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25% off - USA Travel SIM Card with 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Texts to Oz - $41.25 AUD + Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney

Hi OzBargain,

I am Aidan from SimsDirect, welcome!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with our New Zealand Travel SIM deal yesterday :) We really appreciate all the support!

We had a bunch of requests for the USA Travel SIM and I am happy to offer them for 25% off exclusively to OzBargain for the next 72 hours.

So if you are travelling to the US any time this year (or next), you can get one of these SIMs delivered before you go and not worry about looking around when you land.

Designed for Aussie travellers it’s really easy to use, so no mucking around with ID registration or setting up accounts. Simply plug and play as soon as you land.

I’m not sure if its the cheapest option out there but it’s definitely great value for money with a side of convenience. It’s a prepaid SIM with a once off payment with us, that will keep you connected to the internet, to your friends and family and anyone in the US for $1.40 a day.

We are a young Aussie business that's about to turn 1 year old, and we want to help as many Aussie travellers as we possibly can. So, leave some feedback in the comments or spread the love and leave an upvote if you see value in what we are trying to do :)


So what's included on the SIM?
  • 5GB of 4G Data
  • 30 days duration (once activated)
  • Unlimited local calls & text to US numbers
  • Unlimited international calls & text to Australian numbers
  • Hotspot/tethering enabled
What do I need to know?
  • This is an Ultra Mobile USA SIM Card that operates on the T-Mobile network
  • It comes in 3 sizes (Nano, Micro & Standard)
  • It expires 06/09/2021 if unactivated
  • You can track data usage by texting DATA to 6700
  • No top-ups or recharges available
What's included with my order?
Why buy from SimsDirect?
  • 100% Moneyback guarantee on all our products
  • Same day dispatch
  • Online Aussie support
  • Support an Aussie business

Will it work in my device?

For this SIM to work you need to have an unlocked device.

Generally, anything more modern than iPhone 6s and Samsung S5 will be perfectly fine. Anything older, or lower/mid budget devices I would check to see if it is compatible.

Please check your device compatibility with the T-Mobile network here.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the first drop down: scroll to the bottom and select ‘Other (GSM) Carrier’
  2. In the second drop down: Type and find your device
  3. Click ‘Check Device’

If you cannot find your device I would recommend to avoiding a T-Mobile SIM.
You will need to look for an AT&T SIM that supports your device.

Where does the SIM work?

Works in: USA & Hawaii

Does not work in: Alaska, Canada & Mexico

What's the coverage like?

You can check Ultra Mobile's coverage map here.

How do I activate the SIM?

The SIM is really easy to activate, simply:

  1. Land in USA and insert the SIM into your phone
  2. Turn on 'Data Roaming' in your network settings
  3. Text GOGO to 6700
  4. Restart your phone

How does delivery work?

All Orders will be shipped from Sydney and will be shipped via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same day dispatch before 3PM.

  • FREE Registered Standard Shipping 4-7 Business days (Signature Required)
  • $7.99 for Express Tracked Shipping 1-2 Business days (Free on orders over $100)

Learn more about our shipping here.

How can I pay?

You can checkout securely with:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and ZipPay

What if I need help?

We are always here to help :)

Kris, Mac and I are active on Facebook and you can live chat with us via Facebook Chat.

Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected]

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a Money Back Guarantee with this product. If you have technical issue we can’t resolve; I will refund you in full.

Please read further details about my Money Back Guarantee here.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain or chat to us on our live chat. I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Again thank you everyone! <3


If you wish to help out then you can contribute in a few ways:

  • Jump onto our OzB company page and hit that sexy subscribe button to get notified when we post deals. You can also leave me a sneaky Facebook like ;)

  • Share this deal with any friends or family you know are travelling soon by using the share icons below

  • And lastly! Leave an upvote if you see value in the deal :)

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  • Let me know if you have any questions guys :) Will be here to help!


    • do you have any smaller cheaper plans?

      • Hey Micoa,

        We don't have any other plans, unfortunately. This is the only USA SIM we stock with Data/Calls/Texts.

        I do have a slightly cheaper 'data-only' option here.

        I have included it as part of this coupon code in case you would like to grab it.

        Otherwise, I can't help you out unfortunately!


    • Hi, Im travelling to the US in May. Last time I was there I relyed on hotel wifi to contact home but realised I really needed my phone for google maps, Uber etc so thinking of getting a travel sim this time. I have a Samsung galaxy J7 prime is it compatible?

  • Any deals on Japan sims?

    • +2

      Hey Ketaji,

      We will have one in a few weeks time, so keep an eye out ;)


  • +1

    anything coming up for asia (Malaysia and sth korea) that includes calls and data?

    • Nothing with calls and data unfortunately!

      For Asian countries, we can really only get our hands on 'data only' SIM cards.

      So if you can make do with data then I will be able to help you out.

      If not, I would just wait until you land and grab something locally :)


  • After 30 days, I have to find another sim?

    • Hi thienvamai,

      Yes correct, the SIMs are not rechargeable so you just use it for 30 days and then chuck it away.

      I'm obviously biased, but you can grab a few SIMs from this deal and use them back to back as you travel (so you don't need to find a new SIM).

      That's the best I can do for you :)


    • +2

      Have you checked the market rate for 5GB? I do think this Sim Card is worth the money. I just bought 2 for an upcoming US trip in May.

      • Thanks for the order bargainchamp! Let me know if you need anything :)


      • +2

        Turns out you're not allowed to downvote your own post… but I deserve it.

        Thanks for calling me out on it @bargainchampion. I have gone and had a quick look and you're right. The prices are a lot higher than I remember from when I was over there 12 months ago (rose coloured glasses perhaps), and factoring in the exchange rate, this is good.

        • Hahaha, all good! That’s why we have ozbargain.

    • +1

      Hey Toristo,

      I think with the US/AU dollar exchange that our price is quite competitive with what available locally in the US. But I could be wrong. If you find/know some products that are much cheaper please let me know.

      In terms of convenience: I agree with you. Its not too hard in the US (compared to some Asian/European countries) but not everyone has an easy experience, some people just like not having to bother at all.

      Thanks for your input!


      • Nope. You're right. It's a good deal when you consider the exchange rate and the fact the US is paying way too much for data. Apologies OP.

        • All good! We all make mistakes!

  • Got one of these and used it over the new year. Works great and worth it for the convenience.

    • Appreciate your comment fedwood :)


  • Are there any specials for European Sims?

    • +3

      Hey Northerly,

      We do have a deal for our Europe SIMs coming in a few weeks.

      Keep an eye out ;)


  • I'm heading there in November so do you think you'll have an unlimited data option by then similar to these guys

    • Hey itjustads,

      It's definitely a goal for this year. We really want to get some more products for the US.

      Check in with us every few months and hopefully we have something for you before November!


  • It’s possible to pay less than half with Flexiroam.
    5gb valid for 24 days for USD12.30 (or about AUD17) for US country and it is the regular price, very often they run sales.
    More importantly there are smaller plans too for us diligent bargainers.

    • Hi Aussiecash,

      I'm a little confused by how flexiroam works, but I am pretty sure you need to buy a starter pack and then add on the 24-day 5GB pack once you have the starter pack, so it ends up being twice the amount.

      If you already own a flexiroam chip then what you are saying makes sense. Also, it doesn't include calls or texts so thats also something to consider.

      I appreciate your input none the less - some people might find some use out of this!


  • Hey guys,

    Great deal!

    Could you make it for the USA, Canada, Mexico sims as well??


    • +1

      Hey slappy,

      We have new USA/Canada/Mexico SIMs on the way so the current ones we will not be offering anymore.

      Keep an eye out, will take a few weeks to get the products in and test them before we advertise but I expect it to be within the next 4 weeks.

      Hope that helps!


  • Eyeing the 'Explorer Travel SIM Card' for upcoming trip for one month in USA, UK and Paris. Any chance it will be on special anytime soon?

    • Keep an eye out next week ;)

  • Yeah I need a couple sim but need to cover usa and Canada. Is there such sim?

    • Hi NetPlus,

      We have a 'data only' option available here (it's currently included with this deal)


      You can wait a few weeks for our new USA/Canada SIMs that include calls and texts. We need to test them first to make sure they are reliable before we advertise but everything is looking good so far!

      Hope this helps.


  • Thanks OP I got one perfect timing

    • No worries!

      Glad we could help out :)


  • Hi Aidan,
    1. Good deal if someone is going US for 3-4 weeks - good value for money.
    2. Many people are going to Hawaii for 1-2 week - Not so great deal. 15 day sim would be good option.

  • Seems like a good deal. Hopefully you have another offer before I travel in March :)

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