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Telstra - Samsung GALAXY Tab Online Offer $299 Outright + Unlocked with Free Delivery!


Our first official post on OzBargain, we hope you find it a good deal.

Telstra - Samsung GALAXY Tab, online offer $299 (was - $408) - Outright + unlocked with free delivery!

7-inch full touch mobile tablet
Powered by Android™ 2.2
3 mega-pixel camera with video recording
1.3 mega-pixel camera for video calling
Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices
USB tethering
Voice, SMS/MMS capable

With the Samsung GALAXY Tab it’s easier than ever to browse the web, stream YouTube™ videos, make calls, send text and download the latest range of apps from the Android Market™.

With a big 7-inch touch screen and the ability to view Flash websites, the GALAXY Tab’s an ideal choice for browsing on the move.

Weighing just 390 grams, the Samsung GALAXY Tab is fully Flash enabled and boasts a front and rear-facing camera that supports video recording and video calling.

Loaded with Swype™ technology to make rapid text entry a breeze and a 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 32GB), the Samsung GALAXY Tab comes with all the smart features you'll need — packed into the size of a daily planner.

Things you need to know
Android, the Android compatibility mark, Android Market, the Android Market Logo and YouTube are trademarks of Google, Inc. Swype is a trademark of Swype, Inc. Full terms and conditions are available at Telstra.com

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    • Thanks for the fair warning. I've got my Tab, and wish I will never experience the same.

    • Your buddy's a more patient man than me! After a month tops nowadays it would've been fair trading + refund time for me! ;)

      4mths+ is unforgivable for a 10day old device, completely unacceptable in fact. I'd have actually demanded exchange or refund on the spot when it died!

      That said however, now's his perfect 2nd chance…"sorry Telstra, I need to use it for my business & I've had to buy another to replace it…I'll take that full refund now thanks or we go to FT; we can see what they make of a 4 month warranty turnaround!"

      I actually went thru this with a phone a few years back, mind you it only got to a couple of months with me then, it wasn't Telstra, but it only took one call from FT & the store manager fairly reamed the staff in front of me…similar story, that phone had dropped by like 75% in that time, so I got a full refund & replaced it with the same in a prepaid for a quarter the price!

      The moral of the story, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! ;)

  • I don't care if 10.1v comes out. its too big and will be double the price! This beats Honeycomb. All I need is Froyo, got HTC phone on Froyo very HAPPY.

  • FYI, I've tested this with the Ipad prepaid offer. Works fine, same APN, telstra.iph :)

  • +1 vote

    Dang, I just finished installed Overcome 1.4.5 and now 1.6.0 is out.

  • Telstra: I ordered online on Saturday: 16/04/2011

    I received a message on Saturday thanking me for using Telstra Shop Online. It gave me an Order Reference Number.

    Since then there has been no communication. I see that those who ordered after me on the Sunday have already got theirs, but I guess mine has not even been shipped! It would be OK if everyone's order took 10 days, but when people who ordered after me have one in their hands, one begins to question what is going on. If your order process is not FIFO, how does it work?

    • I went through the same experience. I called up asking why some people who ordered after me had their orders dispatched, while mine was still "pending". The online team wouldnt even cancel the dispatch and organise for me to pick one up instore, nor could they do anything to expedite the process. Ended up getting one instore then calling back and cancelling my order. They werent able to commit to any timeframes either.

      I think I was most disappointed at the lack of response when I asked the question "So, you knew there was an issue affecting all orders placed on Saturday - when were you going to let us know?"

      • Same here, ordered on saturday like you guys. And no response.

        Went into store yesterday and got stuffed around (told 299 on the phone, got there and they said its actually 408 or you can go on a contract). Couldn't be bothered with their tactics so i quickly left.

        Called up and cancelled my order too, wont be buying this from telstra period. luckily i only have my internet at one house with them.

        • I had so many issues with them in the past regarding homeline, they have all these tricks to squeeze you.

          I moved away from telstra, and not using any service from it.

          I was hoping to buy this thing outright and hassle free but they screw me up again.

    • check out my post earlier,
      they probably taken your money and cancel your order. and you are just waiting for nothing when everyone else rushing to the store to get one on the spot.

    • I've been advised that Saturday orders are being processed now. If you don't get a dispatch email by this afternoon then its likely you'll get one tomorrow and have to wait until Wednesday at the earliest.

  • I am entering this with my galaxy. It is rooted and has a custom Rom. So far i am giving it a big plus other than the weight. It is too heavy for prolonged use.

  • Okay.. tried the tablet… done some tests…
    Having issues:

    1) Wireless N / WPA2-PSK/AES - Wireless connection drops off after a while (generally after a big download on the device). It is NOT the router coz. the router is in the same room and other mobile devices work fine.

    Other people reported similiar issue on the Web. The workaround is setup the router to assign a fixed IP for the device (or use static IP). Done the router setup for assign fixed IP - need to re-test it. Hopefully, it is just the tablet I've got (wouldn't suprise me).

    P.S. A friend reported wireless G does not seem to have the same issue.

    2) Apps on SD cards don't stay on Home Screens once the SD card is accessed externally or removed from the tablet.

    This is an issue with Samsung's Froyo customisation - stock Froyo (e.g. IDEOS) and HTC flavour (e.g. Desire) do not have this issue.

    A bit reluctant to go custom ROM.. but probably have to…

    Next one is not really Samsung's issue….

    3) Most, if not all Gameloft games don't scale properly at the moment. Hopefully, Gameloft will fix them soon.

    • Hi netsurfer,

      Thanks for the tests. How's ur battery life? Mine dropped from 90%ish to 30%ish after just an overnight standby. Do you think that the battery is leaking. One thing i am not sure is if the GPS was enabled during the overnight standby. But ure right I was trying to download a map (350mb) and I'm seeing that my wireless bars dropped from 3 bars to just 1 and eventually cancelled my download with error. I'm really considering to return the tab back to Telstra. Anyone knows what the return policy? They may be upset with the return. The guys weren't that happy when I told them abt the price drop and now return… But I don't want to keep a device which is not working properly.

      • Battery life is good (so far). Samsung's task manager (built in) seems fairly aggressive in stopping unneeded background apps. However, it is too early to tell. I haven't put in enough apps. to do a proper battery life test.

        The notification bar with power control like widget is also a nice touch - allowing you turn things off easily. I still like Power Control - mainly because when I have wireless issues I can clearly tell Wifi is still turned on on the device.

        GPS lock is suprisingly quick - and I did the test IN DOOR. I was originally worried that it might have Galaxy S' GPS glitch.

        The wireless N issue I am experiencing is after the download - I was able to download Need for Speed Shift without issue, but soon after that, the wireless just drops.

        Problem is.. wireless issue is bad for tablets - I consider it a serious issue. Wireless is more important for a tablet than a phone. Will report back with more wireless testing.

        • Yes I agree with you for GPS lock… I just need to do more battery tests tonight. Wondering if GPS enabled causing the drainage. Do you know how to show percentage in the battery icon? So far i could only guess from the progress bar, but can't find a way to show percentage. Thanks.

        • I have the GPS turned off most of the time. It does drain battery with it on all the time.

          As for seeing the percentage. There are a few apps. I use Battery Indicator (the Pro version is better - if you are willing to pay for it).

    • +1 vote

      re: full screen scale properly…have you tried this:


      Might not be clear in the video, but pretty much do the following in that utility…
      - Uncheck option, check option, reboot
      - Uncheck option, reboot
      - It should then scale apps properly.

      Worked for another application that didn't scale.

  • Anyone knows what the return policy?

    I want to know aswell, can we return opened box within certain period ? assumed bought from telstra store.
    also how about buying from JBHF ? can i get full refund?

    • From Big Pond website

      Change of mind
      Telstra does not accept returns of products simply because you have changed your mind, nor does it give refunds for these products. Please choose your products carefully.


      In addition to your Statutory Rights, you may also return a product that has been purchased from the Site if:
      +it is damaged or faulty upon receipt of delivery to you;
      +there is a fault in the product which is evident within 14 days (other than faults due to intentional or malicious damage or clear misuse of the product);

      basically you cannot refund unless it is damaged in a way

      • Is it online only or for instore as well? Had a brief chat with one of the sales. He said we can return it within certain period of time (not sure how long) if we're not happy with the product. But if it's damaged then it had to be sent to Samsung repair centre which will take ages to repair. @[email protected]

      • The cool off period is 14 days normally - for a contract plan with phone (Telstra).

        I would like to know the return policy for these as well. The wireless issue I am having is worrying me.

        • I thought cooling off periods only apply if the phone company approaches you? Meaning if you approach them to buy a phone there is no cooling off period?

      • Hi guys,

        I just went to telstra shop and basically they won't accept return for any reason. If damaged then they will send it to samsung repair centre. Told them that one of the sales said I can return if not happy with the product yesterday. The sales changed his mind and said no. "That's not how we do business…" he said. I wasn't even planning to return the tab, but just asking around just in case if my battery was really faulty. So choose your product wisely and keep in mind that unless you find a very very nice sales guy most likely u'll be stuck with what you buy.

  • Sorry Guys, dumb question but I'm not sure why few people wants to cancel and return this from Telstra and buy from JB HiFi…

    Just because JB deal in instore?

    Anybody know how the warrenty works with the Telstra online deal? In case of an issue within warranty period, can I return this to any Telstra store or I need to lodge claim via online?

    Thanks in advance

    • +2 votes

      In case of an issue within warranty period, can I return this to any Telstra store or I need to lodge claim via online?


      Just because JB deal in instore?
      Essentially yes, i haven't been follow this drama, but I think it's because Telstra hasn't despatched the item in time

      • Thanks issh for prompt response

        Sorry still not sure what you meant. So Can I return to any Telstra store?

        • +2 votes

          So Can I return to any Telstra store?

          honestly not sure, as some coments here state that some stores are "privately" owned and run

  • What happens if the price decreases again in the next couple of weeks? Can we ask Telstra to refund us the difference?

  • Does anyone know if using GPS or GPS enabled in standby mode is really draining the battery? My tab was 90% ish then dropped to 30% ish (standby 8.5 hours with GPS enabled). I think that's really bad battery life. Just wondering if the GPS is draining the battery. Furthermore, with 30%ish battery life my wife use the tab with GPS running in the car for 1 hour, and the tab went dead (out of juice). Do you guys think it's normal or something wrong with the battery? Thanks.

    • GPS will drain the battery a wee bit but why would you leave GPS on in standby for 8.5 hours? - give the device a couple weeks for the battery to settle in. My HTC Desire used to drain quickly but after a while it started getting better. Like all smart phone/tablet devices I say use it during the day and charge over night. If you aren't using a feature turn it off. Your battery is fine btw.

      • Thanks for reply. I accidentally left it with GPS enabled. I was showing my wife how to use the GPS and forgot to turn it off. I turned off everything else 3G, wifi but forgot the GPS. So u think it's normal to drain 30% ish in 1 hour while using GPS? Thanks.

        • also bluetooth, brightness
          these will drain your battery fast

        • This device will get better with use over the next couple weeks. Get this program from the App store: "Advanced Task Killer" free edition. Just run that and you can kill off any tasks that are running in the background. Oh and get 3G Watchdog to keep track of their data usage. I also recommend Dolphin Browser as you can switch it to tell web servers that your device is a PC so you get the regular webpage instead of a mobile one. Excellent if you have to run admin panels from ecommerce website. I'm using this device for stock taking myself… I also read that Tango was the best going video chat to video chat program also but I have yet to test it.

  • Now, I am looking for a case for this. Anyone know where we can get a bargain? Thanks

  • Received mine today and ultimately found out the seal was broken is it like this?

  • elstra city near apple store sydney cbd still has stock, jbhf strand no stock.

  • Drama again, rang up to cancel the order yesterday and now I received an email saying that your order has left the warehouse ???

    • Same here, Called Telstra yesterday and the lady assured me it was cancelled, but today received an email saying that your order has left the warehouse.
      How long does the delivery take to Melbourne?
      I can get one from local Telstra store today, but I think it's better to wait for delivery.

      • I already bought one in store yesterday. I even rang them twice to be told that it was cancelled sucessfully. Any one in Melb interested in my coming tab?

        • Received the cancelled order, rang Telstra trying to have it returned and was told to wait for the return authorisation. They even told me that there is no note left in their system about my cancellation 2 days ago, wondering if the system is working properly ;)

  • I had no issues with mine was able to order it on Sunday, got a delivery email within a few minutes.
    Recieved an email yesterday morning saying it was dispatched and then an email last night saying that it was in store to collect.
    When I arrived at the Bourke St store this morning I was able to hand over a copy of the 3 emails including the invoice and my drivers licence got my g-tab in an Air Express wrap and walked out took less than 30 minutes.

    No issues at all for anything process was rather smooth from start to finish.

  • I received 2 calls, 2 messages and 2 e-mails this morning telling me my order is ready for collect. when i did the pick-up, they told me they can not find them. what a TELSTRA.

    • did you hand them the order number?
      I know mine was a little hard to find that what the young lady told me.
      Just made it way easier if your going for a store pick up to have the invoice and pickup letters with you.

    • They're not called Hell$tra for no reason.

  • Anyone know if any Melb CBD stores have stock?

    • Collins St store had a few left at lunch time. Queen st has 2 but its $408 there.

  • Hi Gerd
    I end up buying 4 under my company and 1 of the TAB received them yesterday I notice l have a problem potentially…. because all the TABS come with 2 set of security stickers to show it is NEW not used or demo, returned or opened product, as that is what we pay for a Brand New Product not used or returned stock.
    One of the unit is shipped with the Telsta security tag seems to be deliberately taped over the samsung security Tag. I know this for a fact because the other 3 TABS received were fine, all displayed both security seal The samsung sticker in particular reads "DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEAL IS BROKEN" so I want to return this unit because, how do I know if the Samsung security seal had not already been broken and The Telstra seal was deliberately placed over the samsung security tag that was already broken before I even opened it and if I did break the Telstra seal that means I would have broken the Telstra Seal and had accepted the product which I do not want to accept it unless it is NEW. God knows it would what is in the box, a can of sardines could be in there and not a phone or a broken and used fone and how do I argue if I had already open the The Telstra seal, as Telstra probably argued I had taken the phone ( I cannot even see the samsung seal, as Telstra seal is deliberately taped over it , I suspect it is because it was a demo/returned stock of some sort….lol could be one from those Ozbargainers that bought at $408!
    I rang yesterday and was put through to 5 people spending more than 40 minutes and they said they will get back yesterday to me but no one did, today no one did and I dread spending another hour on the fone…..one of the many reasons why we have 7 mobiles and only 1 with Telstra!!
    I have a case number T1-63455586691 (Will email you the rest of the details) and I rather do a refund than exchange given the poor online service I had experienced so far, no emails confirmation for my initial order, first ordered last to received, it certainly have not been a good experience I’d rather go and buy it from JB in fact, I already did today and it also had both security tags too.
    I decided to post the entire thing as there is a lot of other peole may not be aware …..of the 2 security tags. I was going to neg this,so please do the right thing and refund accordingly, I am Ok with other 3 tabs.

  • Bro same thing happened to me both the seal is broken and theres a scratch on top of my tab wth! SMH

  • As mentioned before, I would recommend installing overcome v 1.6.0. It will make your experience a lot faster and open up a few more doors.


    • do you know how can we restore to telstra stock rom if we would want to do someday???? i just saw the way to back up data did not see anything about back up stock rom

      • Use rom manager to backup your current firmware (If you dint install overcome yet..)

        • thanks for replying so do i have to root the device before installing rom manager?

        • Yes…root it then backup with rom manager and when you want to return just restore the backup and use the program you have used to root and there should be a option to UNROOT it..

    • is installing overcome the same as rooting the tab?



        • what are the main differences?

        • Rooting basically gives you full access to the operating system. It is one of the pre-requisites of installing custom ROM.

          Normally, once your phone is rooted, you then need to activate/enable the recovery console. Once that's available, the next step is always backup your existing ROM+Data, just in case your custom ROM flashing goes horribly wrong later on (or you don't like the custom ROM afterwards).

          In short, rooting is step 1 and is generally one of the easier steps.

  • I picked up my unit in store today, but there is no tax invoice in my parcel. So how can I claim GST refund when I am going overseas?

  • Some people managed to get these tabs for $279 each from JB. So price dropped after I got mine… Hm…

  • I just got it today, i put vodafone sim card but seems 3G connection doesnt work, i can make a call , only internet doesnt work, seems its not 3G, any one can help me?
    BTW i tried WIFI and its work ok


  • Could anyone please recommend some 'must have' apps for this tab? Thanks

    • Free apps from Android Market: Quick Office, Advanced Task Killer, 3G Watchdog (keeping an eye on internet usage)

  • Such a good price, wonder if it will be upgraded to 2.3 or even honeycomb someday.

  • Ordered one on Friday night and picked it up last night.
    They now have the same deal in store, so probably alot quicker for you to buy it in store.

  • I know this isnt the place to be putting up something like this, but I just thought it would be worth a shot as im desperate atm.

    So basically it all started with not being able to setup a google account on the tablet, and wasnt able to find the log in through youtube fix(not sure if they meant through app or browser, but now it doesnt really matter), which is what a number of people suggested as a fix, so i resorted to a settings and storage clear data method through settings/applications. Cleared the data, was only a bout 48kb or so. Powered it off and then powered it on, and now it doesnt get past the samsung logo on screen (just keeps repeating and vibrating. So did a bit more surfing and found the "hold power and volume up keys" method to get it to the "terminal" system recovery screen. tried another reboot, ended up same way. so went back to the "terminal" and cleared cache, still nothing. So i resorted to what i wish i wouldnt have to do, a factory reset (wipe settings/data etc). sure enough it booted up fine. but with alot less of what i guess was pre-installed, and it feels like a few of the apps around are missing (only one i could remember was Tribe). Now i cant update samsung apps (no sim card error message) and still wont let me sign into google accounts through market, along with whatever might have come with it straight from telstra (not sure if anything special pre-installed was on there, unlocked? i dont know) No idea what the firmware was when it first arrived (i should have checked that first).

    So my question/plea for help is, did the samsung galaxy tab (unlocked from Telstra) come with any extra features/apps/software/installation that i may have removed by clearing the data in settings and doing a factory reset.

    What firmware was the galaxy tab running at (or latest).

    Lastly, how can i get my google account activated (using wifi only).

    Thanks first for reading through all of that if you have done so, and secondly sorry for any grammar or punctuation hiccups.

    I realize I am a bit of a boofhead running straight into this following random hearsay on other forums and should have done a bit more research before jumping the gun, or atleast, come here first before trying anything.

    I await the cavalry :)

    • cant help you much as i dont own a galaxy tab but from my experience with android, most people actually try to remove all the preloaded network apps anyway. They're usually useless and just branding and extra stuff you don't need. All the apps you will want/need are available in the market. As for the factory resets it wont actually change any of your firmware/software. It just puts it back to default settings.

      If your tablet is working properly now i wouldn't worry at all!

      Also with the gmail issue try menu>settings>Accounts & sync>add account>gmail. You may also want to download the gmail app if it's not on there anymore.

      Anyways i'm sure someone with the tablet can help you further but I wouldn't worry as long as it is functioning correctly.

      • Thanks, I have managed to get the Market working and Google Account seems to be fine for now. Only thing is I am afraid I may have unknowingly removed the "Unlocked"-ness feature(couldn't think of any other way to express this), with the factory reset.

        Thanks again, random123.

  • I was just wondering what data plans are the guys who got the tab using, or are they just on WIFI at the moment?

    • I like this one:

      Medium $18.99 per month.

      Includes 1 gb data / month, plus $330 calls per month, etc. No Contract.

      Gives you data and calls and you are not locked in.

      • Thats ok as long as you realise that TPG uses the Optus network, not Telstra Network that these Tab's are more suited to.
        If you are in Metro locations it should be ok but anywhere outside of these locations it will be a crapshoot as to whether u have suitable coverage.

        • And that's why I'm taking my chances and holding out for an Optus deal.

          Yes its a risk but I need some regional coverage and I'm not prepared to switch to Telstra.

        • I thought about Telstra but in the end I thought the TPG plan was more likely to remain lower priced in the longer term.

          But then I live in the city where coverage is good.

        • Telstra is $20/month for 1GB .. not much more than everyone else.

  • Wow great deal. Was just looking at this phone on the weekend. Is there a limited number available?

  • Hi I'm having a different problem trying to use Wifi, it's finds it ok and says the connection is good/excellent but won't connect, it goes through the motions and then says it's disabled .. can't figure out how to fix it. The password is correct, it finds it when it scans, ays its secured, then authenticates it but won't connect. Frustrating

    • some time playing can be very good, don't ask me how I did it but it's now working!!

  • Do u know how to install a rom?

  • anyone succeed to enable 3g internet from 3G mobile phone sim card?

  • This is best price i could find for this anywhere online (in US they are selling for min of $50 more)

    Can you make calls on this one?