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Free - 3 or 6 Months Access to LinkedIn Premium (Usually 1 Month) @ LinkedIn


Note - you will only get 6 months access if you have Visual Studio Enterprise (thanks xc).

T&Cs says this needs to be redeemed before 15/11/2018 but I was just able to activate 3 months premium access on my LinkedIn account. Promotion is limited to only users who have not had a LinkedIn Premium paid or trial subscription within the last twelve months.

No credit card details required.

Steps -
1. Go to this website: my.visualstudio.com
2. Login to your Microsoft Account / create an account
3. Click on Get Code under LinkedIn Learning;
4. Click Activate Offer.

3 month Premium subscription
Unlock the power of LinkedIn with access to the people, insights, and skills you need to advance your career.

We have Premium account options for job seekers, sales and talent professionals, as well as the general professional who wants to get more out of LinkedIn. If you have a free account and want to upgrade, you can compare account types described below.

  • Get hired and get ahead with Premium Career.
  • Generate leads and build your clientele with Sales Navigator.
  • Find and hire talent with Recruiter Lite.
  • Get detailed business insights and expand your business with Premium Business.
  • Improve your existing skills and learn new ones with LinkedIn Learning.

Credit to HUKD

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  • Nice ! Do we need to give credit card and then later cancel or is it a no payment method required trial?

    • No credit card details required. I better add that to the OP.

      • This is the clincher for me; once it pass 3 months, it'll just revert back to normal right?

        • From the T&Cs -

          After the promotional trial period, your subscription to the LinkedIn service identified below will automatically be cancelled unless you choose to purchase a subscription.

          I take this as meaning it reverts back to basic. Don't take my words as gospel though.

          • @dealbot: But what's worst thing could happen? they don't store your credit card details, so there's no way of charging. I guess nothing.

  • +24 votes

    Excellent. Now I can look at who's stalking me

  • Nooo. I literally just started my premium trial a few hours ago.

  • Great deal! Thanks op.

    I think LinkedIn has really screwed their pricing strategy for non-business development/recruiter premium. I would be a continuous subscriber if it was priced at $5-10 bucks a month, instead of $30+.

    • Perhaps most people only use LinkedIn premium when they're job hunting, which could last only 1 or 2 months. If they know this, then they might price it higher to capitalise. But yeah, offering 12 or 24-month subscriptions for much cheaper would be useful

  • So the code would be for the particular Microsoft account linked-LinkedIn account only?

    EDIT: I just want to know if I will be able to get a 3 month trial on my gmail account which I use on LinkedIn, using this method

  • Do Premium accounts get extra email spam?

  • Got it. Thanks OP.

  • stupid greedy business men, does everything have Premium subscriptions now

  • Thanks OP…worked for me

  • any good shows on linkedin?

  • I made the mistake of subscribing to free trial through the apple app store and forgot to unsubscribe. Didn't use it once and got a $42.99 charge the next month!

    Just remember to unsubscribe.

    • Apparently premium automatically cancels after the 3 month term. Its a prepaid (for $0) 3 month subscription.

    • Just a heads up you can cancel apple account subscriptions straight away and still use it until the end of the trial period


  • As someone thats about to get into linkedin soon, can anyone tell me what the premium service offers?

    • You can see who's stalking you.

    • Premium unlocks limits to searches. This offer posted does not include that feature.

      After a lot of name and company searches in the last month for work, I've hit the limit so only 3 results are shown per search. I hoped this subscription deal would solve it, but it looks like it's premium for learning side only. Seeing who stalked you is included, which most people want.

  • No downvote from Scotty?

  • Just FYI, OP. This works for old users as well, my premium trial expired in September last year and it worked for me now.

  • thanks, just the training was useful.

  • Thanks, don't forget to turn off all those ads tracking on LI as much as possible!

  • Nice!! worked… i've never done a trial or paid membership :)

  • Always wanted to see what the premium was all about, cheers OP.

    • It basically makes you a better version of yourself and allows you to msg anyone directly through a secret network

      Can even msg Richard Branson etc

  • Cheers! Have wanted to be a paid member but like others, it's just too steep for my industry. Good lengthy trial while I'm unemployed should be great! đź‘Ť

  • In order to redeem this offer, you must have a LinkedIn account and have satisfied the conditions identified in the offer. This offer must be redeemed on Linkedin.com by November 15, 2018. Offer is not transferable and may not be sold, shared, or bartered. LinkedIn may revoke this offer at any time for technical, security, or business reasons, including fraud prevention. One promotional offer per eligible subscriber. Promotion is limited to only users who have not had a LinkedIn Premium paid or trial subscription within the last twelve months. Offer available to the first 100,000 users. All use of the service is subject to LinkedIn’s User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Contracting Entity Terms, including LinkedIn’s right to suspend or terminate your account for fraud or abuse. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. After the promotional trial period, your subscription to the LinkedIn service identified below will automatically be cancelled unless you choose to purchase a subscription.

    Say what?

  • Worked for me too, thanks

  • Does this mean I need to tie my linkedin to a MS account that the code is associated with?

    • Nope. I was logged in to LinkedIn with a different account to what I use with my MS one and it just upgraded to premium.

      • Same here! Just have linkedin logged in with a different account and it will upgrade to premium with no issues! :D

      • How do they know to associate your account then…?

        Edit: nevermind, you have to be logged into Linkedin first.

  • Awesome! Worked for me :)

    This will help with my job hunting :)

  • -2 votes

    randoms i dont have anything to do with look at my linked in wtf

  • How do I view when my linkedin premium expires??

    • As I've paid for premium before, I think normally its here under manage premium account on the right.

      But looks like with this code it just says you're on a prepaid account. Normally you can see you're billing history and if you're on a free trial how long its for. But this didn't request for a credit card so maybe its different.

  • Awesome thank you!,

  • now i can see who is stalking me :D

  • Thanks op

  • Nice! I cancelled linkedin premium earlier this month, and it worked for me

  • you get 6 months if you have Visual Studio Enterprise

  • I get "you are not eligible" message.

  • Doesn't stack if you have premium already.
    edit To be clear, I have an active subscription.

  • Fantastic!! Thanks Op!

  • Successful here, thank you!

  • Awesome, this will help in my job hunt. Thanks OP!

  • Hi guys do you need to create a Microsoft account using the same existing email address as existing LinkedIn account to get the correct code for the three months activation?

  • "Application REJECTED due to not having a LinkedIn profile," said no employer ever. Not sure why people still use even the free version of this old spammy has-been data mining service.

  • Expired now…

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    Please try again later.

    • Getting same error.


      We are sorry, but our system has detected a problem with your account.