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NetGear ORBI RBK50 Mesh Wi-Fi System $388 Shipped @ DeviceDeal ($368.60 through OW Pricebeat) RRP $599


The Orbi is awesome, I have one (not this model) and it's exceptional, honestly couldn't believe the improvement after replacing the garbage set up I had before getting my hands on one of these. These aren't often down this low but this isn't the best price ever… Last year there was a perfect storm with The Good Guys where it got down to $299 but can't see that ever happening again!

Model# RBK50-100AUS

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  • I think you might made a mistake. It is not amazon link? Please don't mislead people.

  • I got the Tenda MW3 triple pack for $115 from ebay and it gives me super speed through my 3 bedroom house. I'm not sure why you would need more but even if you did the MW6 would suffice at $200 for the triple pack.

    • I just got the MW3 for $111 and it's fixed the black spots in my 3 bedroom place.

    • I think the MW3 ethernet port is only 100mbit not gigabit.

      • yes, if you need faster than a 100mb network or if the nodes are going to be pretty far apart then you should pay twice as much for the mw6

        not sure how the orbi compares to the mw6, i suspect the orbi would be better but will it pass the ozbargain value test

        the mw3 is great at what it does for the price it is, a very cost effective solution for a wireless 100mb network - which is nothing to sniff at, unless you need to trans 10s of gbs of data daily then its likely all you'll need

        • Or have a NAS to stream 4k stuff it can be problematic for some items, really need higher to minimize hassle. I'd never heard of these until this post though, was an interesting read and something i may well get in future where running cat6 isnt practical.

          • @Xizor: 4k streaming really shouldn't be a problem, even uhd bluray should be ok but surely you'd be playing that on a dedicated unit if you bothered to buy the movies in hard copy form

  • Link is not Amazon.

    • Yeah, sorry about that. Copy and pasted from another listing and didn't notice it said Amazon…

  • RBK50 is 2016 tech, surely upcoming 2019 CES is bound to update.

    • Yes, it isn't true mesh and so an update would be great! but this one sure is good in my long and narrow 5 bedroom home!

  • I was looking at getting the google wifi/mesh.
    I still need to do a bit more research, but i'd be interested to see what the pros/cons of each setup if you've already looked into it?

    • I am impressed with the Google Wifi - bought it for my birthday in November so 2 months usage but pretty happy so far

    • i was in the same boat and went with the Orbi RBK50 instead of Google's because the Google one won't work at all when there's no internet, meaning i can't even stream locally if there were an outage. Plus Google already knows too much about me.

      I'm seriously impressed with the Orbi, everything just connects and communicated flawlessly, super easy to setup. I got 15+ devices connected and have zero problems so far after 1 month.

  • Hows this stack up with something like the Ubiquity Amplifi?

    I'm new to Wifi mesh but the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD really caught my attention recently. Not cheap but you get what you pay for I guess.

    • Can't comment on the Ubiquity, but i got the RBK50 a month ago and can only recommend it. It's stupid easy to use and everything just connects and works together flawlessly.

    • I got the Orbi because it has outdoor mesh as well.

      Wished they had support for more satellites.

      • Can't U just buy a set and just use the satellite, while selling off the router?

        • No, Orbi isn’t mesh, it’s daisy chain and star - all user traffic is (back-hauled to and) forwarded by router unit.

          • @AlexF: I was reading here and daisy means the satellite would be able to talk to each other.

            If you read here, the difference between RBK50 and rbk53 is basically two of the rbs50 to widen the coverage of the rbs50.

            Because the satellite rbs50 can't be found anymore in Aus, and the new model rbs50y cost more than the rbk50 set, it would be cheaper to buy the rbk50 and split it right?

            Besides, I think the rbr50 on its own can be used as a standalone router. Saw on some websites some people were showing the wifi signal testing of the rbr50 strength within a house so I assume it would work. I do have the rbk50 but cbb testing this theory.

            • @LurvinOZB:

              daisy means the satellite would be able to talk to each other…

              Star means all satellites must connect to router for both, backhaul and user traffic. Daisy chain means satellites can connect to each other - this applies to backhaul but not user traffic - user traffic is still forwarded by router unit only, Mesh means both backhaul and user traffic is forwarded by every unit.

              There’s a reason for everything. The fact that neither RBK53 nor RBS50 is sold in Australia means something. I’d wait for CES announcement.

              Apparently, you can mate RBS40 with RBR50 but you lose 4x4 backhaul to 2x2. Since most STAs are only 1x1 or 2x2, it’s no real loss.

    • I have an orbi system and did look at the Amplifi HD and the main difference was how the backhaul link worked. Orbi has a dedicated wireless radio for it.

      • Thanks all who replied. I currently have a regular AC1900 WiFi router. 2 story house, signal covers the house just fine but stream on my SHIELD TV buffers periodically so it's struggling. I'll check out some reviews, basically just need good multi-level performance (ie walls and floor penetration)

        • I would go with a mesh system like the Tenda, Google or Orbi.

          I have the Orbi and enjoy 90 Mbps in the backyard in a 2 storey house (on NBN 100/40).

        • You may be able to get full strength signal but it won’t make a difference - with Wi-Fi, you’re sharing channel with neighbours and only one can use at a time.

          • @AlexF: I'm no wifi expert, so I don't understand your point. All I know is the 4 of us are able to stream our own shows at the same time with no issues, whether it be inside or in the backyard.

            • @BellaWii: my response was to Click_It. Great that you queried - most people just ignore what they don’t understand.
              My point was that WiFi speed is not only determined by your Access Point but by congestion of channels used by your neighbours. So, radio environment matters.
              All thing equal, when sharing a lane yyour car is only as fast as slowest car.

  • Thankyou for posting this, OP.

    I just did a pricebeat with OW over the phone for C&C at my local after transfer from warehouse. Pricebeat was $378.10, as the devicedeal listing was $398 at time of writing.

    Looking to solve very poor signal in new house, L-shaped floorplan where the NBN coaxial and modem and router is around the bend of the house needing to travel in-and-out trough brick wall to reach the other end. Dual band AC2100 newly supplied trough Aussie Broadband wasn't doing it alone. Might start with simply replacing the router with this AC3000 and placing the satellite either towards the other end of the house in the bedroom, or a more central location in the laundry (or consider getting a console table so I can get it dead centre). Had been considering getting in an electrician to wire the entire house with ethernet… still might do that down the track.

  • So it's gone up $10 :(
    When did it go up?