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LG 65" B8 4K UHD OLED $2995 (AmEx $2845) | LG 55" B8 4K UHD OLED $1895 (AmEx $1745) @ Domayne


LG 55-inch B8 4K UHD OLED AI ThinQ Smart TV $1895 (Amex $1745

Price are the same at $2995/$1895 at HN, JB, TGG without the amex offer, so can try some negotiating

Combining superb picture quality, surround sound, and multiple connectivity options, the LG 55-inch B8 STB 4K UHD OLED AI ThinQ Smart TV gives you a cinematic viewing experience at home.

Key Features
The LG 55-inch B8 STB 4K UHD OLED AI ThinQ Smart TV has a 3840 x 2160 resolution, rendering images with impressive clarity and detail.
For crisp, lifelike visuals, the B8 STB 4K UHD Smart TV has a Wide Colour Gamut, Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10* support.
With a 4K upscaling feature**, this 4K UHD OLED AI ThinQ TV lets you watch low-quality media content in high-definition.
Watch movies and TV shows with detailed, immersive sound, thanks to this 55-inch B8 STB 4K UHD OLED TV’s built-in dual full-range speakers and Dolby Atmos technology support.
This LG 4K UHD OLED Smart TV gives you access to online streaming services including FreeviewPlus or Netflix***, so you can stay updated on your favourite TV shows and movies.
*Supports HDR10 format, via HDMI, USB and selected streaming services. HLG broadcast currently not available in Australia.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • LG 55-Inch B8 4K - $1699 from good guys chadstone ; )

  • Good to see them back under$3k

  • Lame, C8 circa 3K or bust

  • Direct links, for those interested…

    LG 55-Inch B8 4K UHD OLED $1895 (AMEX $1745) @ Domayne

    LG 65-Inch B8 4K UHD OLED $2995 (AMEX $2845) @ Domayne

    AMEX Domayne Offer
    —> https://www.americanexpress.com/au/network/shopping/doe-offe...

    Spend $750 or more, get $150 back

    Valid until 31/01/2019

    Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $750 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at Domayne by 31/01/2019 to receive one $150 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

    • Just wondering how can you trigger the Domayne AMEX offer by buying from Harvey Norman?

      • You won't trigger the offer by purchasing from HN.

        You'll need gift cards from Domayne which also work at HN, and redeem these towards your purchase instead.

  • If you have multiple AMEX cards then buy the e gift cards to stack the Amex offer. I did that on two cards then got Harvey Norman to price match Myer when they had 10% off down to $1799. Getting $300 cash back on Domayne gift cards via 2 Amex cards got me the TV for $1500.

    • Pretty sure you can just ask the store to split the payments. I did that at Freedom on two AMEX cards to double the reward.

      • My cards have different signatures on them, and AMEX seems to always require signature. So when she sees me signing with 3 different sigs, it's going to look fishy. Better to go the GC route.

        • AMEX seems to always require signature

          That's because those cards have not been set up with a PIN.
          Easy to do online - but generally done at the time of activation anyway?

    • Confirmed that this stacking method works (which I have done successfully in the past as well like you):

      Got 4 lots of $750 gift cards from Domayne with 4 Amex cards, paid for the 65" B8 OLED at HN online - just got an email saying it is ready for pick up - ended up paying $2,395 (after $600 Amex cash back) - happy with the deal :-).

      Should try this if you have registered your Amex cards.

  • If you can wait 8+ months for the upcoming C9 to drop to similar price, your eyes will thank you for it.

    • Why not wait 20+ months for the D9. Technology is always moving forward. If the next generation isn't just around the corner then buy and enjoy it now =)

      • It will be the C10 or B10. The model number goes up annually, the letters stay the same.

      • The letter prefix doesn't change, the number suffix does. The prefix is the tier of the TV, B/C/E/G/W/Z(new top-end as of 2019), from least expensive to most expensive. The suffix is the generation. Why @elyxar mentions eyes is because LG's 2019 line-up is the first brand to support the HDMI 2.1 spec, allowing for HFR (high frame rate) & VRR (variable refresh rate) at higher resolution at 4K also allowing for 4:4:4 chroma subsampling which provides pure crisp text rendering when hooked up to an operating system like Windows.

    • Not really. The C9 won't be a vast improvement over the 8. Only in technical specs (supposedly HDMI 2.1), not really image quality. Most people won't be able to tell the C8 and C9 apart.

      C9 supposedly out in Feb @ JB Hifi (most likely the very end of Feb). The new Sony's are out in March supposedly.

      Supposedly the Panny's this year will support DV which is the big thing holding me back from buying it now. Can't wait to see what the price will be!

    • Back in mid 2000's everyone said wait for SED as its the next big thing..


      Im still waiting for SED !!

    • Il wait for laser 10k while im at it then..

  • JB Hifi was also matched the prices here.

  • What's better Dolby Vision or HDR10? Do 4K HDR blurays support both formats?

    • Dolby Vision is better as it is dynamic and can adjust to your TVs maximum brightness, whereas HDR10 is static and mastered for 1000 nits (which most TVs can't achieve). HDR10+ is starting to be supported now, which is the dynamic version of HDR10. Most HDR blurays use HDR10 but there are still a few DV ones out there. Netflix mainly uses DV.

      • Therefore, wait for the new Panny's and have both?

        lifts little girl up in the air and cheers

        • Yeah looks like only Samsung and Panasonic are supporting HDR10+ for now. Then you have Advanced HDR and the new HLG format. Getting kinda ridiculous..

          • @Ryballs: People complain about monopolies and then also complain about competing standards. One has to win out eventually lest we'd still have HD-DVD and Laserdisc.

    • I don't know if there's just more effort put into the production (in terms of cinematography) of Dolby Vision titles, but there is a quite a dramatic difference between regular HDR10 and Dolby Vision in the movies (BD 4K, Netflix) and TV series (Netflix) that I've seen.

  • In my opinion processing has always been the weak point of LG TVs. I found the Alpha 9 processor in the C8 provides a considerable improvement in picture quality vs the B8's Alpha 7.

    • Not disputing this (personally, as I'm not an authority), just observing that this would be contrast to a lot of reviewers out there saying the difference is very small?

      Not sure how people view CNET, but to quote "If you've been eyeing a new OLED TV recently, maybe you're wondering about the C8, which costs slightly more and has a newer video processor than the B8. Lemme cut to the chase: in my side-by-side comparisons, that processor does help the image a tiny bit, making the C8 ever-so-slightly better than the B8 for image quality, but it's not worth the extra money in my opinion. "


      • Now that I think about the difference I saw was more likely due to C8 HDR peak brightness being about 30% higher than B8, rather than the processor. Perhaps "considerable" is too strong a word, but when looking at the two models in a showroom the C8 definitely looked better to me.

    • I haven't looked into it but I see people saying it has one added feature (black frame insertion). Which as far as I know is used to make sources with framerate that doesn't divide evenly into 60 such as 23.whateveritis film look better than previously.

      • I think they both have BFI? Not sure. I would definitely be using BFI if my 2014 OLED had it as I have never been a fan of LG's standard motion interpolation.

  • Bought a 55" B8 for $1533 (+$45 ship) just after boxing day using PP GC and the 20% off scam eBay sale :).

    Makes a nice monitor for gaming although you might want to wait for the 2019 LG OLED TV models which will have 13ms display lag, HDMI 2.1 (meaning VRR) and Freesync and are 120Hz and which will now work (in theory) with Nvidia G-sync.

  • $2988 free shipping at videopro.

    Everyone clearing out.

  • Using 5% off ebay deal and through appliances online ebay store you could get the B8 for $2831 excl. delivery.

    • Discount is max $50 though

      • Thanks Sirtoffy, didn't see that. Can't seem to edit my comment, still with ebay plus that would $2,930 delivered. Still slightly cheaper than original deal.

  • Good Guys did $1699 for me when I showed them the receipt posted above. No questions asked, was super easy. Very happy with that!

  • Cheers OP got a 55B8 for $1699 at JB in Greensborough, Vic.

  • Got my 55" B8 from Good Guys in NSW doe $1820 pickup.
    Im very happy with it, i know everyone goes on about getting the C8, i dont know how anyone could be disappointed with this TV though.
    That said, its a bedroom TV, i would consider a 65" Sony X900 or something bigger and brighter if i had a huge very bright livingroom or something where size and brightness was more important.

  • Thanks OP. Picked up a 55inch for $1700 and a 65inch for $1700 from Harvey Norman. Plus $300 off for using 2 amex cards.

  • PM me if you are interested in a week old LG B8 65" in Adelaide