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Zodiac MX8 MK2 Pool Cleaner $439 Delivered @ Pool and Spa Warehouse


Zodiac MX8 MK2 Pool Cleaner $439 Delivered

Fed up with your “automatic” pool cleaner getting stuck? Does it leave some areas of the pool untouched?

Get a sophisticated pool cleaner that drives itself to cover the whole pool and never gets stuck. It is fast, powerful, dependable and reliable.

  • High-Performance Cleaning
  • Doesn’t Get Stuck
  • Floor, Wall & Waterline
  • Ideal for Energy Efficient ECO Pumps
  • 2 Years Warranty


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  • Maximum 1 pool cleaner per customer.
  • Free Shipping will be extended to any other products added to the shopping cart.
  • MK2 or "Mark 2" is the latest version of the MX8 pool cleaner

Australia's largest range of Pool Cleaners at the best prices.

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  • Thank-you! Had just been looking for deals on this cleaner for the last week. Perfect timing!

  • Hey Rep, how does this one guarantee that it will not leave an area untouched? I thought it relies on the algorithm it uses to turn and spin rather than mapping out the pool

    • I bought the smaller version ( MX6 ) as I did read this version need a strong pump. So far I am happy: it does clean randomly the whole pool. If pump is strong enough, it climbs the wall nicely too.


      It relies on a pre-programmed "algorithm" that is designed to cover the whole area. Plus it detects when it gets stuck so it reverses out. A robotic will do a better job in most cases, however, the MX8 will do much better than most "random" suction cleaners.


    Thank you. I have a very small pool, should I be looking at the MX6 instead?

  • Cant say anything about the product as I use a Dolphin but I can comment about the customer service. It's excellent as long as you don't need any customer service. Thanks for NOT looking for my replacement part impeller.


      Sorry to hear about your experience with us. Would you be able to send me a PM with some more details? (the store contacted, date, etc.)

  • Longish leaves will jam iin the impeller , if the pumps not strong enough or it’s not set right it won’t climb the walls and it definitely does miss spots. Used mine for about 6 months and got sick of it so flogged it and bought a robot. Best move I made , should have done it first.

    • What model/type robot did you buy?
      I have a large gum tree over my pool, so I do get decent sized gum leaves throughout my pool

      • I had the mx6 but it’s basically the same thing. Long gum leaves will jam it and you can forget about gum nuts. This will just push them around. Also found that even if the cleaner does actually suck them up , all them leaves end up in your pump filter and reduce suction pressure.

    • Agree and agree. I have long palm tree leaves, and they totally jam the MX6. You need a strong pump ( I use the main pump in combination with the roof heating pump, that is enough for the MX6 to climb the walls ) I don't know the model of my pool pump, I think somewhere in the 1000kW~1.5HP, and that pump alone is not enough for the walls/

  • If you have gum leaves you'll definitely need a robot. They break the leaves up on the multiple passes.

  • Hi Rep, Any deals on CX20? Thanks.


      Are you on our mailing list or following us on Facebook? We have a promotion on the CX35 at the moment. Details are on our Facebook page: https://business.facebook.com/PoolAndSpaWarehouse

      • Hi Rep,

        I have trees around my pool so the pool usually has lots of leaves and twigs. Will CX35 be able to handle that easily? I used to have MX6 but it usually got stuck when it tried to collect the twigs.

        Zodiac offers free test drives on their products. Since CX35 is exclusive to PoolSpa, Does your store offer free test drives on CX35 as well?

        • +1 vote

          Either the CX20 or CX35 should do fine.

          We don't offer demos or test drives per se, however, all our products are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. You can return any product within 30 days of receipt - and we will cover the postage back.

  • Hi Rep
    Which one would be better for old 9m X 5m concrete curved pool.
    MX8 or Zodiac T5 (Kreepy Krawly) as my old T2 needs to be replaced. Don't get many leaves, mainly sand & small debris.
    Can suggest others if you think so.
    Thanks in advance


      If you were happy with the old pool cleaner, perhaps you should consider the T3 or the T5 which are similar and do well on concrete. (I am assuming that you meant a "g2" not a "t2")

      • Thanks for advice. Yes it's G2 i believe. I am a newbie for maintaining the pool. First time replacing, so can't comment on the performance of the old cleaner as i haven't used any before. If you think T5 may be better for concrete than MX8, then any deals on that one .Thanks


          The MX8 is a better cleaner and is suitable for concrete pools. Coming from a G2, or T5 etc is definitely "the next level".

          Call us on 1300 766 619 if you want to discuss what are the best pool cleaners for your pool. We would then ask for more details about your pool, and work out the best choices. Alternatively, just let us know the details in here: What is the best pool cleaner for my pool

  • Looks like MX8 is discontinued.

  • How does this compare with the Pentair Rebel?

    • The pentair rebel gets better reviews on productreview.com.au

      With either, I'd recommend also getting a poolskim.

      I haven't tried the MX8 but prefer the pentair reblel to my previous dolphin M500. Time will tell how long the rebel lasts.

    • We have the Pentair Rebel - probably coming close to 2 years now - with many hours of use every week. Not a single issue and cleans the pool floor very nicely. Would recommend. Helps to have a nice strong pump too though. ;)