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20% off 118 Stores @ eBay (Dell, Grays, Sony, Sydneytec, Videopro, KG Electronics + More)


Starts 10am Jan 16 through to Jan 25. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Search link thanks to r0xz

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Participating Stores:

123t Australia
24 Hour Nutrition
Air Diva Beauty
Allphones Online
Apus Auction Express
Aquaholics Online Aquarium Supplies
Australian Healthcare Direct
Bargains Online Australia store
Beard & Blade
Beer Cartel
Bit deals
Boutique Cellar
BrandHouse Direct
Brandname Shoes
Camerastore Australia
Chalet Online
Cheaper Buy The Dozen
Clearance Palace
Clothing Galore
Costumes AU
Cub Beer
Cub Official
Custom Home Theater Solutions
Cut Price Gadgets Australia
Dell Australia
Direct Factcory Sale
Domain Appliances
Eastlakes Electronics
Electronics Factory Outlet
Enjoy Water AU
Flora Livings
Gecko TV Stands & Mounts
GraysOnline Australia
Handy Imports
Hasbro Gaming
HD Health
Instyle HIFi
Just Wines
KG Electronic
knives online
Life AU
Linen Dreams
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Mediaform Computer Supplies
Melbourne Electronic
Metro Hobbies
Monster Trading Store
My Phonez
National Garage
NES Printers Specialist
NO Frills
OLC Direct
Onya Feet
Outbax Camping
Oz Electronics Inc
PETstock Online
Planet Linen
Princess Trade
Robins Kitchen
Sello Products
Shopping Express Outlet
Simply Homeware
Sony Australia
Super Online Store
Sydney Salon Supplies
T&R Sports
Tech Fast
Tech Mall
TGV Online
The Wine Providore
Time2Shop Australia
Tommy Swiss Online
Treasure PC
Triple J's Home Brew
Ugg Express
Uniforms and Fun
Videopro Australia
Wine Com AU
Wine Market
Wine Stash
Work Leisure Play
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

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  • +3

    3 minutes an no jack comments yet?

    • +16

      Gopro 5 Black price jacked to $2638.90.
      Ridiculous jacking this time round

      • +6

        So $530 saved with this deal!


  • +1

    here's your jack comment.

  • +1

    Yay, Our regular 20% is back

    • +2

      or is it really a +10% Jack?

  • +8

    Who is the legend that will post the search link?

    edit: beaten by 5 seconds by said legend.

  • Who is Jack?

    • +57

      Jack D. Price

      • +75

        You rang?

        • +10


        • +2

          Mummy, I'm scared

        • +5


        • +11

          The avatar really sells the comment, well done indeed sir, I say, good show.

        • +7

          Member since 30/10/2009


        • -1

          reddit is so autistic

    • -1

      Why is Jack

  • +1

    Starts 10am Jan 16

    Same day the Space Shuttle Columbia took off on it's final flight…

    • +9

      Same date.

      • +7

        No, the date of this sale is in 2019, columbia launched in 2003.

      • +7

        The result may likely be the same though…

        • That seems unlikely.

          • +2


            That seems unlikely.

            You must be new to these sales then…

    • Space Shuttle Columbia took off on it's final flight on a Thursday. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

  • +8

    The good guys pleaseee

  • +3


  • +1

    Argh! Why no Bose! I want a pair on noise cancelling headphones!

    • +10

      So do your friends and family.

      • hi there, its me, your friends and family.

    • +7

      Don't worry, they are jacking up their prices to compensate for the 20% sale. Looking at the Sony wh-1000xm3, Allphones have it listed at $441, with 20% off tomorrow it brings it back to a normal price… not much of a sale.

    • -1

      Buy Other Sound Equipment!
      Seriously though, unless you really want the most comfortable headphones, I'd say the Sony WH-1000XM3 is the better option.

    • +1

      VideoPro $348? Get them.

    • Sony WH-1000XM3

    • -1

      Lmao must be new on ozbargain! So so so many deals on the qc35, some may say you not a true ozbargainer unless you own a pair of qc35

      • Definitely not new, but never pulled the trigger on a pair till I tested them out at JBHifi. I tried the Sony 700N ones as well and they put a little too much pressure on my ears as compared to the Bose. I do agree though, the Sony does have a better sound, but yeah, >$300 is a little hard to justify.

  • +1

    Nova 3i $549 on Allphone before discount, lucky me didn't wait and bought from qd_au $384 after 5%

    • Such BS, I was looking for this one too.

      • Go to Officeworks and price beat eglobalcentralau

        • Officeworks no stock everywhere

  • +10

    The jacking has begun. I had my eye on this Panasonic 5kw air con from Appliance Central:


    It was $1230 + $60 delivery just yesterday. It has now jumped up to $1490 + $60 delivery. They have jacked it!

    • +8

      send a complaint to ebay they will kick the seller out

      • +5

        Thanks. I will complain. You can get the same air con from another eBay seller for $1288 delivered.


        However if Appliance Central kept the same price minus 20% discount it would have been $984 + $60 delivery.

        I will email them about this soon.

      • +2

        Really??? Do they?

        • +17

          They have to do something. It’s illegal, and if eBay does nothing, they are complicit, and could face a huge fine from the ACCC.

          Unfortunately, we’re all too lazy to make formal complaints, (to eBay, the ACCC, our local MPs, Fair Trading). So nobody does anything.

          All that is needed for jacking to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

          • @DisabledUser77742: I thought ebay had already tried to dodge that responsibility when asked by the press. IMHO they absolutely are complicit, because ebay isn't footing the 20% discount they are the underlying cause.

            • @justtoreply: Yes, but when one is hosting a platform that allows people to rip-off or lie to customers, or be very anti-competitive, one would think that that platform needs to change or be removed in order to comply with the law.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Ha ebgames has been doing this for years nothing happens to them

            • @Anthrox: 100% illegal, but the ACCC and Fair Trading can’t act without a formal consumer complaint.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser77742: Sigh, it's left to women again to do something.

          • @DisabledUser77742: Thanks for the play on the John Stuart Mill "quote". JFK, in a 1961 speech, wrongly attributed it to Edmund Burke, but John Stuart Mill was responsible for this form of it:

            Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

      • I tried to made a compliant to ebay about a seller who sold an item (sent me incorrect item and then told me OOS) but the listing still continue with over 10 available. I compliant to ebay cos I bought it when 20% off but the refund is not enough to buy the same item from a different seller. Ebay eventually gave me the price difference for the 20% but I told them ebay should do something to those sellers who sell something they either don't have or priced too low and realise not making money and make up excuses but ebay did nothing as the listing stay alive forever. All ebay cares are to make money on transactions now, not CS, I am also a prime member too.

  • +2

    Wish Sony listed the PS4 Pro :(

    • Same, first thing I searched for :/

  • +1

    refurb'd apple watch series 3 GPS only comes down to $255
    good deal

    • what store?

  • +5

    Will I get banned for saying "any bargains"?

    • +13

      No, but those words have been patented by JV.

      • +4

        Trademarked maybe.

    • +6

      Only if you say it like this

      any bargains ?

  • Any good OLED TV deals?

    • +1

      Try Videopro - you might be lucky as I don't think Jack hangs out there.

    • I was hoping with the next ebay sale to see an LG B8 55" for under $1700 but the ebay $1900 prices from last week have now gone up. Videopro price with 20% off at moment will be $1771 delivered.

      • Really after a cheap C8. Oh well.

        • yeah I really want the C8 for the faster processor but missed the $1800 deals last year. It seems the 55" C8 have all disappeared now. They 'say' there is little difference in real world use!!

          • @FutureMe: Yeah they say that, but you know, there is a little difference if you look for it!

            I'm probably going to wait for the new LG's to drop next month and then wait for a reasonable discount and jump in. Prepared to pay a slight premium for newer tech. Won't wait all year for the deal of the century again.

            I completely missed the $1800 deals!

            • @serpserpserp: What makes you think they are dropping next month? Every review says no release date has been announced yet. I saw one site that said 'spring' but I think they made it up, and even if it's true, that could be another 4-5 months.

              • @scoorey513: JB Hifi rep told me that LG always drop new TVs at the end of Feb to beat Sony to market who usually drop in March. He could be well wrong, but he said that is how it has happened the last 2 years.

  • +11


  • Any Bargains?

  • $495 for an i5-9600k… hard pass ($396 after discount). What a bloody joke.

    EDIT: Most other stores have it for around ~$420

    G.Skill memory is about $40 higher, too

    Store is Futu-online.

    • Wait till tomorrow, I won't be surprised if the price goes up to $600

    • +2

      There are over 2 million items across 200 stores available with this promo and you neg due to one seller having one item too expensive?

      • +6

        I wish it were just one seller with one item that has an inflated price, but whatever.

      • +1

        I think they’re expressing general frustration at these 20% off sales.

      • If the one seller with the one item you want has jacked it up then he's damn right to neg the deal. But because the other 1,999,000 crappy $50 items are not jacked up makes this a good deal?

  • +1

    Been waiting for a 20% off Techfast deal, but looks like they're prices have gone up recently?

    And their delivery backlog from Christmas doesn't seem to have cleared up yet

    • +1

      Yeap Jack has visited their eBay store. Basically every build has the price jacked up.

    • Yep. Glory days are over. Last really good deal for high end PC was the threadripper deal which I have been waiting for since the 28th.

    • Also waiting for a techfast deals to return! I will be patient

  • +2


    • +1

      Damn returns not accepeted, thought i could try for a week.

  • Price Jack

  • +3

    Title should be 20% off inflated eBay prices.

  • +7

    tech mall have jacked the xiaomi scooter to $875. it was $600 after discount around xmas time.

    • yep, picked it up for 600 delivered with the 20% off (standard thingo comes with the 2 spare tyres), but it was soon jacked to 700 after discount.

      actually I didnt come here to complain about the jacking, it was more to trash tech mall, worst seller experience i've ever had. avoid++

      • The M365? Ever since Lime came onto the scene in Brisbane I've been interested in these bad boys. How have you found it?

        • It is spectacular. The build quality is really nice when you consider it is only a 600 dollar machine. I have also found the ride and performance to be very responsive and fast (I am below the max recommended weight of 100kg some). The only place it falters is up hills more than say 10/15%, but a couple of swift kicks and it really begins moving again. With the air filled tyres it is a very comfy ride. I am at around 20 km into using it, so for more long term experiences, i recommend amazon US reviews, there's heaps. I decided on this scooter due to the immense user base, support accessories, spare parts available and general reviews. Price was a factor too, not to mention the availability of equivalent spec'd scooters in australia is severely lacking. Worth the money imho, even for a weekend toy if you live in QLD and can ride wherever you want, say boardwalks or bike trails.

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