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Spend $10, Get $40 Cashback on amaysim's 28 Day 10GB Mobile SIM @ Cashrewards (New Customers, Ends Midnight AEDT)


We've supercharged this deal with increased Cashback to $40 for the remainder of today only. If you've bought from the previous deal, this new promo allows you another Cashback in your Cashrewards account, provided you meet all the terms outlined below. This SIM is normally $30, so you'll need to apply coupon 10FOR10 to receive the discount. The critical requirements in order to avail of this cashback are (1) you are a new amaysim customer, (2) activate on or prior to Jan 31, and (3) you click out via the Cashrewards link in the post. Enjoy :)

Please read these important guidelines & terms before proceeding:

  1. If you are an existing amaysim customer, you will need to create a new amaysim account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer.
  2. You MUST click out through the main link in this post (then select Shop Now). DO NOT exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  3. Order the Unlimited 10GB mobile SIM for $10 using coupon code 10FOR10 (normally $30). You will receive the SIM within 7 business days.
  4. If PayPal is used as payment, you will still need to verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  5. You must activate the SIM prior to 11:59pm AEST Jan 31, 2019 to be eligible for cashback.
  6. Even though the SIM you receive may be pre-activated, proper ID checks must be completed before the SIM is pronounced active.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from this Cashback offer.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback. You must purchase only via the link in this post.
  9. This offer applies only to the Unlimited 10GB mobile SIM for $10. Ignore other T&Cs on Cashrewards for other amaysim products/plans.
  10. Only one cashback of $40 per Cashrewards account is permitted.
  11. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals (ie. Groupon offers etc).
  12. This cashback offer expires 11:59pm AEDT Jan 18, 2019 (final purchase date), unless sold out or withdrawn by amaysim earlier.
  13. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering directly to amaysim customer support on their website as they are aware of this offer.
  14. If for any reason your sale fails to track after 7 days, open a support ticket and the team will look into it for you.
  15. Fraudulent orders and activities will result in your Cashrewards account being banned and rewards forfeited.

Referral Links

Referral:  tightarse or random (3499)

$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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  • wow!

  • Bought the $35 deal last night and tracked, could I get this one also TA?

    • +11 votes

      Sure can. Brand new promo :)

      • Awesome, thanks!

        • +3 votes

          The obvious proviso is you follow the criteria outlined in the post.

          • @tightarse: Hey TA,
            There is a post below i was wondering if you could help out with?
            Do we just use same license or what do we do?

            Maybe the catch ?

            1. Even though the SIM you receive may be pre-activated, proper ID checks must be completed before the SIM is pronounced active.
            • +2 votes

              @Da dpG: Hi there. I can't comment beyond what's in the OP. The terms there were agreed to by amaysim, and I really don't want to guess answers. For what it's worth, I can't see this being an issue however.

      • Awesome, thanks TA!!

      • if I dont do "verify your identity" step, will I receive my SIM card?
        Because it takes a week to receive my previous card, it only gave me 20 days to use.
        If I do "verify your identity" step after I receive my SIM card, I may get 28 days?

  • Waitttt, so it just simply needs another email address for a new Amaysim account, nothing else?

    Are they just praying people leave auto-renew on? lol

    Spend $20, get $75 back in April… not a bad investment strategy lol

  • Cash rewards page linked to is still showing $35 to me.


      Cached? Please do a hard refresh.

      • maybe but I did incognito it - I'm not new to Cashrewards. Releoaded an it was Ok. Went throguh to register and complete payemnt then after that I got the below … so I guess everyone else arrived.

        504 ERROR
        The request could not be satisfied.
        CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.
        If you received this error while trying to use an app or access a website, please contact the provider or website owner for assistance.
        If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by following steps in the CloudFront documentation


          Please try buying via our Mobile App and use 4G (WiFi off). Suggested this to quite a few people and it's worked/tracked each time.

          • @tightarse: well this occured after payment - so I won't be trying this again.

          • @tightarse: I've tried to purchase amaysim deals via the cashrewards app, but each time I've had the same issue where I can't proceed the personal details page. The button to proceed just doesn't work for me. Not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue.

            • @excusmesir: I faced a similar issue on Chrome on Android. I think it's an issue with the amaysim website.
              Eventually, it worked. Not sure how?

            • @excusmesir: I've had the same issue on chrome, it won't let me proceed after I've input my personal detailed, I was using Android, chrome browser. Switched over to pc using Firefox and that worked.

            • @excusmesir: Had the same thing in the CR app - found that I had to wait a few minutes, (like it hadn't finished loading something), and then try and find the apparently tiny hotspot in the big green button by tapping it in different positions.

          • @tightarse: I can confirm I just got the 504 error on 4G. Will definitely complain to CR.

      • Same error 504 error here. Chrome on Windows. PayPal transaction went through. Click showing in CR click history, just not in the the My Rewards section. Only been an hour though - not sure how quickly things usually appear.

  • great one TA! time for a new email address. Still havent gotten my CR email from the last deal. Will have to open a support request.

  • Pardon the ignorance but can I just buy the sim + use CR and do nothing else? Or do I have to use the sim/activate it?

  • What is the catch?

    Amayaim wants more customers to sell to another company? If so, will the cash back be valid in 3 months?

    • +2 votes

      Go back through OzB and you'll find amaysim has been running these promos for at least 2 years. They're still with us :)

  • Thanks TA!

  • Thanks TA. Free money :)

  • +5 votes

    After you sign up… change payment to Bpay to avoid debit (if you forget to cancel it before next debit date)

  • don't need to create new emails. you can just use your gmail and add +amaysim at the back.

    for example: [email protected]

    • Nice! Couple of questions:
      Does this only work with gmail?
      For future signup do I just put [email protected]

      • not sure if it only works with gmail. i've only ever used gmail.

        Yup. I have up to username+amaysim3 now… haha

      • Yes just Gmail. You can also use dots in any part of your address. e.g. [email protected]

        • No, the ‘+randomword’ works for Hotmail (and I’d assume @Outlook and @Live accounts) as well. The dots though I’m not sure about.

        • Tip: gmail.com can also be put as googlemail.com - goes to same email, but is new account with Amaysim!

          Combined with dots in gmail address (e.g. a.b.c.googlemail = abc.gmail), it doubles number of possible addresses going to same gmail address.

          I use an 18 character long gmail address (before gmail.com allowing up to 17 dots) & haven't run out of unique variations for so many Amaysim deals over last 2 years.

          I check the new variation by searching my gmail for it & entering in Amaysim logon - forgot email - to check if I already have an account with that email. I always get my Cashback💰

  • If you are an existing amaysim customer, you will need to create a new amaysim account with a new email address to be eligible for this offer.

    I am not an existing amaysim customer but when I put in my email address it says an account already exists with that email.

    Will I be fine for cash back?


      As per the terms, no.

      • Hey there, and thanks for these amazing deals!

        Will it work if I were to use my Medicare card again as ID on Amaysim for this new deal?
        Or does it need to be a different ID each time?

        Thanks :)

        • I believe the ID does not matter.

          Amaysim considers each customer as separate by their email address. So if I sign up two separate accounts with

          [email protected] and
          [email protected]

          and use the same debit/credit card to pay for them that's fine (maybe I'm some sugar daddy that is paying for other peoples sim cards for example).

          The ID part is to confirm you are a real person but not to prove you aren't already an existing customer.

  • Thanks TA, keep the good work up!

  • Did everything right and on the last payment page it said there's been an error, but I got the confirmation email that purchase has gone through.

    Looking at my Cashrewards it doesn't show the Amaysim reward.

  • Hi TA, will this work in Cashrewards mobile app?

  • Thanks, Confirmed I got the tracked cashback…expected approval 23 april 2019

  • Got an error at the end but the payment went through according to my paypal.
    Anyone got a clue if this will go through on cashrewards?


      As per the original post, those getting errors didn't appear to track. Suggest you cancel and buy via the App.

      • no obvious way to cancel?

        • On line chat

          • @wfdTamar: Found it on the contact page.. OK seems obvious -but I'm usually used to seeing these popups on the home /product / sales page .. the contact page normally isn't helpful at getting to talk to some one quickly. :) I mean once you are in your account they don't have an easy way to see the chat thats for sure just "help FAQ's"

            • @Elijha: So you've sorted it? Just be aware that if you bother trying again in the app, you will need to create a fresh Amaysim account. I didn't bother.

              • @wfdTamar: Yeah. took a bit of wrangeling but they have cancelled and I should see the refund in 3-5 days.

                Same a bit over it now / wary … might try again once the rush is over. I have my own domain and can rotate through infinate emails for things like this.
                I won't use the app .. kinda against filling my phone with apps. I understand whats going on with the tracking / cookies etc here to get the CR stuff to work. usually no problems with a clean browser - but in this case Cloudflare/Amaysim dropped the ball which is still possible even through the mobile app.

      • Thanks TA.
        1st attempt I got a 504 error after paypal payment - cancelled via online chat
        2nd attempt the CR app would not get past Proceed to Payment - gave up
        3rd attempt via PC again, paid with CC and everything went through this time

      • I bought via the app (on 4G) and doesn't seem to have tracked. Definitely used a new email as well. Might wait a bit and see if it pops up, but if not, what do you suggest? Just wait and send an inquiry after?

  • Thanks got another 2! $40 for $150!

  • Do I have to verify my ID on my amaysim page straight away or can I wait until I've received the sim in the mail?

    • I'd suggest you wait for the SIM card before you verify. So that you can activate it and get the full 28 days. Else, the SIM card will come to you pre-activated. You might lose out on a few days out of the 28.

  • I have purchased the $21 CR one, when I purchase this one, can I still fill in the same personal info?

    • I purchased the $35 one the other day. It let me fill in the same info except the email address, just added "+amaysim" to the end of my gmail username and that went through as a new account without issue.

  • Ok so I’ve gone ahead and purchased, verified my ID from the my account page but see no option to turn off auto renewal. Do I have to wait until the sim arrives and activate it before I can see the option to turn of auto renewal on the website? Or should I just go into my PayPal account and disable any reoccurring payments from there?

    • You can find it under "Manage Plan" under the amaysim account. I did it after activate my card/ number transfer. Should be there.

      • I don’t have this option anywhere. I’m a new customer and never had a service with them. Maybe I need to activate the sim first? I changed my payment method to bpay as mentioned below and also cancelled the automatic payments via PayPal :)

    • How to verify ID? You can change payment method to Bpay to turn off auto renewal

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