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Kogan MEDIUM Mobile Prepaid Voucher (Recharge) Plan - 365 Days, 13GB Per 30 Days $205.60 @ Kogan


Found this link from an past OZB post. cheaper then the advertised price. $205.6 for 365 days.

Buy 2 x $100 Kogan gift card from Ebay with 10% off
Gift cards are sold out on eBay. You may still obtain a 10% discount if you purchase a discounted Kogan giftcard from elsewhere, such as Woolworth's.

you can also refer yourself for another $5 credit.

works out only pay $180.6 /12 =15.05

Enjoy and Merry Xmas!

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  • Digital Gift cards are currently sold out.

    As an FYI to deal posting: The price in title should be the final price paid at checkout, not the price after taking account any rebates, gift card redemptions or cashback bonuses. If you're worked out the post-rebate price, please leave that in the description next time.

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    The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 28/02/2019. Recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers

  • Doesn't show up on the main page - can I ask how you found it? I'd love an extra discount on a Large plan…

  • Ever been cheaper than this?

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      Yeah $164.48 for Medium back when it was 7GB.

      • It was even cheaper when it was buy 1 get 1 free for $300, manage to go half/half with some dude for like $130 with the $50 off.


        • Yeah the BOGOF combined with kogan vouchers was the best. I wish I could've gotten on it but my plan expiry was a while after the redemption expiry :( BOGOF is seldem, not sure if it it'll even be back. One thing is for sure though, no more kogan vouchers to exploit :(

    • and now Medium's have gone up to 13gb for free ;)

      but i think it was cheaper than this when it was 2 for 1

      I paid about 265 or so for 2 x Mediums *7gb which have now gone up to 13gb.

  • I thought these cards can't be used at Kogan Mobile


    Kogan.com Gift Cards are only redeemable for goods and services at Kogan.com, and are not redeemable for goods and services at any other Kogan branded websites (eg. Koganmobile.com.au) or any other Kogan branded subdomain (eg. Hotels.kogan.com).

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      use the gc to add credit to your kogan.com account. then the 365 day voucher is purchased through kogan.com, not kogan mobile.

    • You can, did it already, it says, cannot use it on "Koganmobile.com.au" but you are buying the voucher from kogan.com

      • -1

        2× $100 vouchers and the 5 dollars equal to $205 but the plan is $205.60

        • Buy 2 x $100 Kogan gift card from Ebay with 10% off.

          2 x $100 + $5 + $0.60

          Costs you $180 on eBay plus $0.60 on Kogan.com

  • New customers only?

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      Existing customers only

      • But if you got some spared kogan sim card, you can use this code to start a new service(like a new customer).

        That's what I understand from the email they sent to me with my voucher code. Could be wrong tho.

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      I’ve found it’s actually better than Telstra in many spots and absolutely kills Optus, obviously some remote areas will not be good but no issues in our regular travels arround Vic, Qld and home around Central Coast area of NSW.

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        second this. vodafone network is now on par with Telstra and Optus in all the places i frequent (sunshine coast, BNE, burnett region,n nsw). actually better quite frequently, especially in buildings.

        don't get me wrong, i was a voda hater in the past, but its time for the old ways to die.

        • +1 I'm getting 300mbps on KOGAN/Vodafone vs 5-15Mbps on Telstra in an eastern Melbourne suburb.

  • -2

    Has anyone had experience with Kogan's return policy?
    I bought an item the other day which i no longer want,
    Sent 3 emails now and now response on how to send back

  • This is a good deal. But the thing i absolutely hate about Kogan is that you will pay a premium price for anything "extra" that many other carriers dont even charge for or charge very little for such as call forwarding. Also dont expect to ever be able to use your kogan plan with global roaming unless you want to pay 15 bucks A DAY for that privilege.

    If you never want to use your Kogan number when overseas and never have a need for basic features like call forwarding then this is a great deal.

    • +1

      at least you can receive sms' for free while overseas though.

      • +2

        I am abroad currently and I can confirm that I am receiving SMS and there is obviously no charge for it. Particularly the ones with OTP have been of massive help. I wasn't expecting this when I decided not to activate roaming which is super expensive. Thanks, Kogan. Now let amazingly cheaper roaming be the next step.

        • So you didn’t activate roaming but still gets sms?

          • +1

            @tajid: That's correct. Incoming SMS seems to be free.

    • -1

      That roaming is also available in 10 measly countries only. China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, USA & UK

  • Can this top up an existing plan that hasn’t expired? Or will new expiry be 12 months from recharge?

    • 12 months from recharge

      • +2

        Can confirm. Don't make the same mistake I did.

        • Me too. I lost almost a whole month :(((

  • +1

    I would wait for their buy 1 get 1 free promotion

    • When do you think this will happen?? I've been waiting for the bogof for awhile!

      • Maybe around Valentines day

  • So before I purchase Buy 2 x $100 Kogan gift card from Ebay with 10% off.
    Is it working or not?
    Can I use these Kogan gift card from Ebay to purchase this offer?

    • +1


  • I still have my 365 deal from the 2 for 1 deal. Which expires in 3 months time.

    If i get this and add to my plan. Would i lose my 3 months? Or does it extend 3 months + 12 months?

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      read 5 comments above yours.

    • +1

      I read somewhere that you can call and if you ask politely they may be able to refund you the remainder of your existing plan

      • +1

        Only if you upgrade to a higher plan.

  • Hey this might be a dumb question but how do you refer yourself ? For the $5 ?

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      send a referral to another email address you have, create new account.

      • Do you know why the $5 is not showing up in the checkout, although it says you have $5 to spend when you created new account upon referral?

        • U have to do the cheeky way. Register another account and use the referral link from the old account.

  • Anyone figured out a link to this deal? The provided says $205.

    • +1

      Did you not read the description of how on the top of the page?

      • Wasn't that disproven in the comments?

        • Do you mean this ?

          • @CVonC: I am not sure what you are referring to. The link provided in this deal is via Kogan, the gift card is applicable. I can only get $180 + remaining 5.60= 185.6, instead of the 180.6 as in the title. The referral $5 (says apply automatically) does not appear in the checkout.

            • @JadaJ: I was referring to wardaddy saying it was disproven when in fact it was proven (that gift cards work on Kogan mobile plans being sold on kogan.com)

              This question gets asked every time and people always think the wrong thing and then other people go on to say the wrong thing. Should really be a FAQ in every description from now on tbh.

        • My head hurts.

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            @Wardaddy: Basically just order 2x $100 Kogan gift cards via ebay for $180 instead of $200. Then, redeem the gift cards on the Kogan website and purchase the mobile plan. Pay the remaining $5.6, and the effective cost is $185.6.

  • I bought the medium plan. Do they email me the voucher code or is it posted?

    It took 4 hours to get the gift card codes.

    Update: Got the code in an email.

  • You need to put existing customer only in the title. It's not hard to be an existing custom but it is still a requirement.

  • hey guys, thanks for the great deal.

    Just got a quick question. If you actually click to the deal page through kogan mobile, it shows the price is $222.65 rather than the 30% off ($205.6). Can anyone confirm If I purchase the voucher through the webpage linked with this deal, that they will only charge me $205.6?


    • +1

      Yes. That's what I did. Remember buy the voucher from eBay first.

  • +1

    Hmmm its been 12 hours and still haven't received email voucher…

    • Hey, did you receive the voucher? It's been over 12 hours for me too :(

      • Got mine pretty quick. Like in 5 min.

      • Nope, still waiting for mine after 16 hours lol

  • Anyone who bought the $100 kogan gift vouchers from ebay, how long did it take for you to receive the email voucher from ebay?

    • +1

      A few hours

  • +4

    Woolworths are selling $100 Kogan gift cards for $90 starting this Wednesday in case you don't want to buy from ebay.

    • looks like i'll have to take this route if they don't restock the eBay ones

  • +2

    Thanks OP, saved me around $40. Cheers!

  • gift cards out of stock just as I was at the checkout.

    Does it get refilled quickly?

  • Thank you OP, just in time for my annual recharge ;)

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    Just bought 2 X $100 gift cards at Woolies today at 10% off. Was able to use them at Kogan.com and pay for the recharge with the gift card credit. As mentioned above, the key is that (for some reason) the mobile vouchers fall under Kogan.com and not Koganmobile.com. Not sure why that is, but we'll take it. So, all up it costed $185.60 for the medium 13GB voucher. BTW, took 24 minutes to get the voucher code after checking out.

    I did notice the catch.com.au 50% off plans today. I was tempted, but unsure about going back with Optus again, and there was some info about Catch not being registered with the TIO. I find that Vodafone works very well in non-regional areas and great at home. I would want to go with Lebara, but they don't have deals on their 365 plans now (they did back in October). I figure it's similar to Kogan (both Vodafone), but Lebara adds some international minutes too that I would definitely use.

    • Damn I missed out on woolies 10% offer on the giftcard. I’ll have to wait for the next one or is there an offer elsewhere?

      • Same. Wondering if I should just buy it now though cause we don't know when the exp date is.

  • +1

    I recently left Kogan in December but now want to rejoin using my own number - can anyone tell me
    1: How long must an ex-subscriber be away from Kogan before being allowed to rejoin porting their own number?
    2: Upon rejoining - can I take advantage of a 30 day / 40GB plan to initially rejoin and then take advantage of a 365 day deal available to existing customers?
    Thanks in advance

    • Would like to know this as well

    • 30 days port out


  • Anyone know how the recharges work? My current 12 month prepaid voucher expires 01/02 and I have a 30 day recharge code from a phone I bought from Kogan. It expires 28/02 and so does this. If I bought one of these, used the code for 30 days from 01/02, could I effectively "stack" the 12 month code on so it would start from the 28th, or would it not use the new code until 30 days and therefore expire before it activates>

    • Damn I missed out! Now I have to hunt for that Optus unicorn

  • my account is showing 15gb now, I reckon they might be about to lift data again
    also kogan gift cards are available again

    • my account is showing 15gb now, I reckon they might be about to lift data again

      Not yet for me, still 13gb. But that's a good sign. Hopefully they'll up the small plan or at least reduce the price to compete with the Optus, Boost and CatchConnect small plans. I don't think I'll renew when my plan ends in July due to this.

      also kogan gift cards are available


  • Mine is showing 15.17GB

    • Mine is showing this too. Does recharging it reset it back to 13GB?

      • Mine was 15gb too, just recharged mine this morning, back to the advertised 13gb.

  • Thank goodness for this link. I had accidentally auto-recharged to large but ended up saving $200 by switching to this.

    I just had to call up to get a prorata refund for the auto recharge.