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12% off Selected Products + Free Shipping (Note 8 $779, S9+ Gold $876, Note 9 512GB $1218.80, Huawei P20 Pro $878) @ Mobileciti


Hey guys,

I'm back! Mobileciti are offering 12% off selected products on the deals page, please apply coupon code BACKTOWORK12 to receive discount


As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS if eligible, local Australian manufacturers warranty.
In stock and ready to dispatch or pickup from Parramatta NSW. Thank you!

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    Welcome back lyl. Hope you had an awesome break :)

  • DUAL SIM's?

  • Will officeworks pricematch?

    • No.

      What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee? Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword).

      • Any idea why more and more stores go with the coupon based discounts instead of change in price listing? Especially considering that the number of products listed for discounts or not too large to create an updated listing?

        • +3

          Probably because they can't be price matched.

      • interesting. i had them price beat the previous iphone offer just before xmas. maybe just lucky?

  • Please give the discount for the LG G7 Thinq :(

    • And the LG G8 Thingy

    • Becextech is selling LG G7 for $618

  • do you offer discounts on note9 dual sim?

    • No they don't …I tried to price match the note 9 offered here at Officeworks but they wouldn't because the cheap price offered here is for a single SIM note 9 and Australian stock seems to be mostly dual Sim for some reason

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    You can get a price beaten Note 9 against T-dimension: https://www.t-dimension.com/au/samsung-galaxy-note9-note-9-n.... It's the same dual SIM model they sell in Australia. Successfully did that a while ago.

    • I assume you're not allowed to use coupons on top of the Mobileciti price match?

    • The T-dimension page just shows the model as being "N960FD". Is that all Officeworks needs to see for pricematch?

      • +1

        They also check whether the seller is an Australian seller. That they have an Australian website suffices for them. Worked for me.

    • which store did you do it at may i ask :)

      • nvm cant price beat in sydney since all stores out of stock. Only available online :(

      • I called them and got it delivered. Payment using credit card over phone.

        • How would you go about doing the pricematch over the phone? Whats the procedure?

          Thanks :)

          • @trarob: 1300 633 423 refused price match because Part Number is different. The operator said they must see exact part number "SM-N960FZBHXSA" to be able to price match.

  • Argh, got the Samsung s9 plus with the 10% off on Sunday. Any chance op can help make up the difference?

  • +1

    Discount the Huawei 3i pretty pleaseeeeee.

    • I am waiting for same. Missed the previous HN deal.

      • Both of you missed out on the boxing day sale. Huawei Nova 3i (128GB Black) $365 @ Harvey Norman (or $346.75 with Officeworks Price Match) .

        • I know. cheapest I can get is for $475 if i pay by egift card at big w.

    • Hi 2stroksmokr,

      The Huawei Nova 3i has been included in the coupon deal. Thank you

      • +3

        Costco has it for $415 or so, better buying it from there if you have a membership.

    • Amazon is selling for $369.44 - https://www.amazon.com.au/Huawei-INE-LX2-nova-3i-Black/dp/B0...
      Also, you get cash back in shopback!

  • is this code valid for above listed models only?
    Edit - i found the deals page.

  • +1

    Any discounts on samsung watch 46mm??

  • Any Honor Magic 2 or Nubia X or Vivo NEX 2 etas? really after a notch-less screen.

  • +2

    Sell us the S8+ for under $600… plz kthxbye

  • +2

    Any oneplus 6T deals?

  • What does network branding - Telstra mean? Does it mean it's locked to that network? or just the splash logo on the phone is Telstra?

    • +1

      Also means they will lock the dual sim capacity of the phone. Not sure if that can be unlocked.

  • Hi OP, any chance of iPhone XS Max 256gb (pref. in gold) being included for this special?
    Need one for my wife's birthday very soon. I'll definitely buy one, could stretch to 512gb unit if stock available for special. TIA, cheers.

    • -1

      Apple allow $1 profit per iphone… highly doubt they will put iphone on a discount code.

      • I hear you, seen that discount in the past though (rare but happened) I missed the boxing day sale when Mobiciti has 10% off (on their ebay site) and stacked with 10% ebay discount, that included the XS Max …

        • Yeah that would've been an incredible deal!

  • How good is Huawei Australia support? Is it worth to buy this over grey import?

  • Guys dumb question - but how does local Australian warranty work on the Samsung S9+?

    Mobileciti is in Sydney, and I'm in Brisbane. If my S9+ screws up, does that mean I have to send it down to Sydney for repair or is there a Samsung in Brisbane I can take it to?

    • +5

      Since its aus stock you can take it to any Samsung Australia store or warranty place. They will fix it. If its grey import, they wont touch it.

  • Note 9 512 GB- Vodafone branded is listed $200 lesser than the unbranded model? Is that the worth of our personal data indirectly sold to Vodafones and Telstras in the name of branding?

    • Single SIM vs dual SIM

  • +2

    LG Q6 for ~$191 is pretty good for a budget phone.

  • Hi OP, any chance of making the Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus Purple the same price as the Sunrise Gold? Thanks!

  • For s9+, what price is there to claim gst- $1349, $996 or $876.48?

    • Hi BinnyC, the GST will be based on the final price of $876.48. Thanks

  • +2

    OP would i be able to get any deals on the galaxy watch 46mm BT version?

  • Any chance for including Oppo ax5 in deal as well? Thanks.

  • +4

    Any chance for the Pixel 2 XL to be included in the deal?

  • OP, no Mate 20 X?

    • Hi vongz,
      The Mate 20 X is currently not available in Australia, we do have the Mate 20 Pro included in this deal. Thanks

  • +1

    Any deals on Note 9 128GB?

  • Actually tempted by note 8. Shame about the fingerprint sensor placement.

  • Hi OP, wow long would it generally take to ship to Melbourne?

    Also, Is there any possibility of getting the green Mate 20 pro?

    • Hi rikkki84,

      The recomended guideline for Melbourne is usually 1-4 business days for express and 2-7 business days for standard. Mate 20 Pro is currently only available in Midnight Blue and Black colours in Australia. Thanks

  • Got the S9+ during boxing day sale. I didn't receive tax invoice.

  • The picture is Huawei Mate 20 Pro which is $1500 not on sale

    • If you add to the cart and add the discount code, it does work.

  • +2

    OP, any chance to have this discount on your eBay store? A lot of us have eBay Gift Cards from the recent deals that we would like to put use to.

  • Is there any difference between the Unbranded, Telstra and Vodafone Branded Samsung devices? (other than the bootup logo and additional bloatwares)

    I read somewhere that Optus VOLTE/4G calling service doesn't work on Telstra branded phones…

  • OP, when will this deal expire? I would like to get the pro20, but would like to check it out in stores tomorrow before getting one.

    • Hi goms, this deal will expire 11:59pm 10/01/2019. Thanks

  • damn, mate 20 does not seem to be included. or mate 10 pro

    • Hi Chivalry,

      The Mate 20 is now included in the sale :)

  • OP , please extend the deal to OPPO R17.

    • Hi MANU7D,

      Thanks for your suggestion, OPPO R17 added.

  • Hi OP, is it possible to add Samsung S9 to this deal? I missed the last deal and was hoping to get it for my wife's birthday. Thanks.

  • Do you accept amex? I think you can pay by paypal but would you get amex screen protection insurance?

    • Hi choister,

      It should be OK, as you still ultimately paid using your AMEX, but I would recommend checking with AMEX first just to be sure, as there might be some terms and conditions.

  • Would Harvey Norman match the price for the Note 9 512gb?

  • JBHifi won't price match coupon price from MobileCiti.

    MobileCiti Note 9 512GB Unlocked and Vodafone Network Branding? So will it have all the vodafone bloatware apps installed on it?

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