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Velocifire TKL02WS Wireless Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Brown) US $35.99 + $12 DHL Delivery ($67.33 AUD) @ Velocifire


Keyboard Basics:
-87 keys, Outemu Brown Switches (tactile, non-clicky switches)
-LED Illuminated Backlit
-Connector Type: USB2.0 receiver (Wireless2.4Ghz)
-1000 Hz Polling Rate (1 millisecond delay)
-1850 mAH Build-in Lithium Battery (Can type in charging mode)
One Year Warranty

Velocifire dedicates to design and create Mechanical keyboards to MAKE TYPING BETTER. We hope to encourage more and more people to try and enjoy the extraordinary typing experience from a MK to maximize productivity, not only for gaming, but even for work and study, which require much more daily typing. If you have any questions or need help, we also provide fast and friendly support.

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  • How long does is the battery life? Can you turn off energy saving mode? My Filco autosleeps and takes a few seconds to wake up re-establish a connection. It's a real pain.

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      It can be used 3 days with backlit. Of course you can turn off energy saving mode, and it can be used 15-21days.

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    Why don't you want to list the brand of the switches? They're Outemu brown switches for those wondering.

    • Thanks for this, had a quick browse on their page for the switch brand and couldn't find anything beyond "Brown".
      Never heard of Outemu switches, but it looks like a decent offering for $67 delivered.

      • Outemu switches are pretty common on cheaper boards. They're not too bad though, some even prefer them to the Cherry MX switches.

        • i have outemu brown switches and they are actually pretty good. in my opinion outemu and cherry switches feel the exact same

  • Hi rep, do you have any deals on wired versions?

  • I've used their keyboards with their brown switches. They feel dull/boring when compared to outemu blue or razer green switches. Less clicky clacky, but at least that makes them quieter. Build quality on these velocifire keyboards is nice

  • How is the input lag during wireless mode? Is it noticeable?


      1000 Hz Polling Rate,isn't noticeable.I'm using the keyboard now

    • I'm running a corsair k63 wireless. In the wifi 2.4ghz mode there is no noticeable lag, response is comparable to my k70 vengeance. In bluetooth mode, there was noticeable lag, but its only noticeable in games, not really problematic for typing.

      I would imagine that there wouldnt be any noticeable lag with this keyboard so long as there is not much interference. I've had some issues with interference when having too many wireless receivers in one area. I've got a k63 wireless, razer naga epic chroma wireless, kingston hyperx cloud flight and a wireless network dongle all running on the 2.4ghz band, had to reposition some of the receivers using usb extension cables to minimise interference, and switch the network dongle to 5ghz mode.

  • Hi OP - what's the difference between selecting 'Other Areas' and 'United States' for country? I selected 'Other Areas' because this is an order to Australia but I still want the USA layout.


      Hi,'Other Areas'just mean your shipping address.The keyboard is USA layout. Thanks.

      • Thanks OP! Been looking for a wireless mech kb for awhile so hope this satisfies my needs :) Purchased!

        Do you have any recommendations for blank PBT keycaps btw?

  • Hi OP, any chance for a discount on the full size model (VELOCIFIRE VM01)?


      Next time we can offer VM01 deal. Here is a code for new customers VF10, 10% OFF for all the keyboards.Thanks.

  • I have the wired version of this keyboard, decent for anyone looking to try out mech keyboards,

    The keys do have quite a big of ping to them though, but apparently it is quite common for lower priced mech keyboards.

    Taekeyboards has a good video review of the keyboard here:

  • Hi OP, do you have any low profile (with low profile switches) keyboard on sale?


    Now we haven't on sale.We are planing to launch a low profile mac MK.

  • I have the wired, 78-key version of this keyboard and I must say that for the price, it's great.

    Obviously I can't comment on the wireless aspect of this keyboard specifically, but if the build quality is as good as the model I have, it shouldn't be an issue.

  • what kind of USB connector does this use to charge?

  • I'm an idiot and didn't use the discount code.
    Can I amend my order

  • No BT kills it for me

  • I need a number pad. Plenty of choice on 87 key wireless mechanical boards but thin offerings on full 104 keys. I would buy a VM01 wireless if offered on a deal.

  • Ordered one of these bad boys - looks like a great keyboard for work!

    Is there a reason you only allow PayPal though? I could have gotten a better exchange rate with my debit card is all…

    • You don't have to use PayPals currency conversion. While you can't make it default to use the original currency, you can force it on the payment screen.

      • Can vouch for this. I ended up using the currency conversion of my card by just selecting the currency charge option or something on the (I think) last payment screen and it worked. :) It's in a small hypertext link a bit above the pay now button if I remember correctly. Good luck to The Gent!

      • Ohhh that's awesome - shall do that now. Thanks for the advice.

        I use bank transfer, is it only for CC/DCs? Is it a set and forget setting or you have to do it every time?


      We will consider your advice.Thanks.

      • Question: what's the estimated shipping time? I didn't see it on the site.

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          Sorry for the delayed response. Here is shipping information : Thanks.

  • Can we buy this product through Amazon AU?


    Sorry.We didn't sell the product at Amazon AU.If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

  • Thinking about buying 2, however read many reviews, mentioned about minor lags.

    Just wondering what is ur return policy?


  • is it possible to make the k61ws shipping to Australia?

  • Has anyone ordered from the velocifire webstore before? what is the typical shipping time?

  • Received today. Very solid and quality keyboard. Definitely prefer brown over blue switches anyday. Blues sound like a 10 year old's just learning how to type

  • Received yesterday, compared it to my cherry MX Brown keyboard, very minimal difference (sounds slightly different)

    To my surprise the velocifire logo on mine is located on the front side panel below the arrow keys, instead of above the arrow keys.
    Looks way more subtle than those found on reviews online.

    Keyboard feels solid! Thanks for the deal!


      Haha.We ajusted the position of velocifire logo, because before many customers weren't satisfied with that.I hope you like the new.Thanks.

  • Note: don't forget to update the firmware once you receive the keyboard, I had key press dropouts until the firmware update.

    located here:

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