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Collect Up To 6000 Flybuys Points When You Spend $50 or More Each Week for 3 Weeks @ Coles


Collect up to 6,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $50 or more in one shop each week for 3 weeks!

  • WEEK 1: Collect 1,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $50 or more in one transaction
  • WEEK 2: Collect 2,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $50 or more in one transaction
  • WEEK 3: Collect 3,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $50 or more in one transaction

Activate your offer by Sun 27 Jan 2019.
Shop and qualify in week 1 to collect 1,000 BONUS POINTS and unlock week 2.
Shop and qualify in week 2 to collect an additional 2,000 BONUS POINTS and unlock week 3.
Shop and qualify in week 3 to collect a further 3,000 BONUS POINTS!

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  • $70 for me…

  • $130 for me :(

  • $110 for me. Usually $160, they've noticed I've shopped less at Coles

    Downside is, I've spent more money on eating out

  • I got $40, thanks for pointing it out OP!

  • The difference sucks. $110 for me. Not worth going out of the way. Woolies is 800 points for $30 spend for 2 weeks (400 pts per $30 weeek)… so might go with that.

  • $280 for me..

  • Can I just participate in the 3rd week?
    Or do I have to achieve the first and 2nd week spending to get the 3rd week points?

    • No, each week unlocks the next. In deal description.

      Received 6000pts for 3 x $50 offer. Last offer was 10000pts for 4 x $50, but miss 1 week & receive nothing - got 10000.

      But, that's how it works @Woolies. I only shop in Week3 for instant $15 or 3000pts off $50👍
      Having multiple Rewards cards, most weeks it's Week3😉

    • you have to finish 1st week to unlock the 2nd week, finish the 2nd week to unlock the 3rd week

  • 80 for me… i think it is based on ur spending habits at coles

    • Definitely, and also trying to increase your average spend. All my offers last year were $50 and now they keep asking for $80, but nope they won't get my money lol

    • Same here. I think I will skip this time.

  • $90 for me ! I can do it 😉

  • $120 here

  • $270 for me

    I haven't shopped at Coles in 2 months - I've nearly halved my weekly bill by going to Aldi. I wonder when they'll figure it out?

    • What the hell were you buying from Coles compared to Aldi to save half? I'm assuming your weekly spend was quite high at Coles with the $270 offer you received.

      • Yep - 2 teenage kids, my weekly bill was starting to hit up to $400/week, sometimes over

        Average spend at Aldi is $250 per week - no complaints received about the food. Everything is just so much cheaper at Aldi

        • I guess I just shop based on things on special and avoid things @ full price

          I've shopped at Aldi and don't find it that much cheaper / also didn't like majority of things I did buy

        • Ive tried Aldi, and they werent that much cheaper for me, im also a $300 a week coles spender. Are you buying all the reduced items from Aldi, ive found they are just a few cents cheaper on some items.

          • @MelbBargainChaser77: That's it. Aldi is across the board cheaper on a basket of goods that are full price at Coles. But half what I get from Coles is on special at 30-50% off and I load up on things when they're 50% off. Maybe costs a few bucks more, but worth it for the brands I want. Some Aldi brands are good, but many are rubbish.

        • I buy certain things I have tried and like from Aldi and some of the are a lot cheaper. The rest I spend at Coles/Woolies depending on offers and stock up when things are 50% off. I have 5/6 rewards/flybuys accounts each and keep my spending to $50. This offer I received for $50,60 and 70 across my accounts. I am doing the $50 one and the others will drop down eventually.

    • These big four supermarkets are a rip-off. I know the market and know what price to expect for most items so if they are highly inflated, I avoid it. Aldi is not bad as most everyday items are available there at better prices.

  • 170 for me

  • $40 for me. Maybe because I haven't been to coles for months???

  • 90 for me so its 270 bux for 6k points.

  • can i buy giftcard ?

  • 160 for me

  • $90 for me which is stupid as they send me a 2000 points for one off $90 shop offer every week anyway :/

  • +2 votes

    70 for me..
    i knew this was coming. so i didn't swipe my flybuys card during the last major shop visit..
    otherwise it would've been more..

  • Nothing for me?

  • $160 for me and my weekly budget is $100 max.

  • $80 for my dad and $150 for me lol

  • $90 for me and it is mission impossible!
    They used to offer 10,000 points for spending less each week!

  • got $40 for me. I might have just hit the jackpot maybe? shame I ususally just get delivery from woolies

  • Coles and Woolworths half price pricing have become a joke. Inflating price by more than 100% then once in a while put it on sale for upto 50%. People are getting used to the price variation that they don’t know what is the actual reasonable prices. Buy from decent stores and you will find prices are way cheaper than their 50% discounts.

    • Buy from decent stores

      IGA? FoodWorks?
      Both are more expensive and their "homebrand" alternative is usually more expensive than Colesworth.

    • Any examples?

      • Only Costco comes to mind. Can't wait for their online store if it eventuates.

      • Bought Pantene 500ml shampoo at smaller shop for $5 which is $1 per 100ml and this is real Australian version not overseas. At Coles even after discount, it is $1.29 per 100ml for 350ml size. 900ml bottle is at $15.70 which works even more expensive at rate of $1.74 per 100ml. $15.70 is inflated at more than 150%. They are normally sold at $7.50 elsewhere. Even at that price they could be making a decent money.

        Nivea soft 200ml is actually worth no more than $5.50 but they sell it for $10.50 and with occasional discount they sell it for ~$7.50. There are heaps more item you could get even cheaper elsewhere e.g Garnier Olia hair color for less than half their normal price and that too Australian version.

        Look at the list all these items. These are the items I usually get cheaper elsewhere at smaller family business supermarkets even after Coles/Woolies 50% discounts.


        • You must have a decent small grocery store owner. As they usually mark up ridiculous amounts for day to day items

  • +1 vote

    It seems they are trialing a 3-week version of their usual "10000 points for X$ spend for 4 weeks" promo, with less points, to see if people will bite. It means Aldi for the next 3 weeks for me.

  • $100 for me. Although I had a $50 one not long ago for around the same. And got 10,000 points for $45 spend every week for 3 weeks @ liquorland before xmas, so that was handy.

  • $230 for me, I shouldn't have done that big click and collect order in December :(

    I think I'll return to Woolies and use discount gift cards for a few months…

  • $70 pour moi!

  • $60 for me, probably cos I got the Coles December offer for $50 spend and I managed to do that every week for the 4 weeks.

  • $80 for me. those crooks

  • $160 for me, have to give this coles account a rest for a while. Anyone know if you can do a online order with booze inc to hit the $160. Hate to try it and be denied the points. Cheers

  • $60 for me, perfecy match!

  • +1 vote

    This is a rip.. Coles has better points system than Woolies but they're overall a lot more expensive.. you're better off shopping at Aldi and Woolies

  • $70 for me, offers higher spending money and less points.

  • 90 for me.

  • i think i better get new flybuy card …

  • With flybuys, they usually start with spend $50 get 500 extra flybuys points. When you used up all coupons, they will entice you to spend even more by offering 500 free flybuys points when you spend $60. I usually ignore new offers. After a few weeks, they will reset their offer to $50 for 500 free points.

  • Got $50/week for 3 week on one account and $140/week on other.

  • Btw 6000points == $30 flybys dollar

  • So can u buy opal?

  • $110 for me

  • Find it difficult to get to the 50 mark, still need to improve my weekly grocery shopping skills

  • $50 for me but it seems nothing to buy.
    Fridge is stuck with the pork substitutes from the last Coles online deal. And I have enough plain flour in stock.

  • Best case is 6,000 points ($30) off a total $150 spend which is a very reasonable 20%.

    But $30 off a $360 (or higher!) spend isn't worth the effort to me, especially as I don't normally shop at Coles

    • Don't forget to use 5% discount eGift Cards to save more😉

      Offer I received: 6000pts ($30 to use in later shop) for $150 spend (less $7.50), it's not bad. That is $37.50 saving on $180 shopping = 20.8%.
      (Your calculation should have been $30 discount on $180 shopping = 16.7%)

      But Woolies give me better offers, often instant $15 off $50 (30%). Even better with 5-7% discount eGift Cards.

  • It's handy if you live close to coles/woolies/aldi as you can take advantage of all 3.
    Also if anyone has prepaid mobiles that counts towards this if you buy a voucher at the checkout.

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