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Samsung Galaxy Tab $299 at JB Hi-Fi [SHIPPING Out May 4]


7" Full Touch Mobile Tablet
3G And Wifi Enabled
16GB Internal Memory
Not Locked To Any Network

Bluetooth Connectivity
Wifi Connectivity
MP3 Player Built-In
16 GB Internal Memory

SKU 65583

Shipping out May 4

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  • thanks telstra. you have been horrible. i know where i would go if i wanted the galaxy tab

    • Some Brisbane people reported you can get them from JB for $279 in Albert street store. Some people also have success getting a free sleeve.

      So you can bargain at JB.

  • i just feel sorry for anyone who got these when they first came out… i was in a phone shop around when they first came out and someone was grabbing an outright one for $999… poor guy

    • +37 votes

      rich guy, actually. :)

    • But really you could say that about any new technology when it is first launched compared to the price when a new model is about to come out!?

    • that's what happens when you're stupid lol
      but yeah poor guy for being stupid.

      I just got an iPad 2 and a Galaxy Tab in the last week.
      And I knew when Galaxy Tab was priced at $999 it was going to drop big time.
      So I waited lol

      If I had some extra cash for my family. I would've grabbed a couple more units as presents.

      Oh well

        • They are two different things mate.

          7 inch tablet phone
          iPad 2

          Using iOS and Android.
          Try them out and you'd know why I have both.

          Galaxy Tab is so much better for reading. Smaller size, better grip
          No bloody encoding for movies. And it's a phone.

          iPad2 is better with games, comics, internet and etc

        • good call! :)

        • poor guy

          i'm sure

          iPad 2 and the G.Tab ;)

      • I would like to have both if i can afford it lol.

  • Anyone knows what the return policy?

    I want to know aswell, can we return opened box within certain period ? assumed bought from JBHF store.
    also how about buying from Telstra store ? can i get full refund?

    • man at $299 it's just a pure bargain.

      I grabbed one yesterday (I also got an iPad 2 a week ago)

      Both great products.
      They are not quite the same.
      I was thinking of selling either one before having my hands on a Galaxy tab
      Now i feel like keeping both

      I don't think JB or Telstra would refund opened stocks.
      Just sell them on eBay for $299 when all retail stores goe out of stock lol

    • Buy a new one at $299 and return the new, unopened one using your more expensive receipt…

      • afraid can not, maybe they put the serial number on the receipt.

        • I highly doubt it!
          they just scan the barcode and charge you… (barcodes do not change to match the serial number of the device)
          but have a look and see.

        • yeah, i need someone to check their jbhf receipt for the tab and tell me if there is any serial number written on it! thanks guys!

      • Yeah I'm interested in this as well. I was under the impression it was impossible, but maybe not. Anybody game to give it a go?

    • Answered Here

    • http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/returns/Information/74

      Please choose carefully as JB Hi-Fi will not provide you with a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind.

    • With JB you are not likely to get a refund for an used change of mind. But if you are polite/charming enough you can convince them to change their mind. However don't be expecting a cash/credit refund, you'll most likely get store credit.

  • Good, if they got it in stock, so ppl won't need to suffer from the terrible Telstra online store.

  • DSE still selling them for $598


    Can't find this item in HN website (it was there last week)
    I'm pretty sure HN is also selling them around $600 instore
    C'mon Gerry, Wake up!

    Anybody knows if OW stock them?

  • Hey guys, I pre-ordered it last week for 360 bucks. Can I get the difference back if I just pick it up today? Not fair to have the price down 61 bucks in one week.

  • At the rate things are going, why buy even now? It'll probably be $199 in a fortnight.

    • I will buy at $250. If it doesn't go that low then meh, there are better tablets coming that the $250 can go towards.

      • just wait for bigW to bang with $250. Usually bigW offered the best deal from my experience of ipad and ipod

    • Galaxy Tab 10.1 later this month and Xoom next month — that's why they are dropping price. I am not sure whether they will drop further, but I don't think anyone would restock so once it's gone at this price, it's gone.

      • Cheers Scotty for the info.

        Have you seen the Asus Transformer yet?
        brillian idea!

      • Precisely… This is the outdated model, running non-tablet OS, sold cheap to be cleared from shop shelves as soon as possible, and everyone's going monkey 'cause it's $299.
        I got (previous) "state of the art" Pentium IV box - bargain price, $75 - anyone want it? It's cheap!

      • The 10.1 model coming out soon is more specifically the 10.1v, the fatter model that Samsung is phasing out almost as soon as it launches for the 'real' 10.1 which is much thinner and comparable to the iPad 2.

        If it's coming to a 7 vs 10 inch debate, go for either this or wait it out for the 10.1. If you can settle with the 10.1v, just wait until the 10.1 hits and pick up the fatter model heavily discounted.

  • this would be the telstra model right? fingers crossed optus come to the party i need their 900/2100 model

    • It is also compatible with optus 900/2100 frequency check the specification

      • Not so sure about that…

      • I can't see 900MHz on their specs.

        • I received mine from Telstra yesterday.It is working with my virgin Sim card (Optus Network) perfectly.

      • Not, it's 850/2100. JB only retail Telstra gear. Will run happily on Optus provided you've got good access to the Optus 2100 network. We've had no problems.

        Glad I screwed them down to $320 plus a case last week.

        Wife is using it and the size is perfect for her handbag and she is finding great to use as an eReader. If you're using it for textbooks, though it's probably a bit small.

  • I bought the Optus My Tab / ZTE v9 a few days ago for half this price again $149 and havent looked back. It's in my opinion a very good device. Thats coming from someone who owned an iPad since they were first released.

    The size is perfect for the hand and with WiFi, Bluetooth AND 3G, the value for money for this thing is second-to-none.

    Sold out online, but i picked mine up at a DSE store. No doubt other retails will have stock too.


    • Ohh, it also comes with 3G of data with 3 months to use.

      It should also be noted that this is locked to Optus but there is a site online that allows you to type in your IMEI (?) and gives you the unlock code for free. I can confirm this works.

      Finally, I read a forum last night that has a link to the Frodo 2.2 Android update for this device. It is not an official release as of yet, however no doubt it wont be far away.

      Even with 2.1, its a great little device.

  • Anyone know if the one from JB HIFI got the T logo?

  • Is this the Telstra version?

  • Is this also telstra stock.. I bought mine yesterday from telstra and its full of telstra Apps…
    Unistalled most but it wont let me uninstall some..
    Does anyone know how to get rid of the Telstra firmware??

  • Hahah, everyone on OZB is gonna have one of these soon!

    I'm thinking of buying one, but I don't know if I'll actually get much use out of it…

    • According to some surveys, portable tablets are addition to the already existed laptops market(laptops can do what portable tablets do plus heaps more). People don't really need them but they buy them anyways!

    • I'm soooo tempted to get 1 too. But I really can't decide!

  • Just got one from the local JB. And yes, it's the Telstra version with logos on the back.

    For those who still think the price may be drop further, do not forget that Samsung's just released a new 7" WIFI only version which is exactly the same this one with NO 3G at US $349. I figure if it's imported to OZ the price may be marked up to $400.

    So yes, I would say at $299 this is REALLY a bargain, not only right now but also for the foreseeable future.

  • Wow, you are 1 minute earlier than I could post the first one. Yeah. I have got it from JB HIFI Merryland in the morning as well. I neg a little bit with the friendly staff in and successfully knocked $9 dollars off, that was $290. And I use a $50 gift card that my friend gave me before, so I ended up paying $240 on my credit card- future money. haha, so happy! Guys, go up quickly and the staff in JB Hifi Merryland told me they only started the sale from today's morning and there were only a couple of units left. Pick up your phone and secure one for yourself!!!

    • Good to know. I didn't think at this price you still could even manage to make it down a bit more.

      Btw, I think $299 is probably already under cost of Telstra and the likes. Otherwise Optus,.. should have reacted immediately since last week.

      • kevin and romeo, can i ask for help, could you check your jbhf invoice for the tab and see if there is any specific serial number for your tab written on the invoice? (or any identifications) cheers

        • I think it depends on which salesperson you get. Usually they scan the serial number barcode for the product, so the serial number's recorded, but sometimes they make a mistake and scan the generic barcode for the product only, so there's no serial number recorded.

        • Actually they put the IMEI on your invoice.

        • Yes, they put the number on the label on the box to the invoice. I'm not sure if it's the serial number or IMEI (not opened yet :D ), but it seems you cannot use your invoice for another unit.

        • Hi Erwin, sorry to get back to you late. I checked my invoice. Unfortunately it has got the Serial number printed there.

        • Confirmed JB HiFi puts the serial number under "comments" on the receipt.

      • Haha, all you have to do is trying. Nothing to lose though. :P

    • Having fun with my tab for the whole night, a short note to let anyone, who cares the version of the JB Hifi ones, that they are actually selling Telstra stock and there are absolutely heaps of telstra applications inside which are nonsense if you are not using telstra service as they are not free unless you have hooked up with them. I deleted most of them. God helps me, I am getting confused with this new android system, haha happy agony! I am exploring a whole new world.!!!


        Wipe everything and install the Overcome ROM. It'll make it faster and gets rid of all the useless Telstra apps and the ugly Telstra boot up animation.

  • Finally, JB has joined the price-slash. Now, only Dickies and Harvey could come to the party too and we can just pick this from any store - BingLee, I'm looking at you.

  • Can this run a N64 Emulator?

  • So stupid noob question. Is this 3G? as in can you use a 3G sim card in it.


  • Can this do my dishes?

    P.S. Just got back from Eastgardens Westerfield. Sold out, they took my details and will call me next week when new stock arrives.

  • elstra city near apple store sydney cbd still has stock, jbhf strand no stock.

  • Just got one from JB Hi Fi in Melbourne CBD. Saw one guy getting one with true OzBargain spirit - with 6 $50 gift cards, probably bought at 5% discount from his workplace social club.

    Only if there were an OzBargain secret handshake…

  • just got one from dandenong jb, still had stock left when i left

  • Can anyone please confirm if this is the Optus 900/2100 model or Telstra 850/2100? I would rather have Optus but have one on order with Telstra, will just wait if this is the same model.

  • I'm hoping that it is the Telstra model. Is there a way to check without opening the box?

    • Yes, turn the box over.
      Look for HSUPA - check the frequencies: Tri-band (850/1900/2100Mhz) is the Telstra one.

      I imagine/guess the Optus/Vodafone ones would be Dual-band (900/2100Mhz) or Tri-band (900/1900/2100Mhz).

  • The new JB Hifi in Westfield Sydney (opened today, along with Zara, etc) seems to have plenty in stock. I would guess they are Telstra models, because they were located in the Telstra zone, and were priced at $299 outright or $0 upfront on a plan.

    Had a play with one - seems ok - not used to Android, a bit plasticky, a bit thick, but otherwise ok. Seems well specced and decent value.

    The new JB Hifi is huge - each brand has its own floor space. So there is an Apple section, a Sony section, etc. I think they are probably run as concessions (so the brand employs its own staff to work there).

    Will probably not get one - oh you know, that "i don't actually need one" reason.

    • it is a great store,

      but JBHIFI only allow JB staff to sell, however some stores have apple reps to help out

  • My Galaxy S has this listed on the side of the box, I presume thee Galaxy Tab would too?

  • cant buy online? :(

  • Should I buy one too? for my 14 month boy to play with ??!!
    or just wait till it drops down a bit further with price then grab the bargain!
    XD…….at this price…and all the ppl talking about this piece…so tempted

    • My kids love playing with theirs (Nook Color). 14mo might be a tad young, but check out www.zoodles.com they can't put the thing down, thats why I'm tempted - less fights if there are more to go round!

    • I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing on this for days as well! I would LOVE to get it for my 20-month old. I've got Zoodles on my DHD and he uses that, plus so many other apps. ARGH.

  • Just got one at JB Forest Hill Vic, plenty in stock, it is the Telstra device. A bargain at this price.
    It is a very nice device, it works just fine with the Optus data Sim.
    One crab thing, they all use different type of sockets, I now have so many USB cables and power adapters under my bed, charging all kind of gadgets lol.