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  • Aquaneo Pool Store Online
  • BargainCorner06
  • Beer Cartel
  • Bit deals
  • Boutique Cellar
  • Cheaper Buy The Dozen
  • Chillco Coolers
  • Cub Beer
  • Cub Official
  • DDW Australia
  • edisons
  • First Choice Liquor
  • Golf Mate Ebisu
  • Golf Pit Stop
  • Good Drop AU
  • GraysOnline Australia
  • hardtofind
  • House
  • isle of wine
  • Just Wines
  • laihe.lights
  • Linen Dreams
  • Mansfield Hunting & Fishing
  • Mote
  • myliquoronline
  • mytopiaStore
  • Outbax Camping
  • Ozplaza living
  • Robins Kitchen
  • Sello Products
  • The Climbing Fig
  • The Wine Providore
  • Time2Shop Australia
  • Time2Shop Australia
  • Wildcat Bikes
  • Wine Com AU
  • Wine Market
  • Wine Stash

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  • +22

    this joke never ends with jacked up prices….

    • -4

      Hit the roadddd jack

    • +15

      You've never heard of First Choice Liquor?

  • +12

    The only good thing about it is there is always a pocket where we get good deals when the store owner forgets to jack up a price somewhere.

    • +5

      It's sad that it has come to the point we get excited someone forgot to jack up their prices during a sale.. Honestly this shit really needs to be looked at.

      • +4

        The ACCC don’t give a brass razoo!

        • +1

          They do, and so do ebay. Have you supplied screenshots and dates to these people? Have you noticed some tech sellers now leave their price high all of the time? How is anyone supposed to take action without any actual reports?

          • +3

            @Major Mess: Yes I have submitted details and evidence more than once.

            • +3

              @cheaponos: It would be worth another submission to the ACCC as a complaint in the hope of a reply for why they support this illegal activity. I would also send the same info to my local member asking for a response as to why the ACCC are not investigating the laws they are responsible for. Should only take you 5 to 10 minutes.

              Did you get a reply from ebay as to why no action was taken? My impression is they are "having a word to sellers" when reported. The chat log etc leaves a paper trail.

          • +1

            @Major Mess: The ACCC is showing it cares by prosecuting MSY, a store that actually has cheap prices all the time. I know that's illogical but the ACCC are clowns with a cult-like belief in neoliberal economics.

            eBay just straight up doesn't care.

            • -4

              @Diji1: That is corruption and it is sad to say has become a part of the theocracy we live under, and the associated delusions they hold, and the religious test that is made for top public servant positions.

            • @Diji1: MSY got in trouble for refusing refunds.

          • +4

            @Major Mess: Ebay can do it super easy. Average price over the previous 30 days vs average price over the sale period. Voila, there's your abusers

            • @Hellman109: I wish but how do you get eBay to investigate it or enforce it?

        • ACCC can't do anything because eBay is a marketplace so they'd have to go after the individual stores.

          The other issue is the ACCC typically don't look at these kind of cases logged by individuals either.

        • -2

          There is no law against price jacking, only the other way around. If you are selling too cheap.

          • +3

            @smigglejiggle: Wrong. Raising prices before a sale has been found to be deceptive practice. Depends on the circumstances. In this case raising prices just prior to the sale then claiming to be 20% off could easily be found to be misleading - which it is for informed buyers.

            "If a business has a policy or practice of discounting goods when not on sale and uses two-price advertising in relation to sale periods, there is a significant risk that the use of two-price advertising will involve conduct that is misleading. The business would be representing to consumers that they will make a particular saving if they purchase the item during the sale period, when this is not necessarily the case.

            Similar considerations apply to the specification of dollar amount or percentage savings such as 60% off."

          • +1

            @smigglejiggle: Yes it is

            The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued three infringement notices for the pricing of three computer monitors, which changed over a five-day period as part of a Father’s Day promotion 2015.

            From August 24 to August 29, consumers were promised a 20% discount on the three computer monitors as part of the promotion.

            But the ACCC said in a statement this morning, Kogan had increased the prices of the three computer monitors featured on its eBay store prior to the promotion period, so the 20% discount really equated to just 9% off the previously advertised prices.>


  • +5


  • +31

    I see there isn't 20% off whine in the comments…

    • +4

      Pretty sure First Choice and Boutique Cellar sell those

      • Legend

      • +3

        First Choice has removed all spirits off their items for sale list. Only 74 products for sale, of which all are wine

        • yeah i just noticed that. so lame

        • Lame… (Concurring the point that Spirits are excluded)

  • +4

    Stay away from Edisons Cordless Lawnmower Lithium Battery Powered Baumr-AG Electric. I've used mine 6 times and now had the second issue with it, requiring that I pay for postage and handling to have it fixed. I would NOT recommend this item!!!

    • +5

      Just like with fridges and large TV's, you don't have to pay for the shipping under warranty. This is a "black and white" issue, and not like statutory warranties etc. Contact your department of Fair Trading if you are having issues with the seller(Another plus, is that they are also an actual bricks and mortar store).

    • +4

      or anything with { Baumr-AG" in the title. I bought a petrol whipper snipper and it blew up in 3 months of limited use. Its a clever way to make them look German made which they are NOT

      • +1

        Alibaba… they're all there.

    • Hi Ben, what sort of lawn mowers would you recommend? I had a look at Toro and waiting for next Aldi sale…If anyone see any good lawn mower I would appreciate if they post up here. Thanks

      • +1

        Five years on using a Bosch, no regrets.

      • +1

        My cousin has the Ryobi and if I had to buy a lawn mower over again, I would spend the money and go with the Ryobi with rechargeable battery - it's expensive but the reviews I've read and my cousin says it's great. Also my Baumr lawn mower as above can only do a small patch of grass before the battery would run out then I would have to put the battery on charge for another few hours before chomping away at the lawn again. I have yet to find a second battery for this mower to have a spare - if anyone knows where I can get one please inform me. They are replacing my lawn mower as the safety catch broke meaning the only way to turn the mower on and off was to pull the safety pin in and out or the battery. Bit annoyed by the whole process. If felt like they were trying to make it very difficult for me to return it and wanted me to just give up. First they wanted photos, then they wanted a video, then they asked me to post the full product back to them and made me pay P & H.

    • +5

      I'm another Edisons/Baumr-AG victim… sold me a "Brushless" blower, which was actually brushed, then wouldn't return it bcos I took it apart to show them it was brushed… they changed their post/images after and ebay gave me my money back.

  • +5

    The first thing I always do is check the list looking for Computer Alliance….

    • +1

      Same. Sad it's not in there.

    • It's never there anymore. I believe they're on record saying they're not going to do them because that level of discount offered genuinely isn't financially viable.

  • Is there any shop selling electric bicycles for adults?

  • +1

    there is only 38 shops listed and time2shop is counted twice so 37 actually

    did the other 9 pull out prior to going live?

    • That or eBay can't count.

  • +2

    Just had a very bad experience with ozplaza-living. Rubbish products and even worse service. Be warned.

  • +22

    Sorry, been busy. Only 37 stores currently.
    Search link

  • +1

    I've got about 35 eBay accounts and get $20 targeted vouchers consistently. The key is each account you leave inactive for 5-6 months

    • Smart. But how do you keep track? 35 different email address? or same one?

      • i bet he will say: use spreadsheet

      • +2

        Use Gmail. Append +1 to the end of your email address when signing up and keep incrementing it by 1 per new eBay account. All emails go to your standard Gmail email.

        • Oh yeah that's right…I did this recently when signing up for Ebay US (for gift cards deal).
          Nice one thanks.

    • They don't notice?

      • Its all done by computers, so no.

  • Any good deals on cases of wine… First choice just seem to have individual bottles?

    • They aren't even offering a decent range or selection either.

      From what I can tell, it's now the same range they allow you to buy from if you purchased the '$100 first choice voucher' for $5 from groupon.

      EBay sales have now become the dumping ground for poor selling lines.

      • I was excited to get some good deals on spirits like in the past, what a shame :/

  • Store im looking at hasn't upped the price of the item but has for postage.. Sneaky bugger.