[NSW] $100 Voucher for School-Age Kids Sport Activities for 2019 @ Service NSW


Get your $100 voucher from the government for this 2019 calendar year.

Since 31 January 2018, parents and carers of school-aged children enrolled in an approved sport or fitness activity can receive a $100 voucher to cover registration and participation costs for each calendar year (ending 2021).

More information can be found on the deal link.

Basically, register your school-aged kids on www.service.nsw.gov.au and you will be given a $100 voucher you can use to pay for kids sport activities. the activities have various criteria like: have to be for more than 8 weeks long, not be organised through school, can't be used to pay for sports clothing/equipment, etc.

You can use it on things like:
* sporting pursuits
* swimming lessons
* structured fitness program
* outdoor education programs
* approved active recreation (dance etc)

You can claim 1 voucher per child each year for 4 years (starting from 2018). Is available for school aged kids aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 who live in NSW (includes kids who are home schooled).

You can only use the voucher once and can't split it across different activities. Eg, if you use it to pay for an $80 sports fee, then the $20 balance of the $100 voucher cannot be used anywhere else.

Active Kids voucher, as first posted last year.
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