This Site Has Ruined "Bargains"

I know most people here won't agree, this place seems to invite a certain type of person now, but this site has ruined bargain hunting for alot of people, every thing I look at is expired within minutes, anything worthy of the title "bargain" anyway, all the members here probably buying up things to sell off to others for full price in the future or hording it like rats, it's sad too see people doing this, not having anything better to do during their mundane days but to be on here 24/7, I don't care if anyone likes what i'm saying, it's the truth and i'm having a sh!tty day I don't care.


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    Sorry you keep missing out on the bargains you want. There aren't as many 'brodens' as you think. Anything that's really good value will always sell out fast and there's not much you can do about it.

    Hope you feel better soon :)

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    R U OK

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    every thing I look at is expired within minutes

    You mean, you don't refresh at least once every minute?

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    You are more than welcome to post a bargain

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      people come here for bargains, seems a fair complaint

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        Just want to point out the fact that op is complaining about the lack of decent bargains or how fast it runs out yet he/ she has never contributed in any way. First post is to post a negative forum

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        It's a bit of a stupid complaint - that basically bargains get sold out too quick because they're posted here. Whereas if they weren't, OP wouldn't even have known about them to complain about.

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      Yep, OP a member for 6 years with no bargains posted yet complains about missing out on bargains

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    its ok, what kind of bargain are you after? the ones that are to good to be true usually run out in minutes, and retail price is not the end of the world, if you think looking for a bargain will save you more money than having a job, you are wrong. and if you want to vent about your shitty day, isnt that what facebook is for?

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    Rats with high yield investments!

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    Guy complains when he hasn't even been an active participants. Nice.

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    Shopping online in Australia has only started to properly mature in the last couple of years anyway. When I first found OzBargain 8 years ago a lot of big stores weren't online yet, many people still had the opinion that shopping online was a scam, click and collect nearly non-existent.

    Another big thing back then was freebies. I see no where near as many freebies anymore and one of the big reasons would be the brodens that abuse it. That's not limited to OzBargain either. Most people abuse freebies if they can, or price errors like on Amazon where you can ask and get compensation from Amazon.

    Times are changing, sellers are looking to maximise profits and constant sales don't help with that. Just look at Dick Smith and Roger David.

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    When you think about it, if this site didn't exist you probably wouldn't even know how many bargains you had missed out on. :)

    Personally I'm very grateful for this site as I've picked up some great deals over the years that otherwise I wouldn't have been aware of.

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    I'm far more annoyed at those (sometimes long-time members) who have never posted any bargains. They milk the site and contribute nothing. They consume the bargains posted by others and give little in return.

    How do you feel about those types of members, OP?

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      Don't you feel gratitude from people who enjoy a bargain? People don't have to post bargains if they don't want to.

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        A thanks and a vote gives the most satisfaction.

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        People don't have to post bargains if they don't want to.

        Savas, we're not talking about mandating bargains for all members. We're talking about a long-time member who decries the usefulness of the site while simultaneously refusing to contribute to improving it. I upvote bargains that are not relevant to me because I enjoy rewarding the effort. But here we're talking about the complete absence of effort.

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    It's a shame that deal on the sentence structuring e-book sold out so quickly.


      You just confirmer why OP posted.


      Shaming missed out by many of the peoples I find outed many too late of times that I also not getting a version of book and this make me sad because I making sentences in forum very muchly on a daily basis and sometimes other poster make jokings about how I place wordings together

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    Online 1,646 users 5,532 guests

    Imagine if all those users posted bargains


    You mustn't be seeing the 5% off Ebay 'bargains'.

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    Still plenty of bargains to be had.
    In 2014 when the AUD was high it was easy to post bargains when you could buy a $500 iPhone or MacBook.

    A bit harder now with lower dollar and GST on low value imports, but there are still bargains to be had.
    Some amazing travel deals, 3ds or PlayStation classics under $100, plenty of free samples, cheap beer, cheap clothes, plus all the routine cheap groceries. Not sure what you are after, tbh.

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      The best time I ever had on OzB was when the AUD:USD was near parity. So many epic Amazon, eBay US, Newegg deals….flooding in by the dozen daily.

      Ahhh the good old days.

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    Examples, OB likes examples. Pray tell what bargains you have missed out on that caused such severe anxiety?

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    I love that this site has people complain about bargains not being to their liking or missing out. This is a free resource, what do you expect?

    Perhaps you need to be browsing the "Deal" section of the site and not just constantly refreshing the main page OP.

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    I hear you. Its hard to suck all day at work/school, and come home to nothing. A little win wouldn't fix things, but it would ease the pain for a short time at least.
    You imagine that there are brodens who win all day, come home to love and abundance, and then as if that wasn't enough they suck up all the bargains so they can win even more. Well, you can take it as a small consolation, that they are as just miserable as you are. Worse even.

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      I know, but its just a kick in the guts when you finally get a few mins to yourself and think a bit of saving would make you feel better. but instead you get ended deals and expired price errors.
      I'm sure that they also get the exhiliration of tracking the package, unwrapping new items and then watching as the time to wait n the cashback sites ticks down.
      that would be the life.


      I've always tried to post in the evenings. Around 6-10pm for that very reason… those who study/work can come home and score a bargain.

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    If this site didn't exist, OP wouldn't even hear out about the bargains he feels so aggrieved to have missed out on.

    I do wish the lurkers would sign up and contribute too, but so should the OP before complaining.

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    Huh, are you saying this site attracts more attention to bargains that would have otherwise been easier to obtain?
    I suppose maybe that could make sense. But generally speaking this site allows for more opportunities for us to find bargains.
    If you think about it, if 2,000 people view a bargain that's nationwide and available in store. Then imagine how many people in your suburb saw the posting.
    Most of the time when I use a voucher or get a bargain the people in the shop don't know about it, there's plenty of stock and I'm the only one taking advantage of it.

    I don't know if people here buy things to resell them. I've found re-selling items isn't an easy thing to do. Ebay has large fees (roughly 11%) and people don't respond to Gumtree ads. I think people buy things through Ozbargain when they don't need them and they keep it for themselves.

    To be optimistic, most bargains repeat themselves if you miss out. And being aware of the types of sales makes it easier to predict them.
    I find it's rare for bargains to sell out within hours. Some do, but personally I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.
    We all miss out on bargains, it's part of using this site. Sometimes you'll buy something just before it goes on sale. You win some, you lose some.
    I have grown to be patient with purchases until significant discounts occur.
    As popular as this site becomes, there are always still local bargains that go unnoticed here due to their low quantities. You can still bargain hunt.
    Before I used Ozbargain I'd always check clearance sections, but I've learned about many other ways of finding significant bargains because of the deals posted here.
    Every deal you see is an insight to how a good bargain can be found.

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    *a lot

    Member Since
    1 posts / 21 comments

    Also, feel free to contribute any bargains you find… unless, you know, you’re hoarding them for yourself.

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    To be honest, without being dismissive of OP's points, I can see where he is coming from.

    Firstly, there are certainly people buying things just to resell them for a profit later on. Recently, several Switch games (I think Bayonetta 2 and Octopath Traveller) were on sale at Target for $30. I was actually looking for those games, but sadly I missed out. Naturally, I jumped on Gumtree to see if I could pick up a copy for cheap and found some "Brand New" copies that were "gifts" listed on the day of the sale. I don't think that's a coincidence. I don't like to be the morality police, but if these people are using this community to find those bargains and take everyone else for a ride, they are leeching. I have no problem with them doing that if they actually find the bargain themselves.

    The other thing OP is right about is how OzB has taken the fun out of bargain hunting. Rather than actually going out and trying to track down bargains and actually shop around, I just keep tabs on the OzB "Live" page and search for things I want to buy to see what sort of prices they've gone at before. It's become a much less involved experience looking for bargains and I really do miss being on the lookout for things that are cheap.

    Perhaps worth pointing out too is that OP is also right in that the bargains that are being posted here are being posted by a minority of people, but being used by a large majority that do not contribute anything to the community. I'm certainly not a big bargain poster, but I post bargains whenever I see them and I try to contribute on the forum where I can. There are plenty of people who will post comments (and even complain about things) and when you look at their post history, they've never posted a single bargain in the entire time they're here.

    Lastly, I do think that there are people who have lost track of why we hunt bargains in the first place. Part of it is to save some money, but part of it is also like a game. It's fun to do research, to find the best price, to try and get something at a lower price than the other guy. Just like how it's fun to get a higher score than the guy who played before you on the arcade. For me, bargain hunting isn't even about saving money - I've bought so many things here I don't need that I've probably spent more than if I didn't frequent here. It's this race to the bottom that destroys this culture and the fun of it all.

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      but being used by a large majority that do not contribute anything to the community.

      That's because a large minority of users are in fact guests. That's evident by the number of clicks vs votes on deals and just the stats at the footer of OzBargain. As of hitting reply I see… Online 1,464 users 4,863 guests.


        The same thing with deals. It will have 1 or 2 upvotes and 568 link views… someone is doing all the looking.


          The thing I find frustrating is how many of those views are members that haven't voted? I think all deal contributors want a front page deal, but as a store rep it's even more important as the frequency to post is based on votes. Unfortunately I feel a lot of people in the community aren't aware of that fact.

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    Wow first post since joining in 2012. Congratulations on your contribution in making this site better!


    Looks like another hit and run piece. I hope he has it out of his system, now. There are many bargains to be had here but it can be a bit of a gauntlet to post things. I’m always grateful when people make the effort.


    Feel free to check every shop every second yourself for bargains. Getting a bargain on a item can sometimes give me more pleasure than the actual item


    Psst (looks both ways)….Ozbargain Platinum!

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    Looking like others, at your history, I see a trend, that probably answers some of your issues,

    The comments you have made are all on games and products that are of interest mainly to younger people.

    IMHO this site has a larger number of younger technology interested members and guests, and from comments, probably male.

    It uses technology, so that’s natural.

    Hence as time goes on and more discover Ozbargain, it’s success means the competition for a bargain increases.

    Bargains are offered to boost sales, like when a business wants to clear stock. Like the Boxing Day sales, true bargains are often grabbed by the first through the door.

    It’s also natural, given many of the younger (games) generation have less money, and more time, they go for the bargains to stretch their resources, look at the votes on posts that save money on energy drinks, pizza’s, cola, Freebies at central rail hubs, video games, graphics cards, memory, storage, etc , vs baby clothes.

    Money deals like banks giving away $50 bucks, click rewards, Amex cash back etc.

    And who has encouraged their friends to join Ozbargain, by telling them about the bargains they have got.

    Like this country, as time goes on more people want to come here, to enjoy the good things, you like all of us want our friends to participate as well. But as you have discovered that ‘success’ means more competition for the resources of Ozbargain, just like it does for accommodation, transport and all the other services we enjoy.

    The only issue for Ozbargain, is that the resources like the bargains, are limited by factors outside their control, overall they don’t create the bargain they just report it. - I acknowledge a limited number are created by business for Ozbargain market exposure.

    Sorry I don’t have any solutions, platinum and other limits will kill Ozbargain, because how do you define who is entitled to the deal. Also it would be impossible to police. Like parliament, how could you stop members from leaking the inside information to other sites.

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    You sound like an incel

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    If only people like the OP stopped buying for others…

    D-Grant on 19/09/2018 - 19:10
    Thanks, bought one for my sister, running out of space on her 2tb which has never missed a beat, even after being dropped by her hubby several times, beats out WD which i've had 3 die just from regular use, seagate are king, despite everyone's hatred for them, best price, best performance.


    I think everyone entitles his own opinions. It does not matter its positive or negative. I found this bargain site very helpful and interesting. Being member for many years, I come here on and off when I need to look up something or just surfing posts when I get bored. Don’t say you are not contributing to the site, cause everyone who is participating in the web is always a winner.


    Agree with OPs view that it can be frustrating.

    But at the end of the day it works both ways, if you're relying on a site to give you bargains that's used by hundreds of thousands, it's only natural you will miss out.

    P1 ama's point seems to be spot on for me. There's a difference between ruining a bargain because now everyone knows (particularly if you're actually an active bargain hunter) and what the OP might mean as in ruining a bargain due to hoarders who on sale and effectively scalp.

    Not everyone likes a scalper but clearly there's a market for it.

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    I've been here for a while and have never posted a bargain as any I do find has already been posted, I try to contribute to the forum via advise and sending ppl with car problems to the appropriate car forum etc.

    In my time here I have only got two bargains, one of which was that abortion of a Ramsta drive that was so slow it was useless and actually died weeks ago with so many write errors it wouldn't register in windows Not so good a bargain.

    The other was a 27 in monitor that isn't used due to text being so small its hard on my eyes no matter what size text I zoom too that one I can accept as my eyesight failing.

    Summarizing . Many here contribute to forums but are not able to source bargains unique or cheap enough to post, so we in that category should NOT be dissed as non contributing members. Target the first time users with silly posts on accidents, advice for the "Friend" what phone is best etc if you want to single out useless posts and non contributions

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    love the site, dont comment much, also the bargains i find are already on by someone else! sh&^ happens! but i love this site and you obviously arent on all the time if the bargains are expired or sold out!!

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    Been on this site for seven years, first post is whining post.

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    Contrary to popular opinion or angry mob rule, it's actually the buyers of a deal that makes this site possible and a continuing success. The sellers and their deal posting associates wouldn't survive if the buyers didn't exist to buy their cheap sh*t…

    And where do think Scotties adclick revenue comes from that is the main finance for this site? Is it the deal advertisers or buyers that click on the ads that raises the revenue for this site?

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    I’m OzBroke because of too many bargains.

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    I’m mainly here for the forum posts about uninsured bonut things and high yield investment vehicles more than anything

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    Man, that was a long time before my brain got to full stop.




    Can't do much about a popular site.

    I only got one gem of a bargain, that was last years 90% off appliances. That lasted for over 10hours I think, I think most of us didn't believe it to be true. I only bought 1 item.

    Most of the time things like that disappear quickly, too any OzB users