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Dell Inspiron 15 5575 15.6" Laptop (Ryzen 5 2500U, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, FHD 1080p) $664 @ JB Hi-Fi


Dell Inspiron 5575 15.6" Laptop ..
Needed a cheapo laptop for work. Passmark has it at intel i7 4 core CPU levels of performance so ordered myself one.

AMD Ryzen 5 stomps all over all intel laptops when using integrated graphics.. even the 8th gen ones.

Key Features
15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad Core Processor 2GHz (3.6GHz 4MB)
1TB HDD Storage
8GB RAM 2x 4Gb for dual channel
Integrated Graphics
SD Card Reader
DVD Super Multi Drive
1 x HDMI Port
1 x USB 2.0 Port
2 x USB 3.1 Ports
1 x USB C 3.1 Port
Windows 10 Home

[EDIT] Its not easy to put in an SSD but i managed to swap the 1Tb with a 500GB SSD SATA and its working great. Also there are two sticks of 4GB DDR4. So its running in dual channel to give the vega GPU double the memory bandwidth i thought it was 1 stick of 8Gbs :)
[EDIT]Uninstall the windows office APP's before installing your own normal office software otherwise you will have lots of issues. :)

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  • Insane deal

  • How much are these normally?

  • This is a really good deal, but should come with an SSD…appears to be hot swappable.

    • Not sure about hotswap (haven't seen that in a laptop for a very long time), but there's no reason you can't replace HDD with SDD. Mirror the internal drive to an external SDD (caddy connected to USB-C port for example) with something like Partition Master, then physically swap them over.

    • I think it will take both.. one in M-Sata(m.2) slot and the 1TB is 2.5 inch SATA

  • Any idea if it has a spare slot to chuck an SSD in?

  • Would this be fine for basic photo editing? And fine for OneNote use?

    Sorry totally out of the loop with anything non Intel.

    • +1 vote

      It's fine for both.

      • If this is good for photo editing, than literally anything is.

        No ips screen, I'm pretty sure it's really really bad.

        • Except he's clearly said "out of the loop with anything non Intel." so he's not referring to screen quality.

          The Ryzen mobile chips would be even better than the Intel for photo/video editing since they actually have decent graphics power.

        • Really depends on what you mean by 'basic photo editing'. Power/speed wise it will be ok, but if colour accuracy is important, yeah, not great, but then again, nothing will be amazing at this price

  • I brought my last laptop in 2010 a compaq with 3rd gen i3 4gb ram so i'm kinda out of the loop!
    Would this be suitable for any gaming? The sims may be some other strategy type games?
    I xbox so no need for it to handle fps or racing games etc

    • It will be better than other in it's price range sure. It's got better integrated graphics than the i5-8250U which is what mid end ultrabooks have. Games like sims will be easy to run but I doubt you could run any new 3d title.

    • This laptop has integrated graphics (combined with the CPU on the same chip). According to notebookcheck it gets around ~30fps on Sims 4 at 1080p high settings.

      If you want to use the laptop purely for gaming, I'd probably try get something with a dedicated graphics card. Whilst this one might just get you by for now, in a few years time it may not be good enough. Something with a GTX 1050 or higher would be nice, and can be cheap.

      Also if you're not that keen to open up the laptop and fiddle around with installed a solid state drive into it, then get something that comes with one already. IMO, it is probably the biggest boost to performance you could get for general operation of the laptop :)

      • That's strange. I saw a video and this CPU pulled 25-30fps at fortnite. So I assumed sims would be easy.
        Then again sims isn't really the type of game that needs 1000fps.

        • It'd definitely get you by for now… But what happens when Sims 5 comes out? Something with slightly better graphics performance might extend the laptop’s useful life to you. That's all I'm saying :P

          A solid state drive is crucial too IMO

          • @JimmyLmao: Oh I'm not the sims guy. I'm just having a better look at this laptop by reading reviews and all comments. I always do this and by the time I make the decision they're sold haha. Looks like they've stopped online ordering alltogether for this. Maybe I'll call up my jb if I really need it but so far not convinced.

        • The GPU struggles with 1080p a lot. Handles 720p medium fine for basically anything. Even newer games. Getting 40-50FPS in DOOM on 720p Mid/High

  • Anything else close to these price and Specs?

  • Hi all any ideas on battery life for school?

    • Bad buy.

      Battery life is disappointing, as the 3-cell battery only managed to deliver about four hours of runtime on a single charge. This was with light to medium usage, which typically involved using Chrome and watching videos. In Battery Eater Pro, the laptop ran for just 1 hour, 36 minutes, which isn’t great either.

  • Don't use Windows 10 without a SSD.

  • No C&C or delivery:-(

  • How would this go with running VMs?

    • 4 x (2 logical cores) seems pretty well and without issue, just upgrade to SSD will be fine, at this price range and Dell backed support seems a good deal.

    • I’d want double the ram and an ssd for VMs, depends on the VMs, if it’s domain controllers, file servers and web then yes if it’s SCCM, SCOM and SQL then ssd and Ram will stop you waiting forever

  • Does this take an external graphics card?

    • Don't know why this has been down voted. Is USB C 3.1 the same as thunderbolt 3? I read one article saying yes and one saying no…there are plenty of external video cards running on thunderbolt 3

  • Good price, but it is a TN panel I think.

  • What warranty does this come with?

    i.e. is it Return to Depot, NBD on-site or..?

    Am interested in buying this for family overseas and apparently NBD is easily transferable, other warranty options may not be (added cost).

  • I've got a Samsung 860 Evo SSD. Will I be able to replace the HDD with a SSD?

  • Here's a detailed review of the lowest end version of the laptop (ryzen 2200U, Vega 3 instead of Vega 8 iGPU, 1366 x 768 resolution screeen, 4GB ram)

    https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-Inspiron-15-5575-Ryzen-3-... (Again, NOT the same configuration as the posted laptop.)

    Like many other Ryzen laptops, it has some problems with throttling under high load …but I haven't actually seen a Notebookcheck review which didn't mention throttling with a ryzen processor. I don't know if the higher end model has a different cooling solution, but I'd guess not.

  • The only ones in North Brisbane are display stock which they wont put away for you to pick up.

    • if you order online like i did and select click and collect they put it away for you and its locked up in a cage when you go into the store :) i just got mine.. the TN panel is awesome.. its a non issue for those wondering. And im really picky with my panels.. i try and only go IPS but lately ive had a great experience with TN.. and i got my first LCD back when they first came out.

    • WELL .. one is $664 and the other is $1048 THEY DONT COMPARE lol Buy this and pocket yourself $384

      A generic 256GB SSD costs $60 ( Same as the one that comes pre installed in laptops..They are always crap cheap and slower then the best on the market. )

      Intel® UHD Graphics 620 on the $1048 is much slower then the Vega graphics card thats in the Ryzen 5 2500U CPU

      Im cloning the 1TB drive on this $664 laptop right now on a Samsung 860 EVO 500gb SSD drive i got for $100

  • For anyone who must have intel laptop and must have a the best CPU performance at a great price.. (and doesnt care about graphics too much) this an awesome option at $749.0

    Acer Aspire 15.6in HD i5 8265U 1TB HDD Laptop (A515-52-572L)


  • specs checkout

  • I just put an SSD in this thing.. OMG its not an easy job and if you dont know what your doing ask for help. Watch allot of youtube videos of how too's before you break the thing.
    I used a plastic sim card (the credit card sized part before you pop out the smsll sim) to wedge the whole back panel off.. you need to also take out the DVD drive and the 2 silver screws under it before you try and remove the plastic backing.

    Also you need to flip old 1tb hard drive upside down to take the sata bracket off easy.. dont yank it from under the battery as its a thin ribben that you could damage easy. Once flipped. Just pull on the sata part and it comes off without much trouble.

    • I am on my way to your place so that you can put the ssd into mine.

      • I live in south west Sydney .. near Campbelltown.. dont tell anyone where your going.. (dont ask why) see you soon RREEEEEE

    • Based on comments above if this has a slot for an an m2 as well would it be much easier to access and put an m2 NVME in alongside existing hdd then move the OS over to the m2? I'd just then use the hdd for extra storage and I'm assuming you have the option to boot from the m2 slot on this thing

      • Putting in the m2 is just as easy as changing the hard drive.. i like samsung because it comes with great cloning software to make a swap quick and easy.. taking off the back panel is the most annoying part of the job.. i miss the old days where the hard drive panel was just one section to remove.

  • Nice deal, how does the intergrated vega perform against the mx 150 (1st gen)?

  • Runn out model sold out of everywhere in QLD except for 2 or 3 far away stores and even there likely to be Ex display stock or inventory error according to guy on phone.