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Event Cinemas - Movie for $5 + $1.10 Booking Fee


Just in time for the weekends! - or book future tickets!

When you select your movie and enter promotional code "april" - it allows you to select any number of $5 tickets and you don't actually need to select a full price ticket. So you end up buying however many tickets you need for $6.10 each. I think there are sur-charges ($3/$6) for VMAX / 3D respectively.

I booked 4 tickets to limitless - $24.40. non-vmax

*Edit: tried booking Thor 3D opening night 21/4 - 4 tickets for $40.40 (3D Vmax + glasses)

It seems Event Cinemas has fixed it so that you can no longer do advance screening - so for those you can still book using FAM as the code - and then checking out with Paypal… it will be 90 cents more per ticket compared to April. =)

*Edit - looks like they've fixed the checking out with paypal option too… so no more ideas for advance screening. =)

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  • dunno if im doing anything wrong but i see $8 a ticket but $1.10, still a good deal though

  • Coupon works will bring price down to $5 plus $1.1 booking fee
    Too bad they only have one cinema in VIC which is in CBD.

  • Limitless was a decent movie :)

  • I posted this on Whirlpool on Monday but I wasn't sure it would work glad to see it does, I'm pretty sure this will end on April 6th like the rest of their promos, earlier if they realise the webiste glitch ;)
    What you can try if your interested is to pre-purchase your tickets to Fast & Furious 5 its is out 20th APril and advanced tickets are available on the site for purchasing now

  • Thanks just purchased 2 tickets for me and the missus!

  • This is awesome, BUT I still have one of those $7 Hoyts movie tickets (expires Monday :S ), and I won a double pass to Sucker Punch… after that I can't really say when I'll be free to watch movies.

  • What's the $1.10 for? I think they're misunderstanding the purpose of a "booking fee".

    • The booking fee annoys me but what annoys me even more is that its per person not per booking !!!
      1 ticket or 4 tickets the cost to run it thought their system is the same hmmmm probably a good idea no to get me started on this issue I may end up on a wild rant

      • Agreed. They whole online model means they are saving money by not having people at the counter.

        I'm sure there is also a percentage of people who book online but don't make it, that would very rarely happen with over the counter sales.

        It's a rort.

    • I have never understood why you pay extra to book movie tickets online… If anything shouldn't you pay less?

      • Agreed - this has got to be one of the biggest scams going around. By booking online it means they require less staff working in each cinema selling tickets, yet we are charged for doing so.

        Makes me avoid Event Cinemas wherever possible - though I might use this due to the price :)

  • It appears to vary in cost from $5 to $8 to $10 depending on the movie.

  • I have booked seven different sessions for 1 - 3 people in each. Thanks!

  • Thanks! Just booked 2 tickets to Limitless for $12.20! :D

  • let me try to get this right…the coupon is valid only for the movies available for purchase and those tickets purchased will expire when the movies stop showing in cinema..right?

    but does anyone know when the coupon itself expires?

  • anyone managed to book advance tickets for thor or Fast and Furious 5 for melbourne showing? Seems like there's no option available for melbourne city for those movies…

    • Bummer I just checked VIC & TAS(no event at all) are the only states that dont have it available.
      I've been to that Melbourne Event cinema its quite rundown compared to my local(WA)

  • Fantastic deal. Better than the PayPal $8 ticket promo running at the moment.

  • Brilliant, cheers for the post!

  • WTF booked thor in Arndale Adelaide and it's $8 each + $1.10 booking.

    Also, booking fee is bs. Computer doesn't have wages/salary to charge $1.10 per booking….

    • They would probably claim the $1.10 covers website developement(Crap!),server hardware and support staff to keep it running and deal with people who dont know how to read a booking form. $8 is because it is either a 3D session or VMAX if it was a plain session it would be $5

    • At first glance, I know it doesn't makes sense to charge so much for what's mostly automated. But then I thought about it again, and concluded the following:

      Buying off the counter: Drive to cinema -> get tix from counter -> watch movie

      Buying off the web: Purchase tix over the web -> drive to cinema -> exchange for tix at counter -> watch movie.

      So either way, they need to employ people to be at the counter to print your tickets. I guess the $1.10 fees is for maintaining their system that connects to the interwebs, ability to pick good seats well in advance, and for your convenience of not having to join the normal queue.

      But agreed that they should scrap the $1.10 booking fee and absorb any costs associated to maintaining their online system. They should use this as a marketing tool instead to make the deal sweeter for their customers.

      • What I don't get is why you need to swap the ticket you printed at home for another printed at the counter why not just show the ticket ripper your online ticket

        • this is so that you dont print multiple copies of your printed online ticket so that more people get in. =D

        • So what they really need to do is replace the ticket ripper with a barcode scanner then we wouldn't need to go to the counter :)

        • They have a barcode scanner at Cineplex in Brisbane (southbank).

        • i just quote my booking reference number to staff (when getting a ticket stub at the cinema). It works, and it means no wasting paper when you can do it verbally.

  • thanks a lot. wanna watch lincoln lawyer or mechanic this weekend. the bring a friend for $5 offer expires today 31 Mar. so this is perfect timing.

  • Anyone know if we can use these(or by redeeming points) to book tickets a few days in advance?

    • yes you can book tickets in advance, some ppl booked Fast and furious 5 tickets, some booked thor and they dont come out til late april

  • what shits me about EVENT is that Vmax used to be free, now they charge extra. prices are already ludicrous in the first place. this is a good deal.

  • They just lower the price to trick us/people to think its cheap, then slag us with additional booking fees to earn more again.

  • Cool! It works!

  • Good stuff, just booked 2 for 12.20$. Hope it's not a joke on the Fool's day…

  • I tried to book two tickets for thor 3d and its still coming up as full price ?

    • Same tried to book thor for the 22snd and it comes up as full price… i thik the april code no longer works… please put expired on the title its over guys lucky to those who got in while they could!

      • its still works for other movies so it's not expired.
        probably just doesn't work for advance tickets or certain dates or something.

      • Its stil working on current films for example Limitless/Adjusment bureau its not working anymore for advanced screenings for example Thor/Fast & Furious

        I also notice that it now has a limit of 2 tickets at a time pretty sure it was more than that when I booked last night

      • Really? I just bought 2 tix to Limitless (this Sun) 10 mins ago (i.e. right in between MrLeE & vid_ghost's comments).

        $12.20, PayPal, no probs.

        Edit: just saw the comment above.

      • you can book using FAM as the code - and then checking out with Paypal… it will be 90 cents more per ticket compared to April. =)

  • People above me are gonna watch Justin Bieber movie

  • Melbourne City Cinemas… yeah nah.

  • Fast Five is not working any more in Brisbane Myer Cinema..Anyone have the same problem?

    • 8 Posts above yours, it would be nice if people read at least a little of whats posted.
      It is no longer working on advanced screenings only this weeks movies(now till 6th)

  • Doesn't work on Advanced screening :(


      Confirmed. Tried to use it on the advanced screening of Paul but wouldn't accept it. It's only $8 for the AS anyway so I'm not too worried. :)

    • you can still book using FAM as the code - and then checking out with Paypal… it will be 90 cents more per ticket compared to April. =)

  • Sweet! Just watched a movie tonight! Thanks

  • On my way to watch Limitless now :) I bought 3 tickets, simply repeated the process.

  • I gotta say their movie gift cards are shite. Have a gift card? Yes. Try to redeem it online? Yes. Works? No. Call the cinema and they say to go back to place of purchase as sometimes it doesnt get validated when bought. Ermmmmm it was a gift card noob. Oh ok, so go to post office. Ummmmm thanks for being so helpful, so how do I now use my giftcard to buy tickets online? You cant. Fark me! (and not meant as a request)

  • Anyone know when this expires? I want to use them for movies sometime next week, but it seems they only list movies for 3-4 days ahead online.

  • Not working now (4-4-11) for any movie I tried :-(

  • is this finished? doesn't work for me :(

    • I also just tried and it didn't seem to work. Maybe they only had a limited number of tickets for sale…

  • yor sure this even works???? cant find enter promotional code anywhere????

  • I guess they were losing out too much on these tickets. Good while it lasted.

  • Thanks everyone - especially melmac for answering questions. =D

    the deal as mentioned above has expired 6th of April.

  • Oh that sucks. I took my time, as I assumed a promo code "april" would last for…april.

    • I assumed the same thing (as I'm sure a lot of others did too) but perhaps there was an unspecified number of uses.

      • Dang! thought the same, there goes our cheapo movie tix… plz bring it backe EVENT

  • Was a great bargain

  • Ummm is this offer over?