into another enclosure to keep using.

            I would avoid any portable WD unless it's ridiculously cheap and you just use it for files you don't care about.


              @Agret: I have had two seagates went from brand new to bin in 4 months. I now have a WD for over a year now.


                @onhunt: Anecdotally I have 10 portable drives with 5 Seagate's, 3 Toshiba and 2 WDs and none have failed on me. Inside my PC I have 3 Seagate drives and 2 WDs and they are all over 3yrs old.

                I had a few years ago the bad Seagate 3tb drive model which I replaced because it was making some odd noise and slowing down a lot but otherwise no issues with any brand.

                Over the years I have had 3 wd and 2 Seagate drives in my PC die but I don't blame the brands they were just old drives.


    What's the failure rate like on these?


    For those of you interested and with a Xbox One,

    4TB Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One $121.41 shipped after code & GST.

    Also description says that 2 months Xbox Game Pass is included.



    Tried to buy the switch controller but it’s saying I need to pay $20 shipping making the deal over $90?
    Anyone able to get free shipping on the switch controller?


    I have had only 3 hard drive failures in my life and guess what, all of them have been WD Blues (HDD contained in these external drives). Both 4TB My Passport drives, I had bought last year, went down in under a week. Look up "WD slow responding bug" and one will notice that the problem is fairly common across all WD drives whereby the firmware on the board corrupts itself, rendering the drive utterly useless. WD continues to use proprietary USB circuit with their drives and provide no SATA access, which makes the entire recovery process tedious and expensive as one has to either solder a sata connector onto the board or find an equivalent sata board, in addition to access to a specialist data recovery software PC 3000. Simply substituting the board from another my passport won't do the trick. I will not take this garbage even if it is offered for free. One more thing, WD still encrypts the data in drive even when the encryption is turned off.


    Is the how does this compare to the WD elements 4TB? Which is $3.30 cheaper also on Newegg.


    SSD better right?


    Potentially expired? Tried to checkout a 4TB HDD.

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