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10% off Selected Sellers When You Pick Up In Store (Dan Murphy's, Binglee, EB Games, Supercheap etc) @ eBay


Selected Sellers means:

  • autobarn
  • Baby Bunting
  • Beacon Lighting
  • Bing Lee
  • Cincotta Chemist
  • Dan Murphy's
  • EasyShed
  • EB Games Australia
  • First Choice Liquor
  • Myer
  • National Storage
  • Petbarn
  • Peter's of Kensington
  • Strandbags
  • Supercheap Auto
  • Tarocash
  • Ted's Cameras
  • Tempe Tyres
  • The Good Guys
  • Trade Tested

Conditions: The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price on items at Selected Sellers when you pick up in store, up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Terms and Conditions

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Baby Bunting
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  • +1

    Isn't there already a site wide 10% promo going?

    EDIT - But I guess this doesn't have a minimum spend

    • +2

      PLASMA has a minimum spend, this one doesn't mention a min spend. So I guess eBay prepared this one for lower value purchases.

  • +2

    10% off in store pick up is a new strategy


    • +2

      Probably trying to encourage people who think that a delivery wouldn't make it in time for Christmas to C&C instead.

      • not a bad strategy

        10% off plus 5-10% off ebay cards, and youve got up to 20% off dan murphys liquor,

        thats pretty darn good

  • Officeworks never gets these eBay discounts aye

  • +5

    Why would I buy from Good Guys with this code when they have 20% off at the moment?

  • Does anybody have an inclusive search link? Thanks in advance.

  • Wow. 10% off, selected sellers and I get to pick it up myself!
    So enticing.

  • +1

    No cashback from eBay now though, so really pretty similar to buying online from Dan's etc.

    • True. Many spirits are missing from ebay store as well.

      • +1

        You could say Ebay isn't stocking the Christmas spirit.

  • +1

    Could be useful for the normally excluded car parts category

  • is this code not active?

  • -1

    It should work but its not working on EBgames. Booo

  • Is it possible to buy on eBay then pay in-store? Have some vouchers.

    • +1

      You cannot use the 'PICKUP10' coupon code any other way except on eBay. You'd apply it on checkout and then make your payment right after in order to receive the 10% discount.

      And likewise you cannot use the (in)store-specific coupon vouchers or codes on the eBay site.

      • Darn, ok, worth a try :)

  • Big nothing burger from Dan Murphy… everything is delivery.

  • any idea as to how soon/ late will pickup be at Dan Murphy's?
    usually if I order without ebay, pickup is ready in one hour

    • It has always been ready within the first 2 hours. Never had it go past that time period when ordering via eBay.

  • +1

    Can combine with this promotion from first choice liquor: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/424790

  • +2

    It would be great if EB did click and collect on all their consoles, not a select few - especially since you can click and collect the same thing on their website.

  • Anyone else getting Error codes: 70049 70084 when checking out for First Choice Liquor?
    Been trying since last night

    • i have the same error code too when i check out for Dan Murphy. i tried to contact ebay customer service and they said they can just report to technical team to investigate.

      • So i have isolated my issue to the Asahi cans at:

        I can't complete the purchase. I wanted 2 slabs.
        Tried with 2 - same error
        Tried with 1 - same error
        Tried with credit card same error
        Tried with wife's account same error

        I was able to complete purchase of some whisky by itself however.

        I reported issue this morning to Ebay and they said there was something wrong with First Choice paypal account.
        I reported what i found to with the Asahi, lets see what they say tomorrow.

  • "Sorry, your Coupon: "PICKUP10" does not appear to be recognised by us."

    Dan Murphy

  • This is cheap, if anyone's interested, with the code it's $8.10


  • tried to use this with Tempe Tyres, except they dont give a pickup option in their ebay store, so it doesnt work. Annoying, could've saved $50 on my 4x tyre purchase.
    Was already at their store when i tried to do this, so was too late to try to fix that up

      • hmm, for some reason i wasnt given that option, i checked multiple times in both the android app and via website on desktop. maybe it was the tyres i was buying (kumho ku22 235/45/17), and they didnt have that option enabled? They were in stock so no reason for pickup to not be available

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