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$1 Domestic Flights (Sydney <-> Cairns, Adelaide <-> Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast) - Secret Jingle Sale @ Jetstar


Final day of the Jetstar Secret Jingle Sale, limited dates and seats available!

Code word for today is REINDEER

Be sure to click month view (may not work on Firefox, Chrome, seems to be available on Safari) when looking for dates, as it's the easiest way to find the $1 fare dates. If you're seeing more expensive prices, those are not the flights on sale for this deal. Click on the top right to access it on the flight selection page after entering today's code.

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  • +8

    Page still waiting to go live, thanks OP you've been great with posting these deals nice and early :)

    • yep, everyone please remember these will go live in 5 mins (10am AEDT)! you're welcome :)

  • Page not available - checked IE, Chrome and Safari..

    edit page not live 'til 10am..

  • +1

    Thanks op hope it works today ♡

  • +1

    Thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the early warnings each day..Cheers

  • +2

    Agreed. Your a legend OP. Appreciate the efforts all week

  • +1

    thanks mate for posting all these deals super early for everyone. Appreciate your work. Got some good deal for next year with Jetstar.

  • +1

    Thank OP!!!

  • +5

    page still not live?

    • +1

      yeah isn't for me

  • nothing for Melbourne

  • Page is live but no deals yet

    • What URL are you on? Mine's not live.

  • I could've got the $1 flights, but I've got an infant.
    They still charge $30 for the infant to travel, on each leg!
    Considering he'd be on my lap, that seems mental.
    Return for 2 adults, $4. Return for 2 adults and 1 infant, $64.

    • +1

      The airlines want to emphasise that kids are a liability.

    • +3

      Can you buy a third seat for your infant? Then might be treated as a ticket, rather than an "extra charge"

  • +1

    Tried Syd to Cairns. Only 6am flights mid week (searched for May)… I'll pass. Thnx anyway OP

  • +1

    Yea no deals atm :\

  • +1

    OOL > ADL 15/05 - 18/05 $1 each way.
    Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Do you have the direct link?

      • @mumof4 I just used the link provided by OP. Using Chrome and worked fine

  • "We don’t have any deals today"
    7 min in, did I miss the party?

    EDIT: I live in brisbane and it doesn't show even if I put sydney to cairns … put on VPN and it works (but I live in brisbane so not for me)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. No Melbourne flights today but have been lucky enough to get return flights to Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

  • +3

    Is anyone else getting 'We don't have any deals today' When searching…

    • +1, maybe no Melb today?

  • +1

    I cant seem to see any deals. OP help? Looking for from Sydney

  • +1

    "We don’t have any deals today"

  • +1

    Am I doing something wrong?
    When I hit 'View deals' it says 'We don't have any deals today'

  • +1



    • Any direct links from Brisbane?

  • We don’t have any deals today

  • I can see returns but nothing to cains from syd.

  • Adelaide to Sunshine Coast is one of the deals, as it's in the "eg" text.

  • Yeah weird, seems to be working for some but not others. Mines definitely not working ‘no deals today’.

  • mostly gone already. i seen one seat in march for sydney

  • +3

    I think the page must have been live for some, not others. And therefore the deals were already grabbed before the page went live for some? What a mess

  • didnt work normally but worked in incognito for me, though nothing from melbourne out :(

  • anyone find anything for Mel? or party is finished?

  • I put in the code and it says 'session expired'
    What the?!?!?!

  • I can only see the deal when I use a VPN

  • +1

    ADL > GC 1/5 - 8/5

    $4 for two people return.

    Thanks OP!

  • No deals today apparently

  • use vpn or proxy site to access if you can't see deals

  • no deal, all done???

  • Might be missing something super obvious but how do I find the month view feature? Is it really not available in Chrome/Firefox? I had to switch to Firefox to view the deals.

  • nothing :(

  • "we dont have any deals today"

  • +3

    After trying for days finally booked - a $2 return flight👍

    • have been trying, but no deal.. thats grt

      • Thanks. Had no problem booking on Android phone. As only 1 seat available for dates - had to scramble to finish booking before disappeared.

  • [5197:Validation] SellServiceFeeRequest.FeeCode is invalid. The value's length must be at least -1 characters and no longer than 6 characters.

    Tried a few different cards but same result.

    • +2

      Received that message both times I booked. Few minutes later confirmation email received.

      • Same.

      • Yes, confirmed now. All good. Was just a bit alarming as this is the first $1 flight I got ever.

    • +1

      Said the same for me, but if you scroll down there is a PNR further down the page, and something about a 3 hour wait.

    • +1

      Did you get a booking number on that page. (It's hidden in the error message) .

  • these deals suck… every time i pick a date put the code in flights are still full price

    • Me too

  • +1

    Finally got some flights! thankyou so much OP. Were people able to book multiple tickets at once?
    Had to book tickets seperately to get the $1 deals.

    • oh sneeky, jetstar might have put some restrictions in place. yesterday they where banning ips. now maybe limit seats in single bookings

    • just got it try this

      • what date and from which state?

  • Damn was stuck on the searching flight times page on both safari and IE.
    Tried on mobile and got 'you were idle for too long'

  • +3

    I go to by month view after entering the code word and they're all full price flights

  • +2

    It would've been nice if they did this deal before the japan one.

  • +1

    All sold out for ADL I think :(
    Saw 3x $1 fare adl to sunshine coast but they disappeared, and there was no $1 return flight. Can't find anything now.

    • +1

      Been attempting to book something every day. Jumped on the offer at 10am on the button and the furthest I've got is selecting flights and suddenly they are gone before I get a chance to enter details. Then they suddenly have other flights which are a very low compared to standard price as an alternative.

    • Bought $2 return ADL flights just over 30 min before your comment. There were only 25 seats each way.

      • Site wasnt working for me at that stage :(

      • +1

        @Infidel Congrats…Enjoy! Guess you were lucky someone else wasn't trying to book your exact dates, route and platform at the exact same time. I wasn't expecting mine to have them disappear at that stage of the booking process.

  • Got some flights OOL to ADL. Thanks OP!

  • Does anyone know…If I purchase as a gift can I enter my mobile and email (as it's a surprise). What are the implications when it comes to taking the actual flight? Or making changes?

    • Sounds fine to me. I think it's extremely common with corporate, group and family bookings.

      But I think that ship has sailed.

      • Thanks peter, just bearing in mind for tomorrow (family & friends bookings). Just wondering if there would be issues with the person changing booking details or receiving notifications if the email and mobile on there is mine.

  • +3

    After 10 days of sales the site still isn't working properly. First it was 'no deals today' then that was fixed, then it was 'session expired' and now all the flights are full price.

    • exectly

    • Pretty sure it was done on purpose

    • that should read, after years of sales Jetstars website is still broken. It's crazy how broken most of these airline websites are…

  • +6

    I almost snagged 2 return tickets from Sunshine Coast to Adelaide but as I was picking the times someone else had “snapped them up”.. but after consideration, I’m kinda glad. I was just so desperately trying to get these $1 flights that I didn’t really stop to actually think about what I’d do in Adelaide. There’s nothing I’m really keen on seeing again there, so I’d just be wasting money on accommodation for a meh trip. For the $500 or so the accom would have cost, plus food and car rental etc, I may have well just gotten the return flights to Japan for $300 where I actually would have enjoyed.

    I wonder how many people who are booking these tickets are actually going to go. I doubt many..

    • Bought $2 return GC to Adelaide for 2 weeks. So many years since I lived there (for a short time - squatting in Norwood) so will be good to catch up. Probably will stay in Airbnb as just did in Sydney for 4 weeks @$40-50/n. Looking forward to it👍

      Would rather go back to Japan for another holiday. With cheap Jetstar flight it's a cheaper & more interesting holiday. Have stayed in very basic business hotel room for $13/n (monthly rate) in Osaka a few years ago. Airbnb last year (by sea in beautiful artist studio to myself) was only $40/n.

      Found $228 return ticket from Cairns a few days back - but max of 2 weeks there in that deal is too short for me. Also was only about $70 return cheaper than Japan Sale price, which has more choice of departure city & dates.

    • I snagged some previously and it's not worth the stress. It was only $10 return to Darwin in rainy season but my plan was to get to Asia anyway from a closer point, preferably somewhere new and dry (e.g. Laos). But since Scoot and AirAsia don't serve Darwin I'm stuck with Jetstar sale prices (and can't get to preferred-for-cheap-flights-to-Asia KL anyway). I can get to Singapore from Sydney return with Scoot for $60 more all up, without having to pay for expensive transport options after the buses stop running in stormy Darwin (…4 times) or forking out for dorms each way.

      For a few dollars I would go anywhere for a day or two for hits and giggles, since I stays in sub-$30 dorms. But this super-fast, super-limited "sale" left you with a weird handful of dates that may be hard to workaround.

      • Rather than stay in dorms (my backup option) it can cost only a little more in Airbnb room to yourself & enjoy!

        Just back from 4 week holiday in more expensive Sydney staying at $40-50/n (one place included large meal & coffee (otherwise $25+) in their cafe downstairs. Dorm (shared with 3 others) was around $32/n in beds that were far less comfy.

        But dorms are fine for a few days & can meet other travellers.

        • I need something just after Christmas near one of the stations to pick up my partner. never stayed in a Airbnb before.

          • @shadowangel: Was pretty easy. Room above the cafe with meal was 5 minute walk to train (direct to airport) or light rail. Unfortunately I think they are now closed as owner married.

            Booking well ahead ensures a better choice. Many don't take people over Christmas - NY, or require a week stay. Hostels book out way ahead for NY & require longer stay, but some may be available if you don't mind sharing.

            • @Rather be Travelling: that would have been perfect lol. struggling to find anything on my budget.

              • +1

                @shadowangel: That's what I thought.
                Set the filter to your budget, "request to book" places can be a waste of time (4 refused due to their commitments) - good luck!

                Airbnb can have downsides…
                Had a $38/n Airbnb booked in Katoomba over weekend. Owner cancelled at last minute, with next cheapest place nearly $100/n more! That was a rude shock. Stayed at the close by YHA for about $32/n & had great time meeting travellers from around the world.

        • I love the idea of airbnb but after a string of failures and other factors I don't take the risk.

          I've had instant bookings cancel (at least I received free credit as compensation - which I never used and it expired). I've had no replies from non-instant bookings when I've needed something the same day or the next. You'd think this would be a safer bet than a few months from now, considering these are private rooms.

          It did save my arse when there was an event on in Adelaide and all the hostels were booked out. But I will never, ever, never ever use airbnb for booking high season in advance. A refund plus 10% in high season isn't much consolation when you're now spending 400% more on a crappy room you could have had for 50% of your cancelled airbnb if you booked in advance…

          The main advantage I've had with dorms over airbnbs and hotels in my price range is usually location. I have no idea how hostels get the properties they do but they're often ridiculously central. Even the nastiest ones, like Salvation Army Red Shield Guest House in Mumbai.

          I also rarely end up using airbnbs in cheap countries. The budget options are often out of town and the same price as more central properties on booking.com (some advertise on both).

          But you obviously scored a deal :) I've seen amazing discounts for long-term bookings.

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