expired JBL JR300 Kids on Ear Wireless Headphones $31.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


This is my first post so please be nice :)

Cheapest for this kids Bluetooth headphones so far.

RRP $69.95 - Listed $39 - PTGGS20 eBay coupon brings it down to $31.20 shipping is an extra $5.26 or free to pick up from your local TGG.

JBL JR300 Kids on Ear Wireless Headphones Blue/Orange

Original PTGGS20 20% off The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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    Thanks for your first post.

    No need to ask people to be nice. It is well set out with pertinent information in the heading, easy to understand information about the discount and good use of links to the original deal, alternative colour of headphones and the discount code.

    Welcome aboard.


    Thanks OP! Just bought a pair for my 11-yo niece, I know she's going to love them!

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    Haven't seen the pink ones at this price before, great find OP
    I can definitely recommend these headphones, plus they come with a pack of stickers for the kids to decorate/personalise them


    What's so "kids" about it? Smaller head size? Cheap to replace if they break it? Just marketing?

    We gradually get better quality headphones as we get older (and can afford them more easily). At the same time, our hearing declines.
    Why not get your kids a high quality headset so they can enjoy the music while their hearing is at it's best?

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      • Sound volume limitation.
      • Smaller head size
      • kids colours
      • slightly more durable

      from the JBL website:
      JBL legendary sound designed to always limit the volume below 85dB making them safe for even the youngest music fans.

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      This headset is actually quite good for kids. The things that appealed to me were volume protection (doesn't allow volume to go higher than a certain level), rugged build (doesn't break easily) and decent enough audio.


    Anyone know if theses come with wire option for airplane use?


      Good Point, can come in handy if it does, though they seem specifically 'wireless' ones.
      You can get same spec wired ones too. Here's a search link from HN, $29.
      Do your market price comparison of course before you buy, TGG might be cheaper for wired too. Happy Shopping!

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      no wire option as I got one for my daughter … its annoying as you can;t use it on the plane but unless you get one of the bluetooth adapters. good build
      quality better than moki.

      I got this one for my QC35 to use on the plane wireless


    I just bought a similar unit from Ebay for Christmas present.
    $16.59 delivered.

    same thing with sound limit etc..



      This is wired. The one in the post is wireless.
      Still a good price though.

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        Yes, fair point.
        I chose wired as I can't trust the kids to recharge, then if the battery dies and no place to charge night be an issue.
        Then I have to carry a power bank or cable etc

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    Yup, great headphones for kids. I bought them a few days ago for my kids when Good Guys had 10% off. They are very durable, great colors, and the kids love the stickers.

    Sound quality is also decent and I love the fact that my kids keep their iPad's much further away from their eyes while watching since they can still hear :)

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    Someone else saw Tim Ferriss' angry facebook post yesterday and went looking for kid's headphones?? lol

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    Just a heads

    There's very little sound dampening. With the volume limiting, these are pointless on airplanes.

    We learnt the hard way on a trip…..several hours of whinging that they couldn't hear their ipad.

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    Although charging headphones for kids is annoying all the research I have done is wireless Bluetooth headphones do a much better job at limiting volume to 85db. A lot of kids wired headphones go above 85db because of different amplifiers on the device they are plugging into. Great first post and great price for a quality product.