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Pack of 20 SanDisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD Card $20.95 from Amazon AU [Pricing Error]


This might be another amazon au pricing error or listing error. I stumbled across this while trying to use the credit given from the dishwashing tablet pricing error from amazon au. The listing says its for a pack of 20? Unsure if this is accurate or not. If it is, $20 for 20x 64gb micro sd cards is an absolute steal. If it is another error, they might give us more credit for having incompetent website editors.

If inappropriate, please delete. Thanks.

Edit: the SanDisk 64gb cards don't seem to add to cart anymore. Try using one of the other ones listed in the comments, or just try to find another "pack of 20" item if you wish to join the 'amazon's headache party' .

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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            • @kampret: contact amazon to cancel order, thatll save you shipping $

            • @kampret: Me too.
              There was a delay in getting a confirmation email.
              So I think that was my window.

              Looks like I'm getting 64gb and 128gb now

            • @kampret: Oh. Well I placed a second order of the same product (the latter from the AU site) and I got a prompt alerting me that it was a duplicate order, but had the option to proceed anyways. Then I had the option of cancelling the first order from the international dispatcher.

    • How? can you paste the link/ I get shipping.

    • Ahhhh nooooo I wish I saw your comment earlier

  • +5

    Someone is bound to get fired for this…

    • Hopefully doesn't trigger them to tighten their refund/compensation policies, since this is basically abusing their goodwill en masse (not to mention Amazon staff can also see these forums)…

  • Jumped on the bandwagon, thanks OP.

  • Could use these 20 cards with these as well :)


  • +1

    Bought one just in case. Thanks OP

  • so if its just one they don't make you post it back to them to get a credit? not really worth the hassle if they do…

  • Thx Op, got the 128gb extreme pack of 20😂

  • Thanks. I love when these errors come up

    • Yep got those for my DSLR. Like full size SD cards.

    • Those are pretty slow - probably normal price for 20… :)

  • price dropped

    • +1

      loL. You win sir, you win.

  • God damn professionals

    • +1

      Waiting for Jeff Bezos to call us Professionals.

  • This is getting ridiculous now!

  • Cheers got a 20 pack of 256GB SD cards for $115 (with 5% cashback)

    • +1

      dont hold your breathe lol

      • Definitely not, but still giving it a shot

    • Doesn't say 20 Pack for 256 GB lol…

        • Ok got it….I thought there is only one listing.

        • That’s a third part seller though. Be careful.

          • +1

            @snagseb: I selected seller as Amazon AU to avoid any hassle

    • Can only see the 64GB titled as pack of 20.


  • These make great snacks! Thanks

  • +5

    I feel this is going to be one big headache for Amazon LOL

    • +1

      It's like they were hacked or something.

  • title should change to pack of 20 party then love to watch this on ozbargain

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    • +2

      That is diabolical.

    • +2

      *two of these

    • "Do NOT support UHS-I"

      • +1

        3x slower than U3

      • I missed that little detail, but gees there are some weird and wonderful devices out there.

    • +1

      You’ll need 20 of them too

  • u guys paying for shipping?

    • Nope, free with Prime or $49 spend for local stock.

    • Yeah $7.16 with Prime

      • not if you buy from AU

        • I'm buying from AU but still get charged delivery.

      • no its free with prime. choose the local stock to be shipped from amazon aust

        • I would better order from Amazon US
          as the local stock is not sold by Amazon
          They might have a chance of not fulfilling the order?

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    Amazon imploding in t-minus 10, 9, 8…

  • 6% cashback with shopback

  • +3

    This is an aftermarket of generic part

    Does this mean it is not genuine?

    • +1

      Yep saw the same.

    • Not sure, confusing because it's sold by Sandisk. If it was another retailer, I would interpret it to mean generic cards from the same factory (as in, illegal unregistered cards that are produced after hours).

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    Just received an email from amazon; your order has been shipped and will be delivered on 19/12.

    Finger cross, 60 of 64GB SD cards are coming.

  • I'm getting $25.66 even with prime because you only get free shipping if you spend over $50 (Amazon international) anyone else getting that?

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      that's why you order 3 of them.

    • +1

      Use the AU link posted somewhere earlier in this thread.

      • oops thanks. didn't realise there was another page of comments lol

  • Memory card Supplies for 2019. All good

  • +6

    waiting for dramas..

  • ships and sold by Amazon Au seem to be gone

    • its still there on the right hand side $20.95. sold by amazon AU

      • Doesn't seem to work when you click it, just sends me to an empty checkout cart.

        • Same.. empty shopping cart, doesn't matter what qty I try to add.

  • +1

    Will make great Christmas gifts… but do not hand these out at a night club.

    • +1

      yup… definitely shouldn't be spreading around those SSD's

  • +1

    We did it, Ozbargain!

  • -1

    I feel like amazon won't know what is happening until we all receive the item and ask customer support for refunds. Not sure if they will refund us and let us keep the item, or get us to send it back. Perhaps it might be good to ask them for refunds before it gets sent so there's less hassle on our end and will just score free amazon credit?

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    I think you're all buying 1 (one) single Micro SD card.

    • +13

      No we're buying 20. Amazon is shipping one.

      • +2

        That is more correct.

  • +1

    Just woke up and saw this.

    What's going on here? lol

    • +13

      Just your typical garden variety Ozbargain price error freak out.

  • From Camelcamelcamel, this item is always there.
    The price just dropped recently. So sb must order it before.

  • made 2 orders, hopefully will get 2x credits :)

    • or twice headache 😊

  • +1

    OzBargained.. looks like Amazon's algorithm's have picked up on the issue and shut down any 'add to carts'.

  • +1

    Seems to be a few comments in the review for these cards saying they are counterfeit and they had problems with them. So maybe it actually is 20 really cheap cards… that may or may not work. Can always get a refund if they don't work properly though I guess.

  • doesn't want to add to cart for me :(

  • -1

    you're all wasting your time. they won't let you keep it so you'll have to send it back, wasting your time and petrol to go to the post office and time spent checking to make sure all your money is returned.

    • true

    • +2

      Can't see why you got negged so hard, nobody will receive 20 of them, it's clearly an error

      They will let you keep it though, and will most likely give you a credit if you fight hard enough

      • +1

        because they can't handle the truth.

        i'm working on my jack nicholson

      • Or it could be a repeat of the Wicked Fizz. Listing says 60x60 and Amazon chat says you'll get 3600 pieces. Ends up being just 60.

    • Never have I seen that happen. If they send it, it's yours.

    • Why wouldn’t they let us keep them? Presuming they will only send 1 instead of 20…

      • because ozbargained. hell, they might not even send them out.

        maybe a 'sorry' voucher.

        or a prepaid label to send it back because of the value of the item x hundreds of ozbargainers complaining about the exact same error.

        even if you get to keep it, and it's not genuine. i'd never rely on a fake to store photos etc.

        • If they send them out(I doubt) then they will not ask for them back.

          I think realistically we are all going to get vouchers before they send anything out and that will be the end of it.

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